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Who is Karen? She’s a fictional character. Totally fictional. I liked that name at the time (1990-ish) before it was associated with a self-entitled bitch (in North-America)

She’s described at what is probably my fantasy, my ideal woman, my ideal companion.

In the stories, she’s generally described as a 20 to 30 y/o woman, with a slim yet fit body, shoulder-length curly brown hair and ample breasts.

The rest? I leave it to your imagination. That’s why her description is so vague, although with the addition of 3D art starting in 2016, she now has a face.

At one point, I was tired to always have the same face, the same hairdo (a bun on top of the head, because at that time, I didn’t had a shoulder-length hair prop), so I devised another character named Valerie, and started to write stories for Valerie.

Valerie was as fictional as Karen and was pretty much the same person, except for her 3D-Analog Render (to borrow a classic expression from Mythbusters).

In my mind, a character doesn’t change. Look at the Simpsons. They all have the same shape and same hairdo after all those years.

Then someone wrote “why change her name because she changed her look? Just change her hairdo or whatever. Characters on TV gets replaced, and over the seasons, evolve. How come Karen couldn’t do that?”

Then it dawned on me that, well, he was right. Take the series “Castle” with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Kate (Katic) changes her hairdo quite often (fortunately, she kept her heels… and added a corset when playing cowboys. – Sorry… you’re a fetishist or you’re not.)

So, I went back to Karen, now that I had a shoulder-length curly brown hair prop.

Some stories that originally involved “Valerie” as the main character have been re-written as Karen. Some are kept as they are because they couldn’t be changed.

Update, August 1st, 2021

Funny that it took me 20+ years to figure this thing.

Karen represents my ultimate fetish fantasies, namely live them out in the open. In many stories, she’s in full fetish gear, wandering around in public, and doesn’t give a fuck about what other’s people would think. She does what she likes and she likes what she does. She does it for herself, enjoying every minute of it, living HER life to the fullest.

Imagine a world where people don’t mind what other people wear or behave (as long as it’s not criminal… You’re smart enough to fill that part). You would have people walking around in regular city clothes, but also in full fetish gear, whatever the fetish would be, people restrained, chained here and there, Masters, slaves, adult babies, you name it.

And with people not noting how the next one is living, we might end-up with a lot more “fetishists” on the street than vanilla people…

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