To 2021


Well, it’s midnight, here in my time zone, so time to reflect on what was.

2020 will be a year to remember… and to forget.

I will remember 2020 for being the year where I got my own little place on the web, with my own domain name.

I will remember 2020 for the year I rolled over 250+ posted stories.

I will remember 2020 for the sheer number of conspiracy believers and how many still believe the Earth is flat. (It’s not flat, technically. It’s a… cube. Believe me, I know, I saw a guy on Youtube explaining it all! Fuck the scientists who says it’s a sphere!)

So now, to 2021.

May this be the year of the fetish opening to the world, where all kinks are accepted as well as vanilla. Or better yet, vanilla becomes a kink!

May this be the year where all the segregation and the racism ends.

May this be the year where sexual discrimination ends, where the gender of a person is irrelevant, where everybody identifies “itself” as: I am.

May this be the year when someone creates a virus of common sense. Damn, this world needs it.

So, I raise my sparkling juice glass (I don’t like wine…) and I wish to all of you to find the love you want in 2021, a healthy 2021, a wealthy 2021 and a kinky 2021.


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2 thoughts on “To 2021

  1. Happy New Year to you too Pierre.

    Hope this year is a lot lot better for us all then 2020 had been!

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