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Different Masters and Mistresses have appeared over the years. Sometimes, they are Phil or Lynda.

In 2018, what started out as simple 3D renders ‘wallpaper’ images, turned into a full blown story called “Mistress and The Twins”.

Mistress didn’t had a name. She was Mistress. As for the twins, well, I simply didn’t had enough props/figures to create another different character that would be of my liking. So, I copied/pasted Karen into her “twin”.

They became recurrent characters and I needed “Mistress’ figure” somewhere else, so I had to get rid of her. I introduced Madam Mary.

Mistress and Madam Mary are on/off characters, used when needed. Karyn, Karen’s twin sister, has faded out. I really had no use for her after the “Twin series.” That’s why she isn’t mentioned before or after.

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