Karen – Long Weekoops.


The sound of the alarm clock woke her up. She blinked a few times, the morning sun seeping between two blades of the vertical blinds from her bedroom window.

She moaned and chewed on the rubber ball she had stuffed deep into her mouth, then rolled on her side and began to fondle with the ropes holding her wrists together. It was not easy, since her elbows were also drawn together.

Of course, the non-stopping alarm didn’t help her concentration, and it was like that every morning.

Moving her fingers, trying to get more blood in them, fighting to find the knot with her leather gloved hands, she was getting frustrated, but that’s what she liked. She had put herself into this predicament, after all.

Finally, the knot was found, first releasing her elbows from the pull-rope that were wrapped around her wrist rope, then the wrist rope itself.

Once her arms were free, she slowly shook them then reached for her collar, found the snap ring linking it to the wall and freed herself, allowing her to sit on the edge of the bed, leaving a drool soaked pillow behind her. Oh, it was no problem, it was covered in latex, as well as the rest of the bed.

Her tight PVC catsuit creaked under the strain, and she reached for her legs to remove more ropes, including one wrapped around her waist with a couple of strands going between her legs, teasing her crotch, another one wrapping her upper thighs, upper knees, lower knees and finally her ankles.

Once all those ropes removed, she slowly brushed her hands against her shiny legs, rubbing them, massaging them so that the blood flow would fully resume, at the same time, admiring her foot encased in ankle high leather ballet boots.

With a push of her hands, she got off the bed and had to catch the doorframe to regain her balance. Standing up after a good night’s sleep on ballet boots, was no small feat.

She headed for the bathroom, where the keys to her wide collar and to her panel gag was located and removed them.

The marks left by the leather harness of the gag were dampened by the spandex hood she was wearing over her head. Then, after doing what she had to do, got to the kitchen for coffee, breakfast and more coffee.

Some time later, she had to get ready to work. A quick shower and she was browsing her large walk-in closet for the right clothes. Her work place had a “office clothing” policy, but not on casual Fridays. And today, was Friday! Isn’t it convenient?

With a smile, she grabbed the bag of the brand new shiny PVC leggings she had received the day before, added a short skirt and a nice shirt.

“That should do it.”

She proceeded to put on the leggings, but right after taking them out of the bag, she frowned, looking at them.

“Geesh, this IS small! I should have listened to the comments… Oh well.” she said, with a devilish smile, putting the too small leggings on, stretching them almost to the breaking point. She loved it. The tighter, the better.

“I just hope they will last the day.” she said, rubbing them, feeling how tight they were.

She completed the outfit with a pair of high heel booties, grabbed her purse and headed for work.

She loved hearing the sound of the PVC leggings creaking, always the thought that, this time, they were ripping. She was covered with her skirt but… she would have no underwear.

She had a few stern looks from the higher management, but she was respecting the rules.

She did the work she had to do, although she was eager to get out. It was Friday, AND a long weekend, and she had already planned everything.

“See you at the club tonight, Karen?” asked Valerie, the receptionist as Karen was leaving.

“You bet! Party night!!” she yelled as a whisper, knot to piss off the management, lifting a leg in a sexy pose, which made Valerie laugh.

But Karen heard, or rather felt some stitching giving up at the hips. Yep. Those leggings were too tight.

By the time she went home at the end of the day, the seam had ripped down to below mid-thigh, showing below her skirt. But she didn’t really care, about the look nor about the leggings: she had plans.

She quickly got everything off and dressed for the evening, or rather, the weekend. She browsed her closet and chose a full body thick neck entry latex catsuit with attached toe socks and gloves.

Then with slow, sultry moves, she proceeded to lube her body, spreading the silicone oil, letting it warm up, anticipating the feeling of the latex  to easily glide over.

She rolled the latex catsuit down at her feet and proceeded to put her right one in first, feeding it inside the toe sock, popping each individual toe in its little latex confinement, wiggling them, giggling at the feeling of rubber brushing against rubber, then the the same with her left foot, cramping them, almost feeling bound, through the narrow neck opening.

Then, slowly, she pulled the suit up, wrapping her legs, smoothing the rubber as she went, reaching her knees, her things, her hips, stopping at her waist, and again, pulling gently on the latex covering her legs, stretching it to perfection, removing all the wrinkles, pulling it in place at the crotch, before pulling it gently yet firmly, higher, over her naturally thin torso, up to just below her breasts, where a little contortion was in order.

It always surprised her at how much that neck could stretch, although it was the thickest suit she could put on and take off alone,  so much that she needed a special procedure in the shower to take it off. She squeezed her right arm inside the suit and searched a little to find the sleeve, and pushed her arm through it, pushing a pocket of air along the way, which actually helped her as it opened the latex sleeve in front of her finger.

She wiggle them inside the attached glove, pulling the latex back with her left hand, removing any slack, any air bubble from it. Then it was the turn of her left arm, but now, the whole neck was free to go up, sliding over her firm breasts, popping in place, pushing any air that was still trapped in it through the neck opening, now squeezing her neck, making a funny sound, as she stretched her arms and rubbed her body to remove any left-over wrinkle, sliding her hands along her body, wrapping her breasts with her fingers, sliding down over her waist, going to her hips, to her buns, bending to slide down her outside thighs, reaching the knees, her hands sliding to the inside of her legs, going back up, brushing against the inside of her thighs, reaching the crotch, where they danced a little as she softly bit her lower lip, a devilish smile forming.

Her hands, with her fingers dancing, spent a little time there, grabbing the zipper handle, then letting it go.

“Just not now, Karen.” she said, in a low sultry voice, almost forcing her hand to retract, sliding then over her stomach, the sides of her rib cage then back again to her breasts where she gently squeezed them, latex fingers gliding over the latex covered breasts, sending little shockwaves of pleasure.

Her breath was shaking, she was feeling hot, on her body and in her brain.

She looked at herself in the mirror, which did nothing to calm her down, seeing this curvy body, covered in pitch black rubber, shining like … polished latex (yeah, I’m out of ideas here, folks.).

She turned to the side, then to her back, twisting her  head backward, trying to have a glimpse of the rear view, enjoying the little crease her firm butt was making, the squishing sound the latex was making.

She grabbed a long latex corset, which she wrapped around her naturally thin waist and began to pull the lacing, admiring in the long mirror how her waist was getting squished.

She closed her eyes. She liked it. The latex, and now the constriction of the corset. She would wear one more often, but… you know. Society.

With each pull of the laces, she felt her organs being moved out of the way, her breath shortening, her spine becoming rigid. That felt so good.

She knotted the lacing and sort of stored them into a little latex pocket built-in to the corset. That way, nobody could, accidentally, undo the tight lacing.

But she had to hide most of it. Yeah, the, ahem, society was not ready for it. Not at the club she was going anyway.

The legs would pass as shiny leggings without any problem. She put on a long sleeved satin shirt, which she topped with a large satin scarf. Overkilled, but everything is for show when going to a club.

Leather gloves to hide her… latex gloves, a very short leather skirt and ankle high heel boots to hide her rubber toes.

And off she was.

The club was packed when she got in, making her way through the crowd, secretly enjoying being squished between people. They only felt her satin skirt. She felt much more.

She spotted her group of friends, crammed at 8 around a round table for two, grabbed a drink by the bar on her way there and immediately, the party began.

Dancing, drinking, trying to have a conversation but being impossible due to the loud music. There was someone new with them, someone she never met before.

“That’s Derek,” yelled Lynda to cover the noise “It’s a cousin of mine.”

“Nice to meet you!”  yelled back Karen. “You dance?”

He smiled and led her to the dance floor where they showed each other their best moves. At one point, doing a sexy move, he crouched down, put his hands around her legs and slowly got back up, twisting his shoulders, rocking his hips in a perfect dance move. His eyes changed.

When he was back up, he approached her ear.

“Is that latex?” he asked.

She smiled and winked. He smiled back with a sultry grin.

They continued to dance, taking a break to have a drink, going back to the dancefloor, until a slow song was put on. He wasn’t sure. She wasn’t sure. She looked at Lynda who raised her glass, mouthing “have fun”.

The next thing he knew, Karen was pressing against him, wrapping her arms around his muscular neck, breathing hard in his ears.

He could smell her perfume, but there was a strange smell to it.

As they slowly moved their bodies against one another, he wrapped his hands around her lower back, feeling it, raising her shirt, putting his hands under it.

She did not really realize what he was doing. She was falling in love. He was so handsome, so good a dancer.

His hands slid on the latex corset. She could feel the warmth of his palm on her lower back, going up, then going down, passing her skirt waistband, to her upper buns.

He didn’t say a word, but Karen could hear and feel a change in his breathing. Oh yes. He knew what latex was. And he liked it.

“Completely covered.” she whispered in his ears.

She heard him giggled. A  happy giggle. Almost sounding like finally, I found one.


It was 3 in the morning when the door of her apartment opened with a bang while she was shushing, and slapping it with her leather gloved hand, sort of telling the door to be quiet. She repressed a laugh as Derek walked behind her and closed the door while petting it.

“She doesn’t mean it.” he said, giggling. “You’re a good door.”

He heard the sound of buttons being ripped off and when he turned around, Karen had forced open her satin shirt, popping most of the buttons off and was letting it slide off, then pulled down her leather skirt, revealing her black shiny latex covered body.

“A full body condom. You ARE protected.” he said, approaching her, putting his hands on her breasts. He wanted to do it gently, but there was just too much booze in his system, so he ended up pretty much grabbing them hard, squishing them.

Karen pulled her head backward.

“Oh fuck!” she said.

“If that’s what you want…” he answered back, grabbing her by her corseted waist and easily lifting her off the ground, heading for the first door on his right and opening it.

“That’s a closet.” she said giggling, pointing the way to the right door.

He didn’t make it, stumbling on his alcohol filled legs, they both ended up on the floor, laughing. He was ready to do it there, now. He searched for an opening and found the crotch zipper.

“Not that fast, buddy.” said Karen, putting her hand down, keeping the zipper up. “You have to wear protection first.” she said, crawling on all four to her bedroom, Derek watching her tight butt wiggling along, his manhood becoming larger than he had ever felt.

When she reached her dresser, she kneeled to open a drawer and fondled it for a few moments before retrieving a plastic bag.

“Here! Put these on. Don’t worry, they’re brand new. I never got… this far before. Not in latex anyway.” she said giggling.

He had to tear open the bag. They were really brand new: latex undies with a penis pouch.

He smiled. While he took his clothes off, she reached inside the same drawer and retrieved a latex hood she quickly put over her head, leaving eyes and mouth holes.

“Never worn anything like that before either… oh. That’s nice.” he said, noticing the hood.

She pointed at a bottle of lube and helped him put it in, giving it a few mouth strokes along the way (she was still kneeling, remember?). Once down, she crawled to the bed where she stretched herself out, reaching the leather cuffs hung on the corner of the bed. She grabbed them.

“Really? Latex AND bondage?” he asked.

“Too much?” she asked, suddenly afraid she had gone too far.

“Not at all.” he said, sitting on her stomach, and tightly wrapping the leather cuffs around her wrists, going one notch tighter than she was usually able to achieve.

“Wow. That’s tight.!” she said.

“Too tight? I may have been too…”

“No. The tighter, the better.” she whispered with a sultry voice.

He repeated the tightening on her other wrists then slowly slid down, rubbing her now latex covered head, going down her neck, then sliding his hips down, his rubber covered cock rubbing on her rubber covered body, gliding, while he licked her latex breasts, trying to take a bite out of them, squishing them with one hand while the other one slid down to her crotch, trying to find the zipper, but she prevented it by wrapping her latex legs over his back and squishing hard, using her cuffed wrists as an anchor point to hold him down. He couldn’t pull himself out of her grip.

“I won’t be able to do much, held like that.” he said, giggling, yet puzzled.

“Well, my arms are out of the way to prevent you, but not my legs.

“Yeah…” he said, trying to find a way out, but she was holding strong.

With a devilish smile, he reached under her arms and tried to tickle her.

She let out a high pitch yelp and her legs relaxed instantly, where he quickly got out of their lock. 

“Hum… okay… you want this too?” he said, seeing the leather cuffs laying at the end of chains on the corner of the foot of the bed.

She didn’t say a word. She spread her legs.

He obliged, but quickly realized that the chains were long and that it would allow her… too much freedom. He removed the quick link and pulled her legs until they were as taut as possible. Karen was moaning, evidently enjoying being restrained that much.

He then gently climbed back on her, rubbing her thighs with his hands in the process, going slowly higher, tickling her inner thighs, stopping at her crotch to play a little, slowly opening the zipper, then going upward, feeling her constricted waist, feeling her breasts while his manhood was finding its way inside her.

She yelped.

“I hope the walls are soundproof.” he whispered.

“Not really. You might need to…” she trailed off, looking at her bed table.

He looked and saw it.


“OH GODDDD” she yelled, which was immediately followed by someone banging on the other side of the wall. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!”.

“Oh well.” he said, reaching for it while trying to stay hooked up. He fondled a little with the harness under her amused look.

“Nah, not used to that.” he said. “I mean, I know what it is, but I…”

“I think you need one as much as I dwooommfff.” she was saying when he stuffed the large red rubber ball into her mouth, fastening the straps of the harness around her latex covered head, before going back to the sex business.

He laid back on her, his missile easily finding the target, squishing her breasts as he slowly rocked his hips.

It was  his first time wearing latex penis briefs. The feeling was totally different from a condom but… damn. That was good.

His hands let go of the breasts and were replaced by his mouth, pinching the nipples through the latex, then going to her mouth, trying to kiss her, only to be blocked by the same ball.

“I guess licking each other’s tonsils is out of the question.” he said.

She giggled. The sudden moves of her pelvis mixed with her throbbing member firmly encased into the tight latex sheath only increased the feeling.

They went on, as one, their hips rocking in perfect harmony, each one climbing the same steps of the same stairway (to heaven?). The energy was building, the pads were charging.

Kissing her rubber balled mouth, while squishing her breasts, she contracted her pelvis muscles, squishing his member. Damn, that was good. It was as if the energy was going in a circle, passing through his cock, her crotch, running through her body to come out at her mouth, where his mouth picked up, to go down through his body and around again.

One more stroke, one more hit of the hips. One last blow. He hit hard against her pelvis, which squished his (rubber) balls at the same time. That last deep kiss blocking Karen’s breathing.

She exploded. He exploded. Their body ran by strong convulsion as their brain short-circuited in the most powerful firework any of them had ever experienced. They continued to rock the boat, the fireworks slowly subsiding, feeling the last of the electro-chocks. He opened his eyes just in time to see Karen’s roll backward.

She lost it.

He gently got out of her, rolled on his side and quickly lost it too, their brains still dreaming, stll running high on the sexual hormones.

© monsterp63

Feb 7, 2021

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