Happy 2021


“Well, as you probably noticed on our Merry Everything post, there was a sneaking guest, and because of that, instead of celebrating the New Year, we’re here, taking care of those two brats.”

“Anyways, with all that has been going on in 2020, 2021 can only be better, I mean, the only thing missing for 2020 is an alien invasion, so I wish for you and your fam… what’s that strange noise?…”

“Ding! Dong!”…

“Yes… Oh sh…”

“Don’t move, hoomans. We are taking over your planet. You will be sealed in rubber, kept in constant bondage and sexually stimulated but denied of any orgasm, and will only be use to satisfy our very own sexual urges.”

[Karen] “Eeeerr!!! Mpheee!! Mfiirstt!! Mpheee! Fkake Mpheee Pfiiiirst!!!!” (Here!!! Me!! First!! Meeee! Take me first!!!!)

More seriously (or is it), I wish for you and your families, health, wealth, love and may your deepest fantasies come true!

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4 thoughts on “Happy 2021

  1. happy new year Pierre

    thanks for all your wonderful art and story I’ve been reading them ever since Karen had her own kittle web page and hope to enjoy many more

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