Karen – Special Mission


(Photo Story)

Note: The original story was posted on DA in 2017, as a graphic story (photos with text bubbles). At that time, I had limited hardware, limited props and figures, and very limited experience with DAZ Studio.

Today, in 2020, I have a lot more experience, more props, more figures, more of everything.

The story is no longer a graphic story, but a story with images to add a visual experience.

The story itself follows the basic storyline, but changes to some details of the story have been made.

Enjoy. – Pierre, August 2020.

Part I

Karen was alone at home in the suburbs, actually a little farther than that, on a secluded lot. It was rather late, but she was browsing the internet, always in search of the perfect item to add to her extensive collection.

She had all her time, she was currently out of a job, having been kicked out of the army base a few days earlier.

It all started with an incident. Everybody at the base knew about Karen’s unique dressing habits of very tight clothes and spiky high heels. They all loved her that way. Again, Karen was a civilian working for the base. She was not a registered military personnel. However, she was running the office like she was a brass, and was given the nickname of Lieutenant Karen.

Of course, for her military duties, she was to wear the classic uniform and combat boots to fit in. And she liked the look.

But that day, there was a special party, and everybody was to come in dressed relax, non-military.

Of course, Karen’s version of a relaxed outfit was very tight jeans with the camouflage pattern, military looking boots with a five inches high heels, a white sleeveless shirt and a black leather jacket, all extremely tight fitting.

She added a small dull black corset to spice up her outfit.

Everybody laughed at her outfit (not at her), telling how she could not do any field work with that on.

She accepted the challenge and began to walk through makeshift obstacles in the main hall. She was having a heck of a good time, struggling to get over and under those obstacles. Her fellow military friends had a good time looking at her do the same struggle, and even a few men, generally, were obviously drooling at the sight.

It was totally unexpected that General Carter, the one-star general in charge of the base, came in. He was supposed to be out at General Command for some important meeting.

They saw him. They tried to warn Karen, but she was too concentrated. I mean, when every move gets you hot to the point you have to control if you’re going to orgasm or not, you are not exactly listening to all the outside signs. When she was about to bump into him, she stepped on a plain tube that had been put on the ground, lost balance, and bumped hard into the general, who unprepared for it fell down on his butt.

Karen continued to try to regain her balance, twisting from one foot to the other, inadvertently stepping on the General’s hand with her heel, almost poking through his hand.

He was rushed to the base medical center, and an hour later, he was back in his office, his hand in a fiberglass cast, Karen was standing in front of him, still wearing her tight jeans and heels.

“It’s the fourth time you’ve reported to work dressed inappropriately.”

“Yes sir.” said Karen. She was not to argue with him. Anything that was not the military issued uniform was inappropriate. Karen had come in a few times with a dress, knowing that she would spend the whole day in the office, he didn’t appreciate it. She was written down for it but never made a whole fuss about it. Apparently, he did.

“You’re dismissed as of right now, miss Karen. Go home. I suggest you find yourself something out of the military. Your way of… life is not compatible with us.” he said with a harsh tone. Dismiss.

Karen, in shock, grabbed her things and left. Her coworkers and friends vouched for her, pleading for her, but Carter wouldn’t bulge. She was out.

So, on that evening, she was alone at home, sporting tight jeans, high heel wedge sandals and a long sleeve shirt. She was browsing the internet looking for something specific: She had seen those strange boots, ballet boots with a wedge sole, on DeviantArt. She wanted them. Now she was looking for them and had found the website.

She chose them knee high, her favorite. Then red leather, with locking buckles. She just loved to be stuck into something. That was probably why she had 12 attachment points on her bed.

She put it in her web shopping cart and proceeded to the checkout. 

She was entering the last bits of information when she was startled by a knock on the door. She had been so concentrated that she hadn’t heard any car drive by her house.

Surprised, almost panicking she let go of the keyboard.

“Yes? Who’s this?”

“It’s Sarge O’Connor, Lieutenant.”

“O’Connor? What the fuck are you doing here?… Now?”

She proceeded to quickly lock herself out of her session. She got up and leaned against the desk.

“It’s a matter of National Security, Lieutenant. I need to see you now.” said the military.

“Sarge,” began Karen, “You know I’m not part of the military and I have been fired. I have no business with you anymore… And stop calling lieutenant!”

“Sorry… Lieutenant.” he said, giggling. “Some habits are hard to kick out.”

“Anyways,” continue Karen, “You could have called. What is so important?” she said on her way to the door, her butt wiggling in her tight jeans. With each step, she could feel the crotch seam rub her in a very interesting way. “And the General doesn’t want to have any business with me anymore. He really didn’t like my little stunt. That’s why he kicked me out in the first place.” she said, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she reached the door.

“Well, you were kind of really hot in those camo jeans and high heel military booties… Err… Now that you’re no longer part of the base… I can say that, can I?” he said as she opened the door.

He made wide eyes seeing her. She was stunning and he was very fond of her.

“Yes, I believe you can.” she answered, giggling. “Now, what the hell is this all about and… what’s with the combat outfit and the gun?” she said, pointing at the powerful rifle O’Connor was holding in his hand, ready to be aimed at Karen. She became worried.

“Sorry, Lieutenant, but I’m under direct order from Army General Greer to bring you with  me by all means necessary. I would appreciate it if you could cooperate.” he said, half unease, half proud to be able to show his military capabilities to that woman..

“What? Carter has brought that incident up to Greer, the 3-star General? Damn!” said Karen in disbelief. She was in way deeper shit than what she thought.

“Wow… okay.” she said, the surprise sinking in. “Let me grab a jacket.”

“I, I, sir.” he answered with a devilish smile.

“Ah, stop it, O’Connor.” she said laughing.

She grabbed a tight fitting brownish leather jacket. She struggled to put it on. It was almost too small, but that’s the way she liked it, and followed her outside.

She had figured he had come in a standard SUV to get her so not to draw too much attention with a military vehicle, but to her surprise, he had come to get her in a rover.

“O’Connor! You came to get me with a rover? You didn’t have anything less… military?” she asked, knowing perfectly that this was O’Connor favorite vehicle and that he even went grocery shopping in one.

“I thought you loved those rovers.” he said. “Anyway, I had no choices, it was part of  my orders.”

“Well, they do bring back some weird memories.” she said, remembering that one day when she decided to hide tight jeans under her uniform pants. It was unexpected that she had to ride a rover to go somewhere else on the base because the person that was normally doing it called in sick. When it was time to sit in it, she had a hard time, and climbing out was an adventure. On her way back, her jeans split opened. O’Connor was the driver at the time.

He waited for her to sit.

“Glad you could sit in it with… well… you know… those…”

“Yeah, I bet you are.” she said, “but the night is warm and this leather jacket would be too much” she said as he struggled to take it off and put it behind the passenger seat. “In case I need it later.”

She knew perfectly that he was one of the guys drooling at her tight jeans wrapped butt, and she made quite a show of taking off her jacket.

“So, where are you driving me, Sarge?” she asked.

“Don’t really know Ma’am. All I know is that I have to drive you to these coordinates.” he said, pointing to his GPS screen.

“That’s… odd.” she said, looking at the screen and trying to figure out where it was. “Seems to be inside the base perimeter.”

“Seems to, but in the middle of the forest. There’s nothing there, it’s just an exercise field.”

“That’s odd. Does this have anything to do with the fact that I stepped on General Carter’s hand with my heel at that party?” she asked.

“I don’t think this has anything to do with that… Although it would not have happened if you had been wearing THOSE shoes.” he said, pointing his chin at her feet.

Karen didn’t answer.

“… Oooookay. Bad joke. Sorry. Ready Lieutenant?”

“Yes, I’m ready, O’Connor. Step on it. I want this over ASAP. I had other plans for tonight.” she said, thinking about her shopping cart on the verge of being ordered. “And stop calling me lieutenant.”

On the reved up engine noise, as the rover was leaving her property leaving two traces of moved dirt, he yelled.

“I, I… Lieutenant.” Before bursting laughing.

Part II

The rover, like any good military vehicle, wasn’t made to be comfortable, but efficient. This led to a rather bumpy ride as Sarge drove on a paved road for a while, then turned to a dirt road, down to a farming field trail, back to some paved road, then crossing the fence of the army base perimeter..

Karen tried to keep a feeling of where she was going, but it was late, she was tired, and eager to get this over with. Driving for a long time in the forest only to be chewed down by a general for that high heeled incident seemed overkilled.

“So, getting close?” she asked, amidst the noise of the rover.

“I think so, Lieutenant. I mean, the path I’m taking is a direct route.” he said, making another sharp turn as the GPS seemed to change its mind.

“Damn it, Sarge. I don’t even know near which city we are. You totally lost me with all your detours and trails and stuff.”

“That was probably the goal, Lt.”

By then, Karen was glad her tight jeans had some stretch in them, but especially glad she hadn’t followed her first intentions that was to put toys in before the evening. She would have been a wreck by now.

The rover drove up a trail, barely cleared, where Sarge had to make some perilous maneuvers to go over fallen trees and boulders that had run down the trail over the years it was not used.

As they reached a high point, Karen could see a large structure that looked like a deployment army tent.

“What the hell is this doing here?” she asked, as the rover stopped a dozen meters from the tent.

“I don’t have a clue… Damn. Well, there’s lights on but… what is it doing here?. Well, it kind of confirms the rumors.”

Karen startled.

“Rumors? What rumors? Tell me.”

“Well, rumour has it that, for about the last two months, women soldiers everywhere are driven to remote locations in different bases…”

“And?…” asked Karen, waiting for him to spit it out..

“… Well… They disappeared for a couple of hours, then came back to the base by a standard military chopper flight. They have apparently been sworn to secrecy. No one ever told what happened, and… the tent where they were dropped off was nowhere to be seen after that.”

“Really? All over our bases?” she asked, surprised not to have heard anything of that while she was there.

“No, all over the world. I believe you’re the… first… non military one.” he said as he read more instructions on his screen.

“Well, this is it. From my instructions, this is where I drop you off.”

“Ah, okay… wait. Drop me off? You’re not coming with me?” asked a puzzled and shocked Karen.

Sarge stopped the engine and turned to look at her.

“No, Lieutenant. I have orders to leave you here and go back to the base. That’s all I can tell you, because that’s all I know.”

“And if I refuse?” she asked, with some arrogance in her voice.

“My orders are clear, LT.” he answered, dead serious,  “And I’m allowed to use all means necessary.” he said, gently putting his hand to his side arm.

“Wow… this is serious.” answered Karen with a very concerned look. “Anything else… rumored, you care to tell me?… just in case?”

“Well, lieutenant…”  he said, lowering his head, “there was a common thread between all those women. As I heard of.” he said.

“Ah? They were all clerks?” asked Karen.

“No… With… with all due respect, Lieutenant, they were all… hot babes.”

Karen was shocked.

“Hot babes?… Yeah, right. Well, apparently you can’t do much more for me here. I don’t know if I should say thank you or go to hell.” she said, as she struggled to get out of the rover. Her legs were almost numb from being cramped for so long in their tight jeans. And her heels were not exactly stable on the dirt either.

“Sorry, LT.” said the soldier. “I’m just following orders.”

“Thanks… B… Bye.” said Karen. “It’s quite dark and I don’t have any light… Care to light the way with the rover?” she asked with pleading eyes.

“I don’t see why not.” he said, moving the rover so the powerful lights illuminated a path from there to the tent.

She walked away, her heels sinking  into the soft earth of the forest, her butt wiggling, fighting the tight jeans. Her tight and shiny leotard was reflecting the rover’s lights as well as the moonlight, high in the sky.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked, turning around, giggling.

“I… I’m checking the surrounding area, just in case that… you know… a bear or something.”

“You do that, Thanks.” she said, knowing perfectly where his eyes were aiming, and it was no bear.

She walked to the door, turned around and waved goodbye to O’Connor who quickly drove away, following orders.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and entered the tent, ready to face the General, but the tent was empty, except for a floating thing about half way. It was circular, about 40cm in diameter by 10cm thick, hovering with a slight hum about 2m off the ground.

“Hello? Anybody here?” she asked, but she got no return.

Then the pointy tip of the floating thing seemed to glow. She felt all tingly and she raised her hands to protect her, but all her muscles seemed to be getting numb. She tried to move, but couldn’t. A green wall seemed to appear in front of her, like projected by that strange device. It became brighter and more opaque up to the point where she wasn’t seeing the tent anymore.

For a moment, she felt dizzy, like if she was falling. It lasted  half a second, then the wall became transparent. She was looking for the inside of the tent but it had been replaced by a concrete block wall. The floating device was still there, still gently humming.

To its right, a man, in a strange brown military uniform. He raised a hand in a calming gesture.

“Hello, Miss Karen. Please just stand still for a moment. This should take only a few seconds.” he said from a very calm voice.

She felt dizzy, as if her brain was wrapped into a cotton blanket. As quickly as it had begun, it stopped and she almost lost her balance, like she had been floating a few millimeters off the ground and she was suddenly back on it.

The man smiled, looked behind Karen, then back at her.

“No worry. Everything is fine.” he said. “I’m General Greer, and let me introduce you to Valeria Bayne” he said, pointing at something behind Karen.

She turned around.

Part III

She was speechless.

She was facing a giant spaceship of some sort, but what grabbed her attention was that woman, that tall, sleek woman, with long legs, a crushed waist and… no face. As if she was wearing some kind of bubble helmet, but it was completely merged with the rest of her body, the shiny black suit she was wearing. That strange woman raised a hand in a peaceful sign.

“Hello Karen. Please don’t be afraid.” she said

“What?… Who?… How?… Where?… W…” she was asking, looking alternatively at General Greer and as that strange woman. What was her name? Valerie Wayne?

“Just calm down.” she heard a feminine voice, but not in her ears. In her head. “The name is Valeria Bayne.”

“What the f…” she began to say, but she heard giggles. Warm, appeasing giggles.

“Karen,” interrupted Greer, “I believe I owe you an explanation.” he said.

“The hell you do.” she said, turning to him, then back to her, then back to him.

He approached them. She felt being wrapped in a warm, calming blanket. She calmed down.

“If I tell you Rosewell, 1947. What does that tell you?”

“Err… Roswell… Isn’t near Area 51? The UFO crash site, that was in 1947? Right?.”

“Pretty much. Yes.”

“But that UFO crash, that… not… are you?” she said, turning to the tightly shiny encased woman.

“No, but some of my people were.” she said, again inside Karen’s head. Not in her ears.

“She’s telepathic.” said Greer to answer Karen’s silent question. “Now, you are right. There has been a UFO which crash landed in 1947. There were survivors, however they died shortly after, which led to the creation of Area 51.”

“Their ship has been damaged by a sun flare, and they had severe radiation burns.”

“Ah… So… So you came to rescue them, that’s why they built Area 51, right?”

“Things in real space are not the same as in Star Trek, Karen. Communications and travel are fast but are not instantaneous. It took five of your years for the distress message to get to us. By then, we knew that anything was possible. We sent another ship to ascertain what happened to them. Since it crash landed, we had no way to know how many survivors, if any, there were.

However, the time to travel from our system to yours is around 9 of your years.”

“Which puts us in the early 1960’s. 1961 to be exact.” continued Greer. “

“However,” continued Valeria Bayne, “your technology had evolved and made us hold back instead of coming straight ahead. We couldn’t afford to fly over your planet, sending signals, trying to find them. We had no proof they were on firm ground. They could have plunged in the ocean for all we could tell. So we landed on the moon and tried to communicate with the survivors, if any. That’s where we got in touch with people from Area-51 who were trying to do reverse engineering on the wreck of the ship they found back in 1947. The last survivor had died a few years after the crash. Your doctors did the best they could, but our body is quite different than yours and they were lacking the technology and the knowledge.”

“The problem is that the ship in which they came, is 2km wide.” added Greer. “A little difficult to hide. We had to meet with them on the Moon.”

“The space race to the moon!” exclaimed Karen. 

“Exactly.” said Greer. “The famous Kennedy speech, in 1962, where he set the goal, to reach the moon before the end of the decade, was in fact, to get to them before the Russian.”

“So, since the late 1970’s we’ve been here. Three of us came to earth on board Apollo 12, 14 and 15. It was kept an uttermost secret. Political views prevailed, and then, the missions were cancelled. There were only 16 and 17 left. There was only one place for only two of us to go back. I volunteered to stay. The rest traveled back to our planet. Now they’re back to pick me up, but, as a token of appreciation, they offered me a place for one human.”

“Ah.” said Karen, puzzled. “Oh… Ohhhhhh.” she said, realizing what was happening. “And you want me? Why? Why me? I’m  no diplomat or space rocket scientist.”

“No,” said Valeria Bayne, “but you have what it will take for the merge.”

“The… merge? What is that, and what do I have for it?”

“Some things that have to do with what you’re wearing, apparently.” said Greer, evidently not at ease, but Karen felt another answer from Valeria Bayne, an answer she was the only one to feel it. “because you will enjoy it.”

“And, of course, you don’t have families that would look for you if you disappear all of a sudden. We’ll take care of the rest.” added Greer.

Karen was looking at both of them alternatively, a question mark in her head.

“I must say, Karen, that you were a lucky draw. Valeria was about to go back alone, as the launch window is in two days. After that, new sensors on the Space Station will make their ship detectable anywhere on the planet. They have to leave now.

We had nobody to send with them. Nobody who fit the profile. Nobody enlisted, that is. We couldn’t go around and abduct ordinary citizens and then erase their memories and send them back. That would have raised suspicion.”

“Erase… their memory? The… secret they have to keep? Is that it? From the… rumors I’ve heard.”

“Yes.” said Valeria Bayne. “They were brought here in a similar fashion like you were transported. Then, I scanned them. They didn’t meet the minimum requirements, so immediately, their memory of that fast travel was erased, and blocked with ‘sorry, top secret’ memory. Every time they try to read this memory, it says top secret, and they couldn’t recall anything.”

“So… why me? I’m not enlisted. How did you find me?”

“I received a dispatch from General Carter, explaining the incident, and your dismissal papers, describing your… provocative dressing habits, to take his words.”

“Ah… yes.” said Karen, looking down as her tight leotard hiding a tightly laced corset, her tight jeans and high heels. She was alone at home, yet she put all this on.

“And you fit exactly what Valeria had described to me.”

“I understand but… Still. Why?… you know…” began to say Karen, trailing off.

“Because you like it.” she heard Valeria Bayne in her head, “and that’s why you’re the perfect fit.”

Karen looked at her with a stunned expression. Greer figured out that they were talking telepathically.

“I… I will leave you both together. I believe it’s a…woman thing.” said Greer, doing a perfect 90 degrees turn upon walking away and leaving the room.

Karen was not exactly at ease. Oh, she was not afraid, the prospect of going space traveling was even appealing. No, it was the way Valeria Bayne was dressed, what she was wearing, the apparent thickness, and very obvious tightness of it made her interested.

“See, that’s what I’m talking about?” said Valeria Bayne.

“Say what?” asked a puzzled Karen.

“The way you look at my suit, at my high heels. The way you react to it. That’s what I was looking for.”

“You…  you read in my mind?” asked Karen, suddenly afraid she could scan her against her will.

“I don’t have to. You’re broadcasting quite loudly by yourself. You will have to learn to control it. To put it in your words: you’re screaming your head off, right now.”

“But… I’m no telepath.” said Karen.

“Oh yes you are. You all are. You’re broadcasting all your feelings, emotions and thoughts at full blast, to take one of your expressions. However, your brain doesn’t listen to it. All you have to do is learn to tune your brain to tap on those frequencies.”

“But… I can hear you.”

“That’s because I can focus my beam to the frequency you can hear, and the fact that you have that capacity already developed is another characteristic I was looking for. You probably noticed that it seems like you could feel the moods of the persons around you.”

“Err, yeah. I could kind of sense if they were happy or sad. It was just… natural.”

“So, you have telepathic abilities. As for the suit, well, it’s alive. In fact, it’s a symbiotic relationship. A merge.”

“A what?” asked Karen.

“A symbiotic relationship. That suit is in fact a living organism. It lives out of your energy. You feed it your energy, and in exchange, it wraps you and protects you, and… much more.” she said, her telepathic transmission having a funny, almost sexy note to it.

Karen was shocked.

“So, what General Greer told me earlier, that I was chosen because of what I wear, was true?”

“Partly. Like I said, we met a lot of women who didn’t go farther than the brain scan. You had all that I wanted. Think of it. Just the trip to my world is 9 of your years. So, let’s say that you’ll stay with us, in our world, for two years, you’re looking at 20 years of symbiotic merge. That’s not an easy to break bond. And even then, you have to find a suitable host for the symbiote, assuming you will want to par with it. Believe me, it’s not an easy decision and it’s painful for both of you. We met a lot of fetishists, but you’re the first one that has it all, including telepathic abilities.”

“So… wait. Fetishists? Are you implying”

Karen got sexually aroused. She thought about what she was about to order.

“See?” said Valeria Bayne.

“Yeah… and… what am I getting myself into? And what if I decide not to go, or refuse?”

“Then all memories of this meeting will be erased, you’ll have a top secret block and you will be returned to your usual life, like the others. No harm done.”

“No harm. Just a loss of memory?”

“The only thing we had to block from them was the transport pod and the brainscan. You would have to get a deeper block, but I firmly believe that you will accept the outcome.”

“And what is it?”

In her brain, Karen saw and felt everything. It lasted only about 15 seconds, but in a flash, she knew the procedure, the outcome. 

“Who says you’re aren’t making this stuff up?”

“One thing you’ll learn is that, you can’t lie through telepathic communication… and we’ll have to work on you, blocking what you’re emitting. Right now, I KNOW I made the right choice because I can clearly see your… fantasies.”

Karen blushed, but at the same time, couldn’t take her eyes from Valeria Bayne’s tightly constricted waist, long legs encased in the rubber like suit, and those high heels boots.

“Think about it, Karen. General Greer will provide you with living quarters for the time you need to take your decision. I will be available to answer your questions at any time, but I will not interfere pushing one way or the other, and, to answer the question you actually have: no, I can’t manipulate your thoughts. But you have to be fast. We have two days.”

Karen looked at her, mouth open, not saying a word. She didn’t need to. Valeria Bayne could read them easily.

“I will not listen to your thoughts either,” said Valeria Bayne.

That seemed to satisfy Karen who retreated and walked out of the hangard through the nearest exit, meeting Greer who was waiting.

“Come. I will show you where to get some rest. It’s already late. We’ll talk more in the morning.” he said, inviting her into a little bedroom.

Part IV

She was laying on her bed, on her back, fighting to breath against her crushing corset, her hands resting on her lower stomach, feeling her tight jeans. She was wiggling her feet strapped into her high heel shoes, looking at the ceiling, wondering.

“Va… Valeria Bayne… Can… Can you hear me?” she thought, loudly. As far as she knew, telepathy could go through walls.

“Valeria Bayne. I’m calling Valeria Bayne.” she thought again, but this time, she tried to concentrate even more, tried to push away the zillions of questions she was thinking about asking her. It was difficult. Her mind was a mess.

“Yes, I can hear you, Karen. What can I do for you?” she heard back in her head.

“I… I don’t know how to ask it but… you know…” she began to think, but again, all her thoughts became entangled into a disorganized mess.

She felt an appeasing wave wrapping her.

“Your telepathic abilities still need a lot of control, but I think I know what you want to see.” said Valeria Bayne.

Suddenly, Karen’s mind went black, and she was overwhelmed by odors: flowers, fruits, some she recognized, some were new, but all were appealing. Then she felt wind on her skin, she felt her hair float and she saw it.

She was flying in the air, a rich forest under her feet, a colorful forest with green, but also pink, purple, red, yellow trees, like fall on Earth. Her face was lit up and heated by two suns, one yellow, the other one, smaller, reddish. In the daylight sky, over her head, she could see a moon, or was it another planet, way bigger than Earth’s moon.

In the distance, she could see buildings, of different shapes and sizes, from what appeared to be a very large city. She was flying toward it. Below, she saw people. Some were humanlike, others were like biped reptiles, others were, well, different. All seemed to live in harmony, enjoying life.

“Your… planet?” she asked.

“One of them.” answered Valeria Bayne. “They’re not all this beautiful, and even on that one, there are deserts, frozen tundras, volcanic infernos.”

“This is so beautiful and peaceful.” said Karen. “All… All these worlds are part of your… Federation of Planets or something?” asked Karen.

“There’s no Federation, or Coalition or Union or anything else. Each planet is what it is. And it’s not what you would call Eden either, Karen. We have conflicts, on the planet and between planets. There are good people, but there bad people. Thiefs, crooks, murderers and the like are everywhere, as well as good people, purveyors of goods, helpers.  As a symbiote and an Ambassador of Earth, you will have to visit them all, and eventually, prepare the Earth to open itself to the rest of this universe.”

“Oh my!” said Karen. “But… I mean… Nine years to go, then spend a few years there, then another nine years to come back, and if Earth is not ready, which I suspect, another nine years to go back… I would be getting old in no time.” she said.

While she was seeing other idyllic worlds, but also desolate worlds, conflicts, and wars, Valeria Bayne continued.

“Oh no, you will have plenty of time. The Symbiotes helps lives a lot longer. I’m actually 357 of your years old, Karen, and I foresee another 200 years ahead of me.”

Karen was speechless. She tried to figure it all out… What will she do for 500-plus years?

“Symbiotes are well regarded throughout the galaxy, Karen. We are peacekeepers. We are helpers. We are treaty negotiators. We are ambassadors of peace. From what I read in you. you are one of us, Karen. I know you will fit in perfectly.”

“That’s…” tried to say Karen as the images and feelings disappeared, bringing her back in the cold room of the hangard. Her mind was a mess, a mix of questions, hopes, apprehensions, fears, questions and even answers.

“You need to rest, Karen.” said Valeria Bayne. “Here, let me help you.”

Karen felt warm, light, as if she was floating. The noises in her brain vanished. She was calm. She was in peace. She was asleep.

Part  V

The tiny window was letting the sun in, now shining directly on Karen’s face. She awakened, from a deep and rejuvenating sleep. She stretched on her bed, opened her eyes and startled.

“What the hell…” she began to say, seeing her arms wrapped in the shiny blue spandex suit, and the room, which wasn’t… her bedroom.

She looked around and her brain finally engaged. She remembered the trip, the encounter with that rubber coated alien, the images, the…

She closed her eyes as she gently put her fingers on her tight jeans, right on her crotch, where a simple scratching of her fingernail was sending joyful waves.

Shaking her head, she recomposed herself and sat on the edge of the bed. Her brain was awakening and all the images she saw were back. She still had a decision to make.

“Valeria Bayne?” she softly mumbled, trying to think about her, to call her with her telepathy, but she received no response.

She got up, wobbling on her high heels, still feeling sleepy.

She opened the door of her small room and was struck by the smell of coffee.

“Damn! I need that.” she said, following the smell, her heels clicking on the concrete floor of the building. She felt her buns getting squeezed in her tight jeans. She tried to take a deep breath but was reminded of her corset.

She entered a small kitchen where a half-full coffee maker was there. She easily found cups in a nearby cabinet and filled one, taking a sip of the hot beverage, feeling the tight sleeves of her leotard pinch her elbow as she bent her arm to bring the cup to her lips.

“Ah, there you are. Slept well?” said General Greer.

“I… I think so. Where is Valeria Bayne?”

“Valeria is back in her ship, which means that she’s completely isolated. She said that she was awaiting your answer and all you had to do was walk toward her ship when ready.” he said, looking at her expectantly.

Karen simply stood there, not answering. She took a long gulp of the coffee.

“Yes. I bet you need that, Karen.” said Greer, giggling. “Take your time. It’s a long-term decision. I mean 20+ years is a long time.” he said.

Karen realized that he was not aware of everything.

“Yes. Twenty years is a long time.” she said, trailing off. “I… I still have a few more questions for her.” she said, bringing her coffee with her, walking out of the small cafeteria and heading for the hangard.

She approached the ship. She felt strange. She was used to seeing military stuff, but this was… Alien. The symbols written on it, its shape. This was from another world.

She slowly walked toward it, feeling her tight jeans play with her crotch,  her hips rub against the tight corset, her feet, gently seeking the balance on their thin heels.

“Valeria Bayne?” she said, gently approaching the spaceship.

“You can call me Valeria.” she heard back in her head. “What can I do for you, Karen. Have you made a decision?”

“Not yet, I’m still not sure. I mean, this is so… overwhelming.” she said.

“I understand, Karen. When I was chosen to become a symbiote, I was like you. I too am from a world who is not in contact with the rest of the Galaxy. They haven’t been for the past 205  years, 357 of your years if you will, and they’re still not ready. All in good times, Karen. All in good times.”

“I have one last question. What if the merge doesn’t work? What if I don’t like it? Would I be able to, you know, get out of the deal?” asked Karen.

“Believe me.” said Valeria, with the biggest love wave Karen had ever felt, “You won’t want out.”

“Okay… Let’s try it.” she said.

She suddenly felt all tingly and the ship in front of her gently faded to be replaced with futuristic looking walls. Startled, she looked around. Valeria was in front of her, and she could almost make out a smile from behind her faceless head.

Valeria extended her hand toward Karen.

“Please, give me your hand.” she said.

Karen extended hers and what looked like a blob of liquid rubber formed inside Valeria’s palm and grew, extending toward Karen’s hand. It touched it and seemed to transfer to her.

She felt a wet spot, warm, then it disappeared under the tight sleeve of her leotard. A few seconds later, she felt something warm on her neck, like it was poking at it.

“The symbiote is sensing the compatibility, Karen. That’s the last compatibility check. If all goes well, it will merge. If not, it will retreat back and you will be let go with the memory block. But I have a strong positive feeling.” said Valeria.

“Ah… Oh…” she said, opening her mouth, feeling a warm goo spread around her neck, under her leotard. It pretty much dissolved her leotard and her corset as it got over it, replacing it.

Valeria Bayne slowly backed away, knowing what will happen, what Karen will go through, and the space she would be needing.

Karen felt a pleasurable, reassuring wave, that everything would be fine. As it wrapped her already corseted waist, she gasped as her waist got compressed even more! She couldn’t believe how tight it was becoming, and she loved it!

“Everything is gonna be just fine.” she heard Valeria Bayne.

The symbiote was spreading download, melting her jeans away, replacing them, wrapping her legs, engulfing them. She was completely covered by it, from her toes to her fingers.

It then engulfed her head, and at the same time, seemed to replace her shoes with even higher heels, like pointy heels, ballet heels.

She felt it completely engulf her head, enter in her ears, cutting all the sounds. It covered her eyes. It entered her nostrils, her mouth, filling it. She should be panicking right now, but she felt calm. The symbiote was repeating that everything was fine.

Her mouth was filled, more and more. It felt like she was gagged. Like in her fantasies, being gagged by an inflatable bladder, body tightly encased in latex, feet in ballet heels.

Then, at her crotch, she felt poking as the symbiote entered her body. She put her hands on her crotch. She felt her legs weak and her crotch on fire. She collapsed on the steel floor of the spaceship. 

She began to rock her hips up and down and as the most orgasmic pleasure wave she ever experienced engulfed her, she screamed.

But the scream was only in her head.

Valerie giggled.

“I’d say it is a good match.”

The symbiote seemed to respond. “Yes it is.” Karen heard the symbiote answer.

“Who are you?” asked Karen, puzzled, as the orgasm faded out.

“I am Us, of course, but I’ve been known as Bayne. We are all Baynes. That is my name. But what is our name, now. How should we be called?”


He was filing the final report, closing the Valeria Bayne project. After all these years, he will not see her again. Not officially, that is. Too bad he wasn’t compatible, otherwise he would have gone itself. He heard Valeria’s mental call.

He put down his coffee cup and walked out to the hangard. As he was approaching the spaceship, a green glow appeared, followed by two female forms, both completely encased in what looked like liquid rubber.

He recognized the one on his left: Valeria. Standing on her left, a new alien creature. She was wearing a similar outfit but the feet were different, standing on their toes. He recognized her hair. 

“I see everything is settled, then.”  he said. “I suspect you are Karen.” he said, pointing at the new woman.

“I… was. A am Karena Bayne now.” she said, slightly bowing. “Nice to meet you… again, General Greer.” as the two entities merged their thoughts.

“I’m sure the Earth will be proud of you, Karena Bayne.” he said, in his head, telepathically. “It was an honor to know you, Valeria Bayne.” he added.

Both women slightly bowed.

He gave a military salute to the two aliens as the large doors of the hangard opened to the desert scene of Area 51. The green glow took the two aliens with them and a few moments later, the spaceship was levitating without a sound a few inches off the ground, slowly sliding out.

“We will see you again, General Greer.” she heard Valeria say in his head.

“I’m looking forward to it.” he answered.

The spaceship quickly accelerated and in a flash it was out of the atmosphere, sailing away to its corner of the galaxy.

“How come you will see each other again?” asked Karena Bayne.

“Oh, he tried to merge but it was unsuccessful and the symbiote had to retreat. But in the few hours he was a symbiote, he received a gift.”

On his way back to his office, Greer put a hand inside his jacket, to his chest, feeling a soft patch of skin. He reached his office and walked to the mirror,  unbuttoning his jacket, opening it, showing a black, shiny, liquidy patch, the size of his hand, right over his heart.

Yes, the failed merge left a sequel. A 150 years lifespan sequel. And with Valeria Bayne gone, it was time to retire, until her return, in 20 years. Hopefully with a compatible symbiote.

In the ship, Karena Bayne was puzzled.

“Not what?” she asked.

“We will meet with Mothership on the far side of the moon and we will then depart for our world, your new world.”

“Oh… and all this time? Do I have to… I don’t know, learn languages, protocoles or anything like that?”

“We communicate telepathically. No need for language. And yes, you have to learn something. You have to know your Bayne.” said Valeria.

At that moment, Karen felt some throbbing at her crotch. Her breasts appeared to get squished. Her nipples became sensitive. Her breath became shallow.

“Well, how do you think we transfer energy to our Bayne, Karena?”

Karen, or rather Karena Bayne, collapsed on the floor, hips rocking up and down, hands at her crotch, squirming.

“One thing you WILL have to learn, Karena Bayne, is… not to do this on the spot, like that. But you have nine years to learn.” she said, giggling.

Karen was literally… out of this world. As she was squirming on the floor, her Bayne barely able to keep her loud moaning down, Valeria Bayne turned around and walked away.

“Ah the hell with it. Enjoy it!”.

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