Karen – A&A Medical Clinic


As she pushed the door, her nose was filled with the smell of disinfectant one would expect from any medical facility, although, on second breath, it was mixed with something else she just couldn’t put her finger, or rather nose, on it.

She slowly walked to the receptionist desk, located at the end of the rather small, but empty waiting room. The clicking of her high heel sandals were reverberating on the tiled floor and the rather naked walls.

The receptionist lifted her eyes from her computer screen as Karen approached the desk. She was wearing what looked like a greenish, tight fitting shiny dress.

“Hello, welcome to the A&A Medical clinic. I’m Valerie. How can I help you today? Do you have an appointment?”

“Err, no I don’t have an appointment.” softly said Karen, rubbing nervously her hands on her buns, tightly encased in a pair of Freddy jeans, her voice shaking.

“Oh, no problem,” said Valerie, “we take walk-in patients. May I inquire about the nature of your problem?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve been having that sore throat for quite a few days.” said Karen.

“Okay, fever? Coughing? Pain?”

“No, just a sore throat. I may have been screaming too much last weekend.” she said, nervously giggling.

“Ah. I see.” said the receptionist with a wink.

“What? No. Not that. I mean I went to a concert last weekend and…”

The receptionist giggled.

“Of course, miss. Please, fill out this form.” she said, handing her an electronic tablet.

Karen nervously sat on a chair and began to fill the pretty standard form for any medical facility and returned it to the receptionist, which was looking at her answer directly on her screen.

“Very good. You gave your insurance information. However, please be advised that we use… alternate equipment and not all the procedures are covered generally by insurances.”

“Oh… Well, I don’t…”

“Don’t worry, miss Karen, since those are novel procedures or equipment, you’re basically a beta tester, and thus it’s no charge. Although, people  generally leave a voluntary contribution of their choice.”

Karen was puzzled. What kind of alternative equipment they might be using? Probably something new and untested, she supposed. She will have to ask more questions, but right now, she wanted her throat checked, because her voice was important as the job involved a lot of talking over the phone, and she was beginning to lose it.

“Just take a seat, Dr Thompson will be with you in a few minutes.” she said, smiling.

Karen took a seat and waited, browsing some of the magazines that were there. Some were pretty classics, cooking, tabloids, general knowledge and… fetish? That was new. Probably someone who had brought it and stuffed in the pile without being noticed, she figured.

She put it back down, taking a cooking magazine, but her eyes were drawn to it. Constantly. Discreetly, she picked it up, placing it inside her cooking magazine, and she began to browse the pages.

There were people in leather, spandex, but mostly, latex, and corsets, and high heels. Some were bound, some were apparently dominated. She browsed the articles, looking at the images. She wasn’t feeling repulsed. More intrigued. Attracted. Could it be? Well, she did like tight jeans, and she meant very tight jeans. And high heels. And wearing gloves. And…

“Miss Karen?” asked the receptionist.

“Err, yes, right here.” she said, getting up, then noticing that she was still the one and only one in the waiting room.

“Dr Phil is ready to see you, now. If you’d follow me, please.” said Valerie, getting up.

Karen was puzzled. She was wearing a very tight, hospital green, dress and high heels. Not exactly the regular footwear of a doctor’s office worker. And the dress. Yes. That’s it. It was latex, like in the magazine.

She was led to a regular examination office, with an exam table, a chair, nothing out of the ordinary except… the upholstery of the exam table. It was quite shiny. She touched it.

“Latex?” she said to herself.

“Ah, yes it is.” she heard a man’s voice answer.

She took off her hand as if it was burning it, and turned around. There was standing the doctor, in classic medical scrubbers, but… made of rubber? Again? What was this place?

“Latex is easier to clean.” said Dr Thompson, as if to explain the exam table and his own outfit. “All employees here wear latex. You spray it down with an antiseptic, wipe it off, and it’s done. Less chance to carry a disease from one to another.

“I’ve never seen…” began to say Karen.

“No, we’re pioneering the concept.” said Dr Phil. “But one day, we feel it will be the norm everywhere.”

“Oh, I see, and is this also why your receptionist said that the use of some equipment is not recognized by the insurance companies, because they’re new technologies?”

“Well, not exactly new technologies, but new… usages.” he said with a happy grin. “Now, what can I do for you. Sore throat, you said?”

“Yes, and it doesn’t seem to go away.” she answered.

He looked at it with a wood stick, took a swab down her throat which triggered her gag reflex, and he grunted a few times.

“Do you cough?”

“From time to time, but nothing extreme.” she answered.

“Well, I’m not sure. There might be some sign of infection, but… Would you agree for chest X-Ray? To check your lungs.”

“Well, does it use one of those… novel equipment?”

“Yes it does, indeed.” he said with a wide smile. “I’m sure you’ll like it, although it can be quite intimidating.”

“Uh… But if you say it should be better if I got the X-Ray….” she said, trailing off.

“Very good,” he said, then picking up the phone, “Nurse Annie. Patient Karen would require a chest X-Ray. Could you please take care of it?… Thank you.”

A few moments later, the door opened on a blond haired woman with an incredibly tiny waist, tightly enclosed into a complete white and shiny outfit, with a red cross and her name over her left breast. She was walking on thigh high red and white high heel laced leather boots.

“Hello Karen. I’m Nurse Annie. Would you please follow me?” she asked, extending her hand, enclosed in a pink latex glove.

Karen followed her, looking in amazement at her buns tightly enclosed in the shiny latex, her heels clicking on the tiled floor, her suit slightly creaking at every step.

They went along a corridor then entered a room to their left. There, a long table with a cover with what seemed to be some kind of transparent membrane. The first thought she had is that it was resembling one of those vacuum meat packers, but on a way larger scale.

Nurse Annie looked at Karen, like she was sizing her, then took a sealed plastic envelope from a pile and handed it to her.

“Here, get completely undressed and put this on. It’s what you need to wear for the X-Ray procedure. Use the small bottle of lubricant provided inside the bag, then throw the bag and what’s left of the bottle in the special recycle bin.” said Nurse Annie with a large smile.

As Karen was about to enter the small changing booth, Nurse Annie added.

“Oh, and it’s all okay.” she said with a large smile.

Karen was puzzled for a moment then entered the booth. She undressed completely, then opened the bag and startled as she picked up the garments.

It was white rubber underwear: a bra and panties. The bra was somewhat normal looking but the panties… She was about to call Nurse Annie when she saw the large instruction sheet on the wall. She read it, almost in disbelief, but it was all there, in plain color: the panties had an attached dildo, which was in fact a sensor probe which would record body temperature, blood pressure, exposed radiation as well as a bunch of other items Karen had no clue what they were. It was all explained that it was part of the new device.

A little reluctantly, she lubed the rather large sensor probe and gently inserted it, repressing a soft moan, as she let go of the panties and the latex, entering her butt crack, pushed the dildo deeper. 

When she slid the bra over her head, sliding it on her chest, she had a strange shiver at the contact of the latex on her erect nipples. Wait! Erect nipples? What the f…

She couldn’t get out of the booth like that, she…

“Everything alright, Karen? Don’t be shy, it’s the standard procedure.” said Nurse Annie.

Nervous, Karen walked out and approached the strange machine where Nurse Annie was standing. She had a very quick look down Karen’s chest and simply smiled. Karen was disturbed by the presence of the large intruder and refrain from putting a hand there.

“Everything will be fine.” said Nurse Annie. “Now, you will take place on this table here, and I will lower the cover over you. You see the snorkel-like mouthpiece here? You will put it into your mouth. Then a vacuum will suck the air out and you’ll be pinned down. This new machine uses extremely low levels of radiation and thus, the exposure time is longer and  you have to keep immobile. Yes, it’s longer but the results are higher resolution for less radiation exposure.” explained Nurse Annie as she helped Karen take place on the soft, cushioned latex mattress of the device.

“How… How long does it take?” asked Karen, voice shaking.

“About half an hour.” said Nurse Annie. “Now place the mouthpiece comfortably in your mouth and take a relaxing position. Don’t worry, I’ll be here the whole time of the procedure.”

Karen executed. Her whole body was shivering from the cold touch of the rubber cover, and already the feeling of being imprisoned, restrained, was arousing. No, it couldn’t be.

“Okay, make two thumbs up if you’re ready, Karen, I can see them through the clear membrane.” said Nurse Annie.

Karen gave two hesitant thumbs up, and she heard air whistling out and in a matter of seconds, the universe around her collapsed as she was quickly overwhelmed by the feeling of the rubber tightly pressing against her body, her legs, her arms, her head, pinning her down, immobilizing her.

She tried to get free. She could move, somewhat, but it was as if she was in a can of glue, the glue bringing her limb back where it was before.

The whistling stopped. She was still pinned down with no feeling of release. That felt… good.

“Okay, Karen, try to keep as still as possible.” said Nurse Annie.

Karen executed. The overwhelmed feeling subsided rapidly as, although she felt being forced immobile, since she was still breathing easily, she didn’t feel trapped, and any panic feeling just washed away.

Then something odd happened. She felt critters creep inside her, through the plug. Her panic rose and as she was about to struggle, asking to get out, when she realized that it was the plug gently vibrating. Was… was that normal? Sure felt disturbing. Disturbingly good, that is.

“Everything is fine, I have good readings from the sensors.” she heard Nurse Annie say. “Please, try to breathe calmly.”

“Breathe calmly. Easier said than done.” thought Karen while she was getting sexually stimulated. She couldn’t repress trying to move her hips up and down. She tried to do it discreetly, but the feeling was just too good. She wanted more, but the vacuum device prevented her from moving, so she struggled more, which only aroused her. Each time she was trying to raise her hips, a force was keeping them down. Sideways? Same thing. She tried to close her legs, to open them. She only managed very little movements.

Oh damn! That felt so good. That felt… oh no!

There was a sudden loss of vacuum, the sensors stopped and she felt her whole weight again, as if she had been floating just a moment before.

The cover opened and a smiling Nurse Annie was looking at her.

“I’m terribly sorry, Karen, but it appears that your breathing is too heavy for a clear image of your lungs. We have to find a way to keep your breathing low.”

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault, but you see the sensors…”

But Nurse Annie was already gone to another room and came back a short moment later with a white long garment. As she opened it, Karen recognized it and opened her mouth.

“This is perfectly normal,” cut in Nurse Annie before Karen could produce a sound “that’s why we have corsets handy. Please, turn around and I’ll fix you in.” she said, as if all of this was perfectly normal, almost expected.

“You know the… sensors… are… you know…” tried to say Karen.

“Yes, there’s a slight vibration. Some sense it more than others. We can’t get rid of it, so…” she said, lowering her voice to a whisper “better enjoy it.” she said with a wink.

Karen was about to answer but all her breath was expelled as Nurse Annie yanked the lacing of the corset with a firm grip.

“Please, expel all and suck your stomach in, Karen… That’s it. Once more. Perfect.” said Nurse Annie, while Karen made wide eyes, reaching to feel her waist and could find it… oh, there it was, way smaller than what she used to feel.

She was breathing in small gasps, eyes wide.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it pretty soon judging by how tight your jeans were when you came in.” she said with a corner smile. “Okay, hop back in, please. I will have to redo the procedure from the start, so half an hour… Ready?.. Here we go!”

Once again, Karen felt her world shrink as the rubber tightly enclosed her within the vacuum. Oh yes. She definitely liked it, especially when the sensors began to vibrate again.

She let herself drift into another world. A new world, filled with colors and sensations of total helplessness, of total restriction of total pleasure.

She tried to take a deep breath, to control the urge, the desire to orgasm. No, not here. Not during an X-ray, but not only the corset prevented her from taking that needed deep breath, but it also increased her desire, it was like it was amplifying the vibrations as if… she exploded. 

From the inside, she was rocking in all directions, but from the outside, besides a low pitch grunt, nothing much showed, held immobile as she was by the power of vacuum (technically, it’s the atmospheric pressure holding her down and not the vacuum, but let’s not get all “science content” here…).

One orgasm. Two orgasms. She was just out of the third one when the vibrations ceased and the vacuum was broken.

Nurse Annie lifted the cover on a sweaty and panting Karen.

“Still with us?” she asked, as if she knew perfectly what had happened.

“Han, han.” could only answer Karen.

Nurse Annie helped Karen to get back on her feet. Her legs were weak and she could barely stand up.

“It might take some time to get the results. I suggest you put on a gown in the meantime.” said Nurse Annie, giving Karen another sealed plastic envelope, and leading her to the changing boots. “Just keep everything on under the gown, just in case,” She said, as she closed the curtain behind Karen.

She opened the bag and was, for one, not surprised to find that it was a latex item, in fact she was hoping so, and for two, she was surprised to find that it was a… catsuit?

But looking as she might, she couldn’t find any zipper, any way of putting it on. Again, as she was about to call Nurse Annie for help, she saw the instruction on the wall, in place where the instructions for the panties were half an hour later, as if it was anticipated.

She followed the instructions, lubricating herself generously, and within 10 minutes, the suit was completely enclosing her, from the attached toe socks to the attached gloves, into a gleaming classic hospital green, latex catsuit.

She ran her gloved hands over her body, feeling the smooth material, its tightness. She could feel the corset underneath it, tightly compressing her waist. The suit appeared to have been molded for it, following it tightly, making out every hasp, every piece of lacing as if it had been painted on.

She opened the curtain and slowly walked out of the changing booth, when one of her feet slipped on the floor, right as Nurse Annie was looking at her. She didn’t fall, it was just enough for her to flap her arms.

“Oh, silly me. I forgot to leave your slippers.” said Nurse Annie, quickly running out and back in, holding a pair of slippers: high heel platform mules, the real heel being at least four inches.

Karen, who was used to high heels, didn’t mind. It just wasn’t expected in a medical center. Well, to think of it, not a lot turned out to be what was expected.

“Very good.” said Nurse Annie. “You can go sit in the small waiting room over there,” she said, pointing to a door not far, “Dr. Phil should be with you shortly with the results.”

“Oh. Okay.” said Karen, walking toward the said waiting room.

The suit felt weird, feeling her body completely covered like that. When she sat, the sensor probe was pushed inside and she blushed. Well, she didn’t dislike the feeling. Again, on the table, more fetish magazines. She picked one. While turning the pages, her eyes were drawn to her own fingers, her own hand, her own arm, her thighs, reflecting the rather harsh ligne of the room. It seemed so unreal, yet so real at the same time. Almost as if she was coated in wet green paint. She liked the compression feeling she got when she bent her arm.

She liked the sound of the rubber creaking with each breath, fighting the rubber corset. She liked the smell that arose from the material. She wondered if…

“Dr Thompson will see you now, Miss Karen” said a nurse, which startled her.

“Oh! Err, yes. I’m sorry, I was lost in my thoughts.” she answered to the nurse while getting up.

At first, she almost made a double take. This wasn’t Nurse Annie. The name printed on her suit was Annah, and she was very similar looking, with the same uniform, the same boots, even the same hairdo, except deep brown, and she was taller than Nurse Annie. 

“Wow, you sure you and Nurse Annie look alike” said Karen.

“We’re sisters.” she said, inviting her to the doctor’s office.

“Ah, Miss Karen. Well, it does appear that you have a small infection in your throat and that it may have started to invade your lungs. For that reason, I strongly suggest you keep the corset for now.”

“Uh… okay.” said Karen, rubbing her constricted waist under her ‘hospital gown’ with her gloved hands.

“Also, since the infection could spread, I would write you a prescription so that you will keep the gown for a few days, as well advise you not to talk for the next few days.” he said.

“Oh… Well, you know, I do work and…”

“You’re not going back to work for now. Don’t worry, I’ll write a doctor’s note for your employer. And to keep you from talking, because I know that for some people, that might be difficult, Nurse Annah here will get you something.”

“Oh. Thanks, but I don’thinkmmmghgmm.” begah to say Karen, but she was cut short as Nurse Annah stuffed a rubber ball gag in her mouth.

Immediately she tried to grab it but Nurse Annan was quicker and was holding her hands in her back, reaching for something, then Karen felt something being tightly wrapped around her wrists then she heard a few clicks and she was let go.

She turned around, eyes wide opened, in shock, her hands cuffed in her back.

“Bkhmmm ghfmfffmm” began to say Karen, but Nurse Annah simply put her index finger on her gag.

“Shhh, shhh, miss Karen. You heard Dr Thompson’s orders. No more talking. Now, tying your hands was necessary because you wanted to tamper with the SRD.” she said, pointing at the gag. “The Speech Reducing Device”.

“Also,” continued the doctor as if all of this was totally normal, “there are some neck movements that could increase the irritation, so Nurse Annah will now fit you with a T.I.L. a Throat Irritation Limiter.”

As he said that, a wide leather collar was wrapped around Karen’s neck and tightened until she thought she was about to get strangled. It wasn’t immobilising her neck, but sure limited its movements.

Karen didn’t know how to react. Shocked? Pissed off? Puzzled? That for sure she was. For one because of the strange medical treatment, and second because… she liked it. Having that big ball stuffed in her mouth, neck tightly restrained and more with her arms tied up, she was definitely… hot.

“Nurse Annah will get you to your room, now. Just follow her.”

Karen followed, wondering how this would really help her sore throat. Nurse Annah led her to a small room, pretty much hospital standard.

“Just rest for a while. We’ll be back to check on you shortly.”

Karen walked to the bed and sat on it, and, having not much else to do, let herself fall on her back, over her arms, then rolled on her side, taking a somewhat foetal position. 

That’s when the probe began to vibrate again. She was not to complain. She turned on her back, to try to lessen the… disturbance, but it didn’t do much and it was quite uncomfortable with her arms underneath so the turn on her stomach and… Oh man!

“No, get back on your side.” she was telling herself, but it was just good. Too good. And the more pressure she put on it, the stronger it became. She closed her eyes and a short while later, it stopped. 

“Mfhat? Oooo” she screamed through her gag. She tried to bring back the sensation by rocking her hips up and down, but it did nothing.

Frustrated, she rolled again on her side, facing the door, which was half opened. She heard muffled screams, struggling. Definitely a woman. Then it was silent and a few moments later, she saw someone pass by her door, pushed in a wheelchair by Nurse Annie, She was wearing the same hospital gown as her and she seemed to be tied up in it.

That was getting creepy. Karen got up from her bed and went to the door, opening it slowly and peeking outside. She had just time to see them leave the corridor to enter the doctor’s office.

That didn’t seem right. She had to learn more. She walked in the corridor, her wedge mules being more silent than ther nurses spiky heels. Slowly, she walked toward the doctor’s office, listening, when there was a tap on her shoulder. She froze and turned around slowly.

“You’re supposed to stay in your room. Every effort is going to make you breathe more heavily, which could increase the irritation on your lungs and throat. Go on, to your room.” said Nurse Annah.

Karen looked down like a kid caught sneaking out and walked back to her room. She entered and turned around like to say “see, I’m in my room now” but apparently, that didn’t satisfy Nurse Annah who pointed in the direction of the bed and had Karen sit on it.

“Apparently, you need to be taken by the hand.” she said as she opened a drawer and took out a length of chain. “Don’t worry, we’re used to it.” 

She snapped one end in a recess O-ring on the wall and the other end on Karen’s collar. Even though it wasn’t locked, with her arms in her back like they were, she would be unable to remove it.

She was being… bed bound! That was humiliating.

Then Nurse Annah walked away, closing the door completely. Karen got back up and tested the chain. Even a strong yank yields nothing. The anchor point and her collar were sturdy.

She was still standing up when Nurse Annah came back a few minutes later holding leather tubes in her hands.

“My hunch was right!” she exclaimed. “Come on, sit on the bed. When I told Dr Thompson what you did, he said that to lessen the chance of you walking around, you should be in Strolling Inhibitors.” she said.

Karen sat on the bed and Nurse Annah kneeled down at her feet and took the wedge mules off. She then fed her feet into those leather tubes that looked like ballet shoes, in the shape of a boot. There was no heel whatsoever, so she would have her feet pointing down. That was for sure… strolling inhibitors.

She put the boots on, lacing them tightly, then closing a flap with a zipper over the lacing, hiding them, and the zipper was held closed with a small padlock. She then added two leather cuffs over her ankles. They seemed to have some kind of locking buckle and there was a short chain linking them.

That was quite a heavy setup, thought Karen. Just the chain linking her to the wall would have prevented her from walking away. This even prevented her from getting up beside the bed.

“You have to learn the hard way the meaning of rest, Miss Karen. Well, you do just that. Rest. Dr Thompson had run additional tests on the swab sample he took and we should have the results in a few hours.” she said leaving.

A few hours.

She was bound, unable to get off the bed. What could she do except… rest.

As the sensors revived themselves, she thought that she could have some fun.

And some fun she had. Turned out that with her legs bound, meaning impossible to open them, it aroused her even more, and she was actually able to orgasm once and she was on the verge of the second one when the sensor stopped. That was becoming more and more devilish.

After that, she managed to doze off, only to be awakened again by the sensor. Well, so much for resting, she thought.

Once more, the restriction on her feet, the linking of her ankles, the corset, the rubber catsuit, her arms tied in her back, and the sensors coming to life culminated to yet another powerful orgasm.

Just as she was recuperating from it, the door opened and both, Nurse Annah and Nurse Annie entered, Nurse Annie pushing a wheelchair.

“Dr Thompson wants to see you, Miss Karen.” Said Nurse Annah. “We’re here to get you there. Now, I’m going to unlink your arms, so please, behave and don’t try to remove the gag. Okay?”

Karen nodded yes. Anything to get her arms free, yet, once they were free, she felt something was missing. Weird.

They placed her delicately on the wheelchair, then immediately, her wrist cuffs were linked to the arms of the chair, and the chain of her ankles was hooked to a loop already there. Obviously, this wheelchair was used to transport bound persons. A wide leather strap was wrapped around her corseted waist and tightened, and finally, her collar was linked to a steel rod at the back of the chair.

“That might seem extreme, but it’s just to ensure you will not fall down. We had an incident a while ago and our insurance company asked her to make sure it would not happen again.” said Nurse Annie.

Well, she would not fall from the chair, for sure.

She was rolled down the corridor and this short ride, sitting on a chair with no suspension, created disturbing sensations from the sensor who decided it was time to take some more readings. Karen closed her eyes and refrain from moaning too loudly. Although the “trip” lasted less than a minute, she was fighting hard not to orgasm in front of the nurses.

Her mood changed when she entered the room, and an orgasm was now totally out of her mind.

The doctor was standing next to a weird chair. It looked like a mix between a dentist’s chair and a gynecologist chair and a torture chair, or whatever that could be.

She moaned, trying to cover her disapproval.

“Don’t worry, Miss Karen, looks can be deceiving.” said Dr Thompson while tapping on the chair. “Let me explain. You have a bacterial infection, and I fear it’s going to spread into your lungs quite rapidly. I’ve never seen that kind of bacteria before and I don’t want to take any chances. So, from now, you will not have anything get past your throat. It means that I strongly advise you’ll get fitted with a throat bypass apparatus. You’ll be breathing and get fed through tubes for the time the antibiotic takes effect. Since your movements should be held to the minimum, I also suggest waste disposal devices to be also installed. This strange looking chair is to proceed with all the necessary procedures with as less discomfort as possible on you.”

“MmmFFFfff?” mumbled Karen.

“Don’t worry, your insurance company has been contacted and everything is approved. Now, please cooperate with Nurse Annah and Annie, and everything will go smoothly.” he said, evidently doing a wide smile under his surgical mask.

The nurses untied Karen from the wheelchair and they helped her stand up on her pointy boots, and gently take place on the strange chair.

It was almost looking like a gingerbread man. They aligned her legs with the padded planks then proceeded to tighten too many straps for Karen to count, totally immobilizing her legs. And tight the straps were so much that the nurses used their knees as a balancing point as they were pulling on the straps.

They used the same principle for the straps around her upper body and arms.

A wide strap was wrapped around her neck, over her collar, and finally, two padded paddles, one on each side of her head, were drawn closed, putting her head inside something like a vise. And that was not all!

A steel frame was lowered over her face, and in it, some kind of rubbery membrane.

Her ball gag was removed, not without difficulties as her head was already stuck between the paddles, and they inserted some kind of hard tube in her mouth with a large flange covering her lips.

Then this rubbery membrane was lowered over her face, pinning it down. There were large holes at the nose and at her mouth, and the light was completely blocked on her eyes.

The membrane was pushed down and when they leg to, she couldn’t see, hardly hear, couldn’t move her head a fraction of an inch, and her whole body was severely restrained.

She tested her bonds, tried to wiggle her way out, but except for her fingers, nothing moved.

The sensor entered in action and she launched. That was just too much, just too strong. She let out a low pitch grunt through her opened mouth as the orgasm engulfed her almost immediately.

How could she have such a powerful orgasm simply by being tied up? She didn’t know, and frankly, at this point, she didn’t give a damn!

The nurses waited, smiling between the two of them, smiles visible even through their rubber surgical masks.

When Karen’s orgasm cycled down, they returned to their procedure.

“Okay, Miss Karen, we’re going to insert the feeding tube. This will not be a nice feeling, just try to swallow it.” she heard Nurse Annie said, and immediately, she felt something cold being forced down her throat. Her gag reflex entered into action, but a moment later, it was too late. The tube had been inserted.

“Now, we’re going to feed tubed up her nose, Miss Karen. Work with us. Try not to move.” said Nurse Annah.

Again, she felt the cold tubes enter her nostrils, go up her sinuses and down the back of her throat where they stopped.

“That’s very good, Miss Karen. Now, to keep them in place, we’re going to inflate small balloons in your nostrils, and a bigger one in your mouth. Don’t worry, it’s a food grade gel that we’re injecting in them.”

Immediately, she felt as if a big finger was pushing up her nostrils. It stopped as it was becoming uncomfortable. Her mouth began to fill from a rubber bag of some sort, pinning her tongue down. She felt inflated again and again. She tried to tell them to stop, that it was becoming too big, but she couldn’t produce a sound, couldn’t move.

Hopefully, it stopped before her mouth exploded.

Then nothing. She could barely hear anything. Then her legs were pulled apart, tightly held on their own planks of the gingerbread man, and the crotch zipper of the suit was opened. Her panties appeared to have simply been cut off as she felt them being pulled off, then something cold entered her urethra and she felt her bladder full, although it wasn’t, and then something huge was being inserted.

“Sorry, that sensor probe is a little bit bigger, mainly for the long lasting battery.” said Nurse Annie.

Something hard and large was also slowly inserted in her rectum, and then some kind of strap was fed between her legs and tightened to something else around her waist.

The feelings were overwhelming. She was getting stuffed. Literally.

Her head was freed from the membrane and the vise paddles.

“These are ear plugs, to make sure you won’t be disturbed, but before I put them on and cut all sounds, I have to tell you that to make sure the hoses stays in place, we’ll putting your head into a Tube Holding Balaclava, and since your arms are unable to reach your face, the eyes are covered with a protective cover so that no dirt could fall into your eyes.” she said  before plugging her ears and slid a tight rubber bag over her head. It was a tight fit and had dark lenses over the eyes. Tiny holes allowed for the nose hoses and the feeding tube to go through. It tightly held her head and the hoses and increased the pressure on her jaw, with her mouth filled with the inflatable bag over the feeding tube.

This was overwhelming. She was almost completely cut-off from the exterior world. No tasting. No smelling. No hearing and only a darkened vision.

Add the restraints… She closed her eyes. She just wished the new wider sensor plug would come to life.

She was then untied from the gingerbread man, for a lack of a better explanation, and sat down in the wheelchair. When she was sitting, she noted that whatever was the belt going through her crotch, it appeared to be made of steel.

She was wheeled back to her room and put on the bed.

She was so overwhelmed by all the new feelings and at the same time, all that was cut off, that she felt like a zombie, simply obeying orders.

She was put on the bed, legs and arms spread on each corner with leather belts linking each cuff to a corner. The belts were pulled tight, the nurses using their foot as pulling anchor points to tighten them until she was as taut as a bow string.

She didn’t know what to think of all this. Be afraid or be happy.

Dr Thompson came a few minutes later and approached her, talking loud and clear.

“The antibiotic treatment is for 10 days. Don’t worry, the nurses will take good care of you. You should be out in 10 days. In the meantime, just rest.” he said, evidently still smiling under his surgical mask.

And there she was, all tied up, all plugged up, all sealed, and the probe came to life. And oh boy, it was not just the battery that was bigger. It’s a transmitter too!

And yes, for the next 10 days, the nurses took good care of her, putting her in different positions to ensure that her muscles would not get damaged.

There was the All-Stretch position (spread eagle)

The thigh and shoulder stretch position (hogtie)

The shoulder rotating exercise (strappado)

The chest compression position (ball-tie)

The inner-thighs exerciser (frog-tie)

The reverse blood flow pumping, to help the heart (inverted suspension)

And a few others where the names of the procedure were forgotten.

After ten days, she was released from the medical clinic and was back to work, her throat health completely restored.

She was feeling a void. She sort of liked what she experienced there and, although they say that it was just a coincidence, she could hardly experience an orgasm without being tied up somewhat. She was missing the full confinement. Sort of.

One day, at work, a coworker shut a filing cabinet drawer on her hand.

“Ouch!” said Karen, rubbing her hand.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. It must not be too bad, I mean I hardly pushed it.”

“No, that’s alright, but you know, just to be safe, I must report that incident. You know, just in case.”

“Really?” asked the co-worker, puzzled. “That won’t even bruise.”

“Well, you know, they say to report everything. Better report it for nothing than not reporting it and something bad happens afterwards.”

“Well. That’s the procedure but, I mean… Well, you do what you have to do.” said the co-worker.

So Karen headed for HR to report the incident.

“Visually, I don’t even see the sign of an impact, Karen. Sure you want to report it?”

“Yes. You know, just to be on the safe side. The damage could be internal, a tendon or something. This is my right hand, after all, my strong hand.”

“Well… policy asks for it to be examined by a doctor. With that kind of injury, you might be in the waiting room for days.

“Well, I know a medical clinic that has practically no waiting.”

“Well then. Go there.”

Some time later, Karen was entering a medical clinic. The smell of disinfectant and latex caught her senses as she entered. The receptionist, wearing a red shiny dress, raised her head at the new arrivant and smiled.

“Oh, hello Miss Karen. How can I be of help today?”

“Well, a co-worker of mine accidentally closed a file cabinet drawer on my hand. It’s not really hurting but I wanted to have it checked, you know, just to be sure.” said Karen, showing her hand.

The receptionist had a quick look at it.

“I’ll page Dr Thompson right away,” she said, then lowering her voice “I don’t want to sound creepy, but I think you’re in for, at least, five days in a full body cast for that kind of injury.”

“Oh.. well. It takes what it takes, isn’t it.”

© Pete / monsterp63, April 07, 2020

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