5 Days Stats


I know, it’s only been 5 days-ish since the launch of mp63.ca, but I just wanted to share a little bit of stats.

First of all, no surprise (for me), Germany is still the #1. Funny that my biggest “fan base” is over there.

However, my big surprise, is for the devices used. I never had that stat before, so I had no clue, but damn! A lot of you are really reading this stuff on your mobile? Almost 50%.

Lady Arsenique, the Web Mistress, had put great efforts to make the site mobile-friendly, something my old one wasn’t. I was wondering why since, I was sure, not a lot of people were browsing for stories on a mobile. Damn! I’ve never been so wrong!

She also told me to “revise” my photo-stories format (the graphic layout), because, on a mobile, that will be a pain to read, so… yes, I will!

Anyways, thanks for your continuous supports, don’t forget to update your bookmarks and spread the word!


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