Karen – Return To The Pod – Part 3


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It was painful. Every breath was painful. Every move was painful. Damn, every thought was painful because she could think again, about what happened, and especially… what happened.

She was laying on her side, on some sort of very uncomfortable mattress. Then again, she had been suspended for quite a while, so perhaps she was just not used to it anymore.

She tried to take a deep breath, but her lungs did not expand more than they were when heavily constricted. Could they have atrophied? Surely that nurse could answer, if she’s still there.

She tried to open her eyes and blinked. Even though the lights were quite dim, it hurt.

But she was there, still wearing her surgical mask, sitting on a box from a distance, looking at her like she was… a disease. Well, who could blame her.

“Hgghhrr.” tried to say Karen, but it came out more like a grunt. She tried to clear her throat, get some feeling back on her vocal chords. She tried once more.

“Hi… Th…. Thank you.” she said, between two breaths.

Valerie simply looked,  or rather stared at her, not saying a word.

“I’m… Karen.” she added.

Valerie took a deep breath, like finding the courage to do something.

“Wh… What are you?”

Karen had a smile. Of course, looking at herself, dressed in shiny latex, ballet boots and who was somewhat, imprisoned in this strange chamber.

“Someone stupid.” she answered, giggling.

That seemed to loosen the tension, obviously relaxing the nurse.

“I’m Valerie.” she finally answered. “What is… all this?” she asked, with broad gestures.

Karen was initially shocked that she was not inquiring about her health, but then again, how could she if she doesn’t know what this is all about?

Carefully, moaning, Karen sat down on the edge of the filthy small bed, her latex suit creaking with every move. She could feel it, feel its tightness and still like it.

“Well, before trying to explain, I must ask a question that might sound totally silly: what date is it?”

“Uh… 20th of December?” answered Valerie.

“Thanks, and… what year?” asked again Karen.

“2020. Why?” she answered with a grin, like this was a prank or something.

Karen stopped breathing for a moment, her eyes opening wide.

“2020… Damn. Well, it all started, I can’t believe it… three years ago, well, almost four years ago, in January 2017…” began Karen.

For the next 10 minutes, Karen detailed her situation, the inheritage, the discovery of the pod, the trials and errors and the final mishap.

At first, Valerie was looking at her in a ‘yeah, yeah, nice story’ kind of way, but as Karen added more details, she seemed more interested, leaving her ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude to ‘I want to know more’ body gesture.

Then it was Valerie’s turn to explain  how she found her.

“An Instacrap Influencer? What the hell is that?”

Valerie tried to explain, but the more she tried, the more she realized that… she was not upthere with the big stars.

“So, what you said is that the house is pretty much trashed?” asked Karen.

“Yeah… Broken windows, debris everywhere, everything has been ransacked.

“Damn… Well…” she began to say, looking around. “They got away with my clothes too, apparently… and my phone.” she said, getting up and quickly falling back on the bed.

“You’re not exactly wearing walking shoes.” said Valerie.

“That wasn’t a problem four years ago.” answered Karen.

“You… you can walk in those?”

“Yeah, used to.” she said, bending to undo the lacing and get the boots off, her skin all whitish pink. When she tried to get up again, she could only walk on her toes.

“Been wearing heels for too long, apparently” she said giggling. “Let’s go. I just hope they haven’t found the secret stash.” she said, leading the way out of the basement, discovering the mayhem that was now her house at the same time.

She walked to the second floor, to the bedroom. Everything was trashed, her bedroom set, the mattress was nowhere to be found, but the floor was intact. Valerie was following, admiring the lights reflecting off Karen’s shiny suit, trying to imagine how tight it was, how… how it could feel to be wearing that. She wanted to try it. Nah. That was silly. Why would she want to wear a full body condom?

Karen bent down, feeling the rubber slide on her body, something she hadn’t felt for a long time, in her rigid immobility, and all the pleasure of wearing latex was back.

She reached for the secret compartment and opened it, letting out a sigh of relief. She took a box and took out a few hundred dollars bills, and handed it to Valerie.

“Please, I need your help. If you could go and get me some clothes and a phone, that would be really appreciated.” said Karen with almost doggy eyes.

“I… I dunno.” said Valerie.

“Well, you’re an influencer. Influence me.” she said with a wink. “And note that I can only wear heels, if you haven’t noticed. And oh… get a new set for yourself, those are pretty stained.” she said, pointing at Valerie’s now brownish faux leather jeans, jacket and booties

Three hours later, Valerie was back with a bunch of bags and boxes and herself wearing new stuff. Karen undressed right there, in front of Valerie. In fact, she had no choice. She needed help getting out of the neck entry latex catsuit she was wearing.

Feeling the air on her skin for the first time in eons was strange. Her skin was whitish but apparently still healthy.

She put on the clothes Valerie had brought her, glad that she chose tight fitting cuts. She just liked tight fitting clothes.

Wearing skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket, standing on wedge sneakers, she took the phone and searched for a moment before making a call.

“Hi… Phil? It’s Karen. I’ve been away for a while and… oh, you’re aware or it?… Have you seen the extent of the dam… okay… when do you think… and how long… you’re adorable, Phil. Thanks.” she said, putting down the phone.

“They’re coming in tomorrow to fix the house. He’s seen it getting smashed and he even called the cops, but since I was… out of reach…They estimate they have about two weeks of work to do, but with the Holidays coming, it’s gonna take a month. I’m gonna have to find a place to crash while it’s getting fixed. Can you drive me to…” she said, but Valerie was not looking, not listening at her. She was looking at the lump of rubber laying on the floor.

“Something wrong?” asked Karen.

“No…” faintly answered Valerie, staring at the latex.

“Sure?” asked Karen, getting closer. “Go head. Say it…. What a weirdo.”

“Yeah… what? NO! No… You’re not a weirdo… I…  I am… Can… Can I try it?”

… To Be Continued.

© monsterp63

December 20th, 2020

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