Fraudulent Use of MY STUFF


Someone (I will keep anonymous) reported me that someone is using my images and stories, removing my copyright of course, posting them as “his”, with a few changes, like cropping it so that the copyright stamp doesn’t show

Am I shocked? No. I mean, this is the Internet. Many believes that everything on the Internet is free for use and the copyrights stamps are just there to be an annoying thing to remove. Fighting those piece of rotten-fecal-matter-excuse-of-a-human-being would be a constant, never ending battle, and since I don’t sell my art, I don’t loose any money over it. And, honestly, it is a little bit flattering… I mean, my art is so good that it’s worth stealing… (now, THAT is shocking!)

I mean… just look at the number of copyright images fraudulently used on (fake) product description on…

He seems to illustrate the stories with images from pretty much everybody (removing the copyright bits, or course), so not so much glamour for my art being there…

I don’t mind someone posting my work with full credit, even without permission, as long as the credits are given. Asking for permission is the preferred way, tho, and I would gladly link said web page. I was flattered and gladly accepted when someone asked me if he/she could write a story based on one of my O.C. or story, again, giving full credit to the “source story”. However, having someone use my work and taking credit for it, does piss me off. But there’s not a lot I can do.

I don’t read/speak Chinese (or whatever that language is)

Here’s the link with the story in question.

story on

Note: You do have to create an account to view the content. I don’t know if there’s more or if the whole story is copied from mine (like I said, can’t read that language…).

Thank you to [anonymous] for reporting this to me.

I think I already told that story but…:

Guy 1 “I speak every language except Chinese.”

Guy 2 “Really? You speak Russian?”

Guy 1 “Nope, that’s Chinese to me.”


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4 thoughts on “Fraudulent Use of MY STUFF

    1. AKA Instagram Influencers??? (LOL)

      Seriously, are you implying that someone would lie to get attention and power?… ah, right. Politicians.

      There’s been people stealing other’s people work for their benefits since the beginning of times -Thomas Edison is the first name that come to mind- , so you can’t change Humanity.

      The good news is that my story/images is no longer there. According to an observer, it was taken down shortly after I posted this post, and someone reported it to the website who, apparently, has a good copyright police. Same observer said that there seems to be a bunch of “his” stories and art taken down on a regular basis, probably by the copyright police.

      So, there are still good people out there.

  1. sorry that some jerks are abusing your hard work. For what it is worth, the account you linked seems to have been shutdown.

    1. Hi Throwcat2.
      Thanks for the update. Glad to hear it, although he probably opened a new page elsewhere.
      My “informant” told me that a few days after my post, my art and the story disappeared from his page. If all of his stuff was “stolen”, he might have been kicked out in whole. My informant, again, told me that this site was not tolerating copyright infringements.

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