About: Forced transformation into a Fetishist?


It is my belief that you can’t be “converted” to a fetishist. You are one from the start. You simply don’t know it… yet (or refuse to admit it). And if you’re not, you’re not. That’s it.

For my part, I’ve been attracted to high heels (boots), tight clothes, bondage situations as far as I can remember. But instead of just fantasizing about them, I tried them. And liked them.

That’s why, in many stories, my OC “discovers” that she likes them while being exposed to it.

Speaking for myself, I know I like high heels, tight clothes, latex, PVC, corset, restraints, gags and such, because I tried them all, and some I do on a daily basis.

However, I know I do not like pain, or electrical shocks (that last one probably because I’m an electrician…). Meaning that, when I renovated my basement and I spent hours in heels, when my feet began to hurt, there was no pleasure to gain at going on. I took off the heels and continued on with flatter shoes (wedge sneakers, nonetheless…).

Some would have had a ball with such pain. Not me.

And one last word about that fetish stuff. There are so many fetishes out there, some “official”, some not: feet, butt, boobs, skinny, fat, tall, short, color, hair, heels, corset, latex, you name it, that at some point, I wonder if the “vanilla” people are not the weird ones… Just a thought.

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