Tag! You’re it!


Just something I wanted you to be aware of.

Ever noticed the “Tag Cloud”? Well, if you click on one of the tags, you get, of course, a listing of all the stories associated with said tag (if I was thoughtful enough to tag said story correctly).

But you also get a description/definition of said tag, which is displayed on top of the listing. Lets just say that “serious” was not one of the tags used to write those descriptions.

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2 thoughts on “Tag! You’re it!

  1. Heyho,

    is it possible to combine tags so we can see only the stories that include for example latex and bondage?

    1. I know your pain.
      It’s actually the first thing I tried, and I never could make it work. A little search told me that this is not a WordPress feature. (sigh…)
      HOWEVER, there’s a little workaround that I found works: (easy way)
      – Select a first tag. Say, “Neoprene”.
      In the address bar, you get this:

      Now, go before the last “/” and insert the exact tag you want, say “+Helmet” (for example)
      You get:
      Note: the last “/” is not required and could be erased.
      Hit “Enter” and you get the results, which is only one story “Cave Exploring”.

      The long way, is you can start from “https://mp63.ca/” then add “index.php/tag/” then add your tags.
      Note that in ALL CASES, the tag name must be what WordPress works with, which is NOT the direct tag. As an example the inside tag for “Corset ” is “cst”.

      It’s not user friendly, but it works and it’s the best I can do.
      Hope this helps.


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