Karen – Too Hot To Pass


Phil was gone for a two-day business trip. Karen was alone with her thoughts, and her thoughts were… dirty.

A quick call and her good friend, Valerie, came in to keep her company.

True to her words, Valerie showed up in a full latex catsuit, including attached feet and gloves, her waist crushed by a very tight corset, her head wrapped in a latex hood, showing only her eyes and her mouth. She was keeping a precarious balance on knee high ballet boots. A gasmask was dangling from her latex hand.

That stunned Karen. Not that Valerie was dressed like that, this was nothing new, but that she was out in the open, out in public with it.

“With this C-19 stuff going around, you can get out with a lot of things and people only smile and laugh at you.” she happily said. “I’m just back from the grocery store and I even had my gasmask on! People only looked, some even asked for pictures!” She said. “I had to take the gasmask off to drive, tho. Too foggy…” she said with a smile.

“You’re joking, right?” asked a stunned Karen, standing tall on high heel platform sandals, legs wrapped in tight jeans, her torso moulded by a tight T-shirt.

“No, I’m not. You should try it!” said Valerie.

“Well… Maybe… Maybe later.” said Karen. She loved to dress fetish, her too tight jeans and heels were an example, but to go out in full latex?

“So, we have the full house and full two days all to ourselves?” asked Valerie, approaching Karen with slow and suggestive moves.

“Yes, we do.” answered Karen, slowly, whispering. “He won’t be back until tomorrow evening.” she said, getting close to Valerie and grabbing her ample breasts in her hands and squeezing them.

Valerie put her hands on Karen’s shoulders and pushed her back with a swift move.

“Then why the hell are you not in latex yet?”

“I thought we were going to dress up together, but you have a head start.”

“A full body start” giggled Valerie. “Come on, go get it, girl.” she said, slamming Karen’s butt.

“Ouch! You’ll pay for that, you know that?”

“I’m counting on it.” answered Valerie, sexily walking into the kitchen, taking a seat and fondling with her gasmask, with the evident intent of putting it back on.

Karen almost ran into her bedroom to get out 15 minutes later, in her own neck entry catsuit, and ballet heels booties.

“Ready to roomba?” she asked, taking a sultry pose on her bedroom doorframe.

Valerie approached, slowly.

“What? No hood?” she asked.

“Unlike you, I like to… build up the pleasure.” answered Karen..

“Oh, I did build-up the pleasure.” said Valerie. “I’ve been in this catsuit since yesterday evening and only put on the hood this morning.”

“Oh, really?” said Karen, getting close and putting her hand at Valerie’s crotch and wiggling her finger at it.

Valerie closed her eyes. Karen walked slightly away. Valerie responded by thrusting her hips forward, but at one point, had no choice but to make a full step forward, to follow the teasing. Then another one.

Giggling, Karen led her to the bedroom, literally by the crotch, where chains with steel cuffs were waiting.

Valerie let Karen position her under the chains and the cuffs were tightened and locked with small padlocks. She added more cuffs to her ankles and linked them with a spreader bar, and the final touch was a steel collar, also locked.

With Valerie well stretched out, Karen approached her. She slowly rubbed her hands on her slick black body, starting at the shoulders, rubbing her neck, then getting down slowly, brushing her breasts, squishing them, pinching their nipples through the late coating.

With each squish, Valerie moaned, reacting to the pressure, enjoying every moment of it. A little more squeeze of a breasts as her other hand reached for Valerie’s crotch and began to seriously play with it, pressing her finger on it.

She frowned.

“You already have dildos in there?” she asked.

“What did you expect?” mumbled softly Valerie, already enjoying her situation.

“Well then, denial!” said Karen, letting go and fetching a steel chastity belt. She quickly wrapped it around Valerie’s waist and pulled the crotch strap so tight that she was almost lifting Valerie off the floor to do it, before locking it.

She grabbed her handy dandy timed safed box, threw the key in it and gave a swing at the time knob before pressing start.

“You think this impresses me? What’s the timer setting now?”

Karen looked and smiled.

“Oh, merely half an hour.”

“You’ll pay for that, you know that, right?”

“I’m counting on it.” said Karen, getting back at Valerie with the same answer she gave her a few moments earlier.

Karen took place on the bed, took out her own dildos and softly inserted them in, and out, and in, and out, moaning, eyes closed.

She then took her magic wand and turned it on, applying the pressure on the dildos.

Valerie could only watch. She tested her bonds, pulling on them, but it only made her hotter. She just loves bondage, the feeling not being in control, of being impaired. Each time she was putting her cuffs, she would wrap them slowly, feeling the leather or the steel getting a grip around her wrist, her ankle, her arm, her knee, then as she tightened it, she always had a rush about the power of a simple device, getting tighter. She could put it on so tight that blood flow would be cut, or so loose that she could wiggle her wrist out of it.

She liked it tight. She liked to be constantly reminded of their presence, and when she pulled on them, there was not a single doubt: she would not get out.

She didn’t need her dildos to vibrate. Just a right move of her hips, a pull on her restraints, and her brain was on fire. Add the corset and the restriction made by the rigid steel of the belt, and she had all the ingredients for a mind orgasm.

She moaned as she slowly squirmed.

Karen was in her own world, getting her crotch vibrated, but she was in control. She preferred not to be in control, that someone else would hold the wand, like when she is tied up. That other person would have the control, teasing her, denying her, and allowing her to climax… If he wanted to.

Yes, he. That was usually Phil’s job. Together, he was her dom, and she was her submissive who would do anything… to get tied up and punished.

But right now, he wasn’t there. She was with Valerie, and she had just played the dom, meaning that she was stuck to play alone.

She heard a moaning and she opened her eyes, getting out of her own hot thoughts, to see Valerie squirm in her bonds, evidently enjoying it, evidently having an orgasm.

“NO!” yelled Karen. “You can’t climax! I order you not to!” she said.

Valerie only laughed. Karen could do nothing. Not until the timelock box opens, that it.

As soon as it unlocked, Karen was quick to grab the keys to free Valerie from the chains, but she quickly tied her back, ankles with a short hobble chain, and wrists in front of her, linked to her collar with a chain forbidding her to reach the chastity belt.

“There!” she said, as she put the keys of the chastity belt and the cuffs in the timed box and turned the control knob. “Four hours! Now, you’re going to cook me a nice dinner, and IF it is of my liking, I’ll see if I release you.” said Karen. “I’m keeping those in case I need to fix you… differently” she said, showing the keys to the locks of her chains.

“Whatever.” answered Valerie through her gasmask, refraining from giggling.

She hobbled her way to the kitchen. Karen brough with her a steel yoke, hoping she would be able to put Valerie in it. She had to help Valerie get the ingredients she couldn’t reach because of her wrist chain and put them down on the counter. That was a bad start for the ‘Dom’, helping the slave, but she let Valerie cook whatever she wanted.

And she was a good cook and used to work with her wrist bounds, because that’s how she cooked at her own home.

Almost humming, which pissed off Karen, she cooked a perfect meal, and they ate in silence, the only sound heard was Valerie loudly sucking her latex covered fingers in a very explicit way.

Karen was fuming. She wished she would have not forgotten about the yoke. That would have made it difficult for Valerie to cook so perfectly.

After eating, Karen put back Valerie’s gasmask and ordered her to clean the dishes. It was impossible for Valerie to put the dishes back in their places, so Karen reluctantly had to remove the ankle hobble chain and the wrist chain. However, in an effort to insult Valerie, Karen had brought on the kitchen counter the double-dildos impaler and her magic wand. 

She played with herself, hoping it would tease Valerie, but she simply continued to make the dishes.

One could ask himself: who’s the dom, here?

After the dishes, Valerie turned around to find Karen inches from her and she could see that she was looking at the yoke.

A plan formed.

Instead of backing away, she simply embraced Karen, then began to squish her breasts. She reached for her crotch and Karen softly moaned when she began to play with her finger.

If she wasn’t wearing a gasmask, they would have kissed. Breathing heavily, they caressed each other, feeling their neck, their head.

Karen liked the feeling of Valerie’s latex gloved hands in her hair, and the touch of latex on her face. As the latex covered hand slowly ran over her mouth, she opened it, sensually picking the fingers with her tongue and sucking it.

The feeling of latex in the mouth, of the smooth material, sliding on her tongue, while Valerie’s other hand was pushing on her head, forcing her fingers in, almost triggering her gag reflex.

She grabbed Valerie’s breasts and squeezed hard, as Valerie slowly retracted her fingers, still being sucked by the wet mouth.

Hands slid down the bodies. They slowly moved, turning, moving. A few steps and Valerie was against the countertop. With the added height of her ballet heels, her buns were almost ready to sit on it.

Karen slid her hand under Valerie’s thigh and with a swift move, pulled her on the countertop, the lubricated rubber suit sliding easily on the countertop.

Valerie wrapped her legs around Karen’s waist, forcing her closer, holding her in her grip. She reached and grabbed the yoke.

“You want to put me into this?” asked Karen, with a sultry voice, her hot breath fogging Valerie’s gasmask lenses.

“Well, you are holding me prisoner, after all.” she said, slightly pulling back against Valerie’s leg lock, a smirk on her face, and raising her hand on the side of her neck, ready to be locked.

Valerie slowly placed the yoke around Karen’s neck, putting her hand into the attached cuffs and pushed it closed, locking it at the same time.

“Now, you’re my slave.” said Valerie.

Karen giggled.

“Yeah, right, but I’m the one who has your chastity belt key.” she said, feeling powerful.

With a swift move, Valerie let herself down from the countertop and pushed Karen backward against it. With her arms held high, she was unable to block Valerie who pushed her up on the counter, but at the level of the kitchen sink. She slid and ended up with her butt in the sink, legs and head in the air.

“You said to wash the dirty things.” said Valerie, or perhaps, you want a piece of your own medicine.” she said, picking the huge double dildo impaler and threatening Karen at putting it in, as she laid helpless in the sink.

“Yeah right.” said Karen, lifting her leg, hitting the crotch of Valerie’s chastity belt with her booted feet, hitting hard, repeatedly. That really annoyed Valerie, because it was directly hitting her dildos.

“You stop that.” she said, but Karen only giggled, hitting again, harder.

“I think we should up this thing a notch.” said Valerie, taking the horse bit gag laying on the countertop and tightly wrapping it over Karen’s head, especially the gag strap, pushing it very deep, stretching Karen’s mouth corners to the tearing point.

“Fffkkooofff” tried to say Karen, buty Valerie didn’t stopped. A little incomfort should do just right..

Valerie completed the outfit with the large posture collar, which was also on the countertop. It’s as if Karen had set up what she wanted to wear next, ready to be picked up. There was a leash attached to it and Valerie obliged, pulling on it, forcing Karen to get down from the sink.

She grabbed the double impaler with one hand and pulled the leash with the other.

“Apparently, you had laid out what you wanted me to use. I must then assume that you also want the impaler.” she said, with a devilish voice, followed by a creepy laugh.

Karen giggled. There was nothing creeping about being bound to a double impaler.

She knew her way around. This was not the first time they had fun together, and the time was just right.

She put down the impaler on the floor and plugged it to a power outlet. The device was located between two steel rings screwed to the floor.

She then opened Karen’s crotch zipper. She was already hot and… wet. No lubrication would be required.

She had Karen gently kneel down over the double impaler and fetched two chains and the waistband of a steel chastity belt tightly fastening it around Karen’s corseted waist.

Karen laughed. She had no way to tie her down, all the unused padlocks as well as all the keys were in the timelock box.

She saw Valerie walk to the box, take it and… opened the cover.

“Time’s up… For me but it’s only the beginning for you.” said Valerie, dropping the box content on the small carpet in the center of the room.

Karen made wide eyes as Valerie approached with a set of padlocks. She had no way to get off the impaler before she was chained down and locked so low that she couldn’t raise her crotch at all.

Valerie looked straight at Karen. Karen could see Valerie’s devilish smile, even through her gasmask, as she turned the power on and set it up at close to the maximum power, with a variable sequence.

Immediately, Karen twitched and tried to get off, the chains tightened, the rubber creaked under the strain put on the steel belt, but she wouldn’t bulge.

Valerie made a few steps back and looked at her squirmed, eyes closed.

Karen had mixed feelings. Oh, yes she liked that. A lot. The restraint, the toys forced on her, but at the same time, she was now at the mercy of Valerie. She knew she had quite a few things to pay back.

Valerie crouched down amidst the keys and padlocks and searched, finding what she was looking for: the key for her own chastity belt. She took it off then looked around, searching for something. She found it and got to fetch it, returning with the huge Sybiant box. She set it on the floor, on the carpet, near the padlocks and plugged it on a power outlet.

She opened her crotch zipper and reached for her butt hole to remove the buttplug, letting out a low pitch growl as it slowly pulled out.

She applied lubricant and took place over the machine, slowly inserting the attached buttplug into her own.

She turned on the machine and let out a yelp. This thing was devilish. It was fucking her as well as screwing her with the moving lips, acting against her dildo.

Soon, she began to open her legs, even lift herself out of the machine, and each time, it frustrated her. She had to keep still.

Easy: she grabbed two padlocks and she linked her ankle cuffs to the side of the machine. Now, she could not open her legs, but she could still move up and down.

As the first orgasm built up, she slowed down and let it engulf her. As her body was taken by pleasurable convulsions, she slightly raised her crotch from the Sybiant and totally lost the feeling.


There was only one solution. She fetched another padlock and proceeded to lock her wrists in the back, linked to the machine. There, she would be totally unable to get off.

As she was about to close it, she heard Karen, moan loudly. She looked at her.

“GGNooo! FFKKOOOOOKKKK” she was trying to scream through her gag.

“You don’t want me to get my pleasure, don’t you. Well, you can’t stop me, this time.” said Valerie closing the lock.

Karen’s eyes widened as she nodded a strong no sign and stared at the padlocks.

Valerie was puzzled. What was wrong with the padlock she chose. As she looked down at the pile of locks and keys, it dawned on her.

“Oh Fuck.”

She looked at Karen, realising that now, they were both stuck, tied up on fucking machines, with no way to get out by themselves.

They will have to wait for Phil.

He will be here. In about… 24 hours.

28 hours later.

They had passed out a few times, each time revived by their devilish respective machines. They had stopped counting the orgasm long ago. The pleasure was gone. Now it was only pain and torture.

Karen was looking at Valerie with furious eyes. Valerie could only be mad at herself for having been so stupid.

They heard some noise.

“Karen? Valerie? I saw your car up front. Are you here? Kar… oh my…” he said as he entered the bedroom, to find both of them, face to face, tied up to fucking machines.

“Having fun without me?” he said putting his briefcase down.

“Shut up and turn these things off! We’ve been locked on them since yesterday evening.” said Valerie, pleading, through her gasmask.

“Let me guess: scenario gone wrong.” he said, laughing, calmly walking to each machine and turning the power off.

“Oh shit… Thanks.” said Valerie. “It was all my fault. I locked on Karen then I locked myself without any means of escape.” she said with a sad, feeling stupid tone.

“You did what?” he asked again, giggling.

“Yes, you heard right.” said Karen as he removed her gag. “Damn, that was stupid, Valerie. I tried to tell her to stop but, she wouldn’t listen or she was too stupid to understammgfff!” she had the time to say before Phil put the gag back.

“I’m sorry, Karen, but I’m back from a long trip, and I don’t want to hear any whining.” said Phil as he fastened the gag back.

“Can you please free us, Phil? It’s getting quite painful.” said Valerie, with pleading eyes.

“In a minute.” he said, walking to the closet and picking up his own catsuit. “I’m not about to join a duo of fetish babes without sporting the right outfit, wouldn’t I.” he calmly said, walking to the bathroom.

Karen grunted. Valerie let out a sigh. At least, the device was off.

He came back a few minutes later, sealed into his own black latex neck entry catsuit, and high heel boots. Whistling, he then proceeded to remove the locks holding them to their respective devices, starting with Karen, but to her dismay, didn’t take her out off the yoke, nor removed the gag. Instead, he walked back to their fetish gear closet and came back with a heavy leather face mask. Karen made wide eyes and nodded no.

“You girls wanted to have fun without me. Now, I’m gonna have fun with you. You’re gonna be my slave for the weekend.” he said.

He took off the yoke and put Karen’s arms into a leather armbinder before pulling on a heavy rubber hood and then the mask. It was already fitted with a snap-on blindfold and long penis gag, so deep that he knew that if Karen tried to produce a sound, it would trigger her gag reflex.

He tightly fastened her mask on her and attached the crotch strap to her chastity belt. She didn’t mind. She was in no mood to have anything stuff there anyway.

Now, all Karen could is wait.

He worked on Valerie by taking off her gasmask and fitting it with another long penis gag before putting back in and fixing back her chastity belt.

None of them complained. They were bondage freaks. They just loved that stuff, and now, neither of them was in control. Heavenly!

Once they were set up, he carefully lay them down on the carpet, on their side, facing each other but head to toe, linking one’s collar to the other’s ankle cuffs. This way, if one tried to wiggler her legs, she would yank the other’s collar.

He then went to bed. He was exhausted from his trip and was hoping to go to bed as soon as he was home, but this ordeal kept him up over an hour more than he had anticipated.

As he closed his eyes, he heard the gentle moans and the latex creaking of the two bound female creatures near the bed. He smiled. He was already planning their use for the upcoming weekend.

That would be a very hot weekend indeed.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 26, 2020

Note: I had originally planned to write the weekend adventures too, and I had even created a few images of it, but as I began to think what that weekend would be like, I felt I had written those scenarios dozens of times (maids, cleaning, cooking, spending time bound-up) and I lost interest. So, no, there will be no sequels.

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