I Am Twenty-Three


They emerged at the same time, from two different rooms, in the same corridor. They looked at each other, stunned at the sight. Disturbed by the feeling. Having second thoughts.

To think that a little over an hour ago, they were in a waiting room, ready to be interviewed for jobs in this huge manor. They were looking for maids, gardeners, cooks, general maintenance personnel. Only women.

Then they were interviewed, and one of the weirdest parts was when they were asked to touch a series of sample fabrics: wool, cotton, satin, leather, as well as plastic, rubber, vinyl, etc. While doing that, they had to wear something that looked like earphones, but were placed on their temples. On the wall behind the table with the fabric samples, some pictures, innocent at first sight, but carrying messages, body positions, expressions. Unknowingly, they also reacted to those images.

Two women were interviewing them, both in incredibly tight leather outfits: one in a catsuit, the other in a shirt, jacket and pencil skirt, all leather, and all tight fitting. They were walking on extremely high heeled spiky footwear, knee high boots for the skirt-wearing woman, and pumps for the catsuited one.

As the interviewee touched the fabrics and looked at the pictures, they were looking at a computer screen, making weird muffled sounds, and softly talking to each other, faintly voicing their approval to some results, and disappointment to others.

They were offered a job, with a long legal contract. The interviewer quickly ran down a lot of legal gibberish, to concentrate on a few things:

  • Uniform provided. Must be worn at all times, with proper accessories.
  • Food, lodging and other necessities fully included.
  • Mandatory full body shave.
  • Not leaving the property unless instructed to do so.
  • Good work equals rewards.
  • Bad work and misbehavior are dealt with accordingly.
  • Contract is for one year. Unbreakable. Renewable.
  • Payment upon end of contract, since no money is necessary while working.

They were given all the time needed to read the contract. They did what most did: browsed it quickly and looked at the paycheck, which was a hell of a lot higher than any other similar jobs.

And they signed.

Then they were sent to separate rooms, where someone wearing a nurse uniform, but made out of rubber, including a clear coating over her bare skin, showing her tattoos, helped the new hire to undress and get shaved.


Then they were also provided with a clear rubber catsuit, going in feet first!

It was a struggle and the suit included attached toe-socks and gloves. That suit was clear and one of the women marveled at how it seemed to enhance her own tattoos, however small they were.

A hood was put over their shaved heads, with holes for the eyes, mouth, and nostrils.

Then a mesh stocking was put on, this one in two separate parts: lower body and upper body, including the attached hood. It was stretchy, but not as much as the rubber suit.

It was followed by another neck-entry rubber catsuit, but this one a lot thicker, the nurse and the new employee struggling to get it on. 

Once on, it was a strange feeling of being tightly encased, everywhere. Bending an arm or a leg required a little effort, because the rubber was bouncing back. The high collar of the suit was slightly squeezing their throat. The tight hood squeezed their mouth closed, and they had to work hard to open it.

Footwear was brought up. They were rigid, made out of carbon fibers or something similar, and knee high. Once their feet were in them, there was no way out, and no bending at the ankle at all. That proved useful for one, but not so much for the other.

Their waists were then crushed under a similar carbon fiber device, and they both wondered what use it had. It was only impairing their movements and breathing.

However, none of them argued. They were just too stunned by the rush of feelings those tight rubber layers were sending to their brains. A mix of love and hate. A mix of awesome and dreadful. First their feet locked in their positions, and now the waist crushing.

They were… liking it. They tried to deny it, but… the feelings were there. They have a slight flashback to when they touched the different fabrics, how they reacted to the rubber, the vinyl, the plastic.

Another door, at the end of the corridor opened. Another nurse. This one, in a full white latex catsuit, completely enclosed, including her mouth and her eyes.

As they approached, they couldn’t refrain from staring at this strange creature, at her face, completely enclosed in seamless rubber, with only two small steel rings where her nostrils would be, and two spherical dark lenses where her eyes should be.

Her mouth was covered by a white rubber flap, sporting a red cross.

The nurse invited them to come in, and directed one of them to a waiting chair while the other was directed to a gynecology chair, but different than what they were used to see: A lot of straps different.

The first woman, the one with the pointed boots, took place, and was secured with the wide straps, encasing her into the form fitting device, arms on each side of the table, head held with a wide strap on the forehead.

The nurse sat on a small stool on the left side of the woman, opened a nearby aluminium briefcase and got out tools that seemed to be made to torture. She began by locating the woman’s ear and, gently probing with her fingers, found the ear canal. She took one of the tools and poked through the rubber layers, forming a hole about 3mm wide. 

From the case, she opened a sealed package, retrieving something that looked and was about the size of a cashew nut with a short tube, and forced it through the small hole, and into the woman’s ear canal, keeping the end of the tube outside. Then, taking what looked like a syringe, she injected some kind of black paste deep into the hole of the hood, reaching the woman’s ear canal, filling it from the cashew shape insert up to completely filling her ear, before adding a double flanged steel ring around the tube, crimping it on, and fixing the ring around the hole she had poked earlier before cutting the tube flush.

Going back to her suitcase, the nurse took a black spherical lense which came with a soft rubber flange, or collar, and put it over the woman’s left eye after coating it with more of the paste from the syringe, smoothing out all the wrinkles. The lens appeared to have some kind of thin plastic protective layer, that she didn’t touch.

She repeated the procedure on the other side of the woman’s head, fixing the ear and the eye, before going back to the suitcase and retrieving a long tube. She signaled the woman to open her mouth and she gently inserted the long and large tube, until the woman began to gag. Caressing her head and nodding in approval, she coached the woman into swallowing the long tube as the nurse pushed it in, until it reached a mark.

She slid a loose rubber bag over the tube and stuffed it inside the woman’s mouth. She cut the tube flush with the woman’s lips, then crimped a larger double-flanged steel ring on the tube, before glueing it to the hood rubber layers, with more paste.

Following were two more tubes, smaller, going up the woman’s nostrils. Again, steel rings were crimped on the end of the tube and everything sealed with rubber paste around the nostril holes.

Then, she took the syringe and gently inserted the needle on the side of the mouth flange until it was completely inserted, and she squeezed the handle, looking carefully at the woman’s cheeks, pressing on them. When the tube of the syringe was empty, she replaced it with another one and continued, feeling the woman’s cheeks until they began to bulge before stopping.

Finally, she took another syringe, this one filled with clear liquid and injected it inside the lenses, filling the cavity.

All this time, the woman couldn’t move, tightly secured on the gynecology table. The nurse then put her small stool between the woman’s legs and picked again something out of the aluminium briefcase 

They were obviously dildos, and quite huge. She inserted one into the woman’s rectum, she tried to squirm, not used to having something inserted there, obviously, but she was too severely restrained to prevent the nurse from working.

That dildo had a hollow tube which ended with a steel ring which was, again, glued to a hole in the rubber suit. 

A smaller tube was then fed through her urethra and another dildo stuffed inside her vagina, all steel crimped.

Again, the reservoir of the syringe was replaced and she pumped two full syringes worth of paste inside each dildo, making them expand, in a way that seemed quite disturbing for the woman as she tried to squirm harder and harder as the dildos were getting filled, growing bigger and bigger. 

The woman was left there, heavily restrained, unable to move while the nurse seemed to be preparing something else, getting what looked like an ointment container, filled with a white gooey cream.

After 15 minutes, the nurse finally freed the woman, but instructed her to stay put, right there, as she took the ointment container, dipped a small sponge in it, and began to rub the woman’s suit with it, thoroughly covering every little part of the suit, from between the fingers to the armpits, no space was left uncoated, even the sole, or rather the pointed toe of the boots.

She then produced another latex catsuit, again complete, this one wrapping everything, including the corset and the boots, with holes that were getting inserted into the double flanged rings of her inserts. A hood was added, again with the necessary holes opened. The nurse took great care to remove all the wrinkles and left the woman there, standing on her pointed toe boots, balancing her weight from one foot to the other, while she invited the second woman to take a seat in the chair.

And the same procedure was performed.

When it was time for the second woman’s suit, the nurse authorized the first woman to take a seat and wait.

Once the other woman was done, she was ordered to stay up while the first woman was also asked to get up while the nurse approached with a buffing towel and began to buff her suit to a mirror shine.

When both were done, they were led into another room where the two women who had interviewed them for the job were waiting.

With a very critical eye, they looked at their new rubber maids from every angle, ensuring that everything was perfect. They smiled. While the one wearing the catsuit put something over their left breasts, the one wearing the leather skirt brought her wrist to her mouth, speaking into her watch. There was a cracking in their ears.

“From now on, you will only hear orders from us. Nothing else. Welcome to your new life… slaves.” she said with a devilish tone as the other woman smiled. “Your name has no meaning and only induces confusion when there’s another one with the same name. So, during your time here, you,” she said pointing to the one in ballet heels “are Twenty-Three and you are Twenty-Four” she said, pointing at the one in wedge boots.

Once they had been approved, they were sent back into the corridor, down to another door, another room where this time, two women, clad in black latex with a yellow line running down their sides, looking like security guards, took care of them, fitting them with leather cuffs at the wrists, elbows, ankles, knees and thighs, as well as a large belt at the waist and a large collar.

These leather cuffs were glued to the suit with more paste and were not locked on. No. Their buckle was crimped shut. There was no easy way to take them off.

Then they were led back to another main room. In this one, they were greeted by a dozen or so similarly rubber sealed maids and other personnel, from cooks to gardners, who pat them on the shoulders.

For one year, they will learn the ropes… and the chains, and the straps of their new life. They would experience different situations, from being hung for hours to being vacuum sealed for days. Some in pain. Some in joy.

Then at the end of the year, they have received their full paycheck and had to answer a question: leave or stay.

If they chose to leave, that was it. The suit was removed and they were sent on their way. If they chose to stay, they were offered an identical one-year deal, or a hefty bonus 5-years deal.

One of them chose the 5-year deal, and have even signed on for another five-year tour.

I know, it’s me.

My name? Twenty-Three.

© Pete / monsterp63, November 15, 2019

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