Karen – Checkmate


A friend of mine sent me recently art from Parangsakti which depicted… well, you’ll figure it out. Lets just say that it jumped started my imagination. Here’s the result.

They were wearing shiny outfits, like rubber but, like it was fog made out of rubber. They seemed to hover over the floor as they moved around her.

She could already feel the tight latex catsuit squeezing every part of her body, from her toes to her head. The rubber was thick and extremely tight, acting like a compression garment. All over her body. She was struggling to breath and, yes, the corset they were wrapping around her already thin waist was not even tightened.

She felt tubes going down her throat and up her nose. Her mouth was filled to the breaking point with something mushy yet unyielding. She couldn’t produce any sound.

The entities, for a lack of a better explanation or description, swiftly moved around her, without a sound, tightening the corset so much, she believed she would be cut in half.

She felt her body become rigid from her hips to her chest, leaving her breasts free from strange holes through the corset.

One foot was raised and a boot put on, but when it was done, she couldn’t put her feet flat on the ground, not even raised like in a high heel boot. No, she had to put it down on her toes, like a ballet dancer, keeping on-pointe… forever.

Then something heavy was applied around her ankles, then over her knees, wrists, upper arms and neck. Tight and heavy steel cuffs, the one around her neck being so high that she couldn’t move her head much once she heard clicked in place, as if there was only one adjustment possible: very tight.

The entities came along with more steel, wrapping her corseted waist and passing a strap between her legs.

But that strap had a surprise: huge plugs were pushed inside her crotch holes.

In her head, she moaned as she felt the large intruders getting in place, but no sound was produced, then the crotch strap was yanked tight, very tight, and fixed in place using power tools.

A steel bra was added over her breasts, squishing them and, again, fixed in place using power tools.

She had a feeling she would be stuck in whatever that was, for a while.

The entities linked her wrists in her back and linked her ankle cuffs with a short chain and led her out of that room, following a long corridor, well then again, when your steps are merely 15cm long, every corridor is long, to a brightly lit room.

And that’s where it hit her: her entities were not foggy creatures. She was seeing foggy, the lenses of the gasmask she was wearing were apparently distorting her world, because that brightly lit room, as foggy as it may appear was… the outside.

She was let through a bunch of statues, rather large, installed in two long tightly aligned rows. She was brought to the back row, toward one of the highest statues, where it appeared to be… opened?

Her hands and ankles were released and she was put inside the sculpture, facing the opening, arms to her side, inside what appeared to be a mold of her body, then the entities began to work on her, with power drills, literally screwing her in place from the steel restraints, before the front part was closed down on her, apparently the opposite side of her body mold, squishing her in place, rendering her totally immobile, unable to make the slightest move.

At all.

She stood there, in total darkness, in eerie silence, only hearing her short and rapid breathing as well as her heart, pounding hard in her chest.

The weird thing? She was not feeling afraid, threatened. She was pretty much at ease, as if she wanted it, as if she.. Liked it?

She tried to move, but the restriction allowed no movements, which made her hot. Oh darn! Suddenly, the huge intruders in her crotch, the tight corset, the cups over her breasts, the gag filling her mouth, all became arousing. 

The more she fought her bounds, the more aroused she became. She couldn’t move, so the only thing she could do was try to work her butt muscles to stimulate her crotch. She was horny and feeling weird.

After all, she was sealed in rubber, bound in steel, stuffed inside some container and she was aroused? Oh yes, weird. And she wanted more.

Something lit up in front of her eyes, a screen of some sort. She focused her eyes on it and realized at the same time that her lenses were not foggy, just made to focus on something very close to her mask.

Yes, it was a screen, displaying a… chess board?

The view was from above, and seemed to be outside. The white pieces were glowing, but nothing moved.

She was puzzled. Why was she watching a game of chess? What was the use of stuffing her inside a vertical contain… oh wait! Could it be?

She tried to move a piece by thoughts. Nah, that’s silly. By moving her fingers? Hell, nothing was moving. Her fingers were kind of squeezed into the molded glove of the container.

Then a peon moved, and after that, she received a small shock in her crotch, which startled her, and the glow moved from the white pieces to the black pieces.

As she looked around the black pieces, a white circle was following her eyes over each piece. She fixated one of the pieces at the back, one that couldn’t currently move. After about 3 seconds, the circle turned red and she felt a disturbing shock before the circle reverted to white.

She looked at a peon for 3 seconds and the circle turned green, followed by a white dot, still following her eyes, to move said peon.

She was quick to figure out how to play, how to move pieces. Of course, it cost her a few zaps, but once she moved her peon, she was rewarded by a short, yet welcome vibration from her dildo.

So, that was it. She was to play a game of chess. Good thing she was a good player.

She wondered if she was the Queen or the King… or a peon?

The game went on and she quickly realized that, when she was taking over a white piece, she was rewarded with good vibrations, and when one of her pieces was taken over, she was punished with a strong zap. The more powerful the piece, the stronger was the zap.

It wasn’t long before she began to feel sweat building between her skin and the latex suit, allowing her body to move somewhat, creating tingling sensations.

At one point, her air was cut-off after a risky move. She didn’t know if it was to punish her or to reward her, because it had the two effects at the same time: sent her into a panic mode and at the same time an on the verge of orgasm mode, of which she was quickly denied with a small shock.

In frustration, she tried to get free, she struggled, which only increased her arousal! Not a good move.

The game progressed rather slowly. Whoever was her opponent was as good as her. And yes, she wasn’t a Queen but a King, because she could feel herself move, within her container, each time she ordered the King to move, and this move was accompanied with strong vibrations from both crotch intruders.

Then, with only a few pieces left, it was obvious they were heading for a dead position draw. That game would never end. But… how to call it?

She simply let her time to play expire, and her opponent did the same.

That’s when all hell broke loose! She was getting stimulated, vibed, shocked, airflow blocked, she could even feel her breasts being pumped and squeezed, and the more she struggled, the more her mind registered that she was totally restrained and unable to move, which only increased her orgasm, and when she exploded, she was glad she was so restrained, and even so, she feared that her container would explode in the process.

She never felt an orgasm like that before, well, ever, which totally drained her of any energy she had left.

And after the last bits of pleasure died out, she softly fell into an exhaustion sleep.

The sun was shining through the opened curtains of her room. She opened her eyes and realized that she wasn’t in her bedroom, but in a hotel. Besides her, Derek, her lover, was laying on his back, the comforter drawn to below his neck, like Karen had, getting all warmed up.

She heard him moaned.

“Hello, honey. Had a good night?” she asked.

“Yes and… weird. I had this strange dream where I was playing chess and… I was a chess piece myself.” he said.

Karen frowned.

“Funny, I had the same dream.” she said giggling.

“Were you the… black pieces.?”

“Well… yes, I think… Nah, come on, that’s too weird.” she said, turning on her side to face him as he was doing the same thing, but that movement was weird. She didn’t feel his skin when she touched him. Hell, she didn’t feel her own skin. Her arms and legs felt heavy. She heard some squeaky sounds and as they touched each other at crotch level, a hard clunk was heard.

They both looked puzzled and removed the conforter to realize with amazement, that they were wearing full rubber catsuit, leaving only their head free, steel restraints, corsets and chastity belts.

“What the fuck?” they said in a single voice.

On that, the door of the room opened and two fuzzy entities entered, holding some sort of gasmask.

“You need to do a re-match. Yesterday’s game ended with a draw… Again. We need a winner and a loser. Let’s hope this fifth game will give us the right results.”

© monsterp63

January 2, 2021

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6 thoughts on “Karen – Checkmate

  1. Thanks a lot for your imagination 🙂

    PS: I believe at the end there should be “removed the comforter to …” instead of “removed the converter to realize …”

  2. hi Pierre

    really great story I was wondering if the other pieces were also occupied. My idea would be to have a increasing scale of pain and pleasure depending on the value of the piece say pawn level1 rook 2 knight 3 bishop 4 and queen 5 when you just move you get half pleasure when you take another piece full pleasure and of course pain when you get taken just and idea I came up with hope you like it

    1. Hello MistressNyssa.

      I honestly haven’t thought about the status of each pieces. The story concentrated on the two main characters and, in my mind, it stopped there. But one can imagine whatever he/she wants 😉

      Adding pain/pleasure level is an interesting perspective. The point is: I don’t know zit about chess. I had to google everything, so as to put values on pieces, it’s out of my league.
      Also, having to describe all of this “pain/pleasure table” would make it heavy to read. I did explained a few punishment levels and points in other stories, and when I read them back, I find this part boring to read.
      And, to apply/describe those levels, it would also imply that I sort of describe the game taking place, which, again, I know nothing about.

      But hey, one can imagine whatever he/she wants, and relive the events in their own mind with the proper setups.

      I, however, do not plan to write another chess piece, (pun intended).
      Then again, I also said I didn’t had any sequel planned for “The Pod” and here we are…

      Best Regards,

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