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The SUV came to a gentle stop in the general store parking lot. Doors were opened and two people, a man and a woman, were chatting and giggling, before the sound of high heels clicking was heard as the two of them walked toward the entrance.

Many heads turned. It’s not everyday you see two people wearing shiny black latex catsuit and high heels casually walk into a store, although the sight was more and more common.

The man had a complete catsuit without any apparent zipper, covering him from the neck to the tip of his fingers. His waist appeared squeezed real hard with the help of a leather waist cincher. He was casually strolling, evidently not impaired, on high heel boots. 

The woman had a similar black latex catsuit, but her waist was crushed by a long and rigid corset leather corset. She was also wearing, probably just as accessories, leather cuffs and a leather collar.

She too was expertly strolling on high heels, but those boots had pointed toes, like ballet shoes, but with a heel. A very high heel.

Holding each other’s hand, they happily walked to the entrance door, the man taking a smartphone from the fanny pack he had around his waist. The cashier quickly looked at them before directing her attention to a customer, already there, sporting tight blue PVC jeans and a pink PVC  halter top, asking for stuff behind the counter.

“Okay, on the list, we have eggs, milk, coffee beans, flour, KD… KD? You really want KD?”

“Well, yeah, it’s been a while.” she giggled back.

“Okay then…” he said, grabbing a shopping cart while going on with the list, “…cereals, some meat, glass cleaner, soap and… hum… okay, latex lube, shine-all, 2 meters of chains, 10 quick-links, four eyebolts, tw…”

“Oh, make that six eyebolts.”

“Okay, six it is, two bundle of 30m of cotton rope… Anything else?”

“I don’t think so.” she said.

“Okay, eggs and milk are right here. Be careful, you know your hands are slippery with your lubed latex gloves. You know you shouldn’t lube them that much when going out.”

“Hey, I know what I’m do… oh… shit!” she said, as she watched the box of eggs flip off her fingers and tumble down, slamming the floor upside down, quickly letting out a yellowish goo. “Uh… damn…”

“Well, Karen. You know the drill.” said the man.

With a sigh, she walked to the counter, and asked the cashier for a mop and a bucket. She struggled to manipulate the mop from her highly lubricated gloves, bending her body mostly at the hips, her waist locked into her tight corset. Each move she made, made the latex and leather creak, sounds she seemed to enjoy, working to keep her balance on the extreme footwear.

“There! all done!” she said, walking back to the cart, once she had given back the mop and bucket to the cashier.”

“Very gook, Karen. Now, come closer.” he said, opening his fanny pack.

“Oh, come on. It was an accident.” she said, stretching her wrists forward, touching each other toward the palm of her hand.

“Well, to lower the chances of another accident, I’m gonna make sure you will take BOTH hands to grab something.” he said, putting a padlock between the two wrist cuffs.

Pouting, they went on, grabbing some milk, then turning on a narrow alley, where she grabbed a bag of coffee beans.

“Be careful! Spilling that will take a long time to pick up impaired as you are.” he said, eyes wide, fearing for the worse as she grabbed the plastic finished bag in her lubed gloves.

“Don’t worry, I’m using both hands.” she said, grinning, slowly picking the bag of coffee beans and gently putting it down in the cart. “See, I told ya!” she said, swiftly turning around, her hands held straight in front of her, hitting a bottle of solive oil, knocking it off from the shelf, went flying off, crashing down and breaking on the floor.

“What? No! Listen, Frank!” she said, swiftly turning back toward the man, hitting the same row of olive oil bottles with her hands, making them clink together, in a dangerous dance. “ See? It’s actually YOUR fault. If you hadn’t locked my wrist together, that wouldn’t have happened in the first place!”

“Sandra???” said the man, out loud.

“Yes, Frank. I’m getting the mop and bucket. I had kept them nearby.” said the cashier, bringing the tools back to Karen.

Mumbling under her breath, she got to work, impaired by her bound wrists, Frank not giving her any help at all, just standing there, playing with his heels, smiling.

He enjoyed seeing her struggle, hearing the clinking of the steel locks, the creaking of the rubber, the way she had to work her booted feet to keep her balance, and especially the reflection of the store lights on her shiny body. He just had to look down at his own rubber coated arms to see the same reflection in himself, but it was much better looking at them over a curvaceous woman’s body.

After about three times it would normally have taken, Karen put the mop into the holding bucket with a sigh.

“There. All done. Happy?” asked the woman.

“Yes, I am.” answered the man. “Okay, now we have to make sure it won’t happen again, shall we?” he said, fetching for stuff in his fanny bag.

“Uh! Come on, Frank.” she said, as she extended her arms so he could unlock her wrists, only to have her swiftly turn around, dancing a little to keep her balance, and grabbing her arms in her back, taking a different padlock, this one with a red line on it, linking her wrists together, then picking another red striped one and dragging her elbows together before snapping the other padlock at the upper arms leather cuffs.

She heard the click and knew there was no turning back.

“Did you just put… red striped locks on?” she asked, looking almost pissed off.

“Hum… yes.” he answered.

“On purpose?”

“Yeah, I mean why else.”

“Fuck” she answerd.

People were passing by, looking at them, some with disapproving looks, and others, obviously puzzled, if not interested.

They continued their shopping, the woman not helping anymore, just being a brat, putting herself in front of the shopping cart, forcing the man to bump into her latex encased butt, which made her giggled each time.

At one point, she did a full turn, with her hands in her back slightly raised, she hit a shelf, sending a few boxes of cereal on the floor.

“Oops… Well, I couldn’t do much, my…. hands are tied.” she said, giggling.

With a sigh, the man picked the boxes and put them back on the shelf.

“Okay, that’s enough. Get IN the cart.”

“What? No. I… I’ll be careful, I promise.” she said, making doggy eyes.

He didn’t answer. He simply pointed at the cart with one hand and reached for more padlocks in her fanny bag with the other one.

Pouting the woman complied. As she had one leg inside the cart, she wiggled her butt at him.

“I bet you want me to go into the cart just to admire that view.” she said.

“Shut up, Karen. Just get in. We still have a lot more shopping to do.”

“Yeah… right.” she said, taking place, sitting facing him, her bound arms over the front side of the cart. He approached, took her ankles cuffs and linked them to the side of the cart with padlocks. She couldn’t get up or move from there.

As he resumed pushing the cart and put stuff in, she began to whine.

“That’s not fair. And it’s hurting my butt. And you used the striped locks on my arms and we have a lot more shopping to do. You should give me a chance sometimes, Frank, instead of… No. Not that.” she said, as he reached again into his fanny pack, retrieving a leather harness with a horse bit gag.

“Karen, it’s almost you do all of this on purpose.” he said, then looking at her. “Yeah… right.”

He fixed the harness and locked it with striped padlocks, from which the woman tried to move away, as if she didn’t want the harness to be locked on. She grunted and obviously complained.

“I need a coffee.” he said, with a long sigh, as he pushed her near the coffee machine.

“Do you want one? Oh right… YOU CAN’T.” he said, laughing, which made the woman grunt even more. Now, not only she couldn’t move, but she would smell and see that awesome coffee while he drank it, continuing their shoppings.

Shortly after they checked out, the woman still locked in the cart, under the amused look of a few customers.

He pushed the cart off the door then started running off pushing it, obviously quite at ease in his high heels boots, laughing, as if it was a racing cart, swerving left to right, the bound woman screaming, but the scream evidently of joy.

“What the hell was that?” asked a woman customer at the cashier.

“Oh, that’s Frank and Karen. They do something similar every time.” she said, smiling, as if they were just regular customers.

“And what’s that thing about a striped padlock or something?” she asked.

“Oh, I learned that the keys of the red striped padlocks are at home, while he has the keys for the other ones with him.”

“At home? That means there’s no way to remove the gag and stuff?”

“Yep. That’s their game.” said the cashier.

“Interesting.” said the woman, sporting a pair of extremely tight leather jeans and a leather jacket, high heels clicking as she exited the door.

In the parking lot, the man unloaded the cart in his SUV but let the woman locked in, then pushed the cart to the shopping cart bay and walked away, leaving a grunting bound latex woman in it while he walked back to the SUV.

The leather clad customer walked by, puzzled, looking at the woman struggling to get out of the cart, wondering if she should offer help or not, but it was evident that the woman in latex was smiling, and not looking at the customer for help. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Really enjoying herself.

The SUV rolled to the exit of the parking lot, drove off to re-enter at the next entrance and drove back to the shopping cart lot, where he unlocked the woman from the cart, put her over his shoulders and put her down by the passenger seat where she got in before he applied the seatbelt and drove off.

“That’s one weird couple.” said a man waiting in line to check out inside the store.

“No. That’s one TRUE couple.” said the cashier. “Anything else, sir?”

© Pete, November 12, 2020


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5 thoughts on “Karen – Shopping List

  1. I wonder who is Sandra 🙂 If I get the story context right, then she should be replaced by “Karen” (there is just a single occurrence)

      1. Oh, I see it now, thanks. It matches one of my theories, but I haven’t thought he knows the cashier by name. But it makes sense when combined with the end of the story.

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