Karen – 48 Hours


The First Twenty-Four

Karen entered her apartment and literally threw her soft laptop computer suitcase on the nearby sofa, walked like a zombie toward her bedroom, leaving her shoes, skirt, dress behind her along the way, and purely and simply fell face first on her bed, arms spread, letting out a long groan.

She had been away for, two weeks, on a business trip. An insanely energy draining business trip, full of non-stop meetings and decision making. Now, she is home. At last!

She will rest. That was her plan. Doing the minimum, until Sunday morning, where she would have to clean the house and prepare the monthly dinner. Yes, THAT dinner, with the family, where she was now the slave de service. Oh, her mother was a slave too, now, but not to help around the house. Only to purvey her father.

She took a long, hot, relaxing bubble bath while reading on her e-reader the latest fantasy-fetish story from the new website of her favorite author, along with a glass of wine. When she began to shiver, she figured it was probably time to get out of the bath. She dried and wrapped herself into a thick and warm bathrobe, ready to spend the rest of the evening, doing nothing more than watching some netflix.

She poured herself some more wine and called her favorite pizza place.

“About half an hour, Karen.” had said the clerk.

She sat in the leather recliner and opened the TV, choosing a series to watch. The introduction was barely finished when her arm fell to the side of the chair as she snored into a dream.

Knock! Knock! 

Knock! Knock! Knock!

KNOCK!!!! KNOCK!!!! KNOCK!!!!!!

Karen startled!



“OH! COMING!!” she said, trying to get her brain in gear. Of course, that was the pizza guy. She rushed to the door and opened it.

“Hi. I’m so sorry, I apparently fell asleep.” she said, apologetically.

“It’s okay, Karen. You’re a regular, I know you”. He said with a smile. “I was about to call you on your phone, and if you were not to respond, probably call the police.”

“Geesh! Very thoughtful of you, Mark.” she said, yawning, while paying and leaving a generous tip.

She closed the door and walked to the kitchen to put the pizza on the table, leaning on it, trying to get her brain to focus on the next step… Yes… Eating pizza.

She opened the box and took a slice when there was another knock at the door. Puzzled, she walked back, expecting to see the pizza guy again. Maybe he has or she has forgotten something. She opened the door, and a woman rushed in.

“Hi sis! Surprise!” she said, arms in the air, dancing.

“Caroline? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here for the family dinner!” she said, laughing.

“Caroline. It’s Friday… I think… “ she said, looking up at the ceiling like hoping the answer would be written on it, and hoping she hadn’t slept for 2 days. “What are you doing here? Why? Too eager to see me as your slave, again?”

“Ha, ha!. Yes, of course, I’m eager to see you as my slave. That’s why I’m here… Ooo. What’s that smell? Is that a pizza?” she said, walking to the kitchen and taking a slice to immediately eat it.”

“Listen, Caroline,” said Karen, dragging her feet to follow her sister “I’m just back from two weeks away, on business travel, all I want is to relax and sleep. If you don’t mind, I’ll see you Sunday. Okay?” she asked as Caroline was aiming for a second slice. She slapped her hand. “And that’s MINE. HANDS OFF!” she said, taking the box and going to the living room to sit on the recliner, eating it while protecting the box as if it was the last thing she owned, throwing angry looks at her sister.

“Okay, don’t get all cranky. Geesh. Are you having your periods or what?”

“No, Caroline. I’m tired. That’s all. I just want to relax, watch some TV, enjoy my pizza and go to bed. Don’t worry, I’ll be ready for Sunday.”

“Uh… Okay.” said Caroline, all disappointed. “Mind if I stay for a while?”

“No, but please, shut up.” said Karen, taking another bite and cranking the volume.

Caroline sat on the sofa and crossed her arms. She was evidently pissed off. That was Karen’s little sister, alright. The brat.

Karen finished her pizza with the wine, offering a glass to Caroline, which she refused, so… she finished the bottle. It wasn’t long before exhaustion, helped with a full stomach and a full bottle of wine, got its toll, and she fell asleep on the recliner.

She was awoken by a tug on her right wrist. She moaned and pulled on her arm to remove whatever was tugging on it, and it… pulled her left arm backward? What the hell… She opened her eyes, and Caroline was standing in front of her, smiling.

“Welcome back, sis.” she said, grinning.

Karen tried to pull her hands forward, but her wrists were linked with a rope, around the back of the recliner.

“Ha, ha, very funny, sis. Now, untie me, I will simply go to bed, and I suggest you do the same. In YOUR bed, at YOUR place. I’ll see you back Sunday. Now, please, untie me.” said Karen, eyes half closed, ready to fall back to sleep.

“Nope. Not gonna happen.” answered Caroline.

The next thing Karen knew was that Caroline was kneeling on her, pushing the large ball gag of a panel gag into her mouth. She tried to protest, but figured it was a lost cause. She was tired and half drunk anyways. She opened her mouth and Caroline pushed the ball in, fastening the panel as tight as she could. 

She moaned. She figured it would be over soon. She simply closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep. That seemed to piss off Caroline.

“Oh no, you’re not getting off that easy, sister. If you think that’s how you’re going to spend the night,  you’re mistaken.”

Disappeared to come back with more rope and leather cuffs, including a large leather collar. She wrapped it tightly around Karen’s neck, then wrapped the cuffs around her legs, just above the knees. She then took a length of rope, tied it to the collar then pass it through the knee cuffs, and pulled, forcing Karen to bend down, bringing her face to her knees.

Karen protested, but it didn’t stop Caroline. While Karen was not really in a position to resist, she untied her wrists from the rope going around the chair, put leather cuffs at her wrists, and brought them together in her back. She gave some slack to the neck rope, but not enough so that Karen could stand up, and pulled, forcing her to get up.

Half bent, Karen complied, grunting behind her gag. She was trying to figure a way out, but just couldn’t. At the moment, that is.

Caroline dragged her down to the bedroom, positioned her under a ring in the corner ceiling, from which a chain was already hanging.

“Darn, how long did I sleep in that chair?” thought Karen.

Caroline loosened the rope pulling Karen down and grabbed her collar, quickly linking it to the hanging chain. With her hands in her back, she had no way out.

All she wanted to do was sleep. She was already tired, and adding a pizza and a whole bottle of wine didn’t help. She figured that if she was offering no resistance, Caroline would get bored and leave.

However, to her dismay, she came back from the closet with a neck entry latex catsuit, a corset, ballet heels, more cuffs… Damn.

Caroline proceeded to undress Karen who didn’t resist, nor did she help, which only pissed her off.

To get Karen’s arms into the suit, she tied one of them to her opposite feet , forcing Karen to juggle her balance, while the other one was free to be put into the tight suit. Once both arms were free, she tied them in her back, but Karen struggled and she had a hard time linking them..

She then turned her attention into putting kid leather, knee high ballet boots on. Easier said than done, for this time, Karen was not cooperating. She was not in the mood to wear ballet heels.

But she had no choice, and quickly after, her ankles were linked with a short chain. Karen began to twist her arms and to fondle with the cuffs. Caroline ran back into the closet and came back with a latex straight jacket.

“That should keep you calmer.” she said as she untied Karen’s arms to fit the straightjacket.

Caroline was pissed off, and was getting tired of fighting Karen. She had figured that she would be a lot more cooperative, even helping getting restrained, but no. All Karen did was either nothing, or bugging her.

So, she forgot basic safety rules, like… tying Karen’s ankles to the ground, or tightening the neck chain after putting the ballet boots, which raised Karen close to 20cm.

Karen saw her chance. With a swift blow, she pushed a stunned Caroline backward, who fell on her back, on the bed, stunned. Karen was quick: she reached for the snap link linking her collar and undid it, and before Caroline was able to figure out what was happening, Karen had fetched a pair of police handcuffs which were laying on a desk, had reached Caroline on the bed, had flipped her over and cuffed her. She turned her around, taking her panel gag off and putting it over Caroline’s mouth.

“You forgot something, little sister: I have a lot more experience in this than you have.” she said, while tightening to the last possible notch, the harness over her sister’s head. 

She then stretched and grabbed a chain hanging from the headboard. That was her bedroom, fully equipped for bondage, and she knew where all her stuff was.

She quickly snapped the link on top of the head harness, then reached for another chain, at the foot of the bed, and linked to Caroline’s ankles, wrapping the too long chain around her ankles before fixing it in place with the snap ring.

Then she let herself drop on the bed.

“Can I fucking sleep, now?” she said, laying on her side, besides a stunned and very well stuck sister.

She closed her eyes. She half fell asleep, half passed out, not hearing the protesting moanings.

The First Night

The floor was shaking, or was it the bed. What the hell was happening. An earthquake. Then in her slumber, she heard moanings.

She opened her eyes, slowly waking up, finding her face resting on a wet pillow, her mouth still drooling. She made a grin as she slowly raised up, bringing her hand to her yawning mouth, puzzled as it was covered in latex.

She began to remember the events of the evening before. She quickly turned to see her sister, still in bondage, by her side. She was the one shaking the bed, evidently eager to get free.

“Good morn… ning sis” said Karen, yawning, “Be right back, I need to pee.” she said.

Caroline wiggled even more. Evidently, she needs to go too. Karen got off the bed and then collapsed on the ground with a loud thud.

“Ouch! What the fu… I’m in ballet boots? Damn! Was not expecting that.” she moaned, then walked out of the room on all four.

She came back a few minutes later, walking but keeping a wall close by, then stumbled to Caroline. She untied her, but not completely.

“I might still be sleepy, but I’m not stupid. You’re not getting out of it that easily.” she said as she ensured she had a sturdy hobble chain between her ankles and her hands were tied in front of her. The gag was still on and she didn’t seem eager to take it off. Caroline mumbled, obviously complaining, but it didn’t change her mind.

Karen dragged Caroline to the bathroom where she tied her neck chain to a ring already there. Apparently, she had added a lot of rings, now that her secret kinky life was known. She left Caroline to her businesses and stumbled back to the bedroom. She came back a few moments later, this time wearing more comfortable four inches high heels booties, while fixing a hot pink rubber corset around her already thin waist.

“You’re kinky or you’re not.” she said with a grin, tying a knot where she was standing at the tightening, to drag Caroline back to the bedroom.

There on the bed, was laying a bright red neck entry catsuit, red patent boots with a five inches heel, a white leather corset, two huge dildos, a steel chastity belt and lots of black with red trims leather cuffs. Caroline made wide eyes when she saw all of that laying on the bed, looking frantically at Karen, in ‘you’re not about to make me wear all this, aren’t you?’. Karen simply answered the silent question with a nod and a large smile.

And Caroline immediately saw the difference in experience, as she was fixed to the same corner ring, where she had to keep herself on her tiptoes so not to choke, with her feet linked to a ring on the floor. So when Karen unlinked one foot to feed the attached feed of the catsuit leg in it, she couldn’t kick or offer any resistance. All her struggles were to keep her balance so as not to strangle herself.

The suit was quickly put on her legs and raised to her waist. She linked the unused wrist to the floor as she fed the free arm down the catsuit sleeve, feeding the attached glove in place, before linking that one to the floor and proceeding with the other arm, which put the latex catsuit in its place.

For the first time, Caroline felt the feeling of being tightly encased in latex. As she squirmed in her bonds, she began to realise what all the fuss was about. That was an interesting feeling.

During this time, Karen had come back to the closet to come out with a handful of more stuff, including a rubber hood.

“You won’t experience latex unless you’re fully enclosed.” she said, taking the head harness off, and ungaging Caroline.

“That’s mean of you, sis.”

Karen giggled.

“Say what? Weren’t you the one who was about to enslave me for the weekend? And it’s not right if it’s the other way around?”

“That… that’s not the same. You are the kinky one. Not me.”

“Well, judging by how tight your jeans are, and your heels, and how your breath shook when I put the catsuit on while you were struggling to keep your balance, I bet you are as kinky as I am.”

“No, that nowwfmf.” tried to say Caroline, but her speech was cut short with the hood which had an attached penis shape gag, and the eyeports, although appeared opaque from the outside, were micropunctured. It blurred and diminished her vision without cutting it completely.

She worked the gag in her mouth, which was something new: she couldn’t spit it out. Chewing on it brought nothing, it was just too hard. It was so large and so long, it was on the edge of triggering her gag reflex.

Karen tucked the rather large yoke of the hood under the collar of the suit, then applied a large black and red leather collar, keeping her head erect. Caroline heard the distinctive click of a padlock, before linking it back to the ceiling ring. 

She closed her eyes. The sound, the meaning were sinking into her. She was officially stuck in that catsuit, gagged, bound, without any easy means of escape. She felt all warm and hot inside… No. That wasn’t possible.

Karen released her legs, one at a time, to put the red patent boots before applying the black and red ankle cuffs and linking them with a short hobble chain, locked to the floor

She then replaced the police handcuffs with more leather cuffs as well as adding another set over her elbows, linking them. Caroline protested. Having her arms forced together like this was not within her usual flexibility range.

However, with each cuff, with each click of a padlock, Caroline’s breath was shaking. Karen noticed and smiled. This was even better than she thought.

She had Caroline turn around to face the corner before wrapping the white leather corset around her waist and beginning to tighten it.

Under the hood, Caroline went wide-eyed. She was used to tight jeans, but this was beyond tight jeans, squishing her stomach as well as her ribcage. But she liked the feeling so much that she didn’t fight it. She even helped by sucking her stomach in, much to Karen’s delight, who was expecting a lot of struggle.

“Wow! I was almost able to close it on the first tightening. Let it rest for a moment. You seem to like that, am I wrong?” asked Karen.

Caroline only squirmed in her bonds. She was still in denial. No, she didn’t like it… She loved it, but she was not to show it to Karen. No wait! She hated it. She squirmed harder. Damn! She loved it. What the hell? Fuck!

Karen walked out of the room and came back many minutes later, holding a cup of hot coffee.

“Want some?” asked Karen, giggling. “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get some. After making me my breakfast, of course…. Okay, time to close this thing.”

She grabbed the corset lacing and pulled hard, stretching Caroline between her wrist chains and the ankle chains, forcing the corset to close. After a lot of tugging, she managed, and tied the knot, tightly.

Humming joyously, she picked up the dildos and opened the crotch zipper. She lubed the first one, even pushing lubricant into Caroline’s rectum.

“Open wiiIIIIiiide” she said, as she shoved the large intruder inside. She repeated the procedure and, apparently, her funny call for the vaginal one. Caroline was squirming. They were huge and almost painful. She closed the zipper.

Caroline pushed her rectal one out, creating a huge bump on the catsuit. Karen was quick to notice it.

“My, my. We will have to take care of that.” she said, still humming. Caroline recognized the song: Give a Little Bit by Supertramp. Damn… She was enjoying herself!

Karen went to the closet to come back holding a steel belt.

“This should fix  your little problem.” she said, putting the belt around Caroling’s waist, then feeding the crotch belt between her legs, pushing back in, with force, the rectal dildo.

Caroline moaned, but she knew there was no way out.

Still humming, she untied Caroline from her position, leaving the hobble chain. She snapped a leash on her collar front D ring and pulled.

“Come! You have to learn my kitchen.” she said.

Caroline protested, but it was no use. Karen was tugging with a firm grip on the leash and she had no other choice than to follow.

The trip to the kitchen was short, but it took a long time. She was constantly stopping, trying to regain her balance, her senses impaired with the hood and arms in her back.

This was a weird feeling. With her sight and hearing impaired by the hood, she seemed to be in another world, like disconnected, yet the feeling of the latex catsuit on her skin was real and very much there. Too much.

It was as if she was half awake, half asleep.

Karen tied her hands in front of her with a very short chain, and linking the center link to her chastity belt, allowing her to reach about neck level, but not over, which means that she couldn’t stretch her arms to their full extent, without pulling on the chastity belt, which were sending the movement to the dildos.

Again, she loved… hating it.

Shen she put the plate of splattered eggs and burned bacon in front of the waiting Karen, she stayed calm.

“Okay, that was expected.” said Karen. “Put that aside, that will be your breakfast. Now, do mine and I want my eggs done correctly and the bacon just perfect. Each one you miss is… gonna…” she began to say, realizing that she had no punishment scheme. “… be noted.” she said.

Caroline hobbled back to the stove and made 5 more eggs before having 2 good enough to serve. Well, it was not easy to crack them with thick latex gloves, and her hands tied together didn’t help, making it tricky to flip them.

While Karen was eating, Caroline put her plate in the microwave oven to warm it up a little, then sat facing Karen, who didn’t acknowledge her presence. After a few moments, Caroline grunted. Karen didn’t took her eyes from her plates.

“Who said that you could eat now? I will eat, then you will remove my plate, and then you will be able to eat. Isn’t it what you do with me?” she said, without looking at her.

Caroline let out a disapproving grunt, but she knew Karen was right. She was making her wait until she was done before allowing her to eat. Karen had to eat reheated meals. Every time.

Once she was done, and she did take her time, Karen took off Caroline’s gag, then immediately forbid Caroline from talking.

“You talk, I put the gag back and you say goodbye to your breakfast. You have fifteen minutes.” she said before going to the living room and taking a book.

Caroline had to eat her breakfast, through the hole in the hood, vision impaired, and with her arms tied up in a way where she could barely reach her mouth. A lot of food fell on the floor.

Fifteen minutes later, Karen was putting the gag back in place.

“Now, Caroline, I told you yesterday that I was tired and wanted to rest, which is exactly what I’m gonna do. Thanks to you, I will NOT have my weekend chores to do. YOU will do them for me: there’s laundry, vacuum and dusting… For today, that is. Now, get on it.”

She returned to the living room, with her book.

“Oh, Caroline. Everything you mess up, I’m noting it. I’ll think about what I’m gonna do with all those notes… tomorrow.” she said with a definitive sadistic tone in the voice.

Everytime she turned a page of her book, the latex creaked, and she was reminded of what she was wearing. Sometimes, she would take her eyes off the book, and look at the living room window reflecting on her shiny thighs, or look toward the kitchen, or the bedrooms, to see the lights of whatever window she was close to, reflecting on Caroline’s shiny red suit.

Caroline had another view of the situation.The work had her sweat like a pig, and she was feeling this sweat slowly running down between her skin and the layer of hot latex, making it slide across her skin, like a giant hand, gently rubbing everybit of her skin. Everytime she had to bend, she was fighting the corset, which was tugging on the chastity belt, itself playing with the dildos. Each time, disturbingly arousing, wonderfully annoying, where she was left excruciatingly deprived.

The deep gag reminded her that she was not in control.

Karen was counting the mishaps? She was counting the ways she would take her revenge, and revenge she would take. This was far from over.

While she was still doing some chores, she saw Karen get out and walk to the kitchen and toss a salad, after which she had Caroline stop what she was doing to have a bite. Same warning: she talks, she doesn’t eat.

Since Caroline was not due for dusting the living room, Karen retreated to the bedroom. From a distance, even her hearing was impaired, she was hearing heavy noises, like furniture being moved around.

Karen walked back to her and had her stop dusting.

“Okay,” said Karen while taking the plume duster away from Caroline, “I said I wanted to rest, and that’s what I intend to do. I’m going for a nap, but if I let you… free, I’m afraid that you’ll make enough noise to keep me awake, so, you’re gonna take a nap with me.”

Internally, Caroline sighs. That would be a relief. However, her hopes were short lived when she entered the bedroom. In the corner, Karen had installed an X-frame, and it was obvious who would be spending time in it.

She had Caroline backed-up to it. She tried to fight it, but Karen used a series of chains and locks to prevent Caroline from ever being in a position to fight back. Within a few minutes, she was stretched on the X-frame, and very well secured.

Then she saw Karen take the very ballet boots she slept with and put them on, then apply leather cuffs to herself, on her ankles and wrists, as well as a collar and a ball gag. She was going to rest?

Karen tied her ankles to chains fixed to the corners of the bed, forcing her legs wide open. She then positioned herself, pulling on her ankles links to make the legs well tauts, then reach for another chain hanging from the headboard, which was ending with small length of chain making a T. She locked her left wrist to one side, then, stretched to reach the nearby table and picked up a magic wand and some kind of remote. 

She pointed the remote at Caroline, who twitched when the dildos came alive. She then took the remote and threw it on the floor.

She took the magic wand and placed it between her legs before turning it on, then reached for the chain over her head, to lock her other wrist. There, she was bound to the bed. 

A wonderful way to take a nap? Caroline was not in agreement. And as she threw her head backward as her first of many to come orgasm was building up, she had a realisation: Karen locked herself. Who the hell is going to release her?

On To The Next Twenty-Four

How long has she been there? Hard to say. She lost count of her orgasms after the fourth one. Or was it the sixth. She was overjoyed, tired, drained, yet, she wanted more. Karen would pay for that.

By the position of the sun, it was getting late afternoon. She was still tied up on the X-frame, and Karen was still tied up on her bed. The magic wand batteries were long drained and by her movements, she had moved it away from her crotch. At least, she had been able to relax and sleep.

She softly woke up and tried to stretch, although she was already stretched. Instinctively trying to bring her arms to her stomach, she was blocked by the locked chain. She let out a sigh and tried to look down, toward her crotch. She tried to move her hips, tried to catch the magic wand, but it had moved too far away.

She grunted.

She would have taken a nice orgasm as a wake up call. She looked toward the bound captive, stretched on the X-frame. She saw her gently squirm and she could hear the hum of the dildos.

She pulled on her bonds, moaning, evidently enjoying the restriction, not at all disturbed by the fact that she was locked, and unable to escape.

Caroline was trying to have a good look at Karen, to see how she will react, how she will get out, but those damn dildos kept firing and sending her to heaven. She tried to close her legs, but the restraints prevented it, which only increased her frustration, and her pleasure. That was weird and she was already trying to figure out how she would be able to do it in her own place. Nah! She doesn’t need this kinky stuff. She will orgasm as well as with vanillla sex. No sweat.

Karen was starting to move a lot more, trying to look at her wrists, but they were out of reach. She looked to be in trouble. She pulled harder, even jerk on her wrist chains and tried to pull her legs free, but nothing let go. She was struggling more and more, her hips moving sideways, then up down, pulling on her arms, pulling on her legs.

Caroline was starting to panic. If Karen was stuck, how would they get out? This was only a light thought at first, but now, it has become more real. This was happening. The dildos were a distraction now. The fun was gone. She wanted out. She was in no way prepared to stay like that until her parents arrived, in about 24 hours.

Caroline was still struggling when her body was taken by convulsions, throwing her hard against the limits of her bonds, her hips rocking up and down, then everything subsided and she calmed down. Still panting, her burning lungs fighting the corset, she began to relax.

As if on cue, there was a pop and from under the picture frame hung over the headboard, a key drop at the end of a delicate chain, right into Karen’s hands. Calmly, she took it and removed her cuffs chains, then put her hands to her crotch where she gently rubbed, while feeling the sturdy cuffs brushing her thighs.

Shocked, Caroline realized that she had just witnessed Karen having one hell of a powerful orgasm!

Slowly, like getting back from a deep dream, she moved and removed her ankle chains, before sitting on the edge of the bed and taking her gag off. She looked at Caroline with a smile.

“How ya feeling, sis? Got any fun?”

Caroline squirmed. She wanted out. Now! And no, she didn’t have any fun. Not openly, that is.

Karen got up and walked to the closet in her ballet boots like they were slippers, and came back with two huge gel-like purple dildos. She took off Caroline’s chastity belt crotch band, opened the zipper and removed the vibrating dildos, but did not let those holes unplugged. No. She immediately shoved in the gel dildos.

“A good slave is a plugged slave.” she said, smiling as she locked the band back in place.

Caroline grunted. She protested, although, actually, the cool gel was somewhat soothing.

Karen removed her from the X-frame, again with great care, not giving her a chance. She was so exhausted by all those orgasms that she wouldn’t have seen the opportunity even if there had been one.

She fixed her with the hobble chain and the wrist chain in front of her.

“Well, I’m hungry now. Why don’t you go make ourselves a nice dinner?” she said, slapping hard on Caroline’s butt.

Grunting, legs aching for those hours stretched and were still supporting a good portion of her weight on the cross, she strutted out of the bedroom, passing in front of the long mirror. She saw her reflection in it and was stunned: she looked like a gorgeous, hot, red shiny creature. She was stunning… Err, no. She looked awful! She hated that look… Not. 

She hobbled forward to the kitchen, feeling the huge jelly dildos moving inside her, teasing her, sweat running down her spine, breath fast. She walked to the counter and stopped: she had no clue what food Karen had. And she was not much of a cook, relying mostly on ready-made meals or ordering take-out.

Karen, admiring her sister twisting and hobbling, almost drooling at her tightly encased rubber butt and the shiny chastity belt.

She was feeling very hot herself. She looked at her gleaming reflection, her extreme long, insect-like legs, wasp thin waist, protruding breasts, long, black, skinny arms.

She closed her eyes. That last orgasm produced quite some sweat and she could feel the rubber slide against her skin, the feeling she was looking for, the feeling she liked. She looked at her glossy black hands as she clenched her fist, admiring the lights reflections. It was totally smooth, and very tight against her arm. She thought: was it a suit with attached gloves, or gloves with an attached suit? Hum… Puzzling thoughts here.

She tried to take a deep breath, but was quickly reminded she was wearing a corset, which she almost forgot. That’s how she liked it.

She clicked her way behind her sister in her  high heeled extreme footwear to the kitchen, strolling easily, each time amazed at herself that she was finding those boots so easy to walk with.

When she reached the Kitchen, Caroline had already taken out some items, obviously trying to find what to do: steaks, chicken breasts, a lot of vegetables. Karen laughed.

“Geesh! Are you planning to feed an army? There’s only the two of us, you know, and corseted as we are, we won’t eat that much.

Karen suggested something, with reasonable portions sizes and they both went to work, like in the old days, sisters preparing a meal, except this one was accompanied by a concerto of latex creaking, chains clingings, heels clicking, gigglings and moanings.

“You know, Caroline, as far as I can remember, this is the first time where I actually have the lead in the conversation.” said Karen, smiling.

Caroline stopped peeling the carrots for a moment, let out a muffled sigh, and continue peeling the vegetables.

Karen laughed.

They sat, Karen removing Caroline’s gag.

“So, how is it?” asked Karen.

“Oh, quite good. I will try to remember this recipe.” answer her sister.

“No, I was talking about the latex, the corset, you know, the whole gig. How is it, being the slave?”

“I… I hate it.” said Caroline.

“Yeah… you got me convinced here.” answered Karen, giggling. “I could tell you liked it on the X-frame.”

“No I didn’t. I was struggling to get off of it.” she answered, looking down at her plate and immediately taking mouthful, to hide her smile.

“Of course. So the head backward, the pulling on the bonds, your hips arching forward, the heavy moaning, the muffled screamings they were all…”

“Frustrations!” cut in Caroline. “I was frustrated not being able to get out,” she said, “and I can’t wait to get out of it right now.”

Karen raised her eyebrows.

“Oh, really? Well, you’re in for a shock, Caroline. You will be my slave until the end of the weekend.”

“What? No way. That’s not fair! I want out now!”

“Oh, really? And for what? So you can put me into the slave position?”

“Why not? That’s where you belong.”

“I like both. Dom and sub, although I’m more often sub than Dom.”

“Then take your place. I’m a Dom, not a sub, like you say.”

“Won’t happen. Simply because if I hadn’t had the best over you yesterday evening, I would be the one enslaved for the whole weekend. I think it’s the best for you to learn what it involves, so the next time you decide to enslave someone for some prolonged time, you will have an idea what this is all about.”

“NO! No way. I want out, now, Karen. This is no fun anymore.”

“Oh, and it would have been funnier if it was me?”

“I… YES! You’re a SUB!”

“Okay, Caroline. I’ve heard enough. Finish your meal, so I can put you back to work.”

“No, you won’t…”

Karen took the gag and raised her index. Caroline understood the message and kept silent. She didn’t have the upper hand. She will. Eventually.

Once the meal was completed, the gag was put back in place and she was linked to the counter to wash the dishes, the same way Karen was tied up every other kinky weekend.

With the dishes done, they set-up to watch some Netflix.

“Say, wanna watch that new series that is just starting today?”

Caroline made a definite yes.

“Very good. Lets prep you first so you can have a perfect view of the TV. Just clean out the bookshelf. Remove all the books and put them behind the couch. Just… keep in mind that you will be the one putting them back in.” said Karen with a wide smile.

Caroline didn’t understand the point until she began to clean the shelves: there were holes. Many of them, and it wasn’t long she figured out what the use of those holes were for: this was a cleverly disguised vertical bondage stock. And she had the feeling she knew who would spend the evening in it.

The thought made her horny. NO! It was annoying! No way this was… Ooooo… hot…

Karen didn’t let time argue. She was pushed and locked in, with no way to move much. She could turn her head to see the TV, but that was it, and her pinholed blindfold was not doing a nice job with a TV: she could barely see anything!

And Karen left her there, walking away, apparently to the bedroom. ‘Yes, of course, she will make herself comfy’ said Caroline to herself, even most pissed off, trying to fight herself out of the bookshelf, but she was afraid that if she was to move too much, she would fall face first. She didn’t know it, but the whole bookshelf/stock was well secured on the floor and wall.

She heard clicking steel as Karen came back. She shigh. How more secure she could be? As Karen walked into the living room, she was shocked: She had bound herself with chains on her ankles and wrists, linked to a collar. And she even added a ball gag! Damn! She was going to watch the TV show tied-up!

Karen sat on the creme leather couch then startled, as if she had an idea. She got up, went to one of the drawers of the kitchen and came back with some duct tape, and she put a strip over Caroline’s blindfold. Now, she wouldn’t see the show. At all.

“I was forgetting that I was owing you some punishment. This should do.” she said, with a tone Caroline could only describe as… happy.

She then heard the leather of the couch creaking, followed by music and dialog from the tv. That was frustrating, and she expressed her feelings the only way she could: she gave her the finger. She didn’t know if Karen saw it. She didn’t care if it meant more punishment.

For three hours, they watched the episodes. Well, Karen watched them. Caroline was trying not to listen so not be full of spoilers when she would watch them. At home. Alone… Tied up. NO! Not tied up. Never! She would never do it.

She was able to get her mind off her situation with the jelly dildos. She tried to squirm, but couldn’t do much. Damn! She would have loved to squeeze her thighs, but the board at the knees prevented it. There was even a board at hip level, forbidding her to move them. She was able to put some pressure on the chastity belt, which in turn, put pressure on her pelvis, and on the dildos.

She gently rocked front and back, twisting her waist, which was immediately stopped by it’s own board. Damn! So frustrating, yet so arousing. What? No! It wasn’t arousing, it was… Oh darn.

She hardly repressed a moan. She hated Karen.

She would take her revenge, but she was starting to wonder how. Karen would tie herself up at every occasion! How to punish someone who likes to be tied up?

At one point, she realized that everything was silent. Oh shit! Oh no! She was not going to spend the night like that.

She squirmed harder and moaned louder. She was making noise.

The tape was ripped off her blindfold, and she could see Karen, evidently concerned.

“Hey! You okay? I fell asleep on the couch and Netflix stopped when I didn’t respond to its ‘Are you still watching’ prompt. Let me get out of this. Hold yourself.”

As soon as she was free, Caroline stumbled to the couch and sat, rubbing her rubber encased legs. They were hurting. Damn, she had been standing up or close to it since the morning. No rest.

She rubbed her legs, and it felt good. The feeling of her latex covered hands over the lubed latex legs, and feeling the rubber slide against her skin. She closed her eyes, and rubbed, gain and again, going upward, feeling the chastity belt, while her other hand was riding upward, to her latex covered breasts, squeezing them, rubbing them, feeling… NO! She removed her hands as if they had touched burning coal. She was not liking it. She couldn’t be liking it. She HATED it.

Karen was looking at her with a smile.

“Well, well. I get it that your legs are tired, but you DO LIKE the rubber.”

“Mffmfoooo”. Tried to scream Caroline while nodding a strong no of the head.

“Don’t deny it, Caroline. I know the signs.” said Karen, smiling. “It’s time to go to bed. Come, you’ll be sleeping horizontally, don’t worry, but you’ll stay in rubber. That’s for sure. Especially after what I just saw.”

She dragged Caroline to the bedroom and fetched two leather head harnesses in the closet. She applied one over Caroline’s head, with a simple strap over the mouth, which pushed the penis gag even deeper. She had her lay down on the bed, on the right half of it, then, linking her ankles together, she chained them to the footboard. She put her hands together and linked them to the headboard.

Almost to Caroline’s dismay, Karen setup herself the same way, putting on a harness ball gag and linking it to the headboard.

She clapped her latex gloved hands and the light turned off.

There, on the bed, two sculptural female forms were reflecting the moonlight on their shiny bodies, gently squirming.




Well, obviously, the key would fall down from the trap under the picture frame. 

‘If I can just be faster than her…’ thought Caroline.

The Last Twelve

She slept like a baby. Sleeping all tied up is the best way to sleep, although she would have preferred to be a little more restrained. She dreamed. She fantasizes. One day, she will have the ultimate bondage bed, where she will be completely tied up, unable to move, yet comfortable. Maybe a full body cas could do the trick.

She heard a pop. The keys were being released. She chewed on her ball gag, trying to stretch, to take a deep breath, but was prevented by her corset and the bounds. That made her hot.

She heard noises, creaking, metal clicking sounds. Slowly she turned her head to her left. There, a fully clad woman in rubber was struggling with the keyring, trying to unlock her padlocks linking her to the bed. She grunted. Her blurred vision, caused by the micropuncture blindfold she had was giving her a hard time. Plus the fact that those were not the right key.

She slowly and softly reached for the buckles of her head harness and took it off. She never locked her gags during the night. One never knows when a stream of cough or a hard sneeze could come up. She giggled.

“Do you really think that I would have put the same locks on your cuffs, Caroline?”

Caroline grunted and fought her bounds while Karen took the keys and unlocked her wrists, and proceeded into slowly unlocking her ankles. 

Besides her, Croline was fighting hard, pulling on them, throwing her hips in the air, sideways, hitting Karen who was not reacting to her tantrum. In fact she was giggling. Then Caroline tensed up, pulling so hard on her wrist chain that her whole body became rigid as she raised and kept her hips high, clenching her legs together, while letting out a loud moan. Then she relaxed.

“Morning orgasm. Nice.” said Karen, getting up.

Caroline was panting. Karen took keys from a drawer and walked to Caroline’s wrist cuffs, but before unlocking them, she linked her collar to the headboard.

“Better to be safe than sorry, right sis? After all, you tried to get free before me.”

She linked her wrists in front of her, again linked to her collar and let her ankles with a short hobble chain.

“Okay, how about you make some breakfast, then it’s time to finish cleaning the house and prepare dinner. Don’t worry, I’ll give you some help.”

And off they went. Caroline completely bound, and Karen with chains, gags and stuffed, but a lot more loose. They finished the dusting and the cleaning. Even if their mother was to be bound, she would nonetheless take note of everything and put the comments on CrapBook. 

Once it was all done, they attacked the main course, preparing a roast. Caroline was getting better and better at working tied up, and she sure enjoyed everything. She was not hiding it anymore when an orgasm engulfed her. Neither did Karen, both well plugged and vibrated.

It was smelling good and everything was looking to be absolutely perfect.

There was a knock on the door and Caroline, in a good slave, opened it. Her parents entered, the father, well dressed in a suit and tie, and her mother, sporting a long coat and a scarf, hiding her gag and bounds. She had a tight and apparently very thick PVC catsuit and, much to Karen’s surprise, was walking on ballet boots.

“Woooowwww. Woomgffmuull” she said through her gagged mouth, before taking it off. “That’s awesome, mom.”

“She’s fine, but can’t stand up or walk very long on them. With time.” he said, looking at her with loving eyes.

Then her father realized who was tied up.

“But… but… Isn’t you who’s supposed to be tied up and Caroline the master? What’s going on here?” he asked Karen.

She summarized what happened since Friday night.

Her father nodded his disapproval.

“No, no, Karen. You’re the sub. Caroline is the Dom. That’s the way it is.”

“Ever heard of a switch, dad? Someone who can be, at one point sub and at another point Dom? Well, I can be both, and judging by the number or orgasm Caroline had while bound, I’d say she’s a switch too.”

“That’s nice. It means that, tonight, I’ll be served by three slaves.” he said, grabbing Karen’s harness ballbag still hanging on her neck and putting it back in place. He fetched small padlocks into his jacket’s pocket and locked it in place. That was new! Now, even she didn’t have the keys for those.

He ordered her to kneel and to wait while he dragged Caroline to the bedroom, only to return with more leather straps and a serving tray, which he fitted to Karen, with her arms elbow tied in her back, still with his own padlocks.

And that’s how her father was sitting at the table, feeding his wife food cooked by Caroline and delivered by Karen.

By the end of the evening, the parents were ready to leave. Karen was moaning hard and struggling, showing her arms, or rather her cuffs: she needed to get free. She needed the keys.

“Oh, that’s right.” he said, picking the keyring and throwing it in the living room, where it fell between the cushions of the couch.

“You seem to like struggling. Good night, girls. I really enjoyed my dinner.” he said, laughing, his bound wife in toe.

Restrained, it took them half an hour to find and get the keys. Finally, two hours later, they were both free and had taken a long needed shower. Caroline was dressed back into her civilian clothes and was about to leave.

They were both exhausted, but totally fulfilled.

Upon leaving, Caro said:

“Well, being a dom is fun, but a sub too. Care if we switch? Every weekend?”

“You mean, every month?”

“No, I mean every weekend”.

Karen smiled. That was something to ponder about.

© Pete / monsterp63, February 28, 2020

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