Karen – Just Another Day in the Life of…


The soft breeze was gently moving the fine lace curtains. The rising sun was flooding the room of its warm orange glow.

In the nearby bed, something was moving under the shiny red rubbery comforter. For an attentive ear, some buzzing sound could be heard coming from the moving form, as if something was vibrating.

A soft moan was heard and a black, glossy arm reached out from under the comforter. It was evident that the rubber coating was thick but also very tight, wrapping the limbs in a seamless shiny coating, up to the tip of the fingers. A second arm appeared, and in unison, pushed the comforter down, revealing an equally tightly wrapped head.

Not a single parcel of skin could be seen. The eyes were covered by dark lenses. Red tubes seemed to be entering the nostrils. The lips were bright red, as well as the tongue, and the teeth very much white, but they were artificials, rubber coating every part of her mouth. As she yawned, a persistent observer could see some steel connector at the bottom of her rubberized mouth. Her mouth was almost frozen in a constant half-smile.

From under the half folded comforter, she draws her legs toward her, bending her knees, bringing them over her tightly crushed stomach, under what appeared to be an embedded rigid corset, the feet ending in pointed toe boots. They grabbed hold of the comforter and in a swift move, pushed it on the floor, before the strange rubberized body stretched on the now only on the red mattress fitted sheet.

She was a sight to see, curvy, waist crushed, ample breasts, long legs. She moved slowly on the lubed rubber sheet, sliding, putting her hands at the crotch, the source of the vibrating sound. Her gesture was stopped by a heavy steel belt, preventing her from reaching the toys.

As if on cue, as soon as her hands reached her crotch, the vibrating stopped, and she let out a disappointed grunt.

That was it. That was her wake up call. It was not there for pleasure, but to wake her up. It was like that. And it has been like that for, is it two years now? Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say.

She got up and went to the window to open the heavy curtains and let the full sunshine enter, feeling its heat on her thick black rubber skin. She took a deep breath, always with the hope that, somehow, she would smell the flowers, but the long rubber tubes, running up her nose, down to the back of her mouth were bypassing all her smell sensors. She smelled nothing. Yet, every morning, without rest, she would take a deep breath, as deep as the corset crushing her lungs were allowing.

She turned around, her head stiff by the embedded posture collar in her suit. It was not completely locking her head in place, but was greatly reducing its movement. She expertly walked out of the room, perched on her extreme heels. After two years of wearing them non-stop, she was now acting as if they were sneakers.

Small, shiny chrome rings could be seen dangling around her ankle, over her knees, on each side of her corset, at her wrists and at her elbows. All from embedded cuffs within her suit, glued there amidst the procedure of glueing multiple layers of neck entry catsuits, one on top of the other.

That made for a heavy latex suit, without any zipper, impossible to put on if it was that thick all at once. It made the suit very sturdy, and also very compressing. And she loved it. Every second of every minute. The struggle she had to do to move, to raise an arm, to flex a knee, everything asked for more effort than normal. Everything was a pleasure.

She did that all of her free will. Well… sort of.

She was a computer wizz. She managed to go through the heavy security of a bank and gained access. In her defence, she was under the pressure of a major criminal organisation, and was not exactly doing it of her free will. If she was not to comply, they would kill her.

After the trial, she was sentenced to five years in prison and forbidden to approach a computer, She had to be isolated from any biometric access: fingerprints, face recognition, retinal scan, speech recognition, etc. She had to be isolated. But how do you prevent someone from using a computer, or any connected device, when they’re everywhere?

Simple. Sort of. Fit the person with special lenses that prevent any eye scanning device to reach its retina. In addition, polarize such lenses that looking at any computer screen, makes it see black. Cover any possible fingerprints, and mute the subject, so that it cannot communicate with voice commands.

She suggested her solution: long term rubber encasement. But not this extreme.

“This is not a fantasy pleasure ride.” said the judge.

“Then add a chastity belt.” answered Karen.

She had still to do prison time. And the judge feared that she would rip off the suit at any time. He apparently had some knowledge in the BDSM community.

The judge discussed with lawyers the final outcome. When Karen learned the full extent of her imprisonment, she was shocked. On the exterior, that is. From the interior, she was ecstatic! Full heavy rubber encasement, total sexual denial, and constant bondage for five years!

She walked to her bedroom door. That was the limit of her freedom. She pressed a button, and a few moments later, a guard opened the door, a handful of chains and padlocks in his hands.

Karen knew the drill. She put her arms in her back where the guard linked her wrist cuffs together and drew her elbows together before locking them in place. Then a hobble chain was put between her ankle cuffs and her knee cuffs. Only then she was allowed to move around the house. That was her prison.

She had work to do. She had to maintain that small house, and feed the guards. They were six, half were men, half women, all living in the house, all taking turns guarding the strange prisoner.

There wasn’t much interaction possible. Karen could barely hear them, and she couldn’t speak.

She hobbled her way to the kitchen, where they were all waiting to be fed. One woman got up as Karen arrived and locked a chain from the ceiling to the back of her collar, before untying her hand from the back and linking just the wrists on the front with a short chain. Then the guard took her seat back and waited, looking with a mix of disgust and amazement at the rubber slave in front of her, doing perfect pancakes, eggs and anything else the guards wanted.

One of the guards was apparently enjoying her meals. They had to re-issue new uniforms. Larger sizes. Twice!

At first, they were having a ball at Karen stumbling, falling, missing the doors, dropping stuff, and cooking awful meals. She couldn’t smell, or taste, that her vision was impaired, as well as her dexterity, mishaps were common, and they had the authorization to… punish her for bad behavior. There was no easy way to say that these mishaps were accidental or not. They played safe by stating that anything not done right deserves a punishment.

She took eggs in her latex gloved hands and headed for the stove, but dropped one.

“That’s your second mishap, Karen.” said a guard with a smile, knowing she would have a little fun later on. Earlier on, she had dropped a ladle full of pancake dough on the floor.

Under her rubber mouth, as she crouched down to clean her mess, Karen smiled. It might have been intentional.

Once breakfast was completed,  all the dishes done and everything cleaned up, her arms were tied back in her back, elbow and wrists together. She didn’t really have anything to do, except when they needed her, and it was all to their discretion.

This was a rather large house, with seven rooms and 2 bathrooms, that needed to be cleaned. She would be left to herself for the rest of the morning until it was lunch time, where she was again tied up in the kitchen. Then, she will be brought to each bedroom to tidy it up, make the beds, dust, and stuff, then clean the bathrooms.

All of which were done well restrained. 

They were taking pleasure seeing her struggle to make basic moves, and were laughing, believing that they were humiliating her. If they had only known that it only made her hotter.

Why were they being so mean with her? She had stolen money from the bank, but also personal information. That bank being the one where the pension plan of the police officer was held, all their personal information has been given to crooks and now, many of them had identity problems.

What could be better for a crook than to have the identity of a cop!

They held her responsible. In a sense, she was, even if she was following orders. Threatening orders.

  All that work usually led her to dinner, where she was, again, tied up in the kitchen, then given some more rest in the evening before being brought back to her bedroom, and untied.

There, she was in private, although watched by security cameras, but they couldn’t see under the thick rubber comforter what was going on. Only small movements.

Karen had managed to bring a piece of flat metal bar, she had bent into the right shape. By carefully inserting it between the chastity belt and the suit, she could use it as a lever to push the dildos in and let them naturally come out.. Then in, and out. In. And out.

Every night, for the past year and a half, she was bringing herself to climax. She was in no pain at all. She loved every minute of it. If only she could find a way to last longer. After all, her sentence was for 5 years. She only had three left…

© Pete / monsterp63, January 2020

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