Karen – Santa Knows – PT1


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She looked at herself in the mirror: long sleeved, thigh length knitted dress, shiny red PVC leggings and her beloved snow boots, warmed with a bit of wool at the calf, and a high block heel, good to walk in the snow.

She spun around to admire her look, satisfied that she was making a fashion statement, and walked out of the bedroom, walking past the living room, with its fully lit Christmas tree, the base of it filled with gifts.

She had a puzzled look, stopped, and made one step backward, looking at the tree.

“What the…” she said, approaching a large white wrapped box with a red ribbon. “What is this? It wasn’t there this morning.” she said, picking it and smiled. “Hum…. From Santa to Karen: Do not open until Christmas…. Derek? What do you know about that gift from… ahem… Santa?”

“”What?” he yelled, from the back entrance, where he was just entering the home from shoveling snow. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“There’s a white box by the tree. It says it’s from Santa, addressed to me. Is it you playing a little joke?”

She could feel the heat of the fireplace on her PVC leggings, warming them. She loved it.

“Me? Nah. I didn’t put that thing there. I have no clue what’s in it.” he said, as he approached, walking, almost skidding on his socks that were about to slip off of his feet. He looked at the box. “Nope. Not from me. My prank gifts are labeled ‘From Me To  You’.”

“Then who’s it from?” she asked, turning the box on all sides, moving her legs, making the vinyl creak where her thighs were brushing against each other.

“No idea, but this is sexy.” he said, slapping her butt. “Well, gotta get out of that sweaty clothes. Anyways, you’ll see what’s in it on Christmas.”

“Why wait? I mean, there’s no ‘from’ name.”

“Yes there is. Right there: S.A.N.T.A.”  he said, laughing.

“You… you don’t mind if I open it?” she asked, puzzled.

“Hey, you’re an adult. You make decisions and you must accept the consequences.” he said, closing the door of the bathroom behind him.

She looked at the package.

“Well… I’ll just open it carefully and see what’s inside. Then I will have a clue who got it and I will play surprise on Christmas.” she mumbled to herself. “That’s what you get when you play games with me.”

Carefully, she undid the ribbon and began to take the paper off when the box began to vibrate, then the whole house seemed to begin to vibrate, or was it her.

Suddenly, the box seemed to glow, the glow creeping up her hands, her arms, wrapping around her.

“What the f…” she began to say, but he glow entered her mouth and silenced her. She felt being lifted off the ground and she saw in dismay, her clothes disappear, or rather being replaced by something else, some kind of Christmas wrapping, but not paper. Latex. Thick latex, wrapping her hands, her torso, her legs, bringing them together, her arms by her side.

She slowly fell on her back, in front of the fireplace. She tried to fight it, but whatever it was, it was stronger than she was, clinging to her skin, wrapping it, everywhere, holding her tightly in her embrace, making her unable to move. She felt her waist being squeezed by an invisible corset, her boobs being individually wrapped and enhanced, her head being engulfed, going over her eyes, rendering her blind, covering her nose, her mouth, where for an instant, she was unable to breathe.

She thrust her hips upward. That was a rush, a pleasure wave, and as quickly as it happened, she could breathe again, but her mouth was full of some rubbery substance, effectively gagging her.

All she could do was squirm and moan. She tried to call Derek for help, but nothing much came out other than a dampened groan.

“What the hell was that noise?” she heard Derek ask as he was getting closer, but even her hearing was impaired, and it sounded quite faint.

He approached and saw that… thing, squirming on the floor, the shiny Christmas wrapping reflecting the light of the fireplace.

It almost looked like a wet worm. She was evidently tightly squeezed by whatever that was. On her body, there was a paper. He looked at it.

“Do not open before Christmas… or else. Signed Santa? Well, Karen, looks like you’re stuck in this for, oh… 6 days or so? You always loved long-term bondage.” he said, slapping her on her shiny rubbery butt. “Damn! That thing is tight and very thick. I don’t even know how I’ll get you out of it.” he said, smiling a devilish smile.

“Well, Santa, or whoever you are, that’s a good one!”

His eyes went wide as, for a moment, he was sure he heard a laugh. A very distinctive laugh. Ho. Ho. Ho…

Karen was in her own world, of tight cuddling, her latex cocoon being warmed by the fireplace. The latex seemed to become tighter, or it was thicker, or was it growing, reaching… places. Oh… Gosh…

(To Be Continued… on December 25, of course.)

© monsterp63

December 18, 2020

Part 2 here

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