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How dit it begin?

I have a vivid (and sick) imagination. I was fantasizing adventures with the “woman of my dreams”, where she would be wearing extremely tight jeans, high heels, and being tied up. I was seeing the images in my mind, but the story was all jumbled up. I felt I was crazy and tried to brush them off, but they kept coming back. I was, for sure, not normal.

At that time, I was already writing for my own pleasure, but mainly silly stories and science-fiction, into which I had a constant urge to write sexy stuff in them, but refrained. That was not… proper…

Then a new thing called The Internet came along, and on it, I discovered that other people had the same interests. A lot of them. And some wrote stories. I read them, and I liked them. Maybe, I’m not that weird with my bondage stuff ideas.

One story that still sticks to my mind, was called “The High Heel (something)”. A  pair of high heel shoes were left at some house. Once the woman had them on, they would lock into her feet, and from them on, she would have to follow the orders of whoever was controlling them, adding a collar and more stuff along the way.

I said to myself: “Why not?” and tried to put my silly fantasies into words.

I wrote them for myself, at first, not feeling they were worthy of posting. Then people began to have personal web pages, on a thing called Geocities. So I created my first fetish website, and things went on from there.

I was on and off the WEB, leaving one host (or being kicked out because of the adult content), and moving to another one. I always had a bunch of followers, searching for me when I would suddenly disappear without a trace, and finding my new host.

The DeviantArt Years

Then Rubbermatt, on Deviant Art, invited me to join in and post my stories, because he was himself reading them and felt they deserved to be shared. I was honored and read his message countless times. Me? My silly stories? Liked by an artist of his level? Wow!

Things flared up from there.

Looking at 3D art, I became interested, and had a go at it. The first results were awful, but with time, things improved, and are still improving.

Then, people began to piss me off.

There is something that the Internet brought down: free stuff. Either legal or illegal, it’s easy to get free stuff. So, people feel entitled to get everything for free. They take it and go away with it, not giving a single thought at the work behind it, either stolen or not.

I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say that one person pushed the wrong button. I wrote a complaint on the blog, which was answered by people agreeing with the  “button-pusher” basically saying “that’s free stuff, we can do whatever we want with it”, and someone else, probably as a sick joke, to “show me”, pushed the same button.

A couple of hours later, I closed my DA account. All 200+ stories as well as 800+ 3D art images were gone.

I still had an Erolair.com account, and I updated there a few times. But there wasn’t much of my stuff on that site.

Then people began to search for me and wrote to me, stating that they were missing my stories, my 3D art, that it was a shame I was out of the loop. They wanted to re-read the old stories, sometimes asking me for specific titles.

Some even send me monetary contributions, to thank me for all those years I’ve put up stuff for free. To those very few, I’m forever grateful.

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