Karen – Autumn Walk


Nervously, he climbed the stairs leading to the second floor of the building where Karen’s apartment was. They’ve been going together for quite a while now, but they were not, you know, boyfriend-girlfriend. Yet.

She always seemed distant, although very in love. They did make love quite a few times, it was good, but it was as if something was missing. For him as well as for her.

He felt he should ask her, and tell her. He wanted to go to the next step but…

The doorbell rang.

She was nervous. She loved Derek. They’ve been going out together for a while now, and she was ready for the next step, going steady, becoming girlfriend-boyfriend. But she had a secret. Would he be willing to share? To participate?

She rubbed her tight jeans with her leather gloved hands and opened the door.

He was stunned. Well, Karen always stunned him. She was so gorgeous, and on this day, she seemed more stunning than usual. Was it her very tight jeans? Well, she was always wearing something tight, which suits him perfectly. Was it her very tight leather jacket, so tight he wondered how she actually put it on and zipped it over her high neck jacket?

Or the fact that she looked so girly on her high heel wedge sneakers.

He smiled at her, feeling warm just at the thought of spending the day with her on this coldish autumn day.


“Hi, Derek.” she answered back, sparks in her eyes, her smile growing by the second. She was so happy to meet him. 

He looked at her from head to toe.

“You’re, I dunno… sparkling, today.” he said, looking at her, trying to figure out what was different this time. Was her waist thinner? Nah. Probably just an effect of the tight leather jacket.

“Beautiful day, hey?” she asked, blushing. “So. Ready?” she asked him, jumping on her toes like a little kid.

Damn! He was melting on the spot. She was so beautiful when she was doing that.

“But of course. Your limousine is waiting, miss Karen.” he said, giggling, extending his arm to allow her to go in front of him. He was a gentleman: woman’s first.

Karen obliged. She knew how a gentleman he was, and also how he loved to look at her wiggling butt in tight jeans.

They took the stairs. While following her, and admiring her wonderfully wrapped behind, he was at the same time puzzled. Something was odd, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. She was walking differently. Perhaps the shoes.

She walked down the stairs, and after a few steps, she wondered: was it the right choice? Does it show? She felt different. She knew something was odd. She was not used to this. Now this way.

She did as if everything was normal, although she was gripping the handrail rather strongly while going down.

They reached the street level and they headed for his limousine. A simple small car. Nothing extraordinary. He was no rich businessman. He was a simple hard working industrial plant employee, like Karen was a middle-class working woman working as an accounting clerk in a large firm.

He opened the door to let her in, and she seemed to struggle to do so. Well, tight jeans are not the best garment to squeeze into a small car, and it wasn’t the first time, but she seemed to struggle more than usual.

Again, he put that on her leather jacket and he took his place behind the wheel, smiling at her, returning the smile.

They drove to the park where they intended to spend most of their day, admiring the view provided by Mother Nature on this wonderful autumn day.

But as he was reaching a ramp to head for the highway, he put his blinker on. Karen looked at him, surprised.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Well, you know how those colors are wonderful seen from above, right? The ski resort is having a color festival day, and we could go up on top of the mountain to admire the view. I mean, it would be even better than just sitting at the park. W… what do you think?” he said, suddenly seeing the worried look of Karen. “Something wrong?… I… I can turn around at the next exit.” he quickly said.

“It’s just that…” she said, opening her arms in a broad gesture, “I’m not exactly set up for a mountain hike.” she said.

“Bah, don’t worry. We’ll take the gondola or the chair lift.” he said, smiling.

“Oh… right. Okay then.” she said, smiling, but her smile seemed to hide something.

An hour later, they were at the ski resort. Oh, it wasn’t the alps or something like that. More modest, but even at 600m, it was the highest of the area.

He parked the car and graciously helped Karen out of the car and held her gloved hand as they walked to the ticket booth line. He could see that there was a rather long line for the gondola, and the chairlifts seemed quicker.

“How about we go for the chairs? Yes, a little more chilly but I’m okay with my jacket and I don’t think it would be a problem for you. What do you think?”

“Oh… Yes, the chair is fine.” she said as he switched lines.

Fifteen minutes later, they were sitting alone on the four-person chairs because the couple that was lined up to sit with them entered into an argument and dropped out at the last second. They smiled and giggled.

“Well, I hope we never come to that one day.” he said, throwing his first lure into the waters, putting his hand on her tightly wrapped thigh. She put her gloved hand over it, and looked him in the eyes.

“It will never come to that. I’m sure.” she said, as she suddenly went wide eyes and twitched for a second as the chair went over the first set of carrying wheels on the post pulling the cable.

“Something wrong?” he asked, puzzled

“Err… No. Just… not expecting the vibration, that’s all”

“Oh… Never took a chairlift before?”

“Not really. I’ve never skied.” she said, twitching again at the next wheel pass.

But she was smiling. A weird smile. A mix of happiness and concern. A mix of joy and fear. What the heck was going on?

Derek was getting more and more concerned.

“Sure you’re okay?” he asked, again.

“Yes, I’m fine. It’s just… oh, look at that sight!” she said, as she pointed far away, where a lake was surrounded by a row of red trees, then another row of perfectly good green trees, making it look like an eye.

The rest of the trip up the mountain was filled with joyous sounds of wonderful sceneries. She seemed to be totally fine, and the higher they got, the more… happy she seemed to be. 

When they disembarked, she pretty much ran down the small slope doing very small steps, while almost signing.

“Sure you’re okay?” asked Derek as he joined her.

“Oh yes, I’m fine.” she said, in a loud and long whisper, almost… sexual.”

“Uh… Okay. There’s a belvedere this way.” he said, indicating the way with his arm, taking her by the waist.

They began to walk. Karen was curiously silent, walking with some strange twists.

“It’s the… sneakers.” she said, nervous. “Damn, it’s hot.” she said, trying to unzip her jacket, but the zipper was small, the jacket was tight and her fingers were clumsy with her leather gloves.

“Better take your gloves off.” said Derek.

“NO!… Err, no. I’m fine.” she said, still struggling.”

Derek slowly took her hand off her zipper and slowly slid it down himself, the jacket almost popping open as the zipper went down.

“Geesh, it is a tight fi…”

He didn’t have time to finish his phrase, she was all over him, kissing him passionately.

“What…” he managed to say between two kisses.

“Damn… I… I’m so… hot… right now… I… I… I could take you right here.” she said between kisses and tonsil licking.

People were passing by with a strange look on their face, looking at that woman almost making it out right there, rubbing her hips against that man.

He grabbed her by the waist.

“Karen, what’s goi… what’s that?” he asked, feeling something stiff around her small waist.

She immediately took his hands off her body.

“B… better go back home. NOW.” she said, taking his hands away, looking at him dead in the eyes, then turning around and aiming for the chairlift going down, walking fast, her butt wiggling, ankles struggling on the uneven terrain on her high heels.

He tried to strike a conversation, to know more, but she clamped shut, obviously holding something.

The trip back to her place was long and uncomfortable. The mood was strange. A mix of hope, delusions, sadness, puzzled looks.

She led him to her apartment, literally running up the stairs and then rushing to her bedroom as soon as the apartment door was opened.

He didn’t know what to do. He stayed there, by the door, waiting.

“Coming?” he heard, from the bedroom. “Oh, damn!” he heard, sultry, almost orgasmic.

He walked to the room and stopped at the door, stunned.

Karen was there, struggling to take her tight leather jacket off. She still had gloves in her hands but, no… her leather gloves were laying on the floor. Yet, her hands were black and shiny.

The leather jacket flew off over the dresser and in a second, her high neck shirt was off, revealing her body, tightly wrapped into a shiny black latex catsuit without any apparent zippers. Her waist was constricted with a leather corset, and over that corset, a steel belt, with a band going from the center front down at the crotch, currently hidden by the jeans.

She grabbed something from the top of the dresser and handled them to Derek, who had a stunned expression, taking the items.

“What…” he said, looking at the set of leather cuffs she had just given him.

She stood at the foot of the bed, raised her arms over her head, reached a hanging flower pot, which she carelessly took off from its hanging chain and threw off on the floor, revealing the artificial plant, then she took her hands back up, toward the chain.

“Cuff me! NOW!” she pretty much ordered, while she was balancing on her heeled sneakers.

Nervous, not knowing what to do, Derek fastened the cuffs around Karen’s wrists, who kept saying “Tighter!”, until he was barely able to fasten them. He then linked them to the hasp hanging from the ceiling chain, but removed the hasp and clipped it higher, forcing her on her toes.

He stepped back. She was stuck. She couldn’t get herself out.

“Now, can you… I don’t know… explain?” he asked.

“Well, isn’t it obvious, Derek? I’m a kinky fetish freak. There! I said it. I wanted to tell you, well, differently, while walking at the park, hoping it wouldn’t make you run off. I had prepared myself for a warming scenario, for either you came with me or left me there, but that trip up the mountain was just too much. I mean… I have toys in there, and the chairlift and… Damn! I’m so hot, you have to control me.” she said, panting, her face red.

He approached her, slowly caressing her tightly latex encased breasts, his hands going down to her corset, feeling its rigidity, its tightness. That wasn’t helping her cool down at all. She panted heavily.

“That explains your struggle to get in and out of the car.” he softly said, before reaching for her jeans belt and slowly undoing it.

Karen realized at the same time that she had put herself totally at Derek’s mercy while she had no idea how he would react.

Her mood changed from hot to anxious as he slowly took her jeans off, pulling them down to her ankles, not adding a word., discovering the rest of the tight and shiny catsuit, as well as the tightly fitted stainless steel chastity belt. He rubbed his hands along her tightly latex encased thighs and hips, knocking a few times on her chastity belt, to which she answered by a soft grunt. He turned around.

She hung there, panting, looking at him going to her dresser, opening each drawer one after the other. She knew he would find more toys and accessories in there. But what would he do?

He obviously picked something then slowly approached Karen, hiding what he had found, until he reached for her head and produced a ball gag.

Not sure, but evidently eager to obey his commands, she opened her mouth and he put the large ball into her mouth, almost pulling her jawbone off, while he tightly fastened it behind her neck.

He then took a few steps back, making sure he was in full view, and removed his jacket, revealing his T-shirt and his arms… black, shiny arms.

Karen made wide eyes.

He kicked off his shoes and took off his pants, revealing that he was himself, wearing a neck entry black latex catsuit.

“Well… I… I didn’t know how to tell you that I was a… kinky latex freak, and was hoping it would not put you off.” he said, with a grin.

Karen was speechless. Well, okay, she was gagged, but still. She was stunned.

He casually walked back to her dresser, and came back with leather ankle cuffs and a rubber hood. He put the rubber hood over Karen’s head, over her gag, trapping it there, then took off her wedge sneaker and her jeans, added leather ankle cuffs.

He then looked around her bedroom, and back toward the kitchen.

“Your… utility room, locker, whatever. In the apartment or in the basement?”

She nodded from her head that it was in the kitchen. He easily found the door and went in, coming back quickly with a power drill and a D ring.

He set up to install it under Karen’s hanging feet.

“Well, hang on to your rubber hood, babe, I’m gonna make you a bondage star!”

© Pete / monsterp63, October 04, 2020

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