Karen – Poker Night


“I need to copy the Thompson file, then set up the meeting with the VP. I should set up the meeting first thing and… No, no, no, Karen. Snap out of it! It’s friday night. Let go of your work. It will be there Monday. Damn… You need a life.” she said to herself as the water from the shower was running down her neck.

She finished her shower, still thinking about work.

She figured that a night out would do the trick. Go to a club, get drunk and spend the weekend recovering from the hangover. This way, she would not think about her job.

Tight jeans, high heeled sandals, a sexy top, and off she went. She walked out of her apartment, into the filthy corridor. Oh, it was a nice block and quite secure, with unpickable electronic locks on the doors, but the management had troubles with tenants whose kids would run around, throwing trash and painting graffiti on the walls. They got tired of cleaning or repainting the corridors every month, and the parents didn’t give a shit, so they let everything there, which, to everybody’s surprise, cut the fun of the brats, seeing that nobody was pissed off and removing anything.

They were long gone, but management figured that it was the best way to prevent any graffiti makers from having a creative urge.

As she was closing the door, her neighbor, Erika, was getting out. She was wearing worned-out white and red leather pants, a matching leather jacket over a shiny black top and high heels platform shoes.

“Hey Karen, how are you doing?”

“Fine. I have to let go of thinking about work, so I’m going to get myself drunk at the club. Coming?”

“Ha, ha.” she said, laughing. “Interesting solution. No, I have poker night… hey, care to join us? It will surely take your mind off your work.”

“Poker? Actually, I’d love to,” said Karen, “but although I love playing, I’m not that good at it and usually lose, and I’m a wee bit short on the money right now. Maybe some other time.” she said.

“Oh, that’s no problem. There are other means than money to play and…”

Erika’s phone bleeped and she looked at it.

“Oh, my Uber ride is here. So? Coming? It’ll be fun”

“Well… I…”

“Oh, come on!” said Erika, grabbing Karen’s arm and dragging her along. “It’s downtown anyway, so if you want to get drunk, well, just stay at the bar and… drink!”

Karen figured that it was a choice as good as any other and she went on.

They got into their ride and they were led downtown, but in one of those dark streets, entering a building from the back entrance.

“Where are you bringing me? What is this place?” asked Karen.

“Told you. It’s a Poker Bar. It’s not going to be on the front.”

Karen followed, not so sure of her choice, but her mood changed when they entered the place. It was a clean place, not the filthy underground room she had imagined. Tables were spread over the floor, people nicely dressed for the most, were playing, waitresses in skimpy outfits were walking around, serving drinks. The place was filled with the smoke of cigarettes and cigars.

She was looking for a free table but Erika was walking away, toward another door.

“Where are you going, Erika? Don’t we play here?”

“No,” she said, pushing the door “If you want to play without  money, it’s this room.”

Some people from the room she was currently in turned their head to look at Karen, while others didn’t give a damn. Karen felt cheap. Erika didn’t have to spread it around that she was short on cash.

“Keep it down, will ya?” she angrily whispered, walking toward Erika. “Not everybody needs to know.”

“They don’t give a damn, believe me. Come.”

Karen followed, entering the room which was similar to the first one with about a dozen poker tables, half filled. Nobody was playing.

“It’s early, and it’s Friday. Oh! Here’s Matt and Annie.” she said as a couple was waving at them.

Erika introduced Karen and they took their seats. Erika went on discussing some unknown subject with Annie and Matt, while Karen felt out of place.

“Excuse me, Erika, are… are we waiting for someone else to play?”

“What? Oh, no. We all start to play at the same hour, won’t be long, about 15 minutes, after that, the room is closed for newcomers.”

Karen opened her mouth to add something but Erika cut in.

“To keep it private.”

“Ah… And… Where are the waitresses? I would take a drink.” said Karen.

“In good time.” said Erika, who winked at Annie, which  made her giggle.

“What? Why the secret?” asked Karen.

“You’re sure she can handle it?” asked Matt.

“Absolutely.” said Erika, then adding, bending forward and lowering her voice as to keep a secret while Karen could still hear. “I think she’s a closet one.”

“Oooo” said Matt and Annie in unison.

“Closet? Closet what?”

Her attention was attracted to the entrance where a group of people entered, pretty much filling the rest of the tables. What puzzled Karen is that many of those people, men as well as women, were dressed… weirdly, with leather, very tight clothes, some even had dog collars.

A very well dressed man walked to the door and addressed the room.

“We will start, now. Thank you.” he said. He locked the door and the whole room lighting dimmed, replaced by red lights. Only dim whitish lights were kept on, over the poker table.

Then people got out from what would be the back room. Karen could hear something clicking, like steel, or chains, then she went wide eyed!

There were the waiters and waitresses, dressed in leather and latex, some chained and gagged, others just dressed in those fetish outfits.

Karen felt a strange wave running up her spine, sending chills, but it was not horror chills, it was hot chills, as if she was… turned on by this.

“W… What is this place?” she asked, looking shocked.

“That’s a kinky poker room.”

“Kinky poker room?” asked Karen. “What do you mean?”

“I told you that there were other means to place a bid on the poker table than money. Well, it’s bondage. Putting yourself in bondage, gives you credit. At the end of the evening, you pay back those credits and you go home free… or you go back home in full gear, and depending on your debt, you may have to work here for some time to repay it. That’s what those folks in bondage are doing. The rest, just in leather or latex, are regular employees. Now, you do understand why this room is closed?”

“Y… Yes… Damn, that is so hoird… weird. That is so weird.” she said. In her mind, she wanted to say ‘hot’ and ‘weird” at the same time.

One of the employees, a young woman, fully dressed in latex, walking on thigh high, high heeled boots, her waist constricted by a crushing brocade corset, approached the table. Hung from her wide leather collar, was a tray with poker chips.

She asked each player how much they wanted, and exchanged the money for the chips. Karen exchanged less than the other, a little shy to apologize, saying that she was actually short on cash, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone around.

“You play what you can.” said Annie.

 She watched as some of the other players, men and women, took a strange colored chip, got up and walked in the same room those employees and ‘slaves’ came from. They were still waiting to play.

“We’re waiting for everyone to be ready, otherwise, there might be some… distractions.” said Erika, answering Karen’s silent question.

A few minutes later, those same people reappeared, wearing latex, leather, corsets, extreme heels, restraints, then put a handful of chips on the table.

“If they don’t pay back what they borrowed by the end of the games, they will have to go home like that.” said Erika, smiling, and looking at Karen, expectantly.

Karen was blushing. That was so weird, yet…

As if there was some secret word, every table started dealing the cards, including Karen’s.

They began to play. Some hands, she lost, some other hands she won.

Then she had a winning hand. THE winning hand. However, she was on her last poker chip. She would have to fold because she was out of money. Erika and Matt had folded. It was between her and Annie, and she was sure Annie was bluffing.

“Would you… lend me a few chips?” she softly asked Erika.

“Ha! No way!” answered Erika, giggling. “We don’t work like that. You want more money, you borrow some.” she said, pointing to the back room.

Karen looked at her cards, heart pounding. She knew how much she needed. She just needed to cover it. Not that much. She would repay it right after that hand.

“Can… Can I… Just… You know…” she said, nervous.

Erika smiled.

“I have no problem with it, how about you two?” she said, looking at Phil and Annie.

“Well, I’m almost to that point myself.” said Annie. “You go first. If I lose this hand, I’m gonna go there too. I don’t mind. Go for it.” 

That was the push Karen needed. Especially since that game was now between her and Annie. Everyone put their cards on the table and ordered more drinks while Karen went to that back room.

As she entered, two women, completely covered in red latex, from their enclosed head to their ballet toed boots, welcomed her. They approached her, walking on those extreme boots as if they were floating over the floor.

“What will it be for you, darling?” asked one of them, which Karen could hardly differentiate from the other.

“I… I don’t know. It’s my first time and…”

“No sweat, Darling. Here are the options.” they said, explaining that the deeper she goes, the more money she gets, exponentially.

She didn’t need that much, just to cover her hand.

She walked out a short time later with a latex catsuit, a corset and high heels shoes. Although those shoes were higher than her own, they were not that extreme, so she didn’t get a lot for them.

She walked back to the table, rubbing her thighs, feeling that strange material on her skin, sliding, and even more, it was a strange feeling to slide her rubber covered fingers over her rubber covered tights, coated with this tiny coat of lubricant, making it glide and slide, sending strange tinglings feelings.

She sat. She was used to tight jeans but had never worn a corset before. The way it maintained her torso stirigid was new, and she somewhat liked it. It was not very tight, merely two inches, but it was restrictive nonetheless.

She put her newly gained chips on the table, all of them.

“I see you.” said Karen.

They put their cards on the table. Karen’s smile quickly vanished when she saw that Annie had the winning hand.

“YIPPY” exclaimed Annie. “Well played Karen, but, well, I WON!!” she said, while Erika giggled.

“Looks like you’re going back home dressed like that, Karen.”

“Fuck, no! No way.” she said, getting back up and walking back to the back room.

“Wait up, Karen. You’re sure you wanna do this?”

“Yes. I’m gonna win my money back, and I’ll get out of here as I walked in.” she said, angrily, while stomping back to the room.

Some other players raised their heads, smiling. They’ve seen it before, and they’ve seen the outcome. Both ways.

She came back quite a long time later, hobbling on ballet heels, trying to keep her balance with a short ankle chain. Her wrists were cuffed and linked together. An extremely tight, hot pink, latex corset was crushing her waist almost five inches, and her mouth was packed with a huge ball gag.

The redish lights of the room were reflecting on the shiny suit, on her fit thighs muscles, showing them under a new light.

Sitting down was a challenge in itself, first because of the extreme heels, second because of the tight corset, third because of the wide collar tightly wrapped around her neck, and fourth because of the huge toys she had inserted, kept in place by a locked chastity belt.

There was a hard metallic noise when the chastity belt hit the chain, and Karen moaned. It pushed her dildos in a way she hadn’t anticipated. Concentrating on the game would prove difficult.

A new hand was drawn. She struggled to look at her cards, her collar making it hard to look down. She was breathing in short breaths, each breath whistling around the large ball gag. She was struggling to play her cards with the heavy chain in the way, linked to those thick and heavy rubber and leather cuffs.

But damn! Was she aroused. She never felt anything like that. She had watched some of the other players, in this bondage situation since the start, and they seemed to enjoy it. Apparently, some were almost welcoming it.

And she found it tough to be in this situation, but not the toughness she expected. The thing was that all this restriction, mouvement, breathing, heels, the latex, the sweat she was producing underneath the tight and shiny suit, was not annoying, it was arousing. And those dildos, locked with the steel belt were… damn! Wow.!

Again, she won some, and lost some. She lost more than she won.

She was almost at her last chips.

“Listen, Karen,” said Erika, “in all seriousness, I think you went far enough. I’m willing to cover for your setup loss so you can walk back home in your clothes. You could repay me later. No sweat.” she said, putting her hand over hers in a sincere gesture.

Karen looked at her. She was red, panting and obviously pissed off.

Matt and Annie were also looking at her. She knew that Karen had gone over her limits.

Karen pushed her chair away and was about to get up when Matt took her hand and forced her down.

“No, Karen. Do not go back there. Your only options now are to become a rubber slave, and I know for a fact that the lowest you can get, is being a waitress slave, three nights per week for one month. Do not go there.”

Karen tried to take her hand off.

“No, Karen. I assure you: you WON’T win that hand.”  he said, looking at her dead in the eyes.

They put their cards on the table. Karen too. She would have lost, and she had no way to win.

She looked down at herself, all clad in rubber, cuffs, corsets, chastity belt, ballet heels. What the hell did she do?

“I made you an offer earlier, but now I have another one. I was willing to repay your setup. The offer is still valid, or we do a rematch tomorrow. I lend you that same amount for the game. If you lose again, you will become MY slave for the time it takes you to repay me. What do you say?

Half an hour later, an astonished Uber driver was letting off two women, one clad in white leather, the other in a strange shiny rubbery outfit, bound and gagged, hobbling on extreme pointed toe boots, her waist crushed by a corset which was held by a strange looking steel belt with a crotch strap. He looked at them, at her, struggling to walk to the building and enter, absolutely unaided by her friend.

As they reached their respective apartment doors, Erika turned to Karen.

“You know, I don’t know which I’m more eager for: For you to repay me, or for you to become my personal rubber slave.

Karen grunted. That’s all she could do.

And she wondered to herself: what would be the life or a rubber slave like?

© Pete / monsterp63, March 06, 2020

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