Karen – Return to The Pod – Part 5 (final)


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She blinked to open her eyes. It was rather dark. She was casually relaxing, stretched out on a very comfy bed.

“Geesh, what time is it?” she mouthed, but she felt something huge still stuffed inside it.

“Fuck!” she garbled as she tried to get up, only to realize that she was not casually resting on a bed, she was tied up, spread eagled.

“Mffppooo?” she tried to call.

No answer.

She tested her bounds, which awakened her body, her senses. She could feel she was still wrapped into her latex catsuit. But her waist felt compressed, and she had toys stuffed inside. She wasn’t sure, but something rigid was going down under her crotch.

“Corseted and with a chastity belt? What the fuck?” she thought.

She was very well secured. She couldn’t get free. She tried to tug, to jiggled her chains to make some noise, but apparently, it had been thought of and they seemed to be wrapped into something. Barely no sounds were produced.

So she laid there, dozing on and off until daylight began to light the room. She heard footsteps from the corridor. High heels. Two sets of them. One clicking hard and slow, and another one, clicking more lightly and very fast, as if…

The door opened and entered a leather clad woman with blond hairs, standing on thigh high high heel boots, where only a gap of skin could be seen between the top of the boots and her leather skirt. She was pulling a leash from one hand and holding a riding crop in the other.

“Gffimmpa?” mumbled Karen, wide eyes.

Behind her, in tow with a leash, Valerie, still in her own latex catsuit under a leather harness, wearing a horse bit gag, arms in a leather armbinder, obviously struggling to follow, ankles hobbled with a short chain, standing on ballet boots. She was obviously barely able to stand up in them.

“Welcome back to the real world, Karen.” said Lynda with a devilish smile. “

She sat on the edge of the bed, facing Karen.

“Yes, I’m a dominatrix. On the side, that is. I’d love to do it full time, but you know, there’s this thing… how is it called… Hum… yeah, money. So I have to have a daily job.”

Karen was wide eyed. She knew Lynda for a few years, but she never even thought that… damn!

“And since you don’t have to work, and Valerie here doesn’t have to work during the Holidays, I’ll keep you as my pets… sorry, personal slaves for the time being.” she said Giving a yank on Valerie’s leash as she was not standing straight.

“She needs more training, but I believe you’re already familiar with everything around it, am I right?”

Karen knew bondage, but to act as a slave, she never did. She discovered everything about it, well, a few years ago, at the same time as The Pod. Yes, she had read some articles about it, seen a few movies, but she didn’t really know much about it.

She nodded a shy no with her head.

“No? What do you mean no?” asked Lynda.

Karen answered with garbled noises from under her gag, then tip her head sideways, in the meaning “if you want to know more, better un-gag me.” sort of way.

“Stay put and damn, straighten up!” said Lynda to Valerie, slapping her in the butt with her riding crop.

Valerie twitched and moaned.

“That’s noted.” said Lynda, walking to the bed, the tight leather of her skirt and jacket creaking. She bent over Karen to remove the gag. Karen’s nose filled with the musk scent of Lynda’s leather gloves as she removed the gag, but did not untied her.

“Go on. You have two minutes.” said Lynda, looking at her watch.

“Wow, two minutes? Okay. Hum… I know pretty much nothing more than what we see on TV or articles about BDSM. I discovered latex, and the bondage and the forced orgasms, and the body control, all at the same time: inside The Pod. Four years ago. I don’t know what is being a slave, hell, I don’t even know if I want to be a slave.” she said, staring at Lynda.

“Oh.” said Lynda, backing off a little. “That was… well, you know, the only way to know if one likes something is to try it, right?”

“I… I guesmmmfmmggrrr” began to answer Karen as Lynda stuffed the ball gag back into her mouth. She heard Valerie giggle.

She looked at Valerie with a puzzled look. Did she ask for it or did Lynda enforce it on her like she just did?

“She actually asked for it.” answered Lynda, understanding the silent question.

Karen’s head harness gag was  linked to the  headboard and yanked tight before her legs were untied, one by one, and brought together, linked with a very short chain, and linked back to the foot of the bed.

Then her arms were untied and she was rolled on her stomach so that her wrists could be cuffed in her back before her head and feet got released. Lynda was quick to produce another leash and snap it on Karen’s collar.

“Come, slave. You two have work to do.” she said, dragging both of them out of the bedroom.

They hobbled their way, trailing behind Lynda who kept tugging.

“Damn, you’re worthlessly slow. How do you expect anything done if you… what now?” she said as she heard a cell phone ring. She looked around and spotted Karen’s phone on the living room table.

“Oh… rats.” she said, picking up the phone. “Yes? No, this is Lynda. Karen is… um… sort of tied up right now, can I take a message?… Yes… in two hours? Yes, she’ll be there. Bye.”

Karen looked at Lynda, puzzled.

“Your contractor will be at your house in two hours. Guess I have to free you, meaning that YOU…” she said, staring at Valerie “will have to work double!”.

Two hours later, Karen got out of her Uber ride, dressed in tight jeans, her latex catsuit hidden under a turtleneck shirt and leather gloves. Her contractor had arrived a few minutes earlier.

“Hi Karen. Nice to see you again. What happened?” he said, opening his arms to the house in really bad shape.

“To keep it simple, a few things got out of hand and I couldn’t reach anyone. But it’s all cleared out now. So? What about it?” she asked, smiling.

He stared at her for a short moment before speaking up. Karen was sure that he was staring at her face, probably at her cheek. She used make-up but the marks of the ball gag harness were probably still showing.

Three hours later, she was back at Lynda’s place.


“He will start to work on the windows and doors, securing the house, putting the heat back on, cleaning it and then order the materials needed, which should be gradually delivered over the next few weeks because of the Holidays, then the heavy work should start in the second week of January.”

“You need to be there?”

“Nope. Not at all.” she said, taking off her jacket, shirt and pants, extending her wrists and lowering her head. “I’m all yours, Mistress.”

Karen and Valerie quickly learned their place over the course of the following week and days, cleaning the home and then preparing, serving and cleaning for the multiple receptions Lynda had over the Holidays, all of which were apparently fellow dominants with their slaves/subs. Every mishap was punished by multiple means, either a good spanking or a painful and tight bind.

After the Holidays, Karen was freed from time to time to go supervise the latest work on her house.

Finally, the work was done and the house was released to Karen, who was eager to go back. But Lynda had some other ideas.

“The Pod room and the Pod itself needs to be cleaned, and you’ll be perfect to do so.” she said, looking at her two rubber clad slaves standing by two wooden crates. “I just need to carry you there.” she said. “Valerie…” she said, pointing at the first crate.

Valerie complied. The inside of the crate was shaped like a chair. She would enter sideways with her arms elbow tied, and sit on the small bench, having to bend her head and upper body  forward, touching her knees, because the top was low.

Lynda secured her ankles with ratchet straps to the bottom of the box, then yanked her shoulders down against her knees with another strap. She padded all the loose space with foam and went to Karen’s box where she was setup the same, then screwed the cover.

They stood there, unable to move, in complete darkness for some time before feeling being picked up and carried down to a vehicle and driven to Karen’s house where they were delivered. 

When Karen got out of the box and stood up, she looked around, satisfied to be home. Finally.

“Time to try your new access to the basement.” said Lynda, leading Karen to the newly constructed access. No more need to walk outside to access the safe room. In fact, the access to it from the other side of the basement has been walled off. The only access was through that new staircase, located in one of the rooms at the back of the house.

Lynda had them quickly put to work, but of course, properly impaired. Valerie, who had become quite proficient with ballet heels, was fitted with a short hobble chain, and her knee cuffs directly linked together, forcing her to make awkward moves. Also, both her wrists have been linked together, which greatly impaired her for wiping the walls clean.

Karen was wearing platform boots and her ankles were linked by a 45cm spreader bar. Her wrists were also linked with a rigid bar, keeping them about 30cm apart from each other. She was to clean the inside of The Pod, while Lynda was casually resting on the bed, browsing on her phone, barking orders to her slaves.

And since both slaves were heavily corseted, stuffed and locked into a rigid steel chastity belt, their setup with their work was both a mix of love and hate, pleasure and pain, especially when, from her phone app, Lynda would trigger a dildo, or the butt plug at will, or waiting for the, ahem, right moment.

Like when Karen was inside the pod, stretching her arms high over her head, which stretched her torso, pulling on the corset, which pulled on her chastity belt, which pushed on her dildos. She totally lost it, dropping everything, dropping on her knees, yet unable to reach her crotch with both hands because of the spreader bar.

Lynda waited a few moments then turned them off, frustrating Karen to the highest level who looked at her through the lenses of her gasmask with angry eyes.

“Pleasure and work don’t mix, Karen. You should know that.” had simply answered Lynda, from her comfortable bed, not even looking at her.

Karen resumed her work, pissed off. She would get her revenge. She didn’t knew how, she didn’t knew when, but she would.

Finally, everything was cleaned and ready. Lynda got up and began to look at the console, pushing a button here, turning a knob there.

Karen grunted. Louder and louder.

“Don’t worry. It’s not like I’m going to break it, I’m just trying to figure out how it works.” said Lynda.

Karen grunted even more louder, stomping her booted feet on the ground.

“Geesh, next time I have you work, I will add tens pads.” said Lynda, turning to Karen who was, without a doubt, gesturing her to be ungagged.

Lynda sighs as she removed the gasmask with the embedded long penis gag.

“Better be important.” she harshly said.

“Fuck, Lynda. May I remind you that, as far as I know, this is still MY house and this pod, being located inside MY HOUSE is thus MY FUCKING POD?”

Lynda was stunned and Valerie giggled. Karen giggled too, figuring out how dominant she looked, pointing at HER pod with her hands linked by a rigid bar, wearing a latex catsuit, corset and chastity belt.

“Oh… I… I’m sorry, Karen. I kind of got carried over and…”

“It’s okay, Lynda. Now, if anybody wants to try it, could we… you know…” she said, showing her restraints.

A few moments later they were all out of said restraints and Karen was holding the Pod Suit.

“Well, I pretty know how it feels, so… who’s turn is it?”

Valerie was quick to make a step forward.

“Hey, I got you out of it, didn’t I? I think I deserve the first run.” she said, all smiling.

She quickly got inside the Pod Suit, then Karen set her up inside the Pod, showing everything at the same time. She was about to put the gasmask over Valerie’s head.

“Now, Val, be aware. What’s going to happen is unpleasant, but once done, it’s quite bearable. Ready?”

Valerie took a deep breath and nodded yes. Karen lowered the gasmask over Valerie’s head and as soon as it was down, Valerie fought her bonds, trying to reach it, to remove it, almost panicking, but a few moments later, she was breathing easily and was calming herself down.

“You’re okay in there?” asked Karen.

Valerie nodded a shy yes. She didn’t know if she was okay. Was all that she was feeling normal? It was weird because, as uncomfortable as it may seem.. She liked it.

Karen was about to close the door of The Pod when she stopped.

“I suggest an hour for a first session.” she said, to which Valerie answered by a shudder. She had no clue, but she would trust Karen.

She closed the door and setup the controls, explaining them to Lynda at the same time, then pushed the start button, looking closely at Valerie, to make sure she was alright.

She began to slowly move, to wiggle within the limits of her suspension, fighting her bonds. As time went by, she was struggling more and more, but something seemed strange. Karen remembered struggling a lot more than that. She tried to ask Valerie if everything was alright and she sort of raised her shoulders in a “I don’t know” manner. Then, still by shaking her shoulders, she nodded no.

Karen pointed at the stop button and Valerie nodded yes, so she stopped the session.

“What’s wrong?” she asked after she opened the door and removed the gasmask, which made Valerie grin with the tube removal procedure.

“Ah… shit! That I don’t like.” she said. “Okay, I get the breath control, the vibration, the sucking on the breasts, but that sucking is weak, and you talked about muscle control, electro-stimulation and stuff, and apart from the dildos vibrating, I get nothing. There must be something wrong somewhere.” she said.

Puzzled, Karen looked at the console.

“Everything is in order here, no indication of a fault or anything, and the wires are correctly plugged to the suit, which has the embed… oh shit. Of course.” she said, “Silly  me!!”

“What is it?” asked Lynda.

“The latex catsuit she’s wearing. How stupid can I be. Yes, it will prevent us from cleaning the Pod Suit every time but rubber is an electrical isolator. The electro-pads don’t make contact!” she said. “You will have to take the suit off.”

Half an hour later, Valerie was squirming inside The Pod like a fish at the end of a fishing line.

When the door was opened and Valerie was taken off, she was totally phased out.

“Fucking shit, Karen… You took four years of that?”

“Yes… I did.” answered Karen.

“And you’re ready to go back in, like… now?”

“Absolutely.” she answered with a large smile. “But I believe it’s Lynda’s turn.”

“Come on, hurry up. Lets clean this suit.” said Lynda, suddenly eager to try it, her, who seemed a little reluctant at first when she saw all the tubes and wires.

Two hours later she was getting out of the pod after her one hour session, in a daze.

“So, how was it?” asked Valerie, eager to hear Lynda’s point of view as another first-timer.

“That was good.” she managed to say between two breaths.

“But?…” asked Karen.

“But…I prefer to have control, if you know what I mean.”

“Of course. You’re a Dom. What else to expect.”

An hour later, the suit had been cleaned and Karen was getting into The Pod.

“So, one hour?” asked Lynda as she setup the numbers on the console.

“No. Twenty four.” said Karen.

Lynda and Valerie exchanged stunned looks.

“Well, 24-hours it is, then.” said Lynda, entering the value then pressing the start session.

Inside the pod, inside the suit, Karen welcomed back the tightness, the vibrations, the breath control, the electro-stimulation, the weightless feeling. She welcomed all of it. It was like coming back home after a long trip. YUes, that’s where she belongs.

As the first of countless orgasms built up, her body was taken by strong convulsions, anticipating the effects, the hormone rush. She exploded when her air was cut-off, sending her against the limits of her chain. 

Valerie and Lynda looked at her, afraid, puzzled, concerned, alla t the same time, asking themselves if she was trying to break free, wor if the pod was preventing her from launching, literally out of the Solar System.

Twenty-four hours later, she was taken out of The Pod, her limp body, half-conscious, was put on the nearby bed. She slept it off for four hours before being able to get her brain back in gears.

Lynda and Valerie were by her side, smiling.

“Now, what do you want to do?” asked Lynda.

Karen closed her eyes and whispered.

“I want to go back in.” she said, smiling.

Valerie giggled. Karen looked at her, puzzled.

“Well, we learned one thing, Karen.” said Valerie.

“Really? That I’m a freak?”

“No. That The Pod is for you.” she said. “It’s like it has been tuned for your body. I did orgasm, I did feel the pleasure, but… nothing near what you experienced.”

“Maybe you need to get used to it.” said Karen.

“No. It’s more than that. When I got out, I was satisfied. I was glad of the experience, but I’m not eager to step back into it. Not today anyway. Do you remember the first time you did it? How did you feel after?”

Her memory flashed back. She had set it up for half an hour and it stopped at the worst moment, and, probably because it was self-triggered, entered into a 24 hours rest mode before allowing her to get back it, but she would have gotten back in the minute it was off.

“You didn’t go for an hour but a full day, Karen. And you’re ready to go back in.” said Lynda. “That says it all.”

Two weeks later

She hugged Lynda and a very bound-up Valerie, encased in a neck entry catsuit so thick and tight that it took Karen and Lynda to put her in. Her arms were locked in her back with wide steel cuffs, and her neck encased in a wide and heavy stainless steel collar without any apparent lock. Her mouth was stuffed with a blow-up gag and she was now expertly standing on thigh high heavy ballet toe boots, also locked in place by heavy steel shackles. She was embracing her new life as a rubber slave to the fullest.

Almost ceremoniously, Karen took place inside The Pod, like undertaking a long voyage, going away for a long period, like… for the rest of her life? No. Not that much.

But ten years might seem like a lifetime, especially restrained, teased and tormented by The Pod.

That had been her deal. Lynda would come live inside Karen’s house, which had already been modified into a full-size dungeon. Karen, locked inside The Pod would be the main attraction.

Ten years. No shortcuts, but that they didn’t know…

She welcomed back the tubes inserting themselves down her nose and throat. The door was closed, and the locking mechanism engaged. A last look at Lynda, a last nod, and she felt her world shrink as the corset tightened around her slim body, as she was lifted off the ground, as the dildos became alive, as the chest cups began pumping, as the electro-stim pads began to fire.

Her lenses fogged up and she laughed. After all, she had glued shut the stop button…

She was back home.

The End.

© monsterp63

January 23, 2021

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5 thoughts on “Karen – Return to The Pod – Part 5 (final)

  1. a nice, very unexpected, ending to the series.
    It looks like that all are happy with there decision. But I think 10 years are a little bit to long maybe one was enough.

    Anyway thank you for your work

    1. Thank you, Sandra.
      Well, yes, 10 years is long but she has been stuck in it for 4 years and less than 24 hours later, she misses it and wants to go back. One year would have been “weak”. Five years was just barely over her already done 4 years, so I went extreme with 10 years.
      And on a side note, with 10 years, I can’t write any sequels for the next 10 years. 😉

      1. Well this is a good point. At least Valerie and Lynda will have a good time.

        So I will have to wait for 24. January 2031 😉

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