Karen – Panky Pranky


She was overdue. Way overdue.

She had moved, had to find a new clinic, a new doctor, and now it was time for her annual check-up. Full body check-up. Including the embarrassing and unpleasant exams.

That new doctor was recommended by her previous one, and her files had been transferred. Sure, when she read it, she found interesting notes in it.

Well, she was a joker, more of a prankster actually, and nothing satisfies a prankster than the face someone makes when they discover the prank.

She still remembers her doctor’s face when she pulled down her panties, to reveal a glitter filled area, including tiny ornaments. Well, it was Christmas time, and she was in the spirit!

That new doctor was young and hip. Karen had a look at her fakebook, instacrap and linkedunk accounts. She had posted pictures of herself on cruises, wearing skimpy, very tight, shiny dress, probably leather or wet look spandex and high heels.

That kind of gave the idea to Karen that, well, she had seen… some. She had an idea.

When she walked into the clinic, she was making small, awkward steps. She was wearing very long jeans, reaching to the floor. Her legs appeared abnormally long, as if she was wearing extreme high heels, but the long legs of her jeans hid them. 

She walked to the receptionist, introduced herself, and then took a seat at the far corner of the waiting room, putting herself away from the others.

As she walked by, some people looked at her, and some frowned at the strange smell following her.

She waited for her turn.

* * *

She sat at her desk, feeling her skinny jeans pinch her thighs. She wiggled her feet. She would have preferred high heels, but spending the day standing up was not very good, so she settled for sneakers.

She had a full day ahead of her. As the patients were entering the waiting room, she was browsing the files for the day. She had one new patient. A young woman named Karen that moved here some time ago, and was overdue for an overall health check. As she browsed the files sent by her previous doctor, she smiled at some of the details she had put in. Apparently, Karen was a prankster.

She smiled. Small world. She added a note to the file, before bringing the pile to her receptionist who would give her the right file with the patient, after confirming that all the information was accurate.

Then she called her first patient.

* * *

Karen’s appointment was about mid-morning. She settled in her seat, in the corner, and began to play with her phone.

The receptionist took her file and opened it, about to call her, then giggled before standing up and going behind, to come back a few moments later, then called Karen.

Karen got up and walked, slowly, almost as if she was on stilts, toward the desk, towering very high.

The receptionist verified the information, which took some time as Karen was at her first visit, then directed her to the exam room.

“Since  you’re in for the full check-up, I’ll send you right away to the gynecology room.” said the receptionist with a smile. “Doctor Brittany will be with you shortly.” she said, pointing the room to Karen. “Just undress to your underwear and wait. Thank you.”

Karen entered the room, expecting to find the dreadful chair, but she startled. Was this really her gynecology chair?

It wasn’t a chair with stirrups, but rather a table with boards for the arms and… covered with steel restraints.

After the initial shock, Karen smiled. Dr Brittany obviously looked at her file, and her previous doctor had mentioned her pranking habits. This has to be a prank. She was liking that doctor already, and that was before even seeing her for the first time!

Well, the receptionist had asked her to undress to her underwear. She complied. The only thing is that her underwear consisted of a full body, tight, black, latex catsuit, and she was standing on knee high ballet boots.

That should surprise her!

Now, the best way to break a prank, is to go on with it. She looked at the table, and was quite…interested.

“That table is quite restraining.” she said to herself, looking at the multiple steel cuffs, all opened in the middle, in two halves, waiting for someone to step in and trigger the mechanism.

“But what if…” she said to herself. “I don’t want to be the pranked prankster here.”

Before stepping on the table, she put her hand inside one of the cuffs. When she rested her weight at the bottom of the cuff, nothing happened. She pushed and tried to close the cuffs but they would simply spring back open. She left her hand there longer and after about 10 seconds without moving, the spring loaded mechanism activated and her wrist was trapped. However, a tiny struggle and the cuff opened up.

Of course. That wasn’t fully functional. That was just to scare the potential patient.

Karen giggled and took place in it, slowly. She had to be careful as there was a lot of cuffs:

Ankles, over the knee, thighs, one large one over the hips, waist even breasts, then two on each arm.

She was careful not to rest her full body weight on any of the cuffs until she was ready. Then she relaxed and waited.

About 10 seconds later, the cuffs began to close, trapping her, except for one at the left knee. She wiggled in the cuffs, freeing her hand at the same time, having to put it back in and finally it sprung into action.

Now, she had to be careful not to move too much because, apparently, they were quite easy to trigger to open.

Smiling, happy, she closed her eyes. What else to do.

The door opened, almost waking up Karen who was really dozing off.

“Hello Karen, “said the doctor, entering, looking at the file. “Looks like you’re in for a full body exam. I believe my receptionist told you to…” she began to say as she raised her eyes and saw a woman, in a complete tight black latex catsuit and ballet boots, fully resting inside the restraint table. She was not expecting that. She was expecting her to be seated on the regular exam table, behind it, but puzzled at the bondage table.

She thought she would prank Karen, apparently, Karen pranked her. She giggled.

“Oh! You got me there, Karen.” said Dr. Brittany.

Karen smiled. That look on Dr. Brittany’s face was her reward. The prank had worked. Now it was time to get serious. She pulled on her arm and… nothing. She pulled again, but the cuff would not open. Legs: same thing. She was trapped.

“What the hell… They were opening when I tested it.” said Karen, now struggling to get free, but couldn.

“My turn to laugh.” said Brittany. “To prevent accidental imprisonment, the cuffs could be opened for about one minute after being closed. After that, they are locked and only a helper can release them.”

Karen threw her head backward, laughing.

“Okay. I admit defeat. You win.” she said.

Well, the prankster got pranked. Twice!

“Well, that means that you’re going to have to release me.” said Karen.

Dr Brittany walked to the regular exam table, opened a drawer and got out a medical gag harness, and showed it to Karen.

“That or… we can do it your way.” she said, with a devilish grin.

“Uh.” said Karen, squirming in her bounds, evidently enjoying the thought. “You’re the doctor. I… I will do what the doctor orders.”

“Do you have anything important today apart from this exam?”

“Not really. Just running some errands. Why?”

Dr. Brittany reached over Karen’s head and fastened the gag.

“Because this is going to take all day… All. Day.” she said with a devilish grin, taking a strap and linking the harness to the table.

Well. Doctor’s orders.

© Pete / monsterp63, September 13, 2019

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