Karen – The Football Challenge


“You want what?” he asked, puzzled, looking at Karen, holding a coil of rope in her hand.

“I want you to tie me up.”

“What for?”  he asked.

“I’ve been taking one of those escape artist on-line courses, and I want you to tie me up. I  mean, I’ve been practicing on myself, but it’s not the same.”

“Escape artist? What the fuck is that?” he said, emptying his cup of coffee with one large gulp.

“It’s… you know… someone who can escape being tied up.”

“What’s the use? Why do that?”

“It’s a skill, Phil. Like juggling or doing cartwheels, or backflips.” she said.

“Well… Okay, I guess.”

She happily giggled and raised the coils of ropes, pretty much putting them in his face.

“What? You mean… now?”

“Anytime is a good time. Why not?”

“Well, there was…” he said, roughly pointing to the TV.

“It will only take a minute. You won’t miss the game.” she said, knowing perfectly that his team was heading for the World Series, and he wouldn’t miss a single match.

With a shigh, he got up and followed her. She was literally hopping to the bedroom, wiggling her tightly encased butt in her skinny jeans, trotting on her high heels. She was beautiful, inside and outside. And down right sexy!

She sat on the bed.

“Well, what do you want?” he asked her, not sure.

“I dunno. How… how about you tie my ankles and my wrists.” she said, clamping her legs and her wrists in front of her.

“Uh… okay.” he said.

He proceeded to wrap one of the coils of rope around her ankles, not tying it too tight, as he wasn’t sure how to tie someone, then he wrapped the coils around her wrists, again, not too tight. 

“Is that…okay?”  he asked, unsure.

She only smiled and tried immediately to reach the knot. She was happy. She was having fun. He walked back to the living room, turning on the TV. The pre-game had almost ended and the game was about to start.

The kick-off had just happened when he heard the distinctive sounds of heels clicking, getting closer.

“That was easy.” she said. “I’d like to try another one.”

“But… The game…” he said, pointing at the television.

“Yeah, the game. Always the game.” she said, stomping off toward the bedroom.

With a shigh, he got up and ran after her.

“Listen, Karen. I’m sorry. Okay, let’s try another one.” he said.

This time, he tied her hands in her back. Tighter .

“You’re good?” he asked.

“Yes!” she said, already struggling, working the challenge.

He walked quickly back to the game.

“Damn. I missed a good fifteen minutes.” he said as he sad town, trying to get the feeling of the game, who was winning, the key plays and stuff.

He heard high heel noises.

“Ta! DA!!” she said, standing in front of him, the coils of rope in her hands. “Again!” she said, jumping in place.

“Yes, Hon… Can you wait five minutes, at least until half-time, please?”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.” she said, dancing and singing back to the room.

He followed as soon as the half-time was called. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time.

He tied her up in a similar fashion, adding a rope around her knees, tying them tightly, and doing multiple knots. But the rope was nylon and was quite slippery.

He was able to catch most of the second half of the game before she showed up, all smiling and proud.

“Are you discovering a kinky side?” he asked.

The thought never occurred to her and she turned red.

“What? No… I’m not a… weirdo. I’m an escape artist.” she said.

Nonetheless, the next time they made love, he tied her wrists to the headboard. The outcome was revealing.

“Well… I guess I have a kinky side. Damn! That was good.” she said, still struggling against her wrist ropes as he was on her, still kissing her naked and firm breasts, caressing her, winding down.

“It did show.” he said, smiling, kissing her. “So… you wanna try getting out of there, or do I untie you?”

“That’s a good idea, but it’s getting late.” she said, a devilish grin on her face. “But we should try it someday.” she added.

Time went by and their setup grew more complicated and elaborated.  However, already, a plan had formed. Each time Karen asked to be tied up to try her escaping skills, he would go somewhat easy, meaning that she would be able to get out, even if the tie was intricate into a complex hogtie, to, you know,  build her confidence.

It was the day of the finale. Karen was ready. She had bought herself a black, shiny PVC catsuit, which somewhat, helped with getting her freedom more easily as the ropes slipped on it, and Phil didn’t dislike the feeling of the material. He even suggested she tried latex. That would be for another time.

She had on her favorite heels in addition to the PVC catsuit. Phil proceeded.

“I have to make sure you’ll stay tied up until the end of the game.” he said.

“Remember our deal.” she said. “If I get out before the end of the game, YOU will pay for a top of the line latex catsuit.” she said, all smiles.

“And you will let me watch the next football season without interrupting if I win.” he added with a devilish smile.

“Oh, I’m confident. I’ll get free way before the end.” she said. “What…what is that?”

“New rope. Cotton. Easier to work with than the slippery nylon.” he said.

“Oh…” she answered, knowing she would lose an advantage point as cotton is not as slippery as nylon on her PVC catsuit.

He began by tying up her ankles together, wrapping the rope around her high heeled feet as well as her ankles.

Then the knees, a coil of rope over and under the knees kept her legs well in place.

 For good measure, he added another rope at her mid-thighs, and knotted all the ropes with the knot in front, out of reach of his planned position.

Already, Karen was feeling overwhelmed, but she was confident that everything would slip easily on her shiny PVC catsuit.

He brought her arms in her back and tied her wrists together, then, put another rope over her elbows and slowly began to tighten. She found it weird and rather extreme. To his amazement, and hers, he was able to draw her elbows together. Well, she was doing gymnastics, so she already had flexible joints, which was one of the keys to her success of getting out of her bounds.

He then made a breast harness and linked the elbow rope to it, and wrapped a tight coil of rope around her already thin waist, then fed the rope between her legs, pulling it tightly. She moaned.

“That’s devilish, you know?”

“Yeah, but it will give you some fun while the game is played.” he said with a wink “You might be in there for quite a while.”.

“Yeah, as if you’re gonna be able to watch it in full.” she said, defiantly.

He only smiled, and linked her wrists to the crotch rope, and let her go.

She immediately began to struggle to get free, but she quickly realized that it would not be easy. Those ropes were tight and not giving away easily.

He went to his bedside table and picked a leather strap with a ball on it, and approached Karen.

“That’s to keep your moanings down. You know I’m receiving the guys, right? So… Shush…” he said, putting a finger on his mouth, then stuffed the large ball gag inside Karen’s mouth.

She protested, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

He then took another set of ropes and turned her on her stomach, grabbing her legs and folding them toward her head, linking the ankles to her elbow rope, putting her into a rather strict hogtie.

She moaned, but not a pleasure moan. A protesting moan.

“The rules were I had to tie you up to my liking. Well, I like that, and  you’ll like this.” he said, going again to his bedside table and retrieving a large vibrating dildo. He rolled her on her side and tied the dildo on the ropes, over her crotch, turned her back on her stomach and turned the dildos on just as the doorbell rang.

“Well, have fun, hon. See you after the game.” he said, leaving the room and closing the door.

From Karen’s point of view, things were different. She couldn’t move her arms or her legs. She was stuck in a tight hogtie position, her crotch pressing against a vibrating dildo, itself pressing against her crotch.

She quickly moaned. She liked it! Hell, she loved it! Feeling totally helpless had become an obsession, and she really wished Phil would tie her up this way, but she never counted on adding toys. That gave a whole other perspective.

Quite many friends joined Phil for the game, and the pre-show was on.

One of the guys, sitting near the corridor leading to the bedroom turned his head sideways like listening. Very faint, he could hear muffled screams. But they didn’t sounded distressed screams. More…pleasure ones.

“Hey Phil,” he said, lowering his voice and gesturing to him to come closer, that he wanted to tell him a secret. “That noise… your girlfriend?” he asked.

“Yes. Don’t tell the others.” he whispered back.

“Oh… your little tie-up games?”

“Yes and if she’s not free by the end of the game, I’m to watch the whole next season without arguing.”

“Oh… but what if she gets free?”

“She won’t. Lets just say that the ropes are impossible to take off, and that I added something to keep her mind off escaping.” he said with a devilish grin.

“Oh… I see.” said the friend with a smile. “But… this is only the pre-show. There’s two hours of that BEFORE the actual game.”

He smiled.

“Yes, I know…”

“And Karen?”

“She doesn’t need to know. Not now anyway.” he said with wink.

Karen would have to stay like that for a lot more longer than she had anticipated, but right now, she couldn’t care less. She wasn’t even trying to get free, just trying to find the right position to have the maximum vibrations.

She might have to buy the latex catsuit herself, but she will be tied up many, many times over the next football season, which was pretty much a win for her.

In reality, she even regretted not showing Phil the gag she had bought: a head harness with a panel gag and an attached blindfold. Oh well, it will be for next time.

She’ll let Phil believe that he won, while in reality…

© Pete / monsterp63, September 19, 2020

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