Karen – Return To The Pod – PT1


This is a sequel to “Karen – The Pod” (2017). The original art from Tozums ( I believe)  and Rubbermatt can probably still be found somewhere on Deviant Art.


Broken glass crunched under her high heel booties. The sun was reflecting off her faux-leather shiny leggings and her faux-leather jacket.

“Oh cool!” she said as she browsed the house who had obviously already been ransacked, with broken dining plates and glasses, pots and pans laying everywhere, cabinet doors ripped off their hinges.

She put her phone on a little tripod on the counter, setup the timer and walked to take a pose, showing her butt, lifting a leg, twisting, all the classic instacrap poses.

“My fans will love that.” she said as she picked up her phone and continued to explore the abandoned house.

She did room after room, taking pictures, like a model. Well, she was an influencer. She was important. This house will soon be flooded by other influencers, who want to gain on the popularity of this site she just found, an abandoned house at the back of a large lot.

After her selfies session, she walked out, around the house. She was puzzled by that pile of debris against the wall: leaves, old food bags, pieces of plastic, small branches. Yes, there has been a few days of bad weather and wind and it seemed to have pushed a lot of debris there. But why there? And why that pile was somewhat rectangular shaped.

As she approached, her high heel sinking into the soft soil, she saw the entrance to the basement of the house.

“Oh, it’s just tha… EEEEEK!” she screamed, falling on her butt, as a racoon ran past her.

“Where the hell this thing came from?” she asked, as she was getting herself back up, wiping the dirt off her high gloss leggings.

“You ruined my leggings,  you… critter.” she said, in the direction the racoon had fled.

“It came from underneath this. Gee, I’m curious. Is there, like, a whole family of racoons living there?” she thought. “Maybe if I bring her food, I will boost my rating on InstaCrap, I mean helping creatures is cool, right?” she was asking herself all that outloud.

She struggled to remove the branches, pulling on them, falling on her butt quite a few times, heels sinking deep into the muddy soil.

After close to half an hour, the entrance was cleared and she was dirty: leggings and jacket stained with soil, high heel booties full of mud, her hairs were dirty and entangled with small branches and leaves, and her white stretch shirt showed large stains of perspiration.

She was no longer InstaCrap model material!

Finally, she entered the basement, pesting, hoping that the work was worth it, and when she entered, her way lit with her phone lamp, she was stunned: boxes and boxes of strange things, obviously coming from distant countries.

“Some of these things can be worth a fortune!” she exclaimed, opening one box after the other, until she reached the far end, where there was some kind of steel door opened with a greenish glow coming from inside.

“Oh my gosh! What is that thing? I hope it’s not some radioactive beam or something.” she said, her voice sounding strange. “What’s the worst that can happen? We’re in 2020 after all…” she said with a grin.

She carefully opened the door and had a peek inside.

There, opposite to the door, some kind of booth, and inside it, lit by a strange eerie green glow. Oh shit! A creature!!

Carefully, she entered.

She jumped in surprised when the lights turned on, activated by some kind of motion sensor. She was walking slowly, trying to see what kind of creature this was, like suspended inside that thing. It seemed to have a strange head, but it was hard to tell with the layer of dust coating the window. Her high heel boots were cracking on some broken glass looking like beer bottles.

Breathing loudly, she made one more step. That creature looked strange, just a head, a long torso and long legs, all held together by chains, suspending her in mid-air. Well, she assumed it was a “her”, judging by the small waist and the large breasts.

Tubes were going from those breasts, and also from the crotch and head, upward in the high portion of the booth. 

She wiped the dust out with her hand.

Suddenly, she jumped back, hand to her mouth, struggling between staying and knowing more and running for her life.

“It moved!” she whispered to herself.

* * *

She had long lost any conscience that her body existed. She was nothing else than a brain and sexual organs, who had been stimulated to the point where she was longing for more sex than food or water.

She was in her own universe, suspended, weightless, like in space, where no matter what you do, you stay in the same spot, or continue or the same path. The same as being unable to move.

She felt cold water being pumped into her stomach. The systems embedded within The Pod was keeping her very much alive, feeding her when her body needed it, stimulating her muscles when they needed it, and giving her sexual pleasure whenever she wanted, which was all the time, but apparently, the system had a tease and denial option, which, somehow, she had triggered, because the more the time went forward, the more she was denied.

Which made every session even more frustrating, but the release. Man! That was out of this world.

She had just come out of one of those tease and denial sessions, her body exhausted, laying there, feeling the layer of sweat under her under her latex skin, suspended by the chains, when the lights of the room turned on.

Oh, it wasn’t a big deal. She had forgotten the door opened, and the racoons were coming in and out, tripping the sensor and lighting the lights, linked to the same power source as The Pod.

A shadow was moving. Slowly. Someone was coming in. This was nothing new. She had a lot of visitors, mostly kids, all screaming and running away at her sight.

She saw that slender woman, wearing shiny leather-like pants, that were quite filthy, as if she had dragged herself in the mud. Well, the house should be in pretty bad shape by now, she had been stuck inside the Pod for… she had no clue. The dust that had fallen over the console prevented her from clearly seeing the numbers.

The woman approached. She seemed curious. She wiped out the console and looked at it, then cleaned the window to look inside.

“Look at me, look at my eyes!” was screaming Karen in her head. “LET ME OUT!”.

She used all her strength and tried to fight her bounds, turning her head.

The woman jumped! She saw her.

“Please, don’t run away… like the others.” thought Karen.

… To Be Continued. PART 2 HERE

© monsterp63,

December 12, 2020

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9 thoughts on “Karen – Return To The Pod – PT1

  1. Oh what a great sequel, I am really interested how it would continue.
    Probably the name from the insta model is Valerie;)

      1. Well that’s sounds great. But I have still some questions.
        What was happen with Lynda, I thought that the pod was into an air-raid shelter and wasn’t Karen blind, because the eye lenses become black? Anyway I love it.

        1. Lynda was told by Karen that she was getting away for a long time and not to expect a lot of communication. I could not use Lynda to play the InstaCrap Model inside the abandoned house. Lynda knows the house, and she wouldn’t do that to her friend.
          The pod is inside some kind of reinforced room, one could consider it an air-raid shelter, but it it not described that way. She forgot the door opened, which allowed the racoon to enter and change the time setup to 7 years.
          The lenses of the gasmask go dark only when the stimulation is triggered, and revert to clear when the stimulation ends. In her first try, when the lenses clears, they are all fogged up.
          I did had to re-read the story prior to making the sequel 😉

    1. Thanks, Latexluke.
      The original story was “January 2017”, so, technically, she’s been “in” for 3 years and 11 months, if I want to keep the timeline true.
      But, imagine, being stuck inside a filtered chamber, only to get out in the middle of a pandemic where the safest place is…
      But even after “only” 4 years or so, I presume she will be a wreck.
      Will she be eager to go back? Will Valerie “steal” her place? And Lynda in all that?
      Lots of questions that need to be answered. That’s why it’s “to be continued” because I have to set my mind to it.

      1. Anything over a week would be a challenge.
        But your right, I’d say satying put in the current world would be best .
        Can’t wait find out what’s left in side.

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