Ratings, anyone?


I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s a “rating function” at the bottom (end) of each post, no matter the post.

If you could be so kind to put in your satisfaction rating, that would be great!

And I invite you to re-visit the stories you already read, as well as the 3D arts you already saw, and rate it. That will give me an idea of what you, the readers, prefers, and it will also give the idea to any newcomers, what to read first ( unless he/she is a real masochist and wants to read the worst stories of all…)

Be honest. Rate what you think. And if there’s something specific that makes you like it or hate it, please put it in the comments. If you rated it 5 because Karen is sporting a blow-up gag, then say so. If you rated 2 because she’s sporting a blow-up gag, then… say so.

I imagine situations / setups that I like and I figure that you like it too. For example, most of my stories featured ballet boots. At first, I hated those shoes and I was modifying 4F art to replace them by platform shoes. Now I like them. You can figure that out by going back toward early 2000 where Karen was always in platform boots, then gradually she changed for ballet ones. But if most of you hate them, then I’ll put less in the stories.

Note: You don’t need to register to post a comment and I removed the need to put in your e-mail address (but don’t abuse it, or I’ll put it back on)



EDIT: By the way, when you rate a post, all I get is “Someone rated [post], [value] for an average of [avr]”. Nothing more. I don’t have a clue who rated it.

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4 thoughts on “Ratings, anyone?

  1. There might be a bug on Chrome/Android: Ratings seem to require two clicks on submit — the first one only seems to remove the description text, while only the second click actually submits the rating.

  2. Love all of your work. I have been following you from site to site for years. Love the ballet-heels and chastity belt aspect to your work.

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