Karen – Long Weekoops. Part Five.


Part One Here.

It was now Sunday evening. He was preparing to leave, still wearing his red latex catsuit. He would try to get it off at home, leaving Karen to rest. She was exhausted. With reasons.

He had followed her instructions, her desires, her fantasies. The first thing had been to tie her up with minimum movement, linking her ankle cuffs only by the shackle of the padlock, adding more cuffs over her knees and, again, linking them only with a padlock, fixing her elbow cuffs against each side of her torso with a ratchet strap and linking her wrists in front of her with, you guessed it, the padlock only.

Then, weight the content of a brand new cereal box, spread it all around the apartment, taking her broom and removing all but about 3cm wide of bristles, and letting her get everything, until she decided that her job was done, for a maximum of five hours, which would put them in the middle of the evening.

Then, he would have to weight the content again and each gram under, and over, because she could have picked more than the cereals, added 10 minutes of punishment. 

Said punishment was to be wrapped in all the plastic wrap she had in her home, which turned out to be four extra-large, commercial size rolls!

Once she was all wrapped, she was barely able to move at all, but her faint moans indicated that she liked it and she was a happy camper, especially since her dildos had been fully recharged and turned on!

It put the end of her punishment in the middle of the night and a very sleepy Derek cut her out of her cocoon before going back to sleep.

But sleep didn’t come. Karen was cleaning the mess of wrap, making a lot of noise, pretty much humming in the process, moving furniture, lights opened, etc.

She stopped when she saw Derek, in all his gleaming red latex catsuit, lean against the doorframe of the bedroom, looking pissed off.

“Are you doing this on purpose?” he asked.

Karen looked straight in his eyes, shook and crumbled the plastic wrap, making more noise, evidently giggling.

“Okay then.” he said, grabbing a coil of rope. A few minutes later, she was secured to the lazy chair, unable to move much but especially, unable to make noise.

He went back to sleep.

Sunday was spent pretty much in the same manner, him giving chores to do and her accumulating punishment time.

“You don’t work tomorrow, but I do.” he said. “I need to get out of that suit and get some real rest. Do you want me to help you remove the second hood, to remove the gag?” he asked her.

She nodded no and gestured that she was okay and she liked it.

He put all the keys into a timed safe to open only on Monday late afternoon, gave her a passionate kiss on her rubber gag, and went.

Once home, taking her neck entry catsuit off proved to be a real challenge as it had almost glued itself on his skin. Again, the lube had left a sticky residue, stickier than when he took off Karen’s hood, but the residue washed off easily with soap and water, so he didn’t think it would be a problem.

It was strange to feel cotton clothes and bed sheets on his bare skin after being encased in latex for two days. Quite a few times, in his office, he rubbed his arm, wanting to feel the tight material against his skin. Was he getting addicted?

The day dragged on with meeting after meetings. He heard the text message tone on his phone a few times, but he didn’t have time to take a look, especially not with the high management present in the meeting room.

Finally, past 18:00, he was able to look. All the messages were from Karen and they were getting more panicking as they went on.

He rushed to her place to find her sitting on the living room sofa, her head in her hand, evidently sobbing, still fully clad in her shiny latex catsuit.

She rushed to his arms when he entered.

“What’s going on? What do you mean, you can’t take off the suit?” he asked.

She tugged on it but it didn’t bulge, like if it was glued to her skin. She had managed to take off the chastity belt and the cuffs but not the suit.

“Yeah, mine was quite sticky last evening, but it peeled off and it washed with some soap and water. Want me to try? He asked.

She flapped her arms in a “whatever, try it if you want” manner.

He looked for the seam between the hood and the catsuit, found the thin line and tried to insert his finger but the latex would not open.

“Oh… strange. What if… “ he said, going for her eye hole, trying to put his finger between her skin and the latex, but again, it was as if it was one layer. The skin followed and Karen moaned that it was painful.

“Damn… Well, soap and water it is.” he said, bringing her to the shower.

He tried every soap, shampoo, even kitchen cleaner, he was never able to take the latex off her skin, or to separate the layers of latex. Even her ballet boots were glued to the boots. He had removed the lacing but the leather could not be separated from the rubber! But he did had a difficult time hiding his  hard-on, seeing Karen’s gleaming body, with the soap buds and water running down her latex skin, feeling the warm latex. Quite a few times, he tried to tease Karen, but her mind was not in even when she saw his hard-on.

“What the hell is this?” he said, to which she had now answer. “The only solution I see left is… cutting your out of it.” he said, looking at the assortment of products he had tried, from simple soaps to solvent, even drain unclogger. 

He took the sharpest butcher knife she had and handed it to her, gesturing she tried to poke her hand.

“It’s better if you do it, I mean, you will feel it if it goes through.” he said with a grin.

She took the knife and without hesitation, stuck the pointy end in the palm of her hand and when it caught the latex, turned it sideways putting the side of the blade against her palm with the sharp edge pointing upward, away from her hand and pushed… and pushed… and pushed.

The latex stretched a little but not that much, then nothing. They could see the sharp point trying to poke through it, but they could also see that it was pulling the skin along. The two layers of latex and the skin were evidently glued together.

“I… I don’t get it. I’m sorry to ask but… you can’t go to work like that, right?”

She nodded no.

“Any vacation, sick days, any time off you can take?”

She nodded yes and walked to her computer. Although the situation was critical, he couldn’t refrain from admiring her behind, tightly wrapped into this shiny material, reflecting the lights, bouncing around, making waves… She was so hot looking.

She sat at her computer and quickly sent an e-mail to HR stating that she was not feeling well and she would take the week off.

“That takes care of it. The only thing I can figure that did this is the mix of shine and Lube&shine.”

She nodded a firm  yes. She believed it too.

“There’s a lab I know we do business with from time to time. I’ll bring it to them and have it analyzed. Once done, we will have an idea of how to break this… bound.” he said, making a grin. “That’s nice pun, right?”

She grumbled. Yes, that was a nice pun. In any other circumstances, it would have been quite funny.

He stayed with her and to his surprise, asked to be tied up. “Why not take advantage of it?” she had written.

She spent the night tied up on the bed beside him, himself wearing the sheath briefs.

Waking up in the morning, feeling the latex against his manhood and seeing that shiny bound woman besides him was an immediate turn on, and she noticed. He could see her smile under her heavy panel gag.

He decided to keep his latex briefs under his city clothes, tied somewhat Karen up for the day and went to work.

He came back with the news that it could take up to two days for the test results, which didn’t surprise Karen. What did surprise her is that he had gone home and fetched the catsuit to put it on. Yes, he liked latex. He couldn’t deny it anymore.

They spent the evening cuddling on the sofa, Karen securely tied up with her arms in her back and her legs roped up so that she couldn’t move. He had no choice, she kept annoying him. He was no angel either. She couldn’t move but he kept squishing her latex encased breasts, or teasing with his fingers at her crotch, when not simply rubbing her smooth black thighs while watching TV.

She was caught in the middle of mixed feelings: liking being stuck in rubber, and fearing being stuck in rubber.

Again, she spent the night tied up, this time, suspended in the closet, a little like she did it a few days before.

The next day, he fit her with loose restraints for the day and he was off to work, with only his latex briefs, tho, under his civil clothes.

When he came back at the end of the day, his expression was serious.

“Well, here’s the thing. The mix has transformed the Shine&Lube into an adhesive or something. Since I didn’t tell them what was the exact problem, they suggested using nitric acid to loosen the bonds but I figure this is not a good idea.”

Karen nodded a strict no.

“Yeah, I thought so. They say that,perhaps after some time, the bond between the skin and the glue will weaken, but they can’t give me any figure. Do… do you have more vacation or something? Can you take a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time?”

She looked down and nodded a small no.

“Well, listen.” he said, taking her latex coated face in his hand, in a very soft manner. “This is my fault, and at the same time, you made me discover something.” he said, looking at his own latex coated body. “I’m offering you to come live with me until the matter is resolved. I have enough free space in my home to store all your belongings. Once you’re off the suit, we’ll manage, if you can get your job back or not. What do you say ?”

She reached for the pen and paper, her only way to communicate.

“If I’m not out of this suit by Sunday evening, I’ll have no choice: I couldn’t afford the rent for more than a month or two.”

His eyes couldn’t refrain from admiring the lights shining off her suit, off her curves, as she moved, bent down, wrote the note and handed it to him, along with the noise and the smell.

He took the next week off too. As you can figure out, she was still stuck. They spent the week emptying her apartment and getting the home ready. Karen was strange. She was stuck in rubber, out of a job, yet she was bratty enough to end-up tied up all the time.

Her day setup became more and more elaborate as he could modify the house at will, adding rings, hooks, restraint points everywhere. She was chained at a central place allowing her to go to certain areas. She had tasks to do, limited by different setups, arms in her back, one arm free, ankles hobbling.

One day, he came home and Karen appeared with dark lenses over her eyes: she had bought tinted swimming goggles and had glued them to the suit.

“You glued them? Using the… the… Lube&Shine glue? You realize you won’t be able to take them off until…” he began to say but she put her latex gloved finger over his mouth, nodding a simple yes. Yes, she knew it. Yes, she wanted it.

Things went on like that for a few months, but Derek’s behavior changed a little. His agenda changed. He spent longer hours in the office, even spending weekends, but he kept his latex briefs, even ordering a new black catsuit with a lower neckline, allowing it to be worn under his shirt and tie!

Then one day, in the middle of the afternoon, he came back early, followed by a delivery truck which left a huge wooden crate in the garage. Once they were gone, he brought Karen to it. It looked like an old army surplus crate.

“I have some news for you:  you’re going to be… shipped out” he said to a stunned Karen. “This is, ahem… your moving crate.”  he said, with a devilish smile.”I’ll pack you in tomorrow morning.”

She nodded no and made a few steps backward.

“Just trust me.” he said with the smile that made her melt the first time she met him, at that dance club.

They made latex love that night, again, but this time it was different. Derek was different, and Karen too. What was he pulling out? Did he just sell her? Why was she being shipped out? What was going on? She began to wonder if that Lube&Shine mix was real or if it was a deliberate plot, if he added something else to the mix. 

Did he?

Perhaps she was destined to be nothing more than a latex slave?

Would she?

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© Monsterp63

March 20, 2021.

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