Hacking Attempts


For the past 2 days, someone is trying to hack this site.

The big question is: why?… I mean, there’s no sensitive information, no credit card, no SSN… Nothing else than FREE stories and 3D-Renders. So… what is the use?

This is a FREE website. Everything it has to offer is there.

For the record, the website is not hosted on a private PC in my basement, but on a hosting provider.

Note to the hacker(s): I receive an automated e-mail every time you try, with your IP address. The attempts have also been reported to the hosting provider.


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4 thoughts on “Hacking Attempts

  1. Not to underestimate the “ass-hole factor” out there… but I’d assume that this is automated – WordPress-based sites are a favorite target and are often attacked “in bulk”…

    1. From what I can tell, the IP addresses used are from Algeria, not exactly my biggest fan base…
      Yes, probably automated, but still. Just in cast this is an A-Hole.

      In any case, if the site goes suddenly down, you’ll know why.

  2. Yea this stuff is completely automated. Basically random bots/scripts that float around and they probe every ip in existance to see if you meet a certain criteria. For example 99% of all wordpress use the same login page url. Then the script just does brute force. But this is done through botnets and/or vpns. Algeria is probably the last hop of the vpn being used.

    I would ask your web admin and see if they can bump fail2ban to more severe.

    Fun fact, every server I’ve ever exposed to the internet (web server, database, etc), automated hacking attempts start popping up about 2 minutes. And I’m just a nobody, not some big name company. That’s just how the web works. Most hosting providers hide this info from the average customer, so I guess the phrase “Ignorance is bliss” applies here.

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