Karen – Long Weekoops. Part Six. (Final)


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The fact was that she didn’t know a lot more about him than a month ago. She was kept isolated, not meeting his friends, co-workers, not participating in any family activity or anything. Who was this guy?

She was suddenly afraid and it showed in her sexual reaction, but he didn’t seem to mind, as if…he knew it.

The next morning, after spending the night all tied up,, he put in two large vibrating dildos she never saw before: those had wires. Then,  after he locked her chastity belt back in place, almost reluctantly, she followed him to the garage and got into the wooden crate. 

He put fingerless mittens over her hands then folded her arm so that her palm was against her shoulder, then taking a leather strap, fixed it in place. He did the same with the other arm, then wrapped another leather strap around her chest, engulfing her folded arms and tied it down. Her arms were now totally useless.

Using more straps, he wrapped her legs together, after putting soft foam pads between her knees and ankles, with straps at the hips, over and below the knees, at the calves and the ankles.

She couldn’t move much now.

The last step was putting a gasmask over her latex covered head, making sure the seal was tight before gently putting her against the wall.

“Try not to fall.” he said with a wink, to which Karen didn’t reply. She was puzzled. Unsured. He should have talked to her, explained to her, but… it was a surprise. She wondered.

He opened the crate and put some high density foam pieces inside it, then scooped her and gently lowered her inside it, moving a piece of foam, adding another one until she was pretty comfortable, so to speak. She thought she saw a lot of black boxes along the sides of the crate, mainly around her head, her waist and at her feet, the rest of the crate was too narrow to accommodate anything elsewhere. She felt some pulling at her crotch and imagined he was plugging the dildo wires. Were those black box batteries?

Then, using more leather straps, linked to D rings screwed to the bottom of the crate, he chinced her tightly inside to the point she couldn’t move at all.

He plugged a flexible tube on her gasmask then began to fill the remainder space of the crate with foam packing peanuts.

She felt them fall on her latex clad body, and around her neck and head. When there was just the windows of her gasmask left, he bent down and lay a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you.” he mouthed, smiling, evidently knowing that she couldn’t hear much, before pouring the rest of the packing peanuts over her.

There was still a little bit of light seeping through the packing peanuts, but it quickly vanished as he closed the lid of the crate. She felt her world shrink as he compressed the packing peanuts.

She shivered. She was severely restrained, stuffed inside a crate for who knows wher,but…s he liked it. She liked the restriction, the liked the fact that she couldn’T move at all. The sensory deprivation, the blackness, the gasmsak, feeling the tight latex on her skin, the biting of the leather straps… Yes. She liked it. As crazy and scary as it may sound, she liked it.

Suddenly, she felt a rush of fresh air, given by some pump through the gasmask and everything became silent. She lost track of time.

She was awakened when the crate moved. Not by the movement of the crate, but her dildos coming alive!

She was carried, loaded into a truck. The trip seemed long, a few hours, but she was constantly teased and tormented. The bumpier the road, the stronger the tormenting.

Damn! She was kept on the edge. No release. She needed  to be able to move a little, but all those straps and the squishing of the packing peanuts rendered any movement impossible.

After quite some time, she felt she was unloaded and everything became silent, dildos included, again for what seemed like hours, before she was moved again, and she felt what she believed was a plane. Or was it a boat? The ride was rather smooth, with the only bumpy periods before and after the smooth ride.

She was carried again, way bumpier travel, which made the teasing even stronger. That was starting to be psychologically difficult, like constant torture, then there was a hard jolt, as if she had been dropped, landing on one corner then slamming on her back before everything became silent.

That drop, she didn’t know if it was on purpose or not, but it was what she needed to jump the fence, to release hours of teasing, frustration and denial. She wondered if her whole restraint system would be able to hold her as her brain exploded, sending hormones through her body, fighting the bounds, and coming back stronger because there was no release in sight!

The orgasm lasted for a long time, the vibrators still humming hard before gradually coming so a stand still.

And all was silent. Eerie. Scary.

Finally, she heard the impact drill unscrew the lid and the pressure released. Who will that be? Derek or… her new owner? Was she nothing more than a latex slave? Just a latex slave… what a hot thought.

The lid opened and she was caught off-guard by the bright sunlight. Derek’s face appeared, smiling, and she saw his upper body, completely covered in a shiny black latex catsuit. It looked like he was even wearing… a corset?

What the hell?…

He plunged his hands through the foam peanuts to reach the belts holding her and released them, helping Karen get off from the crate, startled by the view. They were on the coastline, looking at the sea from a high point, through the large window of a modern property. As she made her first uneasy steps on the ceramic tiled floor, she noticed the many, many rings and attachment points around her, on the floor, ceiling and walls. He took off her gasmask.

“Surprise! This is our new home.” he said, smiling, opening his arms, making a full turn on himself, and that’s where she realized that he was even wearing high heels!. The hell??

She stood there, stunned. What the fuck was he talking about. What was all this?

“Okay, here’s the full story. Better sit down, or better yet!” he said, grabbing hanging chains and linking her collar to it and linking her wrists in her back. She didn’t resist, that was the way she preferred.

“Where was I… oh yes. Turned out the mix I accidentally made with the rest of your lube and the Lube&Shine stuff created a very strong adhesive with unique properties, being almost a lubricant before becoming glue, something many companies had tried to do but were unable to, so… I patented it.”

He could almost see her eyes opening wide under her dark lenses.

“Yes, that’s why I was falsely working late. Well, I was working on the patent and selling it. Lets just say that our financial status is of no stress from now on. Oh don’t worry, I put both our names on the patent. I… I had to forge your signature, but I’m sure you won’t mind…”

She nodded a small no then looked down at herself, imprisoned in a latex skin. Would she ever be able to take it off? He had the answer.

“According to the research, it might be possible that the glue between the skin and the suit would break away in five or six years, however, they can’t know for sure. It could break down tomorrow for all they know. But the strength it added to the rubber, making it almost indestructible is a mix of the latex catsuit, the shiny layer which is a polymer and the glue. Once it’s unglued from your skin, we might be able to cut it off, but not before.”

He unlinked her from the ceiling, freeing her arms, allowing her to get closer to the windows, to see the view. They were higher but a nice slope was bringing them to the beach. No neighbors in sight. She would be able to go out, to take a swim, even boat, fully clad in latex, or even, oh she was getting hotter, spend some time tied up on the beach!

He grabbed a small bottle from the kitchen counter and proudly showed it to her.

“Glube!!” he said, smiling. “I came up with that name.” he said, proudly smiling.

There was a noise coming from the back of the house. “Oh, the movers are here. You do what you want, I don’t care anymore.” he said, opening his arms then walking toward the door, in full latex catsuit and heels.

The movers were stunned to see him and even more when they saw the shiny and curvaceous woman behind him, taking boxes and moving them, apparently not impaired at all by her tight corset and her extreme boots.

One box in particular seemed to interest her more than the others. She took it and disappeared in a room.

A few hours later, they were back alone, amidst a pile of boxes, collapsing on the leather sofa.

“I didn’t need to bring all of it, I mean I could have bought new stuff and simply left it all in the old house but… it gives you something to do.” he said with a devilish smile.

She looked at the boxes, turned around and headed toward the large door, accessing the outside patio and the access to the beach, but she felt a strong arm on her shoulder, holding her back. She turned around.

“Han, ahn… You’re not to access the patio or the beach until you earn it.”

She froze for a moment, looking at the boxes, then softly looked toward him, her eyes hidden under her dark lenses and she gently took his hand to lead him to the bedroom where the latex covered bed was waiting for them.

She gestured at her chastity belt then the bed. Of course, she had figured out a way to get to the beach, to earn points.

He smiled and unlocked the chastity belt, before tying her up in a spread eagle position on the bed and gently climbed over her, his throbbing member ready for action.

However, that was not enough points… She had to unpack everything, properly restrained of course, before being allowed outside.

That proved to be hard work, and a blast. Impaired with chains linking her ankles close to one another and her wrists in front of her, linked to her chastity belt so each time she reached the end of it, it would tease her dildos, she went to work. Derek had opened the patio doors to let the sea ear fill the house. She could feel the hot breeze on her suit and the hot sun, heating the black latex. She was almost being cooked and she realized at the same time that going to the sun in black latex was perhaps not the brightest of ideas.

The day was ending and the sun was on its way to set down.

“I have to be honest, now, Karen. Yes, having you do the unpacking was one of the reasons for not allowing you to the beach. The other is… we’re near the equator, and going like that, under that sun, you would be cooked medium-rare in less than an hour.”

That made sense, she thought. But it also means that she would… never go there during the day? As he heard her thoughts, he answered.

“We still need to build a sunshade shelter there. It was supposed to be completed before we would have moved in but there were some delays in the delivery, some ship caught in the Suez canal or something.” he said.

He linked her arms in her front with quite long chains, and did the same with her ankles. The chain was so long that it was dragging on the sand, and she was struggling with her ballet heels on the sand as she walked down the pathway to the beach as he pulled on her leash.

She would be able to feel the last rays of the setting sun, admire the view, smell the salty air, and even dip her booted feet into the sea.

The sight was gorgeous! She could somewhat taste the salty air through her breathing tubes and she couldn’t wait to dip into the ocean. She ran as fast as she could as soon as he released the leash and she dipped into the warm water, feeling the waves hit her latex skin.

That was a weird feeling, feeling the power of the water,but not the water itself. Plus the heavy chains dragging along.

It was even funnier when she received a larger wave in the face. Her reflex was to close her eyes and clamp her mouth, but sealed as she was, the water didn’t seep through. She felt invincible.

She dragged herself back to Derek who was waiting near a small steel post sticking off the beach of about 50cm. There was a long chain welded to it and he was holding the other hand with a padlock in his hand.

He made her get closer and locked the heavy chain to her collar. The chain was so short that she had to sit on the soft sand.

“There. Now you’ll be able to see the sun set, and the sun rise tomorrow, without risking that you accidentally end-up in the water.” he said with a devilish smile.

“The tide is not fully in and might reach just short of the pole, so no worries. And as for the pole itself, it’s 3m long, so… you might try, but I doubt you’ll be able to pull it out.”

He kneeled and gently grabbed her head between his hands, looked at her straight in the eyes, through the dark lenses and landed a passionate kiss on her panel gag, blocking her airflow.

“I love you.” he said.

She wrapped her hands around his neck as much as the chain allowed. She loved him too, and she loved her new life.

She enjoyed the view of the setting sun, then the starry sky appearing, with the full moon, lighting the beach in an eerie glow. The water did reach the pole, gently licking her latex skin, like a soft massage, putting her into a deep sleep.

The sun was high and its heat was really heating her black suit when he finally came to free her of the post, and she understood why she would have to keep away from the direct sunlight.

She  suggested adding a white latex catsuit over her black one, making it three layers thick, and would reflect part of the sun. That sounded neat.

“That’s a thought.” he said. “Quite a struggle to put on, over your boots, tho but we might find a way.” he said.

About every few days, he was getting out of his latex catsuit, to let his skin breath and/or to attend some meeting for the distribution of Glube, and she was enjoying doing chores in bondage, then spending some time by the sea, under the shelter or tied to the steel post or the other items they brought to the beach: X-frame, cross, suspension post, etc. She just loved her new life.

Months went by.

She was helping Derek, one day, put on his catsuit. She had convinced him to try the shine layer suit and he loved it, although he complained, each time, that it was hard work putting and getting off two suits. She had even convinced him to shave his head to feel the latex hood like never did before, and he did like it.

Since Karen liked being tied up and was patiently waiting for her next setup, he had become relaxed, and was not keeping her bound all the time. She sometimes had a few minutes of “free time” between setups.

That day, after they made love, he was laxing at making sure she couldn’t “escape” as he was freeing her from the bed. She took that opportunity to jump on him and tie him up on the bed, stuffed a ball gag deep down his mouth, basically, she had become the master and he was the latex slave.

After the initial shock and the reluctance to follow Karen’s orders, he finally liked it, and they switched roles a few times, having him spend the night tied to the steel post by the beach… during the rain season!!

Then one day, after keeping him in heavy bondage for three days, she released him. Well, he had a meeting to attend, but soon after, he came back to her.

“It’s silly but… I can’t find the seam of the hood. Can you help me take it off, please?”

Karen looked at the seam and smiled under her gag, then walked away, her white third latex suit reflecting the morning sun. She grabbed a bottle of Glube and threw it at him.

He catched it, puzzled, then read the note attached to it.

“You complained that it’s a struggle each time to take it on and off… Now, You’re set.”

She has her fists on her hips, in a dominant  “gotcha” pose. He looked totally shocked.

“You… you Glubed me in?”

She nodded the strongest YES her collar allowed. He stood there, realizing what she had done and that there was no way back. He was glued in, and with the shine suit layer, no way to remove it until it would unglue from his skin, in a few years. And… his high heel boots were stuck on too!

“Oh well…” he said, walking to her, heels clicking, to take her hand. “I have to keep my mouth free because one of us has to be able to talk for safety reasons because of, you know” he said, opening his arms, “but… those glasses. Where did you get them from?”


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February 27, 2021

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