About: The Stories


The stories are pure fiction.

Important note: I do not use any A.I. help into creating those stories. Not in the writing, not in the images. That’s why the grammar is so crappy…

Yes, I get the inspiration from real life events, but all the situations and characters depicted in those stories are fictions.

“Can I post them on my page?”

Well, I would prefer you rather put a link to my site/story than post the story itself. In any case, those stories are copyright. Although I offer them for free, they are not “free domain”, meaning that you can’t remove the copyright notice or the name of the author, and certainly NOT put in your own.

All I ask is something that has become a rare thing: respect.

RESPECT the people who put efforts into creating something by giving them the due credit they deserved, especially when what they created is offered for free.

If you ever find one of my stories elsewhere, please, inform me, and I’ll take the necessary actions, which can range from a simple “thank you” to making an official copyright infringement complaint to the host’s ISP, or Domain Name Registrar. They take those complaints very seriously.

“Can I translate it to [language] and post it on my page”.

Well, that one is different, because for one, I won’t start posting different language of my stories here, so yes you can put it on your site, but with all due credits and a link to my page / original story.

Again: Respect.


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