Karen – Valentine Dinner


Note: a story similar to this was posted a while ago when I had my DeviantArt account. I had the images, but not the story. So, I revamped the images, created new ones and wrote a new story based on said images. Enjoy.

“Shit, shit, shit!! Where the fuck did it go?” she was repeating to herself, walking on all four on the floor, looking for the key.

The key that would unlock her chastity belt.

The chastity belt that would allow her to take off the white leather corset she was wearing.

The corset that will allow her to remove her red neck entry latex catsuit.

The key that would allow her to prep herself for a romantic Valentine’s day dinner with her new boyfriend.

She sat on her ankles, on her ballet booted feet, struggling to feed her latex gloved fingers between the corset and the belt and  trying to pull on it as hard as she could. The belt resisted.

“That’s what you get when you pay top quality…” she mumbled as she tried again, pulling in all directions.

But the belt was too strong, and too tight. There was no way she could slip it down past her hips, since the belt was adjusted to fasten over her tightest corset.

She resumed her search, laying on her stomach to search under the bed, squishing her breasts in the process, and banging her steel belt on the wooden floor.

She moaned. Yeah, that was pleasurable, but this was not the time. But the urge was too strong. She banged her belt a couple more times, awakening the toys deeply inserted and locked in by the bet.

She closed her eyes, then opened them up, wide.

“No, Karen. Not now! Find the fucking key.” she said as she resumed her search.

There was a knock on the door.

“Oh fuck!” she said as she kneeled straight up, looking in the direction of the door, in shock, frozen in her pose, thinking… should I play dead? Derek isn’t supposed to be there for another hour, so who…

Another knock.

“Karen? Are you there?”

“Oh fuck!” she said, louder than she would have wished.

“Karen? It’s Derek. I… I know, I’m a little early… okay, a lot early… Are you there?”

She got up in a hurry, losing her balance on her ballet boots, and banged hard against her dresser.

Even though she was in her bedroom and the entrance door was in the living room, she made quite a loud noise.

“Are you okay?” he said, trying to open the door.

“Fortunately I locked the d…” she began to think, then she heard her name called again, louder, clearer.

“Karen? The door was unlocked. Are you there? Are you okay? It’s Derek” said the voice, getting closer and closer.

She stood there, not moving, as if it would make her invisible, standing tall on a bright red latex catsuit, a white corset, a steel chastity belt and knee high ballet boots…

“Karen? I’m sorry, I… Oh…” he said, freezing on the doorframe of the bedroom, looking at the gleaming sight standing there, slowly switching from one foot to the other to keep her balance.

She raised a very shy hand to salute him.

“Hi…” she managed to say.

“That’s…” he began to say, hesitating.

She let out a soft sigh. Why hide it, I mean, she was there, fully exposed.

“That’s… me.” she said. “I’m a kinky fetishist. I like to wear latex and stuff.” she said, opening her arms as to fully display her setup.

“Well… it’s a surprise.”


“… And it’s not.”

She raised her eyebrows, a question mark almost appearing on her forehead.

“Well, I mean… you like to wear heels all the time, and tight, really jeans, and those PVC leggings, I mean… Ooof… They’re hot and… you’re hot.” he said, getting closer, and closer.

He extended an arm toward her shoulder.

“C… Can I?”  he asked, nervously approaching his hand to touch her shoulder, to feel the latex.

“Wow.” he said as his fingers touched the material. “That’s amazingly smooth.” he said, running her fingers over her shoulders, down her arms, her elbow, to her wrist, where he gently took her hand delicately approached it to his face as he slightly bent forward, to give a soft kiss on the top of her hand, like a gentleman would do to a lady, then turning his head to look directly at her, at her stunned expression.

“Hello, beautiful. Want to go to a nice Valentine dinner with me tonight?”

She giggled. A nervous giggle. So much stress, so much apprehension suddenly vanishing all of a sudden.

“Y… yes.” she said, smiling, jumping in his arms, feeling the warmth of his body through her latex skin, taking his head by the back of his neck and locking her lips with his in a passionate kiss.

He grabbed her tightly, wrapping his arms around her latex body, feeling its tightness, feeling the stiff corset, lifting her off the ground and doing a full turn as she bent her knees upward.

He let her down slowly so she would regain her balance on her extreme footwear, then looked at her.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” he said, smiling.

“I… well…” she said, looking down at her setup, “I should change to a more proper attire.”

“Perhaps. Need any… help?”

“Yeah.” she said, rolling her eyes, looking at the ceiling, making a grin. “See, I… lost the key.” she said, pulling on her chastity belt, so…”

“Oh. Want me to help looking for it?”

“Wel, unless you want me to go out like that” she said, again opening her arms.

“That… that’s a thought.” he said with a grin. “So, where did you drop it?”

They both got down on all four, looking for the missing key, and he was more looking at her struggle in her tight corset than looking for the key.

“Say.” he said, “I… I don’t want to intrude or anything, but there’s still a good hour before the restaurant reservation. Do… do you have… you know… wine or something?”

She blushed.

“Oh shit!… Oops sorry. “She said, putting her gloved finger over her mouth “I… I have a foul mouth… and yes, I’ll.. I’ll go get some wine…” she said, getting up. “Oh… red or white?”.

He got up himself, looking at her smiling.

“Red will be great.” he said, then his eyes wandered to a night table. “Oh, wait…” he said, walking to it, looking at what was on it: cuffs, a collar and a ball gag along with a bunch of padlocks and a single key.

“I… I never did that before, but, I mean, I read some stories on the Internet by some Pete or something and… should you be, you know, wearing stuff like that to, ahem… serve the wine? I don’t know, I’m just asking.” he said, picking up the head harness and looking at it from every possible angle.

She looked at him, nervous.

“Well… fuck!… I never thought…”

“Well, you do have a foul mouth. Perhaps you… I… should…” he said, picking up the ball gag and approaching her.

She looked at him with a smile as he gently approached her head with it, then started fighting with it, untangling the straps, puzzled.

“How the hell does this go on?” he asked, suddenly losing his dominant look.

She laughed and took the harness from his hands, touching her latex fingers against his hot skin.

She felt his hands follow, touch her face as she applied the gag, opening her mouth with a soft moan, welcoming it.

As he began to tighten it, she closed her eyes, feeling the harness tighten around her head before stopping.

“You’re good like that?” he asked.

She nodded no.


“What? Tighter?”

She nodded a strong yes and he began to pull on the straps, getting it tighter, forcing the ball gag deeper, more than she was ever able to achieve. Damn! That felt so good, so right.

“You… you tell me when, right? This seems quite tight.” he said, pulling again. As she was about to tell it to stop, he did it himself.

“Well, can’t go any tighter, that’s the last notch.” he said, tightening the rest of the straps to go along with that one and turning her gently around.

She was feeling the tight harness over her head with her gloved hands, feeling her twisted lips, forced wide open by the deeply inserted ball. Her breath was shaking.

“This… this is quite tight. Sure you want to keep it that way? I can loosen it, you know.”

She closed her eyes, savoring the feeling and she gently took his hands, bringing it to her face. She wanted to feel his fingers, his strong hands over her face, over the harness, so that one more time, she would realize what was happening.

“I… I assume you like it that way.” he said.

She nodded a small yes, then bent her arms at right angle in front of her, turning her palms forward, opening them, in a submissive gesture.

He did a few steps back, puzzled for a moment, then smiled, picking the leather cuffs and wrapping them tightly around her wrists, before kneeling and doing the same around her ankles, then picking up the padlocks laying on the table and locking them on as he went back up, adding a few locks over the locking hasps of  her head harness, then adding the wide leather collar that was also on the table, locking it and ceremoniously put the key in his pant pocket.

Then he hesitated.

“That’s… that’s okay with you, right?” he asked.

Her only answer was to move her arms and legs everywhere, sort of displaying that she could move freely, that the cuffs were doing nothing, before approaching her dresser, opening the first browser to reveal an array of chains, links and more padlocks.

A few minutes later, she was leading him out of the bedroom,  hobbling on a short chain, her wrists held close together in front of her.

She reached for the wine cabinet and struggled to bend and open it to take a bottle, fighting her bounds, the corset, her balance.

He watched her hobble her way to the kitchen, her tight latex second skin creaking, barely  making a wrinkle.

She was having a hard time uncorking the bottle. He wanted to help, he got closer.

“Do you…”

His question was answered by a sharp no not of the head.

Karen was in heaven, struggling to do simple tasks, impaired and totally out of her control.

He didn’t know where to go, so he went to the living room and looked for a place to sit. 

Karen hobbled her way not long after that, walking slowly, keeping an eye on the glasses and the tray. The heavy chain swinging between her wrist was not helping the balancing act. She reached the living room and Derek was there, sitting and smiling.

She presented her with the tray and the glasses of wine, some of it having spilled on the tray.

“Ooo. That’s a bad job. That should be noted.” he said, with a grin, not sure if it was the right thing to do. Karen simply bowed, like any good submissive. 

He took the tray off her hand and put it on the table. Karen stood there, as if something wasn’t right.

“What… Oh, right. Well, sorry, I’m kind of… new on this.” he said, making room for her to sit by him. “Well, I’m here to see you, after all.” he said, tapping on the sofa, inviting her to sit, almost like calling a dog.

Karen sat and he offered her a glass of wine, she took carefully from her latex hands and waited while he took a sip, smiling.

“Well, it’s not my fault you have a foul mouth. Enjoy!” he added, taking another sip. “That… that’s right… right?.

Karen giggled. Yes, that was the right thing, and she would need to be punished for not taking the proper actions and spilling the wine, but, in due time.

So she sat there, holding the glass of wine in front of her, unable to dip her lips in it, only smelling it, and darn, it smelled good. She stood upright, looking straight ahead of her, well a submissive shouldn’t look at her master, but…she wanted to look at him. Was she dreaming or was it a dream come true? Was he real or just fantasy.

She risked a look, slowly turning her head to look at him. He was already looking at her, smiling.

“That is so… weird. NO! Not you! I mean, this and…” he said, trailing off. 

He laughed and put down his glass.

“Here, let me take this off.” he said, fetching the key in his pocket, then doing a weird face. “Where the heck did it… oh, there it is. Seems I have a little hole down there.” he said, laughing, producing the little keychain with a single key.

He removed the padlocks securing the harness and carefully took it off.

Karen slurped on the rush of drool coming out and laughed.

“Yes, this is weird. I’ve always done this, alone, you know…”

“Yes, I understand.” he said, putting his hand on her latex thigh.

He gently rubbed it. He liked the smooth feeling of the latex. She liked feeling his warm hand over her skin. She looked down and when she looked back up, his face was in her face, and their lips met, electricity was exchanged as he slowly pushed her on her back to give her a passionate kiss.

“I love you, Karen. Since the moment my eyes met yours, I knew we had something for us, something special, something… planned by this Universe.”

He ran his fingers through her long brown curly hair and gently slid it down on the side of her face, still showing the traces of the tight harness belt, down to her latex encased breasts where he began to gently pound on them with his fingers, like a kneading cat. His smart watch vibrated.

“Uh… oh! We have to get going… if you still want to go to that restaurant.”

“At Pierre’s? There’s no way I’m skipping dinner there. Come on, let’s g… oh, right.” she said, extending her cuffed arms. “I need to get out of that first, unless…”

“Y…yeah, of course.” he said, quickly removing the wrist and ankle cuffs.

“But… there’s still the problem with the chastity belt key.” she said. “We sort of forgot about it and we haven’t found it.”

He made a guilty grin.

“I found it. It was under a desk. I have it here…” he said, putting his hand in his pocket, his eyes going wider and wider.

“Oh darn. It must have fell through that hole.” he said, quickly getting up and looking on the floor. “Where… where did I go? I was in the bedroom and…” he said, quickly getting up while Karen sat there, stunned.

“I’m sorry. Better call and cancel the reservation…”

“No! You’ll have to pay a cancellation fee. We’re going as is, that’s all.”

“You’re… you’re serious? You want to go out like that?”

“Well… why not? If you say the word, Master, I will obey.” she said, lowering her head.

“Oh, I… I…” he was saying, turning in a circle, like his brain was unable to reboot.

Karen quickly put the cuffs and collar back on and locked them, but without the chains linking them.

“There, my jewels are on, I’m ready to go and… since you’re paying, no purse to carry. Shall we?” she said, extending her arm.

The Uber driver was totally stunned and almost rear-ended three cars on their way there as he was constantly looking in his mirror. When they disembarked in front of the chic restaurant, the crowd on the sidewalk went silent as they entered the restaurant.

The hostess was equally stunned, but she was dressed. She could find nothing to refuse service.

“You want a… private booth? There’s gonna be some delay.” she said.

“What? No, a regular table… that’s my Valentine’s outfit.” she said, getting closer to the hostess, pointing to her red and white suit making a wink.

They sat. Karen made a muffled yelp as she sat down, the chastity belt pushing on her toys..

Around them, people were whispering while looking furtively at them, although some, like that couple of women, were plain staring and seemed quite interested, one of them wearing a shiny purple dress, either PVC or… was it latex?.

At first, Derek was uneasy, but it quickly went over him. His world was limited to himself and the gorgeous woman in a shiny red latex sitting in front of him.

He raised his glass of wine. She raised hers, latex creaking.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Karen.”

“Happy Valentine’s day, Derek. I can’t wait for Valentine’s night.” she said with a wink.

He almost spit his wine off.

They ate. The food was perfect and for some reason, the waitress was often at their table, inquiring if everybody was alright, especially to Karen. And she wasn’t looking at her with concern, but rather with curiosity, or was it envy.

Karen teased him throughout the meal, running her gloved hand on his knees and thighs, brushing her legs against his, putting her ballet booted feet against his erected groin..

He was getting horny. She already was.

He found it delightful to look at her eating, how the restaurant’s lights were reflecting on her shiny red latex coated arms, the strange sound her fingers were making when she was working the eating utensils.

Everything was so… hot.

Two hours later, they were back in Karen’s home. Upon entering, Derek quickly began the search for the missing key, while Karen simply stood there, leaning with her shoulder against the wall, legs crossed, smiling.

“Don’t you want to take that belt off?” he asked, then he saw that she was holding something between her index finger and her thumb. Something small, elongated and silver. He went wide-eyed.

“You found it?” he asked, getting up.

“Yes, it was on the kitchen floor. I picked it up before bringing the wine.

“Ah… what? You… you stayed locked for the whole dinner on purpose? Why?”

“To enjoy it, and apparently, so did you.”

“You deserved to get punished for that, you know?”

“Yes… master.” she said lowering her head while extending one arm to give the key..

“Okay then… what’s… err… what’s a good punishment…?”

She laughed and opened a box with a lot of hardware in it. She had wanted a lot of things, but being alone… 

In less than fifteen minutes, a makeshift X-frame had been created by screwing O-rings in the wall. He positioned Karen, legs spread and arms spread over her head.

He looked at the toys she had gathered from various locations throughout the house and laid on the bed: from Magic Wands to vibrating dildos. From butt plugs to magnum-sized silicone penis, from tens units to whips and paddles.

“I don’t even know how to use many of those.” he said.

“We’ll figure it out one at a time.” she softly said. “We have the whole night.”

He approached her head with the leather harness ball gag.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Karen.” he softly whispered.

“Happy Valentinggmmffg mpbayy Gehhekk”

© monsterp63

February 13, 2021

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