Karen – 24 hours


Author’s note: This thing started as a fantasy self-bondage scenario only. It grew into a 17-pages story… Go figure.

Middle of the afternoon. Karen reviewed the whole procedure in her head for the countless time. She had rehearsed it again and again in the preceding days and weeks. There was too much at stake to take it lightheaded. 

She looked at the garments and accessories, all lined up on the bed and on the dresser. Everything seemed to be there.

Breath shaking with anticipation, she took the first item: the butt plug. It was huge but she was used to wearing it. She had given herself an enema a short time earlier to make sure that she would not have to poop too soon. She lubed in profusely and gently forced it in place, wiggling her butt, working her anus.

She moaned as the large plug almost got sucked in place and her anus closed over it as it stretched her rectum.

Then, the vaginal dildo, equally large and very long, but with a canal allowing for peeing without taking it off. It was delicate to insert since she had to feed a tube up her urethra, but having done it quite a few times, she was used to the procedure.

As she straightened herself up, she moaned, working her legs, making a few steps, to allow the plugs to settle.

“This will be fun.” she said, biting her lower lip.

Next was a pair of black rubber panties with a small tube, merging with the pee canal of the dildo, for obvious purposes.

She took the black latex catsuit laying on the bed, and proceeded to put her right leg through the neck opening of that neck entry catsuit.

It was a stretch. When she ordered it, she had her measurements taken at the store, then changed them to be smaller, against the advice of the sales associate, who explained that the suit was taking into consideration that people wanted it tight.

She held her ground.

“You’re paying” had said the sales associate, who added a footnote at the order form, stating that against recommendations, the customer changed the sizes.

And that was made worse because she selected the thickness of the latex.

“You will probably be able to put it on, with lots of lube, but you will need help to take it off.

She answered that it wasn’t a problem.

She liked challenges.

She gathered the suit at her ankles, putting her feet inside the attached toe socks then slowly moved the suit up, wrapping her legs in the shiny and very tight rubber.

She gathered again the suit at her already small waist and pulled it carefully upward until it reached her chest. 

Before going further with the suit, she picked a rather large lump of rubber from the bed, found the opening and proceeded to put it over her head, like a shirt, feeding her arms into holes, but it wasn’t a shirt. It was a latex hood, and it didn’t have any zipper to ease the access. She had to pull it on, and it was thick latex, which made it tighter.

She struggled and she moaned as she had to do, at the same time, feed her long hairs through a ponytail tube.

It crushed her nose while going through, until it slid into place, forcing her mouth shut as its tight embrace engulfed her head.

With a satisfied sigh, she rubbed her hand on it, putting it perfectly in place, and tugging into the large shoulder part, made like the top of a T-shirt, then went back to the catsuit.

There, she used her flexibility to put her arms inside the tight collar, down to the sleeves and into the attached gloves, making the suit rise up and close around her neck with fart sound as the last air rushed out.

She stretched her arms and moved around for the suit to take its place, which was tugging against the plugs at her crotch.

She let out a soft moan and looked at the result in the mirror: a perfect smooth and shiny black creature where only her eyes were visible, through rather small holes, and only another small hole at her mouth.

Now, if she wants to take off the hood, she has to take off the catsuit first. The thought made her hot and her hands reached her crotch where they played with the dildos, pushing them in, squeezing her lower stomach.

“You will have plenty of time later, Karen.” she said to herself, taking her hands off her crotch, but nonetheless rubbing them up and down, feeling her tight compressed waist, her tightly enclosed breasts, squishing them in the process, before running her hands to her sides, and back to her hips, throwing her head backwards.

Damn! That felt so good!

She sat on the edge of the bed and took the boots. Two long tubes of fine leather ending with a wedge ballet boot. She chose them because they were easier to cope with for an extended amount of time. She slit her rubber covered feet inside the right one, then proceeded, almost ceremoniously, to lace them up. Once done, she closed a flap over the lacing, covering them, then zipped it up. At the top, she took a key and did half a turn on the zipper holder, locking it in place. 

She did the same with the other boot, and then put the key into a white plastic container. Those boots were not coming out without the key. And that was only the start of it.

Fluffy, her beloved cat, jumped on the bed, purring. She petted her a few times, undeterred by the sight of her master (oh wait, that’s a cat, so Karen is her slave…) in shiny latex. It was obviously not something new.

Karen grabbed two leather cuffs as Fluffy was laying down on them. They were quite wide and had two tightening roller buckle straps to fasten them. She wrapped them tightly around her ankles, their thick cushioning being crushed against the boots, and fastened them.

She plunged her hand into another plastic container, a red one, which made some metallic rattling sound, and she fished out a handful of small padlocks, in pairs, ONE key inside the keyhole of one of the padlocks.

Using that key, she unlocked the padlocks she picked and locked them on the lockable rolling buckle, putting one padlock on each cuff, then threw the keys in the white plastic container.

In the end, her cuffs were held by two different padlocks and keys, meaning that she would need two keys to remove them.

Then she reached for a small length of chain laying on the bed, about 15cm long, and grabbing four more padlocks, she locked each end of the chain on the ankle cuffs, with two padlocks on each end, of course, alternating the pair, creating a hobble chain.

She added two more wide leather cuffs over her knees, again tightly pulled, their vinyl lining sticking on the latex of her catsuit, pretty much preventing them from slipping. They were also locked, still using two different pairs of padlocks.

She turned around, grabbed a rather large piece of heavy rubber and stood up, finding her balance on the ballet toe wedge boots, then wrapping the rubber garment over her waist, fastening the front busks and then pulling the lacing at the back, starting to compress her already thin waist in the dreadful thick and rigid rubber corset.

It was reaching from her hips to her armpits and would render her upper body pretty much stiff, once fully closed, and that was what she wanted to achieve. That’s what she HAD to achieve.

She pulled the laces as much as she could with her arms, before putting the loops over the door knob of her bedroom door, and slowly walking away, effectively tightening the corset, using the brute force of her weight.

Her breath became shallow as the garment compressed her stomach and her lungs. She closed her eyes. She loved that feeling of constriction, of compression, of… bondage.

She was pretty much at her maximum. She felt with her fingers and there was still a 2cm gap to close. Well, a 12cm waist reduction is not easy to achieve.

She knotted the laces and let her body settle in. In the meantime, she continued with her cuffs setup, putting another set on her wrists and over her elbows, again locking their double rolling buckle with different pairs of padlocks, all that while walking, bending, stretching, moving to allow the corset to fall in place.

She gave it another go, again anchoring the lacing loops on the doorknob and walked away, sucking all the air of her stomach, compressing it, she felt it tighten, until there was no more movement.

A small check with her fingers confirmed that the corset had fully closed. Smiling, she tied up the lacing.

The next item would make sure she would not take the corset off: a chastity belt. She took the shiny stainless steel garment as if it was a cult object, manipulating it with ceremonial gestures, taking a paperclip she had unfolded, and pressed a few times inside tiny holes on the front plate. LEDs lit on, blinking.

Then she wrapped the belt around her waist and fed the crotch strap through. The belt was a tight fit and was rather thick, all around, and small wires were running down, on the crotch strap, to pins on the crotch and butthole plates. Once the belt was fastened, she reached down, looking in the mirror, and gently and precisely pulled the strap up, aligning the pins with tiny holes in her suit. She first felt a little jolt from her butt plug, then from her dildo as the connections were established. On the front of her belt, a small LED lit-up green, indicating that all was good.

She linked the front strap with the belt and used the special locking block to fix them in place, blocking the pinholes at the same time, and she threw the key into the white plastic container.

This was set. What she did with the paperclip was to program the vibration and tense device embedded in the belt, to wait for three hours before beginning, to be completely at random, and the power range was from 0 to max. She would get pissed off  More than once. And she couldn’t wait!

She gave herself a little rest. That last part had been exhausting, and what to come was not easy, as with each step, she was getting more and more impaired, restrained.

She picked up a large rubber flap, made to go on her latex hood which had lockable roller buckles at the mouth and eyes. This flap carried a huge ball one one side and a small tube on the other side. She wet her lips with her tongue and she opened her mouth. It was obvious that the ball wouldn’t go through the opening of the hood without a lot of stretch.

Her face close to the mirror, she worked the ball through the small opening of the hood as well as into her mouth, which was also a stretch. She had to go slowly, leaving time for her mouth to extend enough, which was not getting helped by the tight rubber of the hood, working to keep it shut.

Finally, the ball was through her teeth and she was able to close her mouth. Well, sort of. The ball was so big that it was filling it completely. Now that the hood had gone over it, it was pushing for it to go deeper, and the strap wasn’t fastened yet!

She fastened the strap, going from one hole to the other, on each side of her mouth, as the ball settled in. When she felt she was comfortable for long-term wear, she added a padlock on each buckle, but this time, not from a pair, but single padlocks. All different.

Then another flap, this one going over the eyes. That one had holes in which small swimming goggles lenses had been put through. Those lenses have been slightly sanded to decrease her vision, leaving only a tiny horizontal slit in the middle of them. Again, they were locked with another set of unmatched padlocks.

The last leather item on the bed was a collar. Wide and thick. She wrapped it around her neck and tightly fastened it, locking each one of the two straps using more different padlocks.

The only things left on the bed were a couple of lengths of chains. She took the shortest one and locked it between her knees cuffs, two padlocks on each end in mixed pairs. Then the longest one: she locked one end on her right elbow cuff, then, using her flexibility, fed the chain to the left elbow cuff ring and locked it in place, still using 2 different pairs of padlocks. That chain was not drawing her elbows together, but limiting them to barely go beyond the sides of her body.

The last, short length of chain, was linked between her wrist cuffs, again with a double pair of padlocks..

With that all in place she could barely reach her mouth. Even reaching her crotch was problematic.

She looked inside the white plastic container where 22 keys were laying. All unique, and all unmarked. Yes, she will have to go through up to 22 keys to find the one she needed for every padlock. She took the container and put it into a safe with a timed lock.

She closed the door, took a deep breath while reviewing all the steps back in her mind, making sure she didn’t forget something. She triple checked the timer of the safe. Then she turned the handle. She heard the door lock, sealing her faith for the next 24 hours.

There was no turning back now. Well, yes there was. She had a security set of keys, but retrieving it would be a mess, as it’s inside a 4 liters container filled with used motor oil, chained one meter over the white carpet of her living room. To get to them, she would have to cut it open, because no, the keys would not pass through the cap opening because it was glued shut. She made sure she would not have access to any container big enough to hold the oil.

She could get to them, alright, But that would create a heck of a mess with the oil splashing everywhere from one meter high. A costly mess.

Even getting off was not simple: she had to take off everything in order! And the keys were ALL ALIKE. There was no indication of which key fit with each padlock. So, yes, 24 hours. Minimum.

Now, all she had to do was to relax and do nothing for the next 24 hours. Well… Not exactly.

She’s receiving her sister and parents for dinner the next day. She had invited them some time ago, and she had everything to prepare, including getting the house in order.

She had to do laundry, vacuuming, washing the kitchen floor, cleaning the dirty pots and pans, filling and emptying the dishwasher. She knew her mother was picky and would notice anything that wasn’t up to spec. Her specs, that is.

She went to work, putting a load into the washing machine, impaired by her corset, preventing her to bend fully to get at the bottom of the dirty laundry basket, with of course, her bound arms, then her impaired vision to fill the right amount of soap, and finally, select the right program.

She was panting heavily, her breathing restricted by the corset, but she loved it, and she especially liked the sight of her shiny latex covered arms moving around through her blurry vision.

She headed for the kitchen and did the dishes, filling the dishwasher in the process, but did not begin a wash cycle. After all, she would have her dirty dinner dishes to put in, as well as her breakfast and next day’s lunch dishes. She figured she would have time to empty the dishwasher before getting her suit off.

By this time, it was lunch time. She didn’t feel especially hungry, with her stomach compressed like that, but she needed energy. She was always struggling to move, hobbling her way around and panting. That burns calories!

She took a can of dietary supplement and emptied it into a bowl. She set herself up at the counter and bent forward, dipping the tube protruding from her ball gag into it, and sucked it.

It was not easy, but the challenge made her hot. And it’s at that moment that the timer on the dildos decided to fire into action. She jolted forward, spitting the last sip she had just taken, hitting the bowl who did a mess by splashing the liquid everywhere before falling on the floor, shattering into pieces.

Karen tried to reach her crotch but the chains and the steel chastity belt prevented her from doing so. She was enjoying it, head tilted backward, while pesting against the mess she had just made.

That first jolt was a blast and lasted for a long time, and she had to take a few breaths to recuperate. It hasn’t been enough to trigger an orgasm, but damn! She was horny now.

Having to bend down and walk on all fours, made the dildos move in quite a disturbing manner, especially after the last jolt. She picked up the broken pieces of glass while giving a push to Fluffy who was evidently enjoying the dietary supplement taste. Of course, once the dildos had fired, they would do it again, which didn’t help her, making her drop some pieces or having her stop what she was doing because, wiping the mess while being vibrating was not exactly going along. Not in her mind anyway.

It took her some time. A heck of a lot longer as if she hadn’t been restrained… or constantly teased and tormented.

She cleaned her mess then went on with more chores until all the cleaning was done. When she looked at the clock, she startled. It was already past 21:00! She needed to vacuum her whole apartment and mop the kitchen floor. That would be for tomorrow. She would have time. She really hoped so.

So now, what? Rest, or course. Her legs were killing her. Standing in those wedge ballet boots was easier than plain ballet boots, but still, it was putting quite a strain on her legs. She let herself drop into the living room leather lazy chair, her rubber creaking against the fine leather. She realized that she was unable to reach the controls to raise the footrests. A little detail she hadn’t thought of. Struggling, she got up from the soft cushioned furniture and settled to lay sideways on the sofa. She closed her eyes and tried to rest, especially her legs, she kept up against the sofa’s arm.

However, the dildos had something else planned, and they teased her non-stop, sometimes it was the dildo that was vibrating. When it stopped, the butt plug had a go at it, then some jolts from the tense pads.

She realized that her setup had a major flaw: she would not sleep much. After a while, on the edge of exhaustion, she dragged herself to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed.

When the sun showed itself in the window, she slept, or more passed out from exhaustion. She was not exactly rested, but her legs were not aching. Sort of. Her tight bonds had created pressure points because in her aroused state when she put them on, she had drawn too tight. Now, every cuff was hurting. She had no choice, and in fact, that made her hotter, thinking that she had no control over her suffering and she had to do the work, like a slave.

A quick pit stop and she was working the vacuum. She would have to wait to mop the kitchen floor after the meal was prepared because she was bound (pun intended) to make some mess.

The constant firing of the toys was now more an annoyance than a pleasure. She had work to do and she had realised that forced work and pleasure don’t exactly make a good match, not as the time seemed to go a heck of a lot faster than she had figured.

It was pretty much lunch time and she was barely starting on the extensive meal she had to prepare for dinner. She went to it, impaired by her wrist cuffs, getting the different ingredients from the pantry, or the kitchen cabinets proved not easy. She had to struggle on a step ladder, using the mop stick to be able to reach a bottle that was at the back of the second shelf, from the overhead cabinet. Damn stupid of her not having thought about that before. 

She saw it as a punishment, and it made her hot. So much that she almost dropped the bottle as the dildo fired, while still on top of the stepladder. Fortunately, or rather miraculously, she grabbed it in time.

Adding her impaired vision, fucked up sense of smell and no possibility to taste anything, all greatly helped making it a miserable task… which she loved!

Normally, she would have called it quits and reverted to a normal dress code and continue, but not this time. She had no choice. No control.

She put everything in the oven and grabbed the mop, doing a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, which was much needed. She would clean the countertop and make the dishes while waiting for her guests. It was almost 15:00, the time the safe would open up.

She hobbled her way back to the bedroom and waited for the safe to click open.




What the hell… then she had a flash. The safe was not set up to open at 15:00 sharp, but 24 hours AFTER she had activated it. What time was it when she did? She… didn’t look. She tried to remember the time it was when she started and the time it took her to set herself up. This had been rehearsed and she knew how long it should have taken, and she remembered she took a rest and dozed off, before continuing as if nothing had happened.

15:15. The safe was still very much locked.

She was starting to panic. There was more stuff to do. Better go at it, because she would not have enough time afterwards.

Panting, she hobbled her way back to the kitchen and began to clean the pots and pans, checking the time.


She hobbled back to the bedroom. The toys were firing but she was blocking them in her mind. This was no time for pleasure. Her guests were to arrive by 16:30. She had figured half an hour to get off everything and half an hour to shower, hide the stuff and get back to the kitchen. If her guests were arriving and she was still working, it would simply give a good impression that she had worked hard for that dinner. But not if she was in the shower, or worse… in latex.

She checked the safe, her heart pounding hard, her breathing short and heavy. The door wouldn’t bulge.

Damn! She had more work to do, but as she was passing the door, she heard the door unlock.

“ABOUT DAMN TIME” she screamed through her gag, which came out as an unintelligible garbled grunt.

She quickly opened the safe and retrieved the container holding the keys, plunging her bound hand in it and getting a handful of keys she set up on the dresser.

No. Nope. No. Not again. No. No… the first six keys gave no results, and she was trying them on her wrists cuffs and the wrists chain, the first ones she had to take off, otherwise, none of the rest would go off.

She reached for the container but somehow forgot that her wrists were linked by a chain, which caught on the container, pulling it on the floor, spreading the keys.

“AH FUCK IT!” she mumbled through her gagged mouth.

Fluffy heard the noise and came running. Metallic clicking noise: sounds like fun. As Karen was grabbing the keys, one by one, trying them at the same time before putting them back into the container, Fluffy was trying to grab her fingers, or play with the keys. Karen had to push him away quite a few times.

“No! That’s not the right time, Fluffy” she said to the playful cat, but the gibberish that came out of her stuffed mouth was evidently not understood by the feline… as if anything we say to a cat is…

Her panic level grew as the number of keys left were getting lower and lower. Finally, her luck! One pair of padlocks on the wrists. One pair of padlocks on the chain. And more useless keys, and more, and… nothing more. 

“What the fuck?” she mumbled. “All the keys are supposed to be there!”.

Her panic lever rose and she frantically searched the floor, under the dresser, the bed, and bending down setup like she was, was not an easy task, with the corset rendering her torso rigid and the chastity belt impairing her hips, and especially her impaired vision. Maybe it was just there, under her nose, but couldn’t see it. She looked again on top of the dresser, on the bed.

“Where the hell did they go?” because she realized that she was missing not one but TWO keys.

Then she froze, looking near the wall, at the heating duct grill.

“No… Please no.” she prayed while crawling slowly. And yes, down under the grill, she saw the shiny brass reflection of a key.

“Fuck!” she said. Yes, she had access to a screwdriver to get it, but the key was on the verge of falling down the duct. She needed long nose pliers, which she didn’t have access to, having put away all the pliers or any heavy tool that could help her get out of her setup prematurely.

But what about the other key? There were two keys missing. where was the other one. Her worst fear was that it had already fallen into the heating duct. But if she could get her wrists free, she would be able to unlock the oil filled container with the spare keys and get to it with a minimum of a mess.

Maybe if she got some tape rolled on itself on the tip of a pencil, she could retrieve it. She settled for that idea and headed for her office to get the necessary materials. Her office was near the kitchen and her attention was attracted by Fluffy playing with something on the kitchen floor. A yellow thing, which made a strange metallic sound over the ceramic tiles of the floor.

She went wide eyes when through her blurred vision, she recognized the toy: the missing key!

She rushed for the cat, but by the time she got to it, Fluffy had stuck the key under the molding of the baseboard, under the counter.

Karen tried to retrieve it using her gloved hand, but couldn’t. She would need something long and thin. Long nose pliers would have worked, but, perhaps.. A knife?

Struggling to get back up, she picked the closest knife, a large butcher’s knife and layed down on her side, trying to get a good view through her lenses that were not beginning to fog-up, and tried to pry the board. Evidently, Fluffy wanted to help, getting in Karen’s sight.

She hushed her away, then she heard another sound. Whatever Fluffy was up to, was not important right now, but evidently, Murphy’s law was there and Murphy himself was having a ball!

“Hi Karen! Surprise!!! I’m early, and I know where you keep your spare key!”

Karen froze. That was Caroline. Her sister. What time was it? Well, she said she was in early, but still. Now, what to do? She stood still, holding her breath, as if this would make a woman wearing a shiny black latex catsuit on a white tiled floor disappear.

“Karen? Are you ho… Oh my god! Karen? Are you okay?” she heard as she saw Caroline sneakers get closer. She crouched down and gently touched Karen.

“Are… Karen?”

Karen let herself roll on her back, her bound wrists springing to her side as the elbow chain was pulled back.

“Oh my gawd! What the hell happened, who did this to you?”

Karen didn’t answer. How to answer “I did this to myself” with a head movement. She nodded no.

“No… You don’t know?”

She nodded no again. Hell, how do you answer a negative question?

“You don’t know who did thi… oh darn. You did this… yourself?”

Ashamed of herself, she nodded yes.

“Oh, damn. I heard about self-bondage or something like that, but… darn! But what are you doing there on the floor, and especially like that. You know we were coming, right?”

Karen nodded yes then turned trying to point the knife.

“Yeah, what’s with the butcher knife?” asked Caroline as she picked it up, stuck under the molding. That’s when she saw the shiny brass thing.

“What the…” she asked as She easily retrieved it. “A Key? That’s the key to release you?”

All hopes back, Karen pulled her wrists out, showing the padlocks, but Caroline was not aiming for them, she tried the locks on the gag instead. One padlock, then the other then the other and the last one, and the eye flap. All this time, Karen was wiggling her wrists.

Finally Caroline saw the wrists and tried it at one cuff, then the other, before trying the chain, which freed her wrists.

With her new partial freedom, Karen sprung back to her feet and hobbled back to the bedroom. She had to get out of this before her parents came in. She could deal with Caroline, her little sister, later. She had done so many times before. She always had the best of her.

Once in the bedroom, Karen gestured for Caroline to find the keys for her elbow cuff while she herself tried to find the keys for the mouth flap. She managed to get the locks of the mouth flap off before Caroline was able to free her elbows.

Finally, she was able to take off the gag. She slowly pulled it off, struggling to pass it through her overly stretched jaw and the too small mouth hole of the hood. Caroline had stopped and was watching in disbelief, the large gag being pulled off.

“Oh damn! I went in a wee bit over my head on this one. Quick, help me get out of this before mom and pop comes in.” said Karen. “I’ll explain all of it later. Listen, there’s a key for the wrist cuffs that fell in the heating vent. Could you go to my office and retrieve some sticky tape and a pencil or a ruler, anything long to retrieve it? Make it quick, please.” said Karen as,  hand shaking, she was trying the other keys to get her elbow free.

Caroline was back in no time and quickly retrieved the missing key from the duct.

“Oh, thanks! Quick, give me that key and help me with those elbow cuffs. I’m too nervous to find a key that fits.” said Karen, offering her wrist cuffs at Caroline..

But instead of reaching for the cuffs, Caroline sofly approached Karen, walking over her, trying to force her to lay on the bed.

“Caroline. We don’t have time for that. Please help me get off of it before…”

“But why? You are so hot right now.” she said, climbing over her, kneeling on each side of her body, pinning her wrists down with her legs. “You realize that, for the first time in my life, *I* have control over you, and there’s nothing you can do about it?”

Karen realised her situation, and quickly figured out that Caroline wanted to profit from it. She had no time to argue.

“Okay, you win. Whatever you ask, the answer is yes. Now, can you please get off of me and help me ge… wait… what are you dowwwwhnn..”

Caroline had taken the ball gag and was foricing ii inside Karen’s mouth.

“I know how important your smile is, Karen. Better open wide if you don’t want your pretty teeth to get damaged.” she said with a devilish smile.

Karen tried to fight it, but she knew she was in not a winning position. She hoped it was just a joke. A sick and badly timed joke, but just a joke nonetheless, but when Caroline picked padlocks and put them back on the mouth flap roller buckles, she knew this was more serious.

“Well, you said that whatever I was asking, the answer was yes. I want you to be my personal slut slave for the rest of the day.” she said with a devilish smile.

Karen went wide eyed and tried to get free, but she was in no condition to fight back. Then the dildos fired and Caroline had a puzzled look. She was, after all, sitting just over them.

“Oooo. Kinky and horny! Even better!” she said, rubbing her tight denim jeggings over the chastity belt before she flipped herself over, this time pretty much sitting over Karen’s face as she put back the chain between her wrists and locking them, using all the padlocks. Then she got off of Karen.

“Okay… SLAVE.” she said with evident pleasure. “Go get the meal ready.”

But Karen didn’t move. It was not her intention to appear like that in front of her parents.

“Oh. Feisty! Even better. Give me reasons to… punish you. Isn’t it what you want?” she said with a devilish smile Karen never saw before.

A quick look around and she found a length of chain, along with the rest of the padlocks from the red container. She took one of the padlocks and locked the chain on the front ring of Karen’s collar, acting as a leash. She pulled on it, hard, forcing Karen to either stand up or roll on the floor.

Karen complied. Somehow, she liked it, but she had mixed feelings as this was not planned, that her sister was her master and that her parents were on the way. Or rather… coming in, as she heard her mom call her name.

“Perfect timing” said Caroline, pulling on Karen’s leash.

“Karen, Caroline? You heee…what the hell?” said her mom, putting her hand at her mouth, seeing Caroline pulling along a strange female form, completely encased in shiny rubber, not even a tiny parcel of skin showing, bound up and hobbling on impossible boots.

“What the hell, Caroline. Is that Karen? What did you do to her?” asked the father, wide-eyed.

“What me? She did that to herself. I find her like this when I came in, evidently, she hadn’t taken into account that I could come in earlier than what she anticipated.” she said smiling, walking slowly, Karen in toe.

“But… What are you waiting to free her? That is… wow.” said the mother, looking at the heavy leather straps, even running her hands over the corset and was wide-eyed at the chastity belt.

“Why free her? She likes it that way, obviously, so why not… let her have fun.”

On that, one of the vibrators came to life, making Karen twitch, and the sound was heard by her mother.

“Is that?…”

“A vibrating dildo.” said Caroline.

At the same time, she catches a glimpse of her father, and he was almost drooling at the sight.

“You seem to like that, dad.” she said.

“Well, I… No… I… See…”

The mother walked back to her husband and wrapped her arm around his waist. He was still looking for something to say.

“You really like looking at something like this?” asked the mother, but not in a repressive way, much more in a… arousal way.”

Mouth agape, he simply looked at his wife, while Caroline with Karen in tow, was heading for the kitchen counter where Karen went to work, finishing the meal, under Caroline amused look. After all, she was the host. When Caroline turned away from Karen and looked at her parents, they were slowly walking, side by side, eye to eye, away from the kitchen, toward the bedroom.

A few moments later, she herd giggling and was shocked to see her parents come back, her mom with a red simple strap ball gag in her mouth, and her hands in her back in police cuffs.

“I hope you won’t mind, Karen.” said her dad.

Karen turned around and dropped her ladle when she saw them, before staring at Caroline, who was as stunned, before looking back at her parents.

“Well, evidently, I had a liking for latex and bondage for as far as I can remember and honestly, did visit lots of websites with those on, but I never knew your mother was in this too… Apparently, she always wanted to experiment. This… this is a start.” he said, blushing.

“Geesh… Am I the only one normal here?” said Caroline.

On that, Karen had a sudden burst of laughing although she was crouching to retrieve the ladle, and her father had the same reaction.

“You? Normal? Tell me, Caroline. What is normal? Are you saying we’re all a bunch of weirdos? Look at your leggings or jeggings or whatever those are. They are so tight that the seams are ready to split open. Tell me this is the normal way to wear them.

“Well, I like the… support.”

“Come on, Caroline. You’re a fetishist, like your mom, your sister or myself.  Evidently, you take great pleasure at seeing your sister like that and especially, controlling her. You’re a Dom, Caroline.”

While Caroline was struggling with her feelings, and her newly discovered family, Karen gestured them to take place at the table, that dinner was ready. She made her wrists chain snaps a few times, to attract Caroline’s attention that she wanted out to eat.

“Nope. No way. I… I am your Master and you are my slave. You will serve us as you are.”

Defeated, and at the same time, enjoying her predicament, she began to serve the meal. Sometimes, her hand would shake as the toys fired into action, dropping some of the broth.

“You’ll be punished accordingly.” said Caroline.

Her father removed her mother’s gag but, by her request, cuffed her hands back in front of her for the meal. Karen was sitting there, looking at her plate, waiting for someone to remove the gag. She was staring at Caroline.

“She should eat,” said her father.

“That’s not my problem. She’s staying like that.” said Caroline.

Karen got back up,  under the amused look of her family and reached for the blender, poured her plate in it, reducing it into a smoothie, before pouring it into a bowl, sitting back at the table, and sucking it through the tube on her mouth gag.

Caroline looked at the whole scene and giggled.

“Well, talk about… family bonding.”

Everybody laughed, Karen spit out her mouthful of meat smoothie staining everybody.

“No dessert for you.” said his father, still giggling.

Karen had to struggle for the rest of the evening, cleaning the table, doing the dishes, helped a little by her mother, but with her hands cuffed again in her back, she wasn’t of great help.

Finally, they parted, her parents leaving with the gag and the police cuffs ‘on loan’, leaving Karen alone with Caroline who said she would take care of freeing her big sister.

Once they were gone, Caroline led Karen back to the bedroom. She took the key container, but instead of picking up some keys and starting unlocking Karen, she put the container on the high shelf of her wardrobe. She left the room and came back with the mop.

“That’s for all those years where you had the best of me. Good night, sis.” she said, leaving Karen to her devices.

The only way she had to get the keys was to throw the container down from the high shelf, using the mop, which would spread the keys everywhere.

She managed to free herself, but it was past midnight and the night was short since she worked the next day.

On the next day, on their Crapbook family page, Caroline wrote that she did like having dinner at Karen’s place and that they should make that a monthly event.

“Depends.” answered Karen. “If I’m going to be in the same situation, where you lead me, not so sure about it.”

“Your mum and I also liked that last dinner, and would like to do it again, but, you know, better prepared. Any good website to suggest, Karen?”

Karen smiled. If she was not to be the ONLY slave, that could become a monthly event she would be looking forward to.

© Pete / monsterp63, January 2, 2020

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