Karen – Dress-Up (F/f)


(Female Version)

It started as a simple game.

“Would you like to play dress-up?” she asked, giggling. That childish giggling that made her melt. So innocent. So contagious. So lovely.

She raised his eyebrows in surprise. She would do anything to please her. But…

“Play dress up, Karen? Isn’t that a little… childish?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m not talking about this kind of dress-up, Valerie. I’m talking about the… adult kind.” she said, her voice changing into a sexy whisper. It was still followed by her giggling, but it was much more mature. Much more sexy. Almost devilish. Devilishly sexy.

“I…” she began to say, searching what to say, how to say it. She would rather play dress-DOWN than dress-up.

“I’ll go first.” she said, smiling, her voice becoming sultry, hot, whispery, and her eyes lighting up, like ready to strike.

Oh she did strike, alright. Right on her crotch and her nipples. She noticed them getting firmer under her tight shirt..

“Just wait here.” she said, entering her bedroom. The last thing she saw was her butt, wiggling in her tight jeans, before the door closed, softly, almost silently. Teasing.

She stood there, in the middle of the kitchen of her apartment, wondering. It was only their fifth date after all, and the first time she invited her to her place. All the other times was at a restaurant, or at the club. On this date, she felt confident. She invited her to her place, but she refused.

“Lets go to my place instead.” had said Karen, with that giggling. “It will be more fun there, I’m sure.” she had added, again her voice changing, almost like a predator about to strike its prey.

“Ah… Yes. Sure. Why not?” she had said, thinking about the wine she had specially chosen for that occasion, the rose petals she had put on the satin bed sheets she had bought especially for that. The soft playlist she had chosen, ready to play at the touch of a button. Even the dimming of the light has been well rehearsed. 

She hadn’t been very lucky in love lately and she felt that Karen was the one. She had that little je-ne-sais-quoi that attracted her like a moth to a light. Was it her laugh? Her smile? Her eyes? Her tight jeans? Her heels? A mix of all of it?

She wanted so much for things to work out with Karen. She was willing to do anything. Well, almost.

“Just a few more minutes” she said, slightly opening the bedroom door and poking her head in, not showing anything of her body, although she thought she saw her fingers. Sleek, black, like in a glove. A shiny glove.”

“Uh… Okay.” she said, his voice shaking.

Shortly after that, the door opened, and she saw a foot, wrapped in a strappy, sparkly high heel sandal, a change from the wedge heels sneakers she was wearing a few moments before.

The feet got up and down, then she saw a leg, a long leg, almost wrapping the door frame as she got out herself, hugging the door frame, rubbing her body against it.

She was wearing a tiny red bikini and black shoulder length gloves. All very shiny.

She softly, sexily, approached her, moving her hips in an exaggerated manner, lowering her head, slowly moving her shoulders, looking at her in a sultry, almost scary manner, smiling. For a moment, she thought she had become a tiger.

Her brain almost hit the overload. Darn! She was so sexy. She made a gesture of her finger, telling her to approach. She did, almost like a zombie, hypnotized by the sight. She touched her, touched her shiny bikini. She knew what it was. 

“Hum! Latex. I like that.” she said, rubbing her hands on her breasts while rubbing her own, feeling the latex, feeling the mammary glands, gently squishing them as he reached for her mouth, for a hot kiss.

Karen received her tongue, but at the same time, her hand reached down, to Valerie’s crotch. She slipped her hand inside her jeans, squirming her latex gloves to her vagina, fondling, poking in it, teasing it. She loved the feeling of the latex covered fingers on her private parts. Soft. Sleek. Exciting.

“Well, your turn.” she said, taking her hand off, and softly scratching Valerie’s chin with her other hand’s index finger, making the ‘follow-me’ gesture. “Come…” she whispered from her hot breath. She almost melted there, on the spot.

It was as if this index finger was pulling an invisible leash. She followed her to the bedroom. It was a very womanly, girly white and pink bedroom, with the bed covered with white and pink satin sheets. The white desks were covered by stuffed toys and porcelain trinkets. So girly. That’s what she expected from a sexy girl like Karen. She liked it.

Karen picked something in rubber from her bed and showed it to her.

“Well, your turn, bad girl.” she said, showing a pair of latex panties, with two tubes. 

“What are those for?” she asked.

“Well, this one is obvious.” she said pointing at the first one “this one is for your dildo” she said, then taking the other one, “ and this one is, well… for the buttplug.” she said, her eyes turning almost evil. “If we come to that.” she added, whispering to her ear as she got closer to her, putting the garment in her hand, reaching for her jeans and expertly undoing the button with one hand while the other was pulling off her tight T-shirt, all while she was passionately kissing her.

Hand shaking, she took up to the task, at the same time, not willing to let go of her tongue in her mouth. She gently pushed her.

“In good time, Valerie. In good time.” she said, giggling.

She never undressed that fast. In a flash she was standing naked in front of Karen. She approached, pouring some lubricant in her rubber hands and spreading on Valerie’s thighs and crotch.

“Will be a lot easier to put on.” she said, picking up the already well lubricated garment and helping her pull it up her legs. While kissing her, she directed the first sheath inside Valerie’s vagina with her fingers, her playing fingers.

She liked that. Valerie went behind her and, using her finger, gently pushed the butthole sheath up her rectum.

“Not exactly…. Pleasurable.” she whispered.

“You’ll come to like it, Valerie. Don’t worry.” she softly whispered, getting back up, putting her fingers inside the vaginal sheath again, twisting them, stroking them.

Her breath began to shake.

“You like that, don’t you?” she whispered in her ear.

“I would be lying if I said no.” she said, gently grabbing her head and aligning with hers to give her a kiss, while she tried to lead her to the bed. She was ready to roomba.

“Not so fast, girl.” she said, giggling. “Dressing up is more than putting on underwear.” she added, gently pushing her away. She went to her desk and picked up two large pieces of rubber and handed one to her.

“Here. Take this and… follow the leader.” she said, again giggling, this time her brat giggle.

She unfolded the rubber garment and it unrolled into a complete catsuit, with attached gloves and toe socks. She was turning it on all sides, but the only zipper he could see was at the crotch.

“You… You don’t put this on through the crotch, don’t you?” she said, puzzled.

“No, through the neck.” she said, stretching it and feeding one foot inside, having already removed her shoes. Her suit didn’t have attached gloves or feet, and her foot easily popped up at the other end..

She tried to do the same but her balance was not as good. She settled in sitting down, slowly feeding the cold and stretchy material up her leg. This was a lot less sexy looking then Karen’s way of putting it on.

“Geesh. That’s quite tight. Sure it will fit me?” she asked, realizing how much she had to stretch the collar to get it over her large breasts.

“Yes, it will. No sweat.” she softly said as she was already pulling her gloved arms through the sleeves and in amazement, she saw the suit ride up, engulfing her curvaceous body in its tight and shiny black embrace, almost enhancing every curve.

She helped her get up and pulled the suit over her chest, helping her fold her arms and get them inside the sleeves, guiding the fingers of her right arm into the attached gloves.

With her left arm in, she now felt the suit riding up, squishing his body everywhere, equally. He didn’t feel any kind of tugging.

“Told you it would fit.” she said, smiling, getting her hand to her crotch and opening the zipper, again, putting her fingers inside the now accessible frontal sheath.

“Very good.” she said, kneeling, getting more fingers in, pushing them deeply.

That was good, but at the same time, it felt… disconnected. She could feel the pressure, even the nails, but not directly. It was like she was wearing a glove inside her vagina.

Valerie reached for Karen’s head, feeling her hair though her latex wrapped fingers. They were clinging to it, getting entangled. Latex and hair don’t make a good match. She softly rose back up, hiding the fact that she was inadvertently pulling her hair.

“All in good times.” she said., sultry walking back to her desk where she picked up another large piece of rubber: a corset.

“Care to lace me in?” she said, as she wrapped the large garment around her already tiny waist.

Valerie obliged. She pulled hard on the lace while the woman of her dreams was putting her hands on the sides of her waist, moaning with each pull, evidently enjoying being crushed like that.

She couldn’t believe that the large gap that was there at first had practically vanished as the two sides met.

She tied a strong knot and had her gently turn around, as she felt her tightly encased waist in the unforgiving heavy rubber garment. She raised her hands to her breasts, gently squeezing them from their tight latex enclosure with her own latex enclosed fingers. The feeling was special. Not what she expected. Well, she didn’t know what to expect.

She was feeling her breasts, but at the same time, it was just like a firm balloon. A firm rubber balloon.

Karen picked another large item from the drawer of her desk and showed it to her.

“Good. Your turn, now.” she said, opening the large leather garment. “I’m sure you’ll look good in it.” she said, as she gently began to wrap her waist with the leather corset.

She was not sure, trying to hold the garment, but at the same time, not holding it.

“Now, just let it… embrace you, like a gentle yet firm hug.” she said, beginning to lace the garment.

She felt her waist getting squeezed.

“Expel.” she said. “Fully.” she added, her voice changing to a long and soft blow in her ear.

She did, sucking his stomach in as much as she could while Karen gave a yank she didn’t think she was able to do, considering her small frame.

“It’s all in the wrists.” she said, as if she had heard her silent comment. “That should do it. We can always come back to it later.” she said as she tied the laces.

“Later?” he asked. “Am I going to shrink?”

“No, but your organs will move.” she said, “only about 4cm to go.” she added, stepping her feet into her high heeled strappy sandals. “You do wear tight jeans, right? Same thing.”

“Well… tight stretch jeggings, nothing remotely as tight as this.” said Valerie, rubbing the tense leather garment.

“Well, my shoes are on, now. Time to get yours.” she said. “Oh, no, I will provide.” she quickly intervened as she was about to aim for her own sneakers.

She opened one of the lower drawers of her dresser and retrieved two ankle high ballet booties. She frowned.

“You’re kidding, right? I never wore heels. I… I can’t wear those.” she said, eyes wide.

“Well, as they say, you have first to try before saying that you can’t.” she said, gesturing her to sit on the edge of the bed.

She did, It was strange feeling the soft satin of her bed cover though his latex sin. Karen kneeled in front of her and proceeded to put her feet inside the dreadful footwear.

“How do you know it’s the right size.” she asked, trying to weasel her way out.

“Remember at the club, I wanted to have a closer look at your sneaker?”

“Yes… oh.” she said, figuring it out.

“So, yes they will fit.” she said as she began to lace it, tightly, then did the same to the other one.

“Here, slowly.” said Karen, taking her hand and pulling. She took a hold on the bed, turning facing it, bending forward on it, trying to stand up then immediately falling back on her hands.

“Damn! I don’t think I ca… what the fuck?” she startled as he felt something being pushed up her ass while she was ‘bending over’.

“You’re in the perfect position for the butt plug, dear. Just relax, it will go easier.” she said as she pushed harder.

She couldn’t run away, not with this footwear. Damn, now she couldn’t even flee Karen’s apartment! She felt the rather large intruder stretching her rectum, She was afraid it was about to rip open. Karen was gently, yet firmly pushing it in.

“Just relaaaax.” she whispered softly, then feeling the opportunity, she gave a strong push. Valerie moaned, but it was in, as she felt her rectum close around the narrowest part of the plug, and then Karen closed the crotch zipper of the suit.

“Feels… feels like I have a dump half way out.” she said, blushing, trying to reach it with her hand.

“No, no. Do not touch it.” she said, slapping her hand away. Valerie’s face conveyed that she was quite uncomfortable.

“Here.” she said, pushing her forward on the bed where she landed on her stomach. “Let me help with that urge.” she said. 

Sitting on Valerie’s legs, she grabbed her wrists and wrapped something heavy and large on them, fastening them tightly. She then heard a series of clicks as her wrists were brought together and locked into wide leather cuffs.

“Just stay put. I have two more to put on.” she said, gently sliding off her and wrapping more leather cuffs on her ankles, then locking them, and linking them with a short chain.

She slowly helped her turn on her back and then sit on the edge of the bed.

“Oh? And… how about you?” she asked with a grin.

“Of course!” she said, picking up a set of leather cuffs, putting them slowly and tightly on her wrists, ankles and even her upper arms and tying them tightly, before adding a little lock to every one of them.

“There. All cuffed and locked.” she said.

“Yeah but… you’re free.” she added.

“But of course, dear. If we are both impaired, where will be the fun?”

“Ah… of course.” she said, lowering her head, feeling that she had the low-end of that deal. “Anyways, when my time will come, you will have even more… anchor points.” she said, gently rubbing her elbow cuffs.

She simply looked, evidently making scenarios in her head of how to use those cuffs when it will be her turn at tying Karen up.

“How about we try that corset one more time?” she said, helping her get up on her wobbly legs. “Now, I’m going to untie your wrists. You think you can behave?” she asked.

“Yeah…” she whispered. The latex, the corset, the boots, the cuffs, all that was overloading her senses.

“Good, now put your hands way over your head and stretch upward as much as you can…. Perfect.” she said as she gave the first of many strong yanks, often putting her off-balance on her extreme footwear.”

“It’s going well, just a few more squeeze… Expel…. Again… Perfect!” she said as she knotted the laces.

Valerie put her hands on each side of her highly compressed waist, feeling the rigidity, the tightness. This thing will not yield anything.

As she turned to her side, she saw her own reflection in the mirror. She was stunned! She never thought he could look so… sexy? Sleek, shiny body, thin waist, long pointed legs.

Karen had walked to the dresser and had come back,  kneeled and opened the crotch zipper, showing Valerie the large, no, huge dildo she was about to put in.

Valerie’s breath began to shake as she felt the large intruder being slowly pushed in. She didn’t fight it, on the contrary, she welcomed in. It was strange, feeling the large hard lump going in, yet, being isolated by the thick sheath.

Karen played with it a few times, twisting it, pulling it out, pushing it in. Valerie moaned. Loudly. Karen only responded by looking at her with a devilish smile.

She gave a last push then closed the crotch zipper, rubbing it from the outside, sliding her hand upward, around Valerie’s crushed waist, up to her breast, where she squeezed them while giving her a hot kiss.

The buttplug was not as annoying but still not the best of feelings. The dildo was exciting her. She reached for them, one hand in front, one in the back, but Karen was quick to grab her hands and tied them back in her back again.

“Oh, no, naughty girl. You don’t play with the toys.” she said, pushing her on the bed, where she fell on her stomach, laughing. “I’ll go get the last item, a wonderful latex hood.” she said walking away to the dresser.

She had landed on her crotch, her hot, throbbing crotch. She unconsciously started to rock her hip up and down, moving the dildo, the buttplug.

“What are you doing?” asked Karen with a hard tone. “Oh no, you’re not.” she quickly added, walking to the closet where she couldn’t see her.

She came back. She felt something hard being pressed against her butt, between her legs and something put over her corset.

“Turn around on your back.” she ordered.

She did.

She saw a steel band being wrapped around her tiny waist. Karen yanked on it, as it was a tight fit even over her corset, and snapped the two ends together.

Reaching between her legs, she grabbed another steel flat strap with a large flap, which covered her hot crotch, pushing the dildos in, but blocking its access.

“You don’t play with yourself, dear.” she said as she yanked the front flap of the chastity belt upward, forcing both toys up.

“Now, get up!” she said.

That was painful, She struggled with the tight corset, the steel belt and her arms tied in her back, but she had no real choice.

Karen took the rubber hood she had thrown by her side and walked back to the dresser with it, taking another one.

“Apparently, I will have to go harder on you.” she said, coming back with what looked like a heavier garment and walked behind her.

“Open wide.” she said as she pushed a long and hard rubber lump inside her mouth and then wrapped the latex hood over her head.She felt it getting tighter and tighter as she struggled to pull the zipper down on the obviously too small rubber hood, which only pushed deeper the rubber gag filling his mouth.

Without a word, she walked back to the dresser and came back with a large leather band and a… gasmask?

She wrapped the leather band, a large collar, around her neck, hiding the zipper of the hood and forcing her head erect.

She then, without any explanation, added the gas mask over her head, pulling the straps tightly.

“For one, one never knows the harmful chemicals that are present in the air, and for two, it allows me to do this.” she said as she put his hand over her air intake.

She struggled to breathe, walking away, closing his eyes. Her nipples got harder and her crotch had reacted. All unreachable

Karen smiled.

“Even better.” she said, snapping a leash to her collar and giving it a gentle tug, leading her out of the bedroom.

“Come, darling. The night is young.” she said, slowly walking, waiting for her, impaired by the ballet boots and the hobble chain to follow.

Once in the corridor, she let go of the leash and walked to another room. She pushed the door open and the corridor, as well as her shiny suit was flooded with a reddish light.

“This is the, shall I say, playroom. You want to get out of this and have your turn on me? Just join me here.” she said, smiling, then her smile changing for a devilish grin. “I give you two minutes. Every 10 seconds late is one more hour before you get your freedom back.” she said, then smiling again, she entered the room. “Time is ticking…” she said, joyous.

Valerie struggled to walk, counting in her head.

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three…”

The butt plug, the chastity belt, the corset, the hood, the gasmask, the heels, the latex enclosure, everything was a distraction.

She was getting to the door, but had lost the count. Was she on time or late? If yes, how much late.

Finally, she reached the door frame.

“You’re almost out of time, dear,“ she said, awaiting for her in the middle of a real medieval torture chamber with crosses, benches, stocks, frames and enough attachment points to fill the room with a spider’s web of rope.

All she had to do is two more steps to stop the countdown. She would then get her freedom and the role reversal. But then again, she never said how long was the time she originally intended to keep her like that.

“Well, darling, time’s up. Remember, every 10 seconds late is one more hour of this.” she said, making a broad gesture to all the devious devices in the playroom.

She stayed there, thinking, weighing her options, looking at the devices, the tables, the posts, the crosses, the wheels, the cages, feeling her sensible nipples, her hot crotch… and began to count. One Mississippi, two Mississippi…

© Pete / monsterp63, August 19, 2020.

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