Karen – Long Weekoops. Part Three


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They lay there, side by side, panting, their latex covered chests rising and falling with each breath.

“Never felt an orgasm like that before… You think… nah, silly. That can’t be just wearing some rubber thing.” he said.

“Grbbmmf…” was the answer he heard.

After a short moment wondering what the hell was that about, he snapped back to reality.

“Oh…” he said, turning to his side, unbuckling the ball gag. She giggled.

“Well, I can’t say if it is the latex, the ball gag, the bondage, or you but, yes, it was like never before.” she said with a warm smile,partly hidden under her latex hood.

He gently untied her from the bed. As she sat on the edge, he made a grin.

“Well, that shine is really shiny but seems to buff-out like the other one. Both our suits are now back to their rather dull finish. I guess we have to shine each other again.” he said, turning to grab the Lube&Shine bottle.

“That’s the drawback. I should get latex bed sheets.”

“Ooo. Cool! I just can’t imagine how slippery that would all be together.” he said, looking in the void.

“Yeah.” she said, giggling. “Oh, wait. I do have something.” she said, getting up and walking to the dresser, opening a drawer and picking up a zip-lock bag.

“I got it some time ago, but couldn’t put it on by myself.” she said, pulling out what looked at first like a lump of slightly amber latex.

As she unfolded it, it revealed itself to be a very thin shiny catsuit.

“That’s what they call a shine layer. It’s very shiny and  you put it over the regular catsuit. According to the ad, no more buffing. It makes the shine from between the suits to show all the time, creating the illusion that it’s freshly buffed.”

“You’re saying that like you never tried it before.” he said.

“Because I was never able to put it on by myself.” she said, pulling on the neck opening, revealing that it was difficult to stretch. “It stretches a lot, but it’s expanding slowly, and since I have to be all shined up prior to putting it on, it keeps slipping off my gloved and lubed fingers and I can’t pull it on.” she said, already taking her boots off, ready to put on the suit. “But since you are here…” she said, smiling.

He took the suit and tried to stretch the neck opening.

“Feels like I’m trying to stretch taffy.” he said, “so much that I’m afraid to rip it. It’s very thin, almost as thin as food wrap.”

“Yeah, that’s about right, but it’s very resistant. Go head, put your fingers in it and try to rip it.”

“What? No… I believe you.” he said, nonetheless, stretching it hard for something so thin and not breaking it.

She finished spraying the Lube&Shine on her legs and he proceeded to pull the suit on, feeding her legs in it. The suit was tight and it had to be pulled slowly, giving it time to stretch, slowly covering her legs, her knees, up to her waist, where he took the Luybe&Shine bottle and generously applied some on her back and front before pulling the suit up again.

“It’s quite tight to pull. How does it feel?”

“Awesome! Yes, it’s tight and I like it that way.” she said, flexing her leg. “Seems to add a little stiffness to the suit, but that’s just for the better, I mean, I love being restrained.” she said with a smile.

Her mind was already wandering into her fantasy world as he pulled the suit upward, helping her put her arms inside the narrow neck opening before pulling it up, sucking all the air out as it wrapped tightly around her neck.

She closed her eyes, feeling the second layer tighten around her body, squeezing it everywhere. Damn, she could almost feel it tighten her corset!

He stepped back, looking at her, mouth agape. She was as shiny as wet paint, every light of the room reflecting on it like a mirror. He could even see his swirly reflection on it. Karen was stretching her arms, putting the fingers of the attached gloves correctly, while looking at herself, her mind slurping the feeling, the sight. As she moved her limbs, she could feel the added rigidity. She simply loved it. Damn! If she could be wearing that all the time it would be a dream come true!

“You… lo… look awesome, Karen.” managed to say Derek, half stunned by the sight. “Do… do you want me to shine your head?”

“Err… yeah…” managed to mumble Karen, her mind fuzzy. “Wait! No.”


“No… I mean… I have the assorted hood.” she said, smiling at Derek’s puzzled expression.

“Ah…?…” he said, waiting for the answer.

She made a few steps, on her tiptoes, to the dresser and opened another drawer where she picked up a larger bag to get out the hood which included a large black flap at the mouth. She turned it inside out to show a huge rubber gag.

“You… you can put this thing on?” he asked, stunned by the size of the rubber gag, made like two large lumps.

“Yes.” she said, laughing, squeezing the gag, showing it was some foam rubber. “It’s squishable, but once inside, it fills my mouth completely! Do you mind?” she asked, handing him the garment.

With all his strength, he stretched the zipperless hood over Karen’s head, aligning the eyeholes and helping feeding the large gag into her mouth. She worked it in place with her tongue. It was so large he could see her cheeks bulging.

She closed her eyes and felt the tight hood, the huge gag with her gloved hands as he placed the long yoke of the hood under the shiny suit layer, removing all the wrinkles.

“That’s stunning!” he said, looking at her.

“Mffff.” was all that she could answer. Her mouth was so filled, her tongue pinned down, her cheeks stretched out, she couldn’t form any other song. Even gag-talk was out if the question. Her only means of communication was by grunting!

Silently, she walked to her walk-in closet. Derek was staring at her, at the light reflecting on her shiny body, as if she was one gluey, shiny, latex creature. He could feel a hard-on fill the latex pouch of his briefs and couldn’t refrain from trying to put it into a better position, just as Karen turned around, holding two long leather tubes.

He could only see her eyes to convey expressions, and he was sure she was smiling at him. She softly approached, moving her body in a very sexy, sultry manner, the lights reflecting on it was simply out of this world. She got closer, took both leather tubes in one hand then reached down with her free hand to touch his manhood, gently rubbing it while winking at him, then taking a tube in each hand and showing them to him.


“Oh… ballet boots.” he said, snapping out of it.

She sat on the edge of the bed and he kneeled, slowly feeding the knee-high tube up her leg, but it was sticky and difficult to pull.

“I’ll get the lube.” he said, getting up, trying to hide the fact that he was replacing his manhood at the same time. When he returned, she was giggling and pointed to her eyes then at his manhood and mimicking him placing it, indicating that she had seen it, then made a heart shape with her fingers. He smiled.

He sprayed some lube on her leg and the boot went up smoothly. He laced them tightly. He could hear her breath shaking. He quickly stretched out and picked the leather cuff, tightly wrapped it around her ankle and locked it in place. She would not be getting those boots off.

He repeated the process for the other foot, locking the boot in place, and quickly snapping a short chain between the two. 

As soon as it was done, she rubbed her gloved hand in his hair, messing them up, laughing. When he looked at her in a WTF expression she simply showed him that her hands were free, her shoulders shaking as she was giggling.

With a sigh, he grabbed more leather cuffs, swiftly rolled her on her stomach on the bed and locked her wrists in her back, and added two more cuffs over her elbows and linked them together. He completed the outfit with a large leather collar, stiffening her neck.

He snapped a leash and pulled for her to get up the bed, then it dawned on him. He quickly fetched the chastity belt and showed it to her, a smirk on his face. Obviously, she didn’t think about it. He quickly fastened the belt in place, locking her in.

Her mind was racing. She had never been in such a restrictive situation, completely bound, stiff, gagged, barely able to speak, barely able to hear, breath short, locked on ballet boots, arms in her back, at the mercy of someone else… a stranger she knew for only a few hours.

What the hell was she thinking?

The thought of her situation being totally out of her control made her hotter than she ever felt.

He noticed a ring on the ceiling and brought her just under it, then using some rope he found on the dresser, he tied her wrists to one end of the rope, fed it through the ring on the ceiling and brought it back down to the back of her chastity belt, then pulled on it, forcing her into a strappado position.

She had not expected that. He tied her up then walked in front of her.

“You don’t mess with my hair.” he said, leaving her and walking away.


He didn’t turn back. She was stuck, balancing on her pointed boots, restrained movements because of the short hobble chain, bent forward which, with her tight corset, didn’t help her breathing, and her arms stretched backward and upward. Her mouth was filled to the breaking point forcing the drool she was producing down the tiny hole in the center of the panel gag. After a short while, she could feel the drool dripping off her chin. She imagined what she looked like.

That was not comfortable. She liked it. She was not in control, and she liked it. She had no way out, not even a timer, and she liked it. She didn’t know when she would be released. She liked it.

She was hot, she tried to squeeze her butt but she was out of toys. Damn frustrating.

She saw him come back. Her arms were aching. She was hoping for release but the only thing she got was a blindfold, closing her universe, limiting it to her heavy breathing and her heart pounding. Oh yeah, the pain of her straining legs and arms, and hips and… a good squeeze of her breasts, followed by a hard slap on her butt which resonated throughout her whole body. Damn, that was good! If only she had toys!! But she was in total denial. She loved it.

She lifted one leg, trying to flex it a few times, to release some pain. It helped, but it increased the discomfort on her other leg. She tried to raise her upper body but in only increased the discomfort on her shoulders.

Damn! She always thought that position was awesome, looking at bondage models sustained that for some time, but her ideas had changed. Oh, the position was still awesome to look at. Just not to be in it.

She felt warm hands caressing her body, her arms, going down to her breasts while another hand was rubbing her latex enclosed head, going down to her face, blocking her breathing holes.

She panicked and struggled to get some air back.

He allowed it. Damn! That was good!.

His hands ran along her body, going down to her hips, her thighs, even squeezing his fingers under the chastity belt, then going back up, rubbing her hips, her waist, squishing her breasts, toing to her stiff neck, to her shoulders, then they moved to the back, reaching her butt, slapping it a few times, but it was no hand. No, it was something hard. A paddle. Derek had obviously found her stash of toys and torture items and he was using them.




She moaned. That one hurt, and at the same time was satisfying. It was followed by another soft one, and another hard one. He alternated between his hand and a paddle, hitting softly or hard. She never knew what to expect.

It was followed by a soft rubbing. She thanked the latex which prevented from feeling the hard wood most of the time, making it a lot more bearable.

He reached for her wrists and suddenly, the pressure on her shoulders was gone. He gently helped her raise her torso up.

Damn! Her hips were hurting, and she was balancing from one foot to the other to keep from falling. Her legs were shaking. She needed to sit down. He gently led her away, not untying her arms from her back, not removing the blindfold, not taking the hobble chain off.

However, she knew her apartment. He was leading her to the kitchen, perhaps to prepare a meal… no, that was not the flooring of the kitchen. Was that the living room? Damn. Yes, she knew the apartment but somehow, he managed to lost her. She was never sure if she was turning left, right or just wobbling from side to side.

Finally, he pulled down on her shoulders, forcing her to sit. She fell on a soft cushion: living room!

She let out a long shigh, limited by the small breathing holes of her hood.

Oh, that was welcomed.

He had her lay on her side: she was on the sofa! Even better. She felt a yank on her ankles then followed by a yank on her collar. Then nothing.

She tried to move, to sit, but she was unable. She had been restrained on the sofa.

She was hoping for a fantasy weekend, but it was turning into a weekend of bondage! Awesome!!

She was hearing noises, but couldn’t figure out what it was. All she knew is that her feet were finally resting as well as her shoulders. That was welcomed.

She had no way to tell time. She would be dozing off, but some noise or simply some muscle asking for release was keeping her awake. Plus the pressure of the double layer of latex was making itself aware of its presence.

There was a small tug on her neck, followed by another one at her ankles. He moved her shoulder helping her to sit down, then she felt a hard pull upward. She tried to get up and lost balance, falling back on the sofa, giggling. She received a hard slap on her butt.


Okay, she heard or rather felt the message. She tried to get up again, arms in her back, hobbling on her ballet boots, and this time she managed. She barely had time to get her balance that she was pulled forward. Yes, she was going to the kitchen. She was instructed to sit, finding one of her high back dining chairs. Her arms were released but quickly fastened in front of her. Straps were drawn around her waist and over her breasts, under her armpits and tightened, pinning her against the back of the chair. Her ankle chain was pulled backward, folding her legs under the chair, and holding them there. Finally she felt something being attached to her wrist chain but nothing more.

Finally, the blindfold was removed and she saw what she could only assume was a smoothie in front of her with a straw, and at Derek’s place, a very tasty looking salad.

“Bon apétit.” he said, pointing to her smoothie.

That’s when she went to grab it she realized how restrained she was. She could barely reach it from her gloved hand. She had to bring it close to her and align the straw with the tiny hole of her gag, which she couldn’t see and imparired by her rigid collar.

Derek simply ate his salad, smiling, watching her struggle. She apparently enjoyed the show.

Karen was barely able to link the straw to the hole, but once she managed, it stuck there, which helped her a lot for the rest of her meal.

She couldn’t drink it all, tho. She had the will, but not enough chain to allow her straw to reach the bottom, hell, not lower than the half of the cup.

“You don’t like it?” he asked.

Actually, she couldn’t taste much of it, that thing going directly down her stomach, bypassing the tongue and the palate

She gestured how she was unable to get lower.

“Better keep the rest for later anyway. You might need it.” he said with a devilish grin.

She didn’t mind. Her crushed stomach was full anyway. He pulled the straw out of her gag and put the rest of the smoothie in the refrigerator.

Once done, he untied her from the chair and led her to the counter where he linked a chain he had fixed under the counter to her chastity belt.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t visibly damage the counter. Your landlord can’t say anything.” he answered his frantic eyes. “Now, I cooked, you clean. Deal? Good.” he said, not even letting her time to answer.

While she was struggling to clean the dishes and the counter, limited by a rather short chain, bound wrists and stiff neck, she could faintly hear noises coming from the bedroom. Hard noises. He was installing stuff.

She wondered if she should be glad or worried.

When she was done, she stood there, waiting, as if she could do anything else, balancing from one foot to the other, feeling the tight latex pinch her buns each time. She brought her hands to her crotch, but she couldn’t force her fingers between the tight chastity belt and her latex skin. Yes, she tried to tease herself, but unsuccessfully. That was devilish. She liked it! No control!

When he came back for her, she was surprised to see him out of his latex catsuit,and back into regular clothes. Without a word, he grabbed her and led her to the bedroom, into the walk-in closet where she saw newly installed rings on the ceiling with ropes dangling from them.

He took a red leather body harness and tightly fastened it over her latex wrapped body, leaving the lower portion off, while tying her arms in her back. He took off the shield off the chastity belt, opened the zipper and showed Karen two huge dildos.

“I found them, I assume you like them.” he said, lubricating them and slowly interesting them, teasing her, going in and out a few times.

She was squirming. Yes she liked them but they were more to impress her friends than to actually wear them. They were huge! She never thought they would actually fit in, although they turned out to be quite uncomfortable.

He closed the zipper and put the chastity belt back, tightly fastening the rest of the leather straps of the harness, before linking the shoulder rings to the hanging ropes from the ceiling, pulling her upward until there was still some weight on the pointed feet, but not that much.

She was half suspended by the shoulders, well by the harness, which was also pulling upward on her chastity belt, pushing the dildos deeper, making them make a hard contact with the hard belt.

He stood back to admire his work and smiled.

“I have to go for some shopping, that’s why I took the catsuit off, but don’t worry, I still have the latex briefs.” he said, lowering his belt. “I should be back in a couple of hours.” he added, taking something from the desk and pressing a button.

Karen twitched and a muffled yelp was produced. He had found that they were battery powered and also found the remote.

What he didn’t know is that they were not only vibrating, but twisting, even… humping.

“Oh, I forgot.” he said, walking back in and covering her eyes with a rubber blindfold before walking away. She heard, or she thought she heard, the closet door close, then nothing.

Nothing but her heavy breathing, her pounding heart, the creaking leather of her body suspension harness, and feeling the dildos, tormenting her, teasing her, building the first of many orgasms.

She suddenly realized that he had left her there, without any means of escape, not knowing exactly how long he would be gone. She was in a situation totally out of her control.

Oh shit! That first orgasm promised to be awesome!

Want more? There’s part four over there.

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March 7, 2021.

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