Karen – Long Weekoops. Part Two


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The smell was strange. She was smelling latex, but… there was something else. Something salty. Something smokey.

She worked her jaw, still locked wide opened by the ball gag. Her opened eyes revealed nothing: she was in the dark, under a blindfold.

She tried to move, but couldn’t do much. She could feel her limbs stretched to all four corners of the bed. She could feel everything: her tight latex catsuit, the corset, the chastity belt and her toys. Wait! What??

She rocked her hips. Yes, She had toys and she could feel the hard cold steel on her crotch. It aroused her. She was still aroused and she was very sensitive, she liked it, pulling harder on her restraints, hearing the leather creak, her breath becoming shaky, however…


However… What the hell happened? How come she’s all tied up? Stuffed? Chastised? She didn’t remember anything. Was she dreaming? Has she been drugged? Did she self-bound herself and not remember it? And that smell?

She felt a presence besides her. Who the hell was that?

Something heavy pressed on the mattress close to her. A hand gently caressed her waist, going to her breasts, gently squishing them. She couldn’t recall who it was but she couldn’t deny that it was pleasurable. The hand reached her head and removed the blindfold.

“Close your eyes, Karen. The sun is already high and it might hurt even though I closed the curtains.” said a voice she recognized. And suddenly, the flash, the light in her brain. The memories.

That was Derek, the evening, the encounter, the games, the orgasms, yes!! . Oh boy! That had been so… just wow. Wow enough that her brain blacked out.

She blinked. It was a little painful.

He was looking at her, smiling, chest naked. She smiled back which looked more like a grin under her heavily stretched out mouth and the ball gag.

“I made some breakfast with what I found, you know, (Canadian) bacon, roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs. It’s all ready. Ready to get up?”

She nodded yes, while pulling on her restraints, feeling them pull on her limbs. She wanted to stretch out, to fold her legs, but couldn’t and that was exactly why it was awesome!

He gently reached out and removed the links from the bed to the cuffs, but didn’t remove the cuffs, and helped her sit on the edge of the bed. She softly moaned. The toys were getting pushed in. She put a hand on her chastity belt. Yep, it was locked.

He looked like he was unsure of something. She looked at him, her eyes, she hoped, conveyed her feelings because that was about all she could do.

“I… you know, I’m all new to this…” he began to say, lowering his eyes.

Karen Feared that he was about to tell her that it was not for him, but then again, who put the belt on?.

“Well… I… Do… I don’t know what to do. I found that belt on the floor on the other side of the bed this morning when I went to close the curtains along with the toys. You were sound asleep. You moaned but never woken up, so I tried to put it on and, well… Do you want to stay like that? Restrained? Free? How…”

Her shoulders relaxed. “That’s the big concern?” she thought, almost giggling.

She gently put her wrists together in front of her and clamped her legs together, nodding yes.  He smiled back and linked a short chain to her wrists and then kneeled to add a short chain to her ankles. He got up and that’s when she realized that he was still wearing the latex panties with the penis sheath very well filled. He was liking it, obviously.

He began to walk away, turning back to Karen who sat still.

“Coming?” he asked.

She didn’t move.

“Something wrong?”

She nodded no then yes, then reached for the ring in the front of her collar and pulled on it before putting her hands back on her latex covered thighs. She couldn’t repress rubbing them. That felt so good.

“You want the collar off?” he asked.

She nodded no, realizing that he was really new to all this, and a hard fact, didn’t know where everything was. She made a “wait a minute” gesture with her finger, and got up, struggling to find her balance, suddenly finding herself on her high heel boots with her ankles limited to a 15cm stroll. She walked or rather hobbled to her dresser and opened a drawer, retrieving a leash, snapping it to her collar and offering the other end to Derek.

“Uh… Oh! I see.” he said, smiling, grabbing the leash and giving a hard pull, making Karen lose her balance and stumbled forward.

“Oops, sorry.” he said, but Karen nodded no. He was to command, she was to follow. She was having a ball.

He led her to the dining table and positioned her close to a chair. She loved the way she was pulled, the toys and the chastity belt had a different meaning now. They hadn’t been put on by herself but by someone else, by her Master. Really?

“There, just take a seat, I’ll get everyth…” he began to say and she pushed him away, nodding a no, then gesturing for him to sit down and for her to serve him.

“Oh, right. You’re the slave. I get it.” he said.

He sat and in reality, enjoyed the view of her struggling to get the plates and everything needed from the cabinet, then served the meal, bringing coffee. She positioned herself slightly behind him and waited. After all, she was still gagged.

“Oh… silly me.” he said, going to Karen to remove the head harness but backed off, shaking her head in a “no” manner. Thinking she was playing he giggled.

“Well, I guess a punishment will be in order after the meal,” he said, struggling to remove the straps, but finally managed to do it.

She giggled.

“No, I wasn’t playing, I was trying to tell you not to remove it.” said Karen.

“What? Why?”

“I’m a slave. I’m not to eat at the same time as you. You eat first, I’m there to cater to your every need, and then you allow me to eat, if you feel I deserve it.” she explained.

“But… your meal will be cold.”

“Yes, it will. That’s the life of a slave.” 

“I have a lot to learn.” he said.

“Yeah, but you’re off to a great start.” she said. Derek sat down and noticed her behavior.

“You… you can eat… I can tell you that, right?”

“Yes, Master. You can. Thank you, Master.” she said, making herself a plate of food, setting it on the table, and muffling a little yelp as the chastity belt clanked against the chair, then picking her utensils from her bound hands and eating, smiling. That was good! The meal and the situation.

After the meal, he put the harness ball gag back on and ordered her to clean everything while he sat at the table, enjoying the view, enjoying her struggles.

“You know, something I noticed, is that your suit is now dull. I kind of remember it was quite shiny, yesterday.

Karen raised her shoulders in a “yeah, nothing much to do” but couldn’t fully answer unless he could understand gag talk, then again, she didn’t have the permission to verbally answer.

“Wait a minute…” he said, as he removed the gag. “It might be… ahem… against the rules, but I think we need to communicate a little better than that.” he said.

Karen kept her mouth clamped and he understood.

“You… you have the permission to speak freely… That’s, good,right?”

“Yes, it is, Master. For the shine, latex is naturally rather dull. You have to apply a shining product to it, which is some kind of oil, so as the latex is rubbed against things, like bedsheets, the shining layer gets rubbed off and you have to apply more shine.”

“I see, and… you got any more of that shine, because, well, you look a lot more awesome all shiny.” he said with a grin.

“Yes, in the bedroom, on the dresser. There’s a bottle there.” she said.

He quickly went to look for it and came back a short moment later.

“Geesh, almost empty. Got any more?”

“I should, I received a new package  yesterday morning. It should still be by the door.” she answered.

He grabbed it, opened the box and startled.

“That’s not the same thing. It says lubricant and shine, while your old one shines only.”

“Yeah, that’s something new, a two in one, you know, shampoo and conditioner, well it’s a lube and a shining product in the same bottle.”

“Oh, okay.” he said, grabbing a towel then spraying some on Karen’s back as she was completing the dishwashing.

“Oh wow. That’s really beautiful.” he said as he rubbed her shoulders, her arms, then got down her back, her corset, her tightly encased buns, down her legs, doing them fully all-around, going back up slowly.

Karen’s breath was shaky again. Feeling someone else rub her legs like that was awesome. He reached her buttocks again, than, not resisting, gave them a hard slap before having Karen turn around and continued to apply the shine to the front of her body, going over her crotch, under the chastity belt with the wipe, then over her corset, circling her breasts, squishing them at the same time, then shining her head.

He stood back admiring his work, looking at a tall and slim shiny black latex creature.

“You look wonderful”. He said, unscrewing the spray gun from the Lube&Shine bottle.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Well, it wouldn hurt if we add more shine, doesn’t it?” he said, picking the old shine bottle and removing its spray nozzle and gesturing to pour what was left into the new bottle.

“Well, at the price they sell those things, you’re right. Shouldn’t waste it. Good idea.”

As he was pouring one bottle into the other one, then shaking it to mix it, she remarked.

“You know, you should wear something too, Master.” she said.

“Got… anything?” he asked.

“I think i have a catsuit that could fit you, something an ex boyfriend forgot.” she said, hobbling her way to the bedroom, to the closet, getting a red latex catsuit and giving it to Derek.

He took it and turned it on all sides.

“Where’s the zipper?” he asked.

“No need. Here, get your leg up… no! Keep the shorts on!  You’ll love the double latex!” she said as she helped him get into the tight latex neck entry catsuit, helped with the Lube&Shine product. “This thing works great.” she said.

Her feet easily popped out of the sleeves as the suit was pulled upward, then ler left arm, pushing through the tight sleeve, until his hand popped out, one pale skin against the red rubber. There was still one more arm to go through. He feared the sui was to rip in half.

“Yes, I can feel the latex easily sliding on,” he said, struggling to put his hand inside, “but I don’t think… ah,  yes… it fits.” he said as his last arm was pulled inside the sleeve and the suit slid into place, molding him like a second skin.

“Wow, that feeling is… something.” he said, rubbing his new red latex skin, admining his look in the mirror, a huge bulge at his crotch. “Well, I can’t hide what I’m feeling with this.” he said, trying to put his manhood into a better, more comfortable position, feeling the two layers of latex over it. He bit his lips.

“Glad you liked it. How about shining it.” she said, proceeding with the Lube&Shine. “Darn, even shinier since you add what, 5ml of the old shine in it? I should keep the recipe!” she said as she bugged her boyfriend, yes by then, to her, it has become her boyfriend, the love of her life. She hoped.

She finished the shining buffing at his ground, squishing his tightly held balls, pulling down the zipper and allowing it to spring out, one black erected member against an all red catsuit.

“Does my Master want this humble slave to take care of that.” she said, taking place on the bed and spreading her arms and legs to be fixed again.

“That’s an idea but… I can’t. I mean, the front door is locked.” he said, pointing to her chastity belt.

She giggled. He struggled to find where he left off the key, then to unlock the belt, removing the dildo. Nothing erotic or sensual. He was nervous.

“Do you want to keep the butt plug?” he asked her.

“You’re the Master. I will do with what I have.” she said.

“Uh… okay.” He was about to take place over her but then he remembered and got off in a snap, puzzling Karen, to come back with the head harness ball gag.

“I do remember you are quite… noisy.” he said.

She grinned but opened her mouth, welcoming the large rubber ball. It was her world. She liked it that way.

He laid by her side, slowly caressing her latex enclosed thighs, rubbing her hand over her rubber corset, to her breasts, slowly crawling over her.

Easier said than done. Their lubed latex catsuits had no grip. So, he gently slid over her. The first tries were not very gracious but he managed, he adapted, he learned.

He took place over her, pressing his own latex catsuit over hers, feeling their body heat through the rubber layers. It was odd. He could feel her, yet, he could not feel her. Sweat began to form in his back, lubricating the inside of the suit. He liked the feeling.

His latex manhood quickly found the hole it was seeking. Damn! He was so hot, so horny. He never felt anything like that.

They mated. It was a totally different experience, their bodies sliding against each other, making things easier as well as harder. Well, she didn’t have much to do, she was held still by her restraints, but HE had to keep the right position, to provide the strokes.

The smell of the latex, the sliding effect, the sound, all triggered his senses. Yes, he liked that. He was really a latex and gondage fetishist and a… Master? With his own slave?.

His mind wandered as his orgasm built.

Karen was already elsewhere, in a world of latex slaves, kept in constant bondage, sealed in rubber, her only goal being to serve her Master.

She exploded. Again, it was like the first time! Powerful. Her scream went through her gag and resonated through the whole building. Unexpected. Her limbs tensed against her restraints as Derek exploded inside her at the same time, in perfect synchronism, in perfect harmony. She had found her master. She hoped he had found his slave.

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February 20, 2021.

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