Karen – Bounty


The environment was rather loud.

Sounds of people talking, stomping boots, different fabrics shuffling, sounds of metal and plastic hitting each other, and some background grunting, moaning and cursing.

That was the normal day brawl at the Proxima Centauri Inter-Nation Security Hub. Militaries, police, crooks, victims and civilians alike were commuting through the very busy hub.

On a desk, near the door leading deeper inside the facility, two officers were talking, one sitting in front of the computer, the other, apparently a superior officer, looking over her shoulder.

“See? It doesn’t work. Why did they have to update the software. It was working fine. Arrghh! I hate it.”

“Now, calm down, sergeant. If they decided to improve it, there’s a reason.”

“Improve? How do you call that improving when we take more time to do the same thing, lieutenant?”

“Okay. See? Now select that menu and click right.”


“Okay, click right.”

“I just did.”

“You’re supposed to have a sub-menu. Click again.”

“That’s what I’m telling you, lieutenant. It’s not there anymore.”

Some of the shuffling metal/plastic hitting got closer, along with hard heels hitting the floor, and some moan.

“That’s not right. What if you select that…

“Hello. I’m here for my bounty reward.” said a feminine voice.

“Err… Yes. I.D. please.” said the sergeant, without even looking up, still staring at her computer screen with the lieutenant, only pointing to the identification console on her upper left.

The woman extended a gloved hand, holding an I.D. card close to the machine, so that the RFID would pick it up, while getting closer for the retina scan.

After a few seconds, the machine beeped.

The sergeant startled.

“What is that pop-up? How did…”

“Well, apparently,” said the lieutenant, “it brings up the I.D. file of that bounty hunter, without having you searching for it. I told you, it was improved.”

The sergeant sighed and continued to work the menus, without looking up. She didn’t needed to. Bounty hunters were a good part of her daily routine.

“Hum… Okay. Bounty hunter KPD1163-73MP… Hum…” said the sergeant.

“Okay. Select Bounty and… what the hell is that?” said the lieutenant.

“Another fucking pop-up asking to reboot to finish an OS update. Damn I hate that Doors Operating system. We should all go to Minyux. There, postponed for a few hours… I hope… Okay. Name of the bounty, please?”

“Karen.” answered the bounty hunter.

“Karen… What, Who. Don’t waste my time here.”

“Just that. Karen. She isn’t known with any other name.”

“That’s it? Just Karen?” she said looking up at the bounty hunter for the first time, discovering that she has someone at the end of a short chain.

That woman was clad in a very shiny, thick and apparently tight catsuit, that looked like rubber. Her mouth was stuffed with a large, red ball. Her hands were tightly tied in her back in a Gomko mesh armbinder, which is totally unbreakable. Over her waist, a steel belt with a zillion padlocks, locking in whatever was underneath. She was standing on pointed toe boots, ankles kept apart by a steel spreader bar.

She was not running anywhere. 

“Yes, just Karen.” said the Bounty.

The sargeant grunted while clicking further down in the database.

“Fuck… Do you have the slightest idea of how many ‘just Karen’ there are in the Universe?” said the sergeant, grunting. “Okay…let’s try this… System?”

“Earth.” answered the Bounty hunter.

Both the lieutenant and the sergeant looked up at the bounty hunter, then the bounty, then at the bounty hunter again.

“Earth?” asked the lieutenant. “We don’t have a treaty with this bunch of neandertal primitives.”

“Well, apparently, it’s been a while since you set foot on that planet, lieutenant… Without implying anything, I might add.” said the bounty hunter with a grin.

The lieutenant opened her mouth, while the sergeant repressed a laugh, but her shoulders gave her away.

“Stop that, sergeant.” said the lieutenant, slapping the sergeant at the back of the head, then turning back to the bounty hunter “Like I said, we don’t have a treaty with Earth, or the Solar system, assuming they left their little wreck of a planet to go out and destroy another one.”

“Err… Apparently, we do have something with Earth, Lieutenant. It’s for Karen, a fet… wait, THAT KAREN?” asked the sergeant, wide eyes.

“Yes.” coldly said the body hunter. “Who else would it be?”

“But… But… She… It’s… I mean… It’s only a legend. She does not exist.” said the sergeant.

“Yet, there she is” said the bounty hunter. “Now, can I get my reward?”

“I don’t believe it.  How did you get her?” asked the lieutenant.

“Oh simple. I put an ad for ‘free bondage’ and she came right on, already fully dressed. I zapped her, bagged her and here we are.” said the bounty hunter.

“But. She’s a LEGEND! She doesn’t exist. She… can’t exist. Nobody can live all those adventures. Are you really… THE Karen?” asked the lieutenant.

Karen didn’t move.

“She doesn’t speak UL” (Universal Language). Said the bounty hunter.

“But… she didn’t do anything illegal within the Inter-Nation. What… who posted the bounty?” asked the lieutenant.

“The… O.H.P.I.V.A.!” said the sergeant, startling.

“The Office for Historical Preservation of Interplanetary Valuable Artifacts?” asked the lieutenant, stunned.

The bounty hunter,which had her hand on the counter, began to impatiently tap her gloved fingers on it.

“Listen. I don’t care who wanted her. All I want is to get my reward so I can give her to you. That would be nice.” she said, raising her voice.

By this time, some passerby had heard the name, saw the shiny latex clad woman and approached the group.

Karen could hear her name being said around her. Well, she figured it was her name, although she didn’t understand anything else. She wasn’t sure how to react. Should she be proud that extra-terrestrials know her, or should she be afraid?

“Yes… Yes, of course.” said the sergeant, while the lieutenant was staring at Karen, wide eyes, mouth agape. “Holly shit… Five MILLIONS CREDITS?” exclaimed the sergeant.

The bounty hunter personal communication device, on her wrist, changed color as the funds were transferred. She looked at it and smiled.

“Nice doing business with you” she said, as she gave the chain to the lieutenant. “Don’t worry, she’s well behaved. Almost as if she is… happy.”

The lieutenant took the chain and gave a gentle tug. Karen immediately followed.

“See you later” said the bounty hunter, walking away.

“Come” said the lieutenant, pulling on the chain, leading Karen behind a set of doors that opened automatically, without a sound, as they approached.

She was eager to see what’s coming next.

To be… or not to be continued.

Note: This was written in 2019, to make an “alternate Kareniverse” where some adventures are set into S-F environment. I wrote a few follow-up stories, but the feedback (in D.A.) was too weak for me to continue.

Anyways, here is it (again). If the feedback is appropriate, I could go on. So the simple question is: do you want it?

Does a Science-Fetish series interests you? Tight clothes, tight, shiny, fetishy spacesuits, helmets and boots, corset, latex, leather, bondage. Of course, the “sex scenes” might be less intense, because it would be more adventure oriented.

I mean… Karen tied up to an X-frame and being stimulated to countless orgasms, in a bedroom, a living room, a spaceship, a space station or an alien planet is pretty much the same…

© Pete, August 2019 / December 2020

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10 thoughts on “Karen – Bounty

  1. I only just found your site and am working my way through the stories and found this gem. I’d love to see it continued, but I think you could also do a prequel. The whole of the capture to the space station, but from Karen’s point of view.

    Going forwards, you have lots of choices, helmets that, when the visor is down can be made opaque, perhaps more extreme positions/tortures for Karen as there’s always advanced healing available to you. Definitely yes on the shiny suits though maybe the future allows for transparent latex as well, particularly for prisoners – so that they’d have no chance of concealing anything under their clothing 🙂

    1. Hello Chloe.
      Thank you for the nice comment. I really appreciate it. With over 300 stories, I’m sure you will find quite a few of your interests.

      Now, don’t think I’m rude here, but I’m just “stating the facts”:
      – It all started with one image. No story. Just one image, the first of the two. Then I made the second one.
      – I figure I might make a story out of it and why not, create an “alternate Kareniverse” with adventures in space.
      – I had lots of ideas and, as a fan of SF, I welcomed the opportunity to create more Science Fetish. And believe me, still have lots of ideas.
      – However, although the “critics” are favorable, not much support was given after that.
      – Probably because it was aiming more Science-Fetish rather than pure Bondage predicaments I was usually writing. – I mean there were lots of sexy clothes and situation where Karen is caught, prisoner and stuff, but less “bondage sex” predicaments. More story oriented. (Think Buck Rogers…)
      – Yes I had prepared a “prequel” with art describing how she was captured and brought in.
      – It ended there. I have no plan to revive it.
      – “Nudes”: even through transparent latex, you will find that there are zero nude images on the site. As a shiny fabric fetishist, I prefer “coverage”, and even more FULL coverage, even if it’s clear latex (there’s some here and there). However, no tits, no genitalia. It’s just not “my thing”.

      Thanks again and happy reading!

      p.s. If I may ask: how did you find the site?

      1. Hi Pierre,

        Thank you for the thoughtful and detailed reply – I enjoyed reading the history of the story.

        I occasionally have the inspiration to write and fully understand that lack of feedback and encouragement makes it hard to write more in a given area.

        I also understand that you write what inspires you; as you should – so full coverage it is!

        I think I found my way here from the picture Assimilation that I think I saw on DeviantArt, but I am not sure of that. It seemed like it was a picture that could inspire me to write something. It hasn’t yet, but I hope that there is an idea there I can write about – with a name like Assimilation I think it will be a mind control type or conversion type of story. I hope that you will not be offended if (or when) I put some words together to go with the story.

        1. Thank you Chloe.
          That image was just that: an image. I made it to test new props I had and what I could do with them. There’s no story associated with it.
          And “assimilation” could be a lot of things.

          I honestly don’t mind if a piece of art or a story triggers another artist to create something. In fact, I would be honored.
          Everything on the site is free, so I don’t ask “royalties” for their use (unless said “user” gets money from it – it was free, it should remain free or I get my share!)
          That being said, as long as I’m credited for said art (or inspiration), I’m good with it (and a link to see/read what has been done).
          Have fun creating. And if nothing comes out of it, then so be it.


          1. Thank you for the permission; be assured that you will get the credit (there will be a link to the picture with the story) and that the story will be free.

            I think I have an idea, I just need to let the pieces come together in my mind so that I can then write it down.

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