Photostory: Mud Hole


Getting stuck in the mud is never funny. However…

“Uh…. Hi??”

“What the f….”

“Just… just give me the keys…”

“You were serious about that ice block thing? I thought you were joking. I don’t have them.”

“Don’t blame me. You put yourself into this and, well, you seemed to enjoy it, so… Hang-on. We should be home in, oh 3 to 4 hours, I mean, I can’t drive very fast with you there…”

Note: When I posted that on DA, there was an avid discussion about whether or not this is “legal”. Technically, the ATV is not being driven on the highway, it is secured to the trailer, Karen is “secured” to the ATV and she’s wearing a helmet.

I’d say that an officer would have a problem stating which law is broken here…

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