Karen – BnB


She parked her car in front of the motel room and got out, a simple task rendered difficult by the long and rigid corset she was wearing.

Her high heel bootie firmly resting on the asphalt of the parking, she literally extracted herself from the car, using the car door frame as  a lever.

She shivered as the cold air of the evening wrapped itself around her tight fitting latex catsuit, coating her from the top of the head, to the tip of her toes. Eyes, nostrils and mouth holes were the only place air could directly touch her skin, but the suit itself was heat transparent.

She opened the trunk, her steel wrist cuffs slightly hitting it, and retrieved a black leather briefcase, closed the trunk from her latex gloved hand and headed for her room, fixing the 6cm wide highly polished silver and brass heavy collar, which was matching her wrists and ankle cuffs so it would be more comfortable.

She entered the room, put the briefcase on the desk and opened it, taking out a wide “y” shaped highly polished stainless steel chastity belt. She set it aside and retrieved two large dildos.

She took her smartphone and linked it to the motel’s Wi-Fi before turning the dildos on. She punched a few keys then took the dildos and, opening the crotch zipper, she slid them inside latex pouches, filling her lower orifices. She closed her eyes.

She softly moaned in the process, but the pleasure was not for now.

She took the chastity belt and locked in tightly around her corseted waist, then pulled hard on the crotch strap, forcing the dildos deeper, before locking it in place, placing the key back on the briefcase.

She phoned the desk:

“Yes, room 136 here, I would like a wake-up call for tomorrow at 06:00, device name is KA-63M11… Thank you and I’m ready to go to bed…. The package #4 Ultimate, with options A, B, E and G, please… Absolutely… Yes, thank you.” she said, from a joyous tone, taking place on the bed, or rather the quilted leather queen-size table, with rings every 10cm all around it. She settled in the middle of it, spreading her arms and legs to the corners, and waited.

She tried to relax, but the thoughts were just too strong and she ended up rocking her hips, teasing herself, gently biting her lower lips, until there was a knock on the door.

“Room Technician.” said a soft woman’s voice as she opened the door.

“Yes, come in!” said back Karen.

The young woman, wearing a white latex dress and wedge heels, to keep as silent as possible, entered, pulling along a trolley with large cases.

“Hello, miss Karen, I’m Valerie. Just to be certain, it’s a package #4 Ultimate with options A, B, E, G, and a linked wake-up call at 06:00. Is that right?”

“Yes, exactly.” said Karen, with a voice that transpired the emotions. She knew she would be in for quite a ride.

“You have your accessories?” she asked, at the same time she spotted the opened briefcase. “Ah, there they are. Ready?”

Karen nodded yes, and Valerie proceeded, picking up two items from the briefcase and approaching Karen’s head. The first one was a padded blindfold she applied over her eyes. The next item was a complete head harness ball gag. Karen already had her mouth opened and was awaiting the large hard ball to be forced in.

Valerie began the procedure.

“Geesh. That ball is really large. Sure you want it in?” she asked, concerned.

“Esshhh” she said, or tried to say.

“Okay, then.” said Valerie, routing the straps around Karen’s head and tightening them.

She then opened one of the boxes she had on her trolley to reveal an assortment of leather and steel cuffs. She took two sets, putting one set over Karen’s elbows and the other over her knees.

She then took out a bunch of leather straps and linked them from the bed to every cuff, then linked each cuff with its opposite one. That included the rings on the chastity belt and her steel collar. She linked a last one from the top of the head harness and to a top ring. They were merely put on, not tightened.

Then, with expert knowledge, she began to tighten them, starting at the wrist, making sure they were the same length, she then went to the ankles and pulled as hard as she could. 

Karen could hear the leather of the straps creak against the strain. Just the sound of the creaking leather was arousing, as each strap was tightened. She felt her freedom of movements gradually being taken away.

When everything was nice and snug she went back to the ankle straps and applied her knee on the table before pulling on the belt, tightening it even more, getting Karen as taut as a bow string!

She completed by re-tightening all the other straps, putting her knees to the bed, then the one linking the knees together to equalize the pull. She did the same for the elbow cuffs, removed any possible slack on the chastity belt and collar ones, and finally, she pulled the head harness strap until Karen moaned, before stepping back and looking at Karen like an artist admiring her work.

“Everything is fine, miss Karen?” she asked,

Karen nodded a large yes, but Valerie barely saw her head move. She smiled.

“Perfect! I’ll be back in two hours.” she said, swiftly exiting the room for her next assignment.

Karen tried to move, to wiggle, to struggle, to tease herself, but… she was as still as a plank.

Yes, she could play with her butt and hip muscles, but the rest was so pulled tight that it did pretty much nothing.

She tried to relax and find sleep. That’s all she could do for the next two hours. That’s the package #4: Four setups for 2 hours each, which would get her 8 hours of… sleep.

She dreamed, but not an ordinary dream. Her mind was very much aware of her setup, of what she was feeling: the constant tug on her wrists and ankles, the presence of two large intruders inside her, the large gag, her body tightly and permanently encased in latex for the last two years already, her high heels, her corset. The dreams were filled with all of that, even remembering what it felt like to feel the air on her skin.

It all started after that pandemic thing. There were rumors that the virus mutated and the best protection was to wear a rubber suit. Some were against it, others, like Karen, put on her own catsuit, then volunteered for a new state of the art, long-term suit project. She was equipped with a semi-permanent suit, literally glued to her skin, being able to take it off only by taking some sort of antidote, so the sweat glands would dissolve the latex.

So far, they still have to find the right compound… But Karen was not blaming them. The day they announce they have made one functional, she’s not even sure she would present herself there to have it taken off.

But that latex wearing stuff put it out in the open. Fetishists and casual wearers, even fashionistas began to wear rubber. New accommodations took place, aimed at latex lovers and the ‘side tracks’ of the fetishists, like this motel, a BnB, a Bed and Bondage Motel.

She was deep in her dream, being buried up to her neck in a sandy beach when she felt the tension being loosened on her wrists and head, but not removed. Something was getting slid under her upper body.

Then her arms were taken free and brought to her side, where straps were tightened to cling them to her body. Again, Valerie used her knee to tighten the straps. Six straps in total were holding Karen’s arms to her body, from her hands to her shoulders.

The tension was brought back to her head harness and her collar. She was not to move!

She was left to herself again, for another two hours, struggling, sleeping nonetheless. She was so used to those fantasies. Well, they were not really fantasies by then, rather her normal way of life.

She was used to it, and liked being stretched out, so much that she could hardly sleep if she wasn’t, and any loss of the tightness of the setup woke her. She felt it as soon as her head harness strap was loosened.

She moaned, half asleep, leaving Valerie to take care of her body. She just wanted to go back to sleep, that’s all.

Valerie unlinked her feet from the corner of the bondage bed, and brought them together, linking the ankle cuffs and the knee cuffs together. She then gently flipped Karen on her stomach, re-positioning her in the center of the bondage bed,  Loosening the body straps, she brought Karen’s arms together in an elbow tie, elbows together and wrists together, before re-tightening the body straps, crushing the arms against her back.

She linked her tied ankles to a ring at the foot of the table and re-tightened the head harness link strap.The knee cuffs were linked to the side of the bed, and the chastity belt straps were positioned almost at the upper corners of the bed, pulling hard on it, stretching her legs and at the same time, pushing the dildos in.

Valerie gave a hard slap on Karen’s tightly held butt before going away, leaving the customer to her dreamy fantasies.

It wasn’t long, unaffected by her extreme setup, than she fell back to sleep for the next two hours. In her dreams, she was doing something, rocking her hips up and down. All it did was to jerk her toys a little, as she barely moved. She even snored!

Two hours later, the last setup. Valerie unlinked her ankles from the foot of the bed and bent her legs backward, linking the ankles to her bound wrists, putting her into a tight hogtie. She added straps, crushing her legs closed, then linked the upper link of her head harness to the elbow cuffs, forcing her head high. 

Straps were tightened between her collar to the bed and from the knees to the bed, again, preventing her from moving much.

The teasing at her crotch was hellish, and the position quite extreme. She didn’t really sleep during those last two hours, perhaps only from exhaustion, but she barely dreamed.

Then all hell broke loose. At the same time, both her toys became alive, twisting, pulsing, vibrating, even jerking, at full power. Again. And again. And again.

Non-stop for fifteen minutes! There was no stop button, no snooze command. She had to endure, but it wasn’t torture. For the first orgasm, that is. The others that followed were almost painful, forced orgasm she was unable to control.

When everything stopped, she was well awake.

And satisfied.

For the time being, that is.

The straps were loosened and she was released. Valerie looked at her with a smile.

“Did you have a good night, Miss Karen?”

“Yes, Valerie. I did.” she said, almost whispering, afraid to awaken another orgasm in her very sensitive crotch.

“Pardon my indiscretion, Miss Karen, but is this your last stay or do you stay longer?”

“I do have one more night, then I’m going back home. I should be back for more business purposes in about 6 weeks. Why are you asking?”

“Well, Phil, the motel director, had devised a new device for people like you, sealed in rubber. It’s some sort of a… breast stimulator. I know he’s been looking for test subjects, but no one in the motel staff has the permanent rubber suit. I was wondering if…”

“Fuck, Valerie! YES! YES! I don’t care how much extra this is! Where do I sign?”

“I’ll get in touch with him” she said, giggling, and I don’t think it will ask you to pay for it, you might even get a credit, but I’m talking through my hat here. I’ll see you tonight, then.” she said, smiling.

“Yes, Valerie. Thank you, that was wonderful” said Karen, getting up, unsteady after the ordeal, heading for the bathroom, walking with her legs somewhat spread.

Once in the bathroom, she removed the intruders, moaning, and un-snapped the pouches from their holding ring, to allow her body waist and fluid to go out as she took place on the toilet.

She was looking at her hand, her shiny black hand, reflecting the lights of the small hotel bathroom and wondered.

“Who in his right mind would want to take this off. At all?”

She loved her choices.

And she couldn’t wait to be Phil’s test subject.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 5, 2020

(sequel? There’s room for it. I don’t know yet.)

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