Vegan Cars?


You might (or not) heard the term “Vegan Leather” to described faux-leather or vinyl, PVC, PUC and other petrol derived product.

The term “Vegan Neather” was coined to satisfy those animal lovers who wouldn’t want to wear anything that belonged to animals, although they are often wearing a heavy coat of make-up, which are based on animal fat… but that’s another story.

Now, when you think about it, million of years ago, decaying trees, plants and other organic material, squeezed by layers of sediments, fossilized and fermented to turn into petrol.

So, technically, petrol is… plant based.

Vinyl, plastics, industrial rubber and other similar products could thus be labeled as “vegan”.

Well, fuel, gasoline, propane, etc, are also a petrol distillates, which makes cars running on fuel and gasoline, running on… plants by-products. Does that makes them vegan? Vegan cars?

That’s a thought.

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