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The elevator door opened. People got out. Some wearing plain, regular clothes, other wearing more unique fabrics, like leather, PVC, latex. The last ones to get out was a couple, walking slowly.

The man was sporting a business suit, perfectly cut, in latex. The woman was into a more stringent outfit. Her whole body was covered by a deep black and shiny latex suit. Of her head, only her eyes could be seen. Her mouth was hidden by a muzzle gag. Her neck held her head erect, thanks to a very tall and tight posture collar. Her arms were nowhere to be seen. From the front, that is. They were tightly encased into a leather arm binder, in her back.

Her waist was constricted by a long and extremely tight leather corset. Her waist, already thin and attracting attention, was emphasised by a steel belt with a crotch strap: a chastity belt, with small chains and a beautiful mix of different steel, making it look like a jewel.

Her legs appeared longer than normal, thanks to the ballet boots she was wearing. They were walking slowly. She couldn’t make very long steps, her ankles being impaired by a very short chain attached to steel ankle cuffs.

Finally, they were out and aimed to walk along one of the alleys of the BDSM convention, where different vendors had set up their booth, showcasing their products, from latex shine, to toys, to clothes to restraints, and anything in between and out of the theme.

People were passing by them, admiring the woman’s setup, congratulating her for being able to cope with such an extreme situation.

She liked the attention, and she also liked how the large intruders filling her crotch, under the chastity belt, were teasing her, maintaining her in a constant state of arousal, arousal she’ll be allowed to transform into an orgasm, but only when Phil will allow it. Devilish.

Going from booth to boot, Phil was getting many business cards he simply shove into one of his latex coat pockets.

A man approached them. Head shaved, somewhat chubby in his black neck entry catsuit, walking on high heels. He smiled at them and made and nodded his head at Phil, in appreciation.

Very nice, what you got there, sir. Congratulations, and all my admiration for the misses.” he said with a cordial tone, smiling. “That looks incredibly tight. May… may I?” he asked, politely, aiming his hand at the corset. “I just would like to feel how tight and rigid it is.” he said.

“Well, I believe you can.” he said, looking at Karen who nodded yes.

The man proceeded, gently feeling the tight rubber corset, trying to squish it while nothing happened. That’s how tight it was.

“That is wonderful,” he said. “I really like it, and the suit. Skin tight to perfection. Not a single wrinkle. You have all my admiration, and especially being able to walk like that on ballet boots.” he said smiling. “Sir, you’re lucky to have a girlfriend like her and you, milady, you’re lucky to have a boyfriend like him.”  he said.

“Well,” said Phil, “You’re quite a sight in heels yourself. It’s not often we see a man so at ease in heels.” 

“Bah, that’s nothing. I just like wearing them and I’ve been wearing heels for years and every day for a few years now. Well, it was a pleasure meeting you.” he said, shaking the man’s hand and doing a slight bow toward the lady, evidently unable to shake his hand.

“Here’s my card.” he said, before parting, continuing on his way.

Phil took the man’s card and continued to walk. He was about to put it in his pocket without looking at it when he dropped in on the floor. He bent to take it back and startled.

“What the f… No way! Hey! You!! Where the hell did he go?” he said, turning around, pulling on Karen’s leash, forcing her to do a quick U-Turn and hobbling real fast to follow Phil.

“Hey! What…. Oh, there he is!” he said, seeing the guy stopped at a nearby booth, looking at steel restraints.

“Hey…” he said, tapping on the man’s shoulder who calmly turned around.

“Yes?” he said. “Something wrong?” He asked, a puzzled look on his face.

Phil put the business card up his eyes

“Is that really you?” he said, showing the card to Karen who made wide eyes and let out a very high pitch yell, almost cat like.

“I… Yes, I mean, that’s me. Really me.” he said.

“You’re the guy writing all those stories about Phil and Karen and stuff?”

“Yes, I am. You know those stories?”

“Well, yes. And… My name is Phil and my girlfriend is Karen! “ he said, eyes wide in surprise.

“Wow! What a coincidence, and both kinky! And she would perfectly fit as my Karen.” he said. “I would really like to talk about…” he began to say, but his words seemed to go distant, echoing. Transforming into some kind of low pitch moan. His face, hell, the whole convention center seemed to become a blurr. Phil turned to Karen who was now a bright light, shining through the bedroom window.

The image of the convention center disappeared to be replaced by a brightly lit room by the morning sun. He was laying in bed on his side and facing him, the head of a woman, totally encased into a tight fitting latex hood, her head trapped into a leather harness with a blindfold and a large ball gag. The woman was moaning softly.

He slowly put his hand on her enclosed head, going down her neck, wrapped in a rigid collar, to her shoulder, bent in her back, her arms elbow tied. He continues along her body, removing the comforter off her shiny black body, down to her hip, feeling the first of many leather belts holding her legs firmly together.

She moaned some more when he slid his hand back upward, stopping at her breasts, squishing them a few times before going back to the harness, where he released the buckles holding it,  removing the blindfold and freeing the mouth from the large rubber ball.

He was greeted by sparkling eyes and a smiling mouth.

“Hello honey.” she softly said. “You were mumbling something, like you were angry or excited or something. Bad dream? She asked

“No, I’m fine. I was moaning? Well, come to think of it, I did have a strange dream. From what I can remember anyway.” he said. “We were at a bondage convention, and that guy came in, looked at you, then gave me his card. He was Pete, you know, that writer, with his stories of Phil and Karen?”

Karen giggled.

“You really had a few too many glasses of wine yesterday evening, dear. You perfectly know that guy doesn’t exist. You’ve been talking about him since you got drunk with your friend and that guy, what was his name? Peter, coincidentally? But we never found anything like that, and we did google about all the internet. Relax, honey. Our secret life is safe. Nobody can imagine our lives, hon. Nobody.”

© Pete / monsterp63 – October 26, 2020

Author’s note. Technically, in Karen’s Universe, or Kareniverse, I, the writer, does not exist…

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