Karen – Long Weekoops. Part Four.


Looking for how all of that began? Part 1 here

Derek was gone. She heard, faintly thought her layers of latex and the door of the closet, the noise made by the apartment’s door as he closed it, rather loudly, probably on purpose to indicate to her that he was gone.

So, there she was. Alone. Tied up. Unable to escape.

Wait: Unable to escape! No means of escape. No emergency release. No timer, no nothing. What the fuck? What was she thinking? What was he thinking?

What if there’s an emergency? What if he doesn’t come back. After all, she barely knows him.

What the hell did she put herself into?

The panic level began to rise and she struggled against her bonds.  However, the mix of panic plus the strict bondage she was in, the suspension, the toys inside her vibrating like crazy, put her into a second state of mind.

She wasn’t there anymore. She was elsewhere. Feeling the tight latex, feeling the cuffs pinching her arms as she struggled to get free. She was feeling the dildos being pushed in and out, even so slightly, again and again as she fought her suspension.

The orgasm built. She didn’t want it. No. Yes she wanted it. Oh darn! What the hell is going on in her brain? Yes, she wanted it, the helplessness, the predicament, the no-easy-way-out situation, out of control, out of HER control, of her plans, of  her… destiny?

The more she struggled, the more her brain secreted the pleasure hormones, and when the orgasm engulfed her, she was burning from the inside out. It started at her crotch, with the vibrating dildos smashing everything, then it grew upward, to her sensible nipples, being squished by the double layer of latex, down to her feet, imprisoned in their dreadful ballet boots, then to her arms, locked in her back, and finally, feeling the tight latex, the corset, the gag filling her mouth making her struggle to breath through the small holes, the orgasm engulfed her brain and it was like a hurricane was going through it. 

A hurricane of pleasure, as she began to shake violently, moaning, her crotch on fire, her breathing fast, her heart even faster, pounding hard in her chest.

The pleasure ran through her body, up and down and up and down again, and again. In her mind, she was screaming. In reality, only a rather faint weeping could be heard.

And it was heard. By Derek. Sitting by the opened closet door, looking at Karen, smiling, putting down his phone where he had been reading some silly story from a site called mp63.ca (Hey, I’m the author here. I can plug myself everywhere!).

No, he hadn’t gone away. He was not stupid. He was not to let someone tied up like that alone, not knowing what would happen. Those stories were giving him ideas of scenarios, but he didn’t exactly know what was right or wrong. He was a real newbie in that field.

He just hoped Karen appreciated her orgasm. It looked like she did, as her body became limp, as if all the energy she could have used was totally drained out, until she ended up simply suspended by her leather body harness, her breathing getting slower, calming down.

He approached her. Seeing her gleaming body suspended there was a total turn on and his manhood manifested itself inside his rubber confinement. 

Yes, he liked it. And he wanted more. He just hoped Karen would not kick him out after this stunt.

He untied her from the ceiling and carried her to the bed. He removed the posture collar and pulled the clear hood off, to free her mouth from the huge gag.

It was difficult. It was like the hood had begun to glue itself to her suit. The lube was sticky, but she managed. Getting the huge foam gag out of her mouth, without any help from her, with a relaxed jaw proved the biggest struggle.

Finally it was out and he quickly washed the inside of the hood before wiping some soap and water on the hood she was still wearing, turning it like new, then he released her arms and laid besides her on the bed, watching her chest rise and fall with each breath, her shiny coating reflecting the sunlight entering through the bedroom curtains.

Some creative ideas formed in his mind. Now he really needed to go shopping. Knowing Karen was safe and in no danger he dressed up to go shopping, putting his city clothes over his latex catsuit. He had no intention about getting out of it. Now now. The weekend was not over.

When he came back, he was at the door, and hesitated. Well, he was not home. She didn’t give him the key to her apartment. Anyway, he had locked the door, so, gently, he knocked.

He heard, faintly fast clicking sound coming forward, along with what would be chains. Oh darn! He didn’t remove the hobble chain. Then again, she knew where the keys were. She could have done it herself.

A shadow went over the peeping hole and he heard the door unlock and open slightly. In the aperture, was a smiling latex covered face.

“I… I thought you were gone. I mean, you didn’t leave a word and…”

“Oh, silly me.” he said, getting in and closing the door behind him. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you would be awake after… well, what seemed to be quite an orgasm.” he said with a questioning grin.

“How did I end up on the bed? You didn’t leave?”

“No, I didn’t. I stayed here to watch over you. I only wanted you to believe that I was gone, the… helpless feeling you talked about, not knowing what would happen. After you passed out, I put you on the bed and I got some ideas.” he said, raising a rather heavy bag with a well known hardware store logo on it. “I don’t want to go too fast, so maybe we…”  he began to say but he was cut short by Karen, literally jumping on him, grabbing his head with her latex gloved hand and locking his lips over her latex covered one in one passionate kiss.

He thought he was about to get sucked in. The bag of hardware fell on the ground as he wrapped his arms around her constricted waist, and went upwards, his hands resting on her shoulder blades, pressing her against him, feeling the warm, hot, latex, returning her passion, kissing her until they were both about to faint. 

“I… I guess… that’s a… yes.” he finally said, panting.

“You guess?” she said, immediately locking her lips again on his, pushing him hard against the door, bending her right leg at the maximum her hobble chain allowed to press her knee against his erected manhood.

When she let go she took a step back, smiling.

“And now?” she asked.

“Definitely a yes.” he said, smiling. “So, what nice goodies do you have in there?” she asked, bending to grab the bag, but he was quicker.

“Nope. You won’t see it before it’s done.” he said, putting the bag in his back.

“Well, lets see you try to stop me.” she said with a smirk, having another attempt to grab the bag.

He let the bag down and quickly grabbed her wrists, turning her around and folding her hands backward against her shoulder blades and pushing her forward toward the bedroom.

She giggled.

“What? You’re not about to tie me up, aren’t  you?” she said as she fought her forced hobbling as he pushed her in the bedroom, on the bed, forcing her down on her stomach.

He sat on her and grabbed the collar, wrapping it tightly around her neck, to the last possible notch, and linking the wrist cuffs together before linking them to the back ring of the collar, sort of putting her into a reverse prayer position.

Then he pulled her ankle chain toward her waist, taking some rope and linking the center link to her chastity belt.

She was now in some sort of hogtie position.

“As if this is going to stop me from calling for hemmppffmm….”

She didn’t have time to say more as he wrapped her head with the previously cleaned and lubed clear latex hood, filling her mouth with the extra-large gag, rendering her totally silent, then added the blindfold to complete the setup.

All she could do was wiggle on the bed, perhaps turn on her side but not knowing if she would be able to turn back on her stomach.

Her toys were silent, the batteries drained. All she could do was stay there and moan as she heard  noises coming from the living room and kitchen.

She squirmed, feeling the tight latex bit her buns. When she tried to move her arms, tugging on her collar, she could feel them slightly slide on the slick shiny latex layer, and she could hear the leather creak with the strain.

She could also feel her collar, drawn very tightly, so tight that swallowing demanded some effort, and made her strain to keep her neck at the right position.

She loved the challenge. She couldn’t say “Oh, well, I have enough, I’m taking it off.”. She had no choice. She had to suffer. Damn, that made her hot.

She tried to wiggle her hips, tried to make the chastity belt move her dildos, but it didn’t do a thing. That belt was doing its intended purpose: deny.

She heard hard noises, banging noises, hitting noises, coming from the kitchen, well, what she assumed to be the kitchen, the living room and yes, definitely, her  home office.

It lasted quite a long time, sometimes with long silent breaks before the noise was starting again.

All this time, she struggled with her hogtie position, trying to find some relief, trying to find some pleasure, sexual pleasure that is.

Finally, she felt some weight by her side on the bed and her legs were unlinked from her chastity belt.

She was turned on her side and something snapped on the front D ring of her collar, followed by a strong pull.

She tried to get up, blindfolded, on ballet boots, still stuck with the hobble chain and her hands in the reverse prayer position.

He didn’t offer much help although, unknown to her, he was holding his arms on each side of her, ready to catch her if she was to fall.

He tugged on the leash as if he was leading her while he was in reality very close to her, leading her out of the bedroom, making a few steps in the kitchen, then turning left, for a few more steps, then stopped. Then turn around. Or was it? Maybe it was just a quarter of a turn. He had started to turn her in one direction then switched to the other. After a few fake turns like that, she had no way to know where she was heading, except perhaps from the flooring, but then again, from the dining room, living room and office, all was on hard flooring.

She was led one way, then the other, struggling on her ballet boots, feeling the tug of the short shain each time she was reaching the end of it, pulling with her arms on her collar, trying to keep her balance.

She could feel some drool dripping from the small mouth hole, down on her chin, and on her boob. She imagined the scene.

She was panting, gasping for air, limited by her creaking tight corset and the small breathing holes. The muffled sound through her double latex layers over her ears made it sound distant, almost as if it was a dream.

Oh, she did love every minute of it.

She was stopped then gently instructed to sit down by a push on her shoulders.

The seat was soft and she recognized it as her computer chair. Yes, she was in her home office. Well, no. She was sitting in her computer chair. Where that chair was located was still a mystery.

A few tugs on her ankles and her feet were positioned in the middle of the rest bar, her heels locked in it. More tugs and when she tried to lift her feet, she couldn’t. They were fixed to the chair.

One hand was released from the collar and brought forward, until she felt something else snap on it.

A quick try and she realized that her wrist was now linked to something, probably the armrest, with a short length of chain.

The same was done with the other wrist, then her collar was pulled backward, against the high back of her leather covered gaming chair.

Shen she tried to pull it forward, it didn’t move, locked in place.

Damn! She loved it, and she had a wave of pleasure engulfing her when she felt a strap of some sort being tightened around her waist, pinning it to the chair.

Her blindfold was removed and she blinked, her eyes adjusting to the harsh light of the computer monitor. Yes, in the end, she WAS in her home office.

Derek appeared besides her, kneeling on one knee, looking at her.

He pointed to the monitor with his eyes.

“The computer is locked on the word processor. No internet, no way to start any other app, software, program, device, anything. Well, I do know a few things about computers.” he said with a smile.

“Now, we don’t know each other. Hell, 24 hours ago, I didn’t know I liked latex, now look at me.” he said, opening his arms and looking at his latex clad fully erect manhood. “So… I need guidelines. I know you like bondage, you love domination, but… Where do I stop? What do I do? Leave you bound on the bed for the day or forced you to make chores? Which chores?

You must have a fantasy. I do not. I mean, I never imagined anything like that. My fantasies are developing as we, or rather I go on with it, so it’s all on you.

I want you to write your rules, the limits, the level of the limits: could be broken for a short time or they’re an absolute no.

What do you want to experience? What are your fantasies? Your dreams? 

Your wrist chains are long enough to reach the keyboard. Yes, with your double latex coated fingers, it will not be exactly a walk in the park to write, but I believe it’s part of your pleasure: to struggle to make the most basic of things, am I wrong?.

So, you write. Take your time, we’re in no rush. I don’t know what I’m getting myself into and I suspect for some part of it, you don’t know either.”

“Now I still need to ask you something: do you want to go through with this?” he said pointing at the computer monitor, “or do you want me to release you right now because this is not one of your fantasies?”

She stared at him, looked at the monitor, then back at him.

Hell, yes it was part of her fantasies, not exactly the way she had imagined, he was handsome, but not handsomely rich with the huge mansion and the  yacht or something, but reality is rarely what one imagines.

Noticing her hesitation, he understood.

“Okay, I’m letting you out.” he said, reaching for her collar but she shook her head violently, making a hard NO, then using her bound hands and pointing at her, then at the screen then lifting two thumbs up.

Yes, she would do it this way.

“Uh… Oh, okay then.” he said, startled, hesitantly walking out of the room.

She looked at him go, with mixed feelings. Writing her wishes, her fantasies. Her desires and her limits. Damn, she had dreamed about it over and over again, how she would tell someone taking over her life, what she would want. It was all a fantasy. The fantasy was becoming real now. But with who?

“Oh I forgot.” he said, turning back as he was passing the door. “Once you’re done, just press the green circle icon on your taskbar.” he said, then staring at her, like hesitating, then walking away.

Yes, a fantasy for reality. What did she want, but more, what was her limit? Did she even know her limits? How does one know that without trying it first?

A long while later, as he was reading more fetish stories, trying to get some inspiration, he heard a loud humming sound followed by a high pitch yelp. He smiled.

The electric orbital sander he had fixed under her chair was working.

When he entered the room, he laughed. Karen was squirming, trying to find the right spot to transfer the vibrations from the seat to her chastity belt to the dildos.

He simply rolled the chair away from the computer, leaving her struggle with her pleasure while he read the document.

It seemed thorough and rather complete. She had thought of everything, it seems. He printed it in three copies, staple them together and put them again on the desk, he then brought Karen back closer and tried to hand her a pen, but she was already out of it, eyes closed, humping the seat to the limits of her bonds

With a devilish grin, he pulled the plug of the sander.

There was a loud low pitch grunt and he literally saw a whole flock of knives shooting out of her eyes.

“Well, it says right here that I’m to control your urges and orgasms… right?” he said, pointing at a line on the papers.

She grunted some more and hump on the chair but it was useless. He handed her the pen.

“Please, sign all the copies of the document, I’ll do the same. I’ll keep one in my home, one here and the last copy will be put into a sealed envelope you could give to a friend. Agree?”

She took the pen and signed her name, threw the pen away and hump on the chair again, staring at him.

He smiled and plugged the sander back, leaving her to her devices.

© Monsterp63

March 13, 2021.

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