Karen – Return To The Pod – Part 4


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Mouth agape, Karen looked at Valerie, stunned.

“You… you realize that you just released me after close to 4 years stucked in this, don’t you?”

“Well… Yes. Sorry.” said Valerie, looking down, but side-looking at the suit.

“Okay… I  need to go see Lynda. Would you care to drive me around or should I call a cab?” asked Karen, still giving her a chance. After all, if she wants to try the Pod, she would fit right in. She wondered about Lynda tho.

“Oh, yes, I’ll do it.” she said, starting to walk away, but still looking at the suit.

“We’ll stop by a fetish shop on our way back. I promise.” said Karen.

“Fetish shop?” asked Valerie.

“Well, yes. This is where you’ll get your own latex catsuit.” she said. Yes, she would have to wear the pod suit, but Karen quickly figured out that sharing the same suit was not very… hygienic. She, herself, would get her own suit, making the pod suit become the outer suit. The thought of wearing two layers of latex made her hot, and for a moment, she couldn’t believe that, after spending 4 years stuffed in this, she was ready for more!

“Uh… oh. Okay…” said Valerie who was expecting to just wear that one.

“Would you share a condom?” asked Karen to clear Valerie’s mind.

“Eww… No… You’re right.”

Since the locks on the doors of the house were of really no use right now, Karen took back everything and placed it inside The Pod, before closing the door and locking the Pod room door, so that no one, especially racoons, would enter.

About an hour later, they were knocking at the door of a luxury apartment.

The door opened and a young blond woman appeared, looking puzzled, her eyes going from one woman to the other, having a hard time recognizing anyone with their masks..

“Hi… Can I help y… Karen? Is that you?”

Karen smiled.


“Holy fucking shit! Where the hell have you been? It’s been four years since I got any news from you. How dare you show up here all of a sudden? Do you know the searches I made? I called the cops, even the Interpol to try to find you. You were nowhere to be seen. And I saw your house being vandalized, and I could do nothing. Where the hell have you been, Karen?” she said, hands on her hips, frowning, evidently not happy.

“Nice to see you too, Lynda.” said Karen, sarcastically. “Can we come in and explain why I was, ahem… out of reach lately?”

Almost reluctantly, Lynda let them in, her own heels clicking on the hardwood floor.

Under Valerie’s watchful eyes, Karen recalled the whole story, giving more details as Lynda was aware of less of it, having never seen The Pod.

“And you want me to believe that?” asked Lynda.

“Look at my skin, Lynda.” she said, removing her mask, lifting up her shirt. “This skin hasn’t seen the light of day in four years, Lynda. I have been wearing rubber for the last FOUR YEARS! Look how pale I am!”

“Now, you realize that I want to see that pod thing, now, right? So, when will it be? In a few weeks, months? Never for some obscure reasons?”

“If you want to see it now, let’s just go, then.” said Karen, aiming for the door, ready to walk out. “Coming?”

“I… Err… You’re serious?”

“Yes, I am, Lynda. I never lied to you. I had voluntarily not told you everything before, but I never lied. And this is not a lie. You’re coming?”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Some time later, the sounds of high heels crushing dirt was heard entering the Pod room where the greenish glow of the Pod was still visible, the described suit hanging inside it.

Karen commanded the opening of the door and a stunned Lynda looked at what was inside.

“You… you really spent four years IN THERE?”.

“Yes.” calmly said Karen.

“Getting… teased, tormented and stuff?”


Lynda extended a hand to touch at the suit, while her other hand, subconsciously, was gently rubbing her thigh, very close to her crotch. Her fingers, while touching the latex catsuit were obviously shaking.

“You… you really are into this fetish stuff?” asked Lynda, puzzled.

“How about you?” asked Karen.

“Me, Uh… ” she said, trailing off the answer.

Before she could react, Karen had reached for Lynda’s jeans, undid the button and pulled it down just enough so that her underwear was showing. Red, shiny underwear.

“You wear latex panties, Lynda.” said Karen.


“I could smell the latex, and I could tell you got aroused when you touch that suit”

“What? How… Well… okay, maybe, but, I mean, I don’t have a catsuit or anything like that.”

“Okay, fine with me, but if you want to try The Pod, you’re gonna need one.”

Karen turned to Valerie who had kept silent with a straight face, except for a satisfied smirk.

“Care to drive us to the fetish shop, Val?”

“This way ladies” said Valerie, showing the way out of the Pod room.

During the trip, Karen explained to them the features that had to be chose, opening at the crotch, and if they were choosing to have attached pouches, they would have to be cut opened so the that the relief tubes would be connected, and such, and warned them that neck entry catsuits, of their size and features were probably not to be ready to wear.

They entered the boutique, Karen smiling, welcoming back the smell of latex, with her two friends, stunned by the number of items and the same rubbery smell.

“Hello Ladies,” said the sales lady, herself wearing a tight fitting silver latex dress, walking on high heels shoes. “How may I help you today?

“Oh, simple.” said Karen, “We need 3, full body, neck entry catsuits with crotch pouches.”

The sales lady looked stunned for a moment, but looking at all three of them, realized.

“This is serious, right? It’s not a prank or anything?”

“No… no, it’s serious.” said Valerie, evidently aroused by all she could see around, while Lynda stayed silent.

“It’s their first time, but not for me.” said Karen, trying to explain the behavior of her friends, walking straight for a rack of catsuits, immediately flipping them over, looking at their characteristics.

“Ah, I see. Well, good thing I received a brand new stash from Fantastic Rubber, we have a lot of size choices, because neck entry have a better fit when custom made. Okay, let’s take some measurements.” said the sales lady, going back to her counter and coming back with a measuring tape and something to write. She began with Lynda while Valerie continued to browse around.

“Holy fuck… I can’t afford that! Better… Well, I’ll pass, I guess” she said a little depressed after such a high rush.

“Don’t worry, I got it covered.” said Karen. “For this one. If you want more, it’s on you.”

“R… really? Geesh, thanks, Karen.”

The sales lady then measured Valerie and ended with Karen. She then put all the numbers into her computer and looked at the results.

“Well, latex is stretchy and it’s a good thing. I have something for all of you, but not a lot of choices.” she said, heading to a rack, flipping a couple of suits off, taking one and handing it to Lynda.

“This one’s for you.”

“But it… pink.” said Lynda. “I would have preferred a black or a red one.” she said.

“Well, I do have one in red but it’s a lot tighter around the waist. It’s aimed at someone corseted.”

“Lets try it.” said Lynda. “We… we can try it, right?”

“Yes,” said the sales lady, “but you have to wear protective underwear, so you do not… spoil it.” she said with a wink.

“Oh, she already has latex panties on.” said Valerie out of the blue.

Lynda looked at her with fiery eyes, but then again… that was true and she was about to put on a catsuit, so…

“Yes, I do…” said Lynda, trailing off.

“Very good then. There’s two booths, choose one. There’s lubricant inside. Apply generously, that suit will be a tight fit!”

Valerie chose a purple one and headed for the other booth.

“I have only one that will fit your curves, but it’s out of heavy rubber. You might be able to put it on alone, but you will need help getting it off.

“There! Perfect.” she said, picking the heavy looking latex catsuit. “Not being easy to take off will…” she said, trailing off.

“I understand.” she answered back with a wink.

“How the heck to you put this thing on?” they heard coming from one of the booths.

“It’s a neck entry catsuit, Lynda. You go in from, well, the neck.” yelled back Karen.

“But… That’s impossible.” replied Valerie.

Karen looked at the sales lady and rolled her eyes.

“I’ll show you.” she said, heading for the booth. 

They were not visible from the entrance of the store. Karen casually undressed in front of the two wide eyed woman, took a bottle of lubricant and proceeded to rub herself with plenty of it, as well as the suit, before turning it inside-out, revealing  that she had been coating the inside of it.

She proceeded to put one feet in and slowly gathered the suit around her ankle until her feet reached the attached toe sock. Then sitting, she did the same with the other leg. Then, slowly, carefully, she pulled on the whole latex lumb, stretching the neck hole to go over her upper legs to her thighs before carefully pulling the latex on her legs, smoothing it in the process, removing the wrinkles, pulling more of the body part of the suit upward.

Her breath began to shake. She welcomed back the feeling of the tight rubber wrapping her legs, her body. She had flashbacks of The Pod. Darn. 

As she pulled the suit upward, getting up, standing on her toes, pulling the suit over her hips, feeling the cold rubber against her crotch, feeling the currently limp pouch touch her, her breath became heavier, noisier, without realizing it. But the other noticed.

“Are you okay, Karen?” asked Lynda.

“Err what?… Yes, I’m fine. Why?”

“Well, it looks like you’re ready to hyperventilate.” said Valerie.

“Oh… No, I’m fine. You… You’ll  understand when you’ll put it on.” she said, looking at the sales lady who understood perfectly what was going on.

“You’ll never get your arms in. Look how tight this is.” said Lynda.

“This suit is thicker than yours, so yes, for me it will be a struggle, but it will be a lot easier for you. Don’t worry.” she said as the suit reached her breasts and she struggled against the tight and quite thick latex, to add her arms inside the collar and put it down the sleeve, then the same with the other one.

The suit almost magically rode up, squishing her breasts, letting the last air pockets out through the high collar.

Karen let out a sigh, her breath shaking, rubbing her hands against her squished waist. Not as  hard as a corset, but damn, that felt so good. She looked at the light reflecting on her arms, then at her firm breasts encased into the shiny black fabric, then catched the looks of her two friends, staring at her, mouth agape.

Karen laughed, bent down to take her wallet in her jeans and handed her credit card to the sales lady.

“We’ll take the suit. Judging by my fit, theirs will be just perfect. I think it will be better if they put it on at home” she said, still giggling. “And oh, add three full hoods, please.” she said as Lynda and Valerie gathered their civil clothes and proceeded to put them back on. Karen paid and then put her civil clothes over her catsuit, while the sales lady went back to the floor to return with a bag of goods.

“Here the extra you asked for. Have fun!” she said with a wink.

They drove back to Lynda’s place, in silence, still stunned by the sight, and the creaking sounds of Karen’s latex catsuit was making under her clothes they rode away.

Once at Lynda’s place, Karen immediately dropped her city clothes to parade in front of some mirrors, admiring her look, her shape, even squeezing her waist with her hands.

“Should have bought a corset.” she whispered while the two other women grabbed their latex suit and headed for different bedrooms to change. They were not as at ease as Karen to get naked in front of everybody.

She heard struggling, slapping sounds, some ouch through the doors, but after 20 minutes, both women walked out or their bedroom, almost in sync, red faced, eyes wide opened, slowly rubbing their thighs, waist, breasts, feeling the smooth and tight fabric touching their bodies.

“How does it feel?” asked Karen.

“Weird.” said Valerie. “I feel naked and clothed at the same time.”


“Well… I wore underwear and maybe a skirt but this is… different, and the shine, and the feeling when I stretch my arm, it’s like I’m covered in elastic bands.” she said.

“Yeah,” added Valerie, “that shine, it… I don’t know how to say it.”

“Like a magnet?” said Karen.

“Yeah… weird.”

“And wait for the touch.” said Karen, sultry approaching the two women, and gently touching Valerie on the shoulder.

She startled.

“Weird and… oh wow.” she said as Karen slowly slid her hands off her shoulder, down to her arm.

Valerie extended an arm to touch Lynda, who after the first surprise, extended her arm to touch Karen.

The three women began to gently touch each other, getting closer, their breathing becoming heavier, their bodies becoming warmer.

Their hands began to dance over each other’s body, following the arm down, then up then the chest, spending some time over the breasts, feeling them, rubbing them, squishing them, before riding down to the waist, circling it, going down to the hips, the buns, squishing their tight buns t through the latex, going at the crotch.

Karen wasn’t totally new to this and she quickly, without asking for permission, shoved her fingers inside Valerie’s crotch pouch.

“What… Oooo.” was her answer, as she threw her head backward.

Soon, all three of them were piled one over the other on the floor, squirming, sliding on one another on their slick lubricated rubber catsuits.

“You have to experience it to its fullest.” said Karen, gracefully leaving them for a moment to come back with the latex hoods. She helped them put it on, tucking their hairs, leaving only smooth latex from the head to the toes.

Their little game took another twist as now the heads were as slippery as the rest of their bodies.

Fingers found holes, tongues found holes. While bringing the latex hoods, Karen had brought her bag of goods closer and she sneaked into it to retrieve a dildo, she began to insert into Valerie’s vaginal pouch.

Valerie moaned, loudly, especially when the dildo began to gently vibrate.

“Too noisy.” said Karen, taking a harness ball gag from the goodies bag and fastening it loosely around Valerie’s head, not wanting to go too hard to a first timer.

Lynda seemed to love it, but grinned.

“That is way too lose.” she said, tightening the harness, forcing the huge ball deep inside Valerie’s mouth, forcing it wide open.

Valerie tried to reach for it, to loosen it.

“Don’t you have rope in your bag? I thought I saw some.” said Lynda, extending a hand.

With a devilish smile, Karen gave her a pack of rope and Lynda quickly turned Valerie around, pinning her down, tying her wrists in her back, then started to draw her elbows together, getting them closer and closer, waiting for a sign from Valerie to stop.

“Are you okay?” asked Karen, puzzled by the lack of Valerie’s reaction to the extreme position.

The answer she got was a low pitch grunt.

“Guess she’s alright.” she said to Lynda who continued to tighten the elbows until they touched, then knotted the ropes, before going to Valerie’s legs, tying a rope around her upper knees, lower knees and ankles.

“You… you seem to know your way around bondage.” said Karen, puzzled.

“We each have our own little secrets.” answered Lynda with a wink. “Now, your turn.” she said, quickly jumping on Karen and turning her around on her stomach.

Karen fought back, but she knew what she wanted. She wanted to be tied up, restrained, mouth stuffed, crotch stuffed, waist constricted, and Lynda delivered, getting toys from her bedroom, a vibrating dildo and a huge buttplug, coming back with a panel gag, a blindfold and more rope, tying Karen not only in a tight hogtie, but making a crotch rope which pushed the dildos and butt plugs deeper.

She felt the rope bite into her legs, forbidding any movement. She felt the tug of the ropes on her shoulders, forcing the high arc of the hogtie. She could feel the tight latex squirming with her. The bit hard on her gag, which only increased her helpless feeling.

She was puzzled at Lynda’s sudden expertise, but for now, she was elsewhere. Well, her brain was elsewhere. Her brain was back into The Pod, not feeling her weight, suspended, severely restrained, feeling the plugs everywhere, getting orgasms after orgasms. 

Damn! She had spent the last four years stuck inside The Pod, had only been released for a few hours and… she was dreaming of getting back in?

Her brain became a shapeless mass as the first of many orgasms to come engulfed her, leaving her with a puzzling thought: was she living this or was she still stuck inside The Pod, dreaming this. Reality, fantasy were nothing but a blur.

To Be Continued

© Monsterp63

January 3, 2021

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