Santa Knows PT2


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December 24, 23:59.

And counting.

He was looking at the clock, looking at the large package, shining under the fireplace light, slowly squirming, the latex squeaking in a sexy manner.


Well, to his clock. Was it the right clock? Was it late? Was it the time Santa was looking at, or was he in a different time zone?

He got out his phone, which should be linked to the real time. It showed 00:01. Could it be safe? He didn’t know what the “or else” would be.

He heard a faint hum coming from the package, the tightly wrapped Karen. At the same time, the white box with the red ribbon seemed to vanish, to disappear. Was this the sign?

Carefully, he bent down besides her tightly latex encased girlfriend and gently rubbed her, starting at the shoulders, running her hand down over her breasts, softly squeezing them. Feeling the latex in his hand gave hima hard-on. He just liked that material, especially on Karen.

He tried to find an opening, a hole, a slit, anything to put his fingers in to tear it open, but found nothing.

Reluctantly, he left the squirming package there to go fetch scissors, then, carefully, starting between her legs, the only place he was sure not to poke her with the sharp scissors, he gently pressed and the rubber gave away easily, much more easily than he was expected.

He slid his hands in the large slot that had appeared. With his right hand, he quickly and easily tore it off from her lower legs.

He was stunned. He was expected to see her in her red PVC tights and knitted dress, what she was wearing the last time he saw her, but everything was black and shiny.

He slowly slid his hands on her tightly encased legs, going down to her ankles, revealing pointed toe boots, without any heels, apparently, like everything was fused together. No zipper, no lace, no seam. Everything was smooth, even what seemed to be embedded cuffs. Only the chromed rings were breaking the overall smoothness of it.

He went back to her upper legs, again, easily tearing the latex wrapping off, revealing more tight latex, wrapping her thighs, her crotch, where he could feel something vibrating, humming.

He smiled as he put his hands on her crotch, feeling not one but two vibrating toys.

He tore more of the wrapping going upward, discovering a tightly squished waist, much more than Karen’s tightest corset.

Again, no seam, no lace, no busk, nothing. Only the evidently tight and rigid feel of a corset, as if it had merged with the suit, witn only some boning making small bumps, going up to her breasts.

She was breathing in short garps, evidently fighting the restriction of the corset.

He reached her neck, her head and he was, again, shocked.

Her neck seemed to be enclosed inside a tight and rigid collar, again all fused together with the suit, with only rings protruding out. Her head, totally enclosed in rubber, a flap over her mouth with a small hole, two holes for the nostrils and two dark tinted lenses over her eyes.

Even the nose holes seem to go inside, up her nostrils. He couldn’t see any skin. Nowhere.

Moaning, she moved her arms which had been held close to her body for the last few days, flexing them.

Judging by the wrinkles created on the inside of her elbows when she bent them, Derek could see that the suit was very thick and very tight. Ans as for the rest of the suit, no seam between the suit and the attached gloves. Still, again, those embedded cuffs at her wrists and upper arms, but they were as if they were molded from the suit.

She tried to get up, to sit. He helped her by putting his hand under her shoulder, feeling the thick and tight latex. He was puzzled and excited at the same time. What a sight.

Karen put her hands on her head, on her face, feeling the lenses, feeling the flap over her mouth. She tried to talk but only some faint moaning came out.

She tried to turn her head to look at Derek, but she had to turn her whole shoulders. Her neck was totally rigid, as well as her waist.

She was struggling to breath. That corset was tighter than anything she had worn before. Bending her arms was a struggle. That suit was so thick and so tight, it was unbelievable. She had had many suits, even wore multiple layers of latex suits, but it never reached this level.

She was feeling like in a dream, or a half dream, awakening from some deep sleep, wondering what she was doing there, in a black latex catsuit. The last thing she remembered was taking a white gift box from under the tree. At the time, she was wearing PVC leggings and a knitted shirt. And then… this. What the hell happened?

“Well… Merry Christmas, dear.” said Derek, looking at her, at the awesome sight of a latex doll. “How… how do you feel? I mean, it’s been six days.”

She had a shocked expression, of course, totally oblivious to Derek. She couldn’t even tell if her face was actually moving, tightly encased in this latex.

She tried to answer, but quickly realized she couldn’t. She raised a thumb up. After all, things were interesting… down there! It was just a slight vibration, but, oh, so enjoyable.

“Want… want to try getting up?” he asked, getting ready to help her.

She struggled to get up. Bending her legs was difficult, and imparired by the corset and collar, it was not easy, and then, standing on pointed toe boots! She had worn ballet boots before, but without any heels? That was a first.

She steadied herself, feeling her constricted waist with her latex gloved hands, discovering the cuffs at the same time. She put her fingers in the ring and tugged on it, trying them, trying to pull them off. She looked at how they were attached, at a buckle at something to take them off, but saw nothing.

Panicking, she reached for her head, searching frantically for a zipper, lacing, a seam, something. She mimics ripping the suit off to Derek, like a question mark.

“I have absolutely no clue, Karen. You said you were looking at that strange box, and the next thing I knew, you were all wrapped up as a gift with a note.” he said, picking his phone and showing her pictures. “And when I unwrapped you, you were… like this, and I don’t see any zipper, opening, seam, anywhere. I have no clue how to take this off of you. Better ask… Santa?” he said with a grin.

She grunted.

“But, hey. It’s Christmas. Why not… hem… enjoying your gift, while we exchange ours?” he said, gesturing to the boxes under the tree.

He crouched down and picked one, offering it to the latex clad woman of his life. She tried to open it, but the thick latex wrapping her fingers made it difficult to find the seam, especially since Derek purposely made the seams as little as possible.

He offered help but she refused, evidently enjoying the struggle. She opened the box to reveal a make-up kit.

“Well…when you’ll get out of that suit, of course.” he said with a grin.

Then she crouched down, feeling the tight rubber compressing her knees, her thighs, her calves, having a hard time to bend down, reaching for a rather heavy box, impaired by her stiff collar and dark lenses.

And she loved every struggle she had to make. She handed the box to her boyfriend who easily opened it revealing a power drill and screwdriver kit.

“Thank you, Karen. That’s exactly what I wanted.” he said, putting it down.

They continued exchanging gifts then headed for the bed. Derek had other plans initially, but since Karen was wearing a full body plugged condom, he couldn’t do much.

They walked to the upstairs bedroom, Derek following, admiring Karen’s butt struggling to climb the stairs, the tight latex not giving any loose space, as if it was alive and clinging to her body like a second skin… tighter than her first skin.

They went to bed, Karen fully rubberized and himself in a pair of satin briefs. Karen reached between her legs, at her crotch, and, moaning, pulled out one large dildo, leaving a rubber lined hole. Again, no skin was visible.

Derek smiled. He might have his gift, after all.

Slowly, he climbed on her, feeling the smooth and warm latex. He squished her breasts, already quite squished by the tight latex and began to kiss her rubber covered mouth while his throbbing member felt the way inside her. He could feel vibrations, the vibrations of the butt plugs.

Karen put her arms over her head and, while stroking, Derek grabbed her wrists cuffs and linked them to chains permanently installed there. She was used to being tied up in bed, after all. All the setups were already there.

He then caressed her, stroking her, feeling the tightly encased rubber female form under his heated body. And no pinching, no scratching. Usually, there was the corset with its busks, or a zipper or something. This time: nothing. Just the smooth, seamless latex.

Karen was feeling his member inside her like never before. The sensations seemed to be enhanced, and the orgasm quickly built, getting higher and higher, and as the timing was perfect, they both exploded at the same time, each one triggering the other orgasm, each one feeling the other orgasm as well as their own. The feeling had never felt so powerful before.

The pleasure wave ran up and down their bodies countless times before subsiding and dying out. Panting, Derek rolled off of her, resting on his back.

“That was… out of this world, like… magical.” he said, turning his head to look at Karen, who tried to do the same but was restrained by the collar. She simply nodded yes. That’s all she could do.

She took the plug and put it back inside her vaginal hole. When she rolled on her side, Derek was already sleeping. She looked at him. Thinking: now what? How do I get out of this suit?

“Do you want to get out, Karen? Don’t you like my gift?” she heard a voice in her head.

She opened her eyes, trying, hoping to see someone, but there was nobody, only the voice in her head. It was not her imagination. Someone was talking to her.

“Santa?” she asked.

“Who else, Karen?”

“I… I don’t understand. Why… this?” she asked.

“Why not. Isn’t that what you wished for? To be encased in rubber for life?”

“Well, I… yes, but… it’s punishment or pleasure? Because it feels like both at the same time”

“You’re gonna have to make up your mind, Karen. I have more people to visit to complete their gift. So, what will it be?”

“I… I don’t know… I mean…”

“Then one year it is, Karen. If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you choose to get out or not next Christmas. Goodbye” said the voice.

“No wait! Santa!…. Santa?… Hello?”

Damn… One  year, and she had to be a good girl.

Things began to move at her crotch, to vibrate, to twist, to pulsate, to create havoc, and she had a thought… “What do I have to do to be a good girl?”

As the dildos fired, her question vanished from her mind.

© monsterp63

December 24, 2020

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10 thoughts on “Santa Knows PT2

  1. Oh when I read this text I hope so that Santa is real.
    I was a naughty girl and deserve some punishment from him, too. Or would it be more a present ?

    I wish all from the community a marry Christmas especially you, Pierre, you great Artist.

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