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How about a little bit about myself.

I am a 50+years old, straight male, living in Beautiful Canada, in the Province of Quebec and proud to be Quebecer and a Canadian.

I’m French-Canadian, meaning my native language is French, which explains the weird phrasings and sometimes totally wrong words used in my stories. Don’t be afraid to note me on those, and I will correct them asap.

I’m also dyslexic, my main issue being inverting stuff, hence Lynda becomes Karen and vice-versa. Especially dreadful with numbers, where 3246 can become 3642, with my eyes seeing 3642, but my brain seeing 3246 while ordering my hand to write 3642, and declaring everything’s fine. No wonder I come up with those wacky scenarios. My brain is all fucked-up from the start!

Again, you find an error, just tell me.


I’ve been writing since I was very young, mainly silly stories (some of which would be perfect for the low-intellect humor of some actors), and science-fiction stories (one of my passions).

Like probably most fetishists, I’ve had these fantasies of bondage, tight clothes, high heels and stuff for as far as I can remember. I was attracted to outfits that were shiny, tight, constricting, etc.

With time and maturity, things developed, but not having access at “the world” I thought I was nuts, abnormal. It’s not ‘normal’ to get aroused at the image of someone being tied up.

Then Internet was born, and I discovered that there was a whole bunch of people like me. Some were even writing stories that triggered my imagination. One of them was a story I forgot the name, where a woman would receive a package containing high heels, and as soon as she would put them on, they would attach to her feet and she would become a “slave”.

Then, I said to myself: hey. Why not trying to write about your fetishes. At that time, I was still “shy” about my fetishes and went conservatively with tight jeans and high heels stories.

Gradually the stories changed, evolving into more bondage, more sexual and a heck of a lot more latex, to what they are today, over 250 stories later.

The last “page count” which is not complete, sums them at over 2500 pages. (standard, single spaced, letter sized pages)

Why? you may ask. I sincerely don’t know. I have to write. I have huge urges to write. Just ask those unfortunate ones who have to deal with my 2 pages long e-mails to answer a question that should have taken 2 lines. (Hell, just look at this section…). If it hadn’t been fetish stories, it would have been S-F stories. I get those images, those stories in my head and I just have to get them out. If I was able to make a living out of it, that would be cool, but so far, I’m putting a lot more money in this that I ever got back.

I often read back stories I’ve written a few years earlier, sometimes just a few months, and I can’t believe that I wrote that. It’s like someone else is taking over my body and I’m just a typist.

And honestly, true to whichever God you worship: I do imagine and write all of those stories. Yeah, I’m as stunned as you are.


I am, by all means, a tight jeans fetishist. Also a high heels (preferably boots) fetishist, and a corset, latex, leather, vinyl, spandex, PVC, etc, anything that is tight and/or shiny, fetishist.

I’m also a restriction / bondage fetishist, mainly doing self-bondage, not having found the perfect partner.

I own many pairs of high heels shoes and boots, that I wear on a daily basis (at home only – you can see part of my collection on my Instagram account – monsterp63), PVC, Spandex, Vegan Leather leggings and catsuits, and my prized possessions: a custom-made neck-entry catsuit from Fantastic Rubber, and a latex hood from MKL Latex Couture.

Oh, I also own a vacbed from Kink Engineering

I would also take that opportunity to thank Lady Arsenique for bringing me into the kinky community in my area. My vacbed is currently in her dungeon, where she uses it to introduce people to the wonderful world of rubber confinement.


I wish for peace on Earth and no more hunger in the world. That and everybody is wearing latex and in constant bondage.

My deepest fantasy is to be ‘recognized’ by the high-end fetish community, you know, by some high-profile model, or something, about how ‘good’ (cough-cough) my stories are. But I’m day-dreaming here.


If you have any questions, just drop me a line. I answer everybody. Note: if you ask a silly question, expect a silly answer 😉

Oh, and about monsterp. Why that name? Well, in the beginning of the Internet, the dial-up epoch, e-mail was replacing the classic pen-pal. One of my correspondent who learned French in school, began to call me ‘Monster Pierre’ because she felt the way she pronounced ‘Monsieur’ sounded more like ‘monster’. So, monster Pierre became monsterp.

Of course, monsterp was taken, so I had to add a number. I’ll let you figure that one out.

Pete aka Pierre

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