Karen – Bad Easter Girl


The awakening was practically nonexistent as she barely slept anyway. She tried to stretch but the tight, body conforming cage she had spent the last eight hours in wouldn’t allow it.

It was a custom standing cage, made to her measurements, holding her legs tightly together and her arms crossed over her chest. And to get in, she had to be laced into her tightest corset.

Oh it wasn’t the first time. I mean, to end-up to have a custom made body cage, it’s because you deserve it, or… ask for it.

She didn’t exactly ask for it, but with constant misbehaving, pissing her master off, and even annoying her fellow latex slaves, that was the same as asking for it. And she got it.

When her master told her, she thought it was a joke, until she was fitted in. Unable to move, barely able to breath, body totally rigid from the feet to the head. And it was so tightly made that, although  she was suspended 1 meter off the ground, her weight wasn’t resting on her feet but was distributed throughout her whole body. Which would allow long stays. Very long stays.

She once tested it for three days. Tested might be a big word, tho.

There was a movement near her. She could see through the dark lenses of her latex hood, but couldn’t make a sound as a heavy leather harness with a muzzle sporting a gag so long and so big that her jaw was almost locked opene and her gag reflex, if not controlled, would render her totally mad.

That was Annie. She had been the designated guardian for the night, thus taking care of Karen in her cage. She was stretching on her latex covered bed, her standard and mandatory clear full body clear latex catsuit easily slipping on the lubed latex sheets of the bed.

It was a special bodysuit, made of breathable latex that could be worn for months at a time. Karen had one too. Under her extra-thick neck entry black latex catsuit she had been squeezed into as the first punishment a month ago. What can she say? She loved it thick and tight and restrictive.

Annie yawned, stretching, having a quick look at Karen to see if she was still breathing, but that was it. She walked to her closet, on her tiptoes. She, as all the other latex slaves of the mansion, were so used to wearing high heels all the time that they couldn’t actually lay their feet flat on the ground.

She came out of her huge walk-in closet a few moments later with a purple dress and leopard print thigh high boots.

Karen approved of her choice of outfit: that would be perfect for Easter. She wondered what would be her outfit.

Annie got dressed, giving funny looks at Karen, evidently enjoying seeing her struggling in her confining cage. After all, Karen was nothing but a pain and was better off bound-up somewhere than giving actual chores, since she always managed to mess them up and they had to do it for her.

She got dressed, looking absolutely stunning in her tight fitting purple latex short dress, and the thigh high boots, with huge cut-outs letting show her gleaming latex body, were just the perfect accessory. She wiggled Karen goodbye and walked out of her room, leaving Karen alone with her demons.

She shigh. She was eager to get out of that cage. She tried to wiggle her legs, even to take a very deep breath but she couldn’t. At the same time it was frustrating, it was also arousing.

It took a long time, over half an hour before Tamara, Master’s assistant or rather the latex slave supervisor, came to free her. She was wearing a striped black and clear mesh suit over her standard shiny skinsuit, along with platform boots and long gloves with claws-like tips, and something that made Karen giggle, bunny ears and a furry bunny tail.

Karen let out a long sigh as she stepped down the cage, finally being able to move again, still giggling and poking at the bunny tail.

“Don’t touch it, it… plugged.” said Tamara, quickly turning around, then proceeding to take off Karen’s muzzle gag.

“Now listen. Master is receiving a bunch of friends this afternoon for an Easter Eggs hunt. Now, for obvious reasons, you were not my first choice but I have no other options for now: you will take the Easter Eggs and hide them around the property. Now, Karen, please, please, bear in mind that Master’s friends will come in wearing very fancy clothes, probably leather, high heels or highly polished shoes and boots for the males, so don’t go hiding those eggs near the swampy edges of the pond, will ya? Can you do it? Can you do something… nice for a change?”

Karen lowered her head in shame.

“Yes Madam. I can do it.” she honestly said. She knew she was a general pain in the ass, but she also knew Master’s limit and if his guests were to be pissed off, she couldn’t imagine in what predicament she would end-up.

A few moments later, she was handed a box with a dozen colorful aluminium foil wrapped chocolate eggs, each one the size of a fist. She went to work.

She hadn’t been given any rules as to what were the limits. Should she keep them close to the mansion, or should she go at the other end of the property?

She figured that she might a few far away and the rest close by, so she setup to cross the land, her high heels sinking into the soft grass, which was nothing new, and struggling under the morning sun, into her very tight and thick black latex catsuit, feeling the sweat build between the double latex layer. She could feel her buns being squeezed with each step, which were working the dildos permanently inserted, actually part of the clear bodysuit. She struggled to breathe in her still very tight corset, panting, all of this adding to arouse her.

And then the smell. No, not the smell of the grass, but the smell of the chocolate eggs, right under her nose. She knew Master was for everything high end, so these chocolate eggs should be simply heavenly.

She finally reached a tree where she could put one egg by the base of it. As she bent down to put it down, one of her heels suddenly sank deeper in the ground and she lost balance, sending the eggs flying in the air, crashing down a little farther away as she herself fell flat on her rubber butt.

She quickly turned around and tried to get back up, struggling with her tight corset, fighting the thick latex catsuit, while trying to get an idea where all those chocolate eggs were going to land.

As she stumbled to get back up, she saw a horror scene: most of the eggs were smashed. Well, she couldn’t just put broken eggs all over the place. She had to get rid of them, but the guesses? She let herself drop on the grass, sitting amidst the broken eggs, folding her legs, sobbing, taking one broken up and…eating it. Well, what better way to cure a depressing moment than to eat high-end chocolate, right?

Then she had an idea: she would lay the broken eggs, taking a piece off each of them, and make believe that some animal ate them. Yes, that’s it, and the one or two which were not too smashed, could be proof that she didn’t not break them.

So she went on, hiding the broken eggs, of course, eating what she had to remove to make it believable that some critter ate the chocolate. Sucking said melted chocolate off her latex covered finger was very good: the mix of the taste and the feeling of rubber was heavenly!

She walked back to the mansion, the sun heating her suit. She was glad to step back on concrete as her heels clicking attracted the attention of Tamara.

“So, Karen. All done?” she said, smiling.

“Yes, Madam. All done.”

“Any… trouble doing so?” she asked, frowning.

“N… No. Why?” innocently answered Karen.

“You didn’t eat one, I hope.” she asked, her tone becoming serious.

“Why would I do that? That would piss-off Master and I would be in deep trouble.” answered Karen, getting nervous. Has anyone seen her?

Tamara extended her arm to Karen’s latex covered face then wiped a finger across her left cheek, the sharp claw of her glove scratching it, grabbing a piece of brown, melting stuff. Tamara approached it from her nose and smelled it.

“Ah… then explain why there’s chunks of chocolate around your mouth, Karen.” she said, with a stern look.

Fifteen minutes later, she was back inside the mansion, severely screwed to the wall inside the steel frame, unable to move, mouth packed by an even larger muzzle gag, waist crushed.

Tamara was there, looking pissed off. With her, Annie, evidently enjoying her predicament, as well as Jennifer, the newest of Master’s latex slaves.

“That was the last straw, Karen.” began to say Tamara, while Annie was giggling and Jennifer seemed to be bored to assist, yet again, at another lecture for Karen. “Master is deeply pissed off, his guests not having their Easter Eggs hunt. You are to be held here until he decides what he will do with you.” she said. “He’s still pondering what punishment is the best suited for your constant misbehavior.” 

She stood there, awaiting Karen’s reaction, but she had none, except closing her eyes. She was happy as she was: severely restrained. All there was, was Annie’s giggling.

“Annie! If you don’t stop laughing, I’m putting you in the spanking rack by the window!” said Tamara, which seemed to cut Annie’s fun.

Without another word, they walked out, leaving Karen to her predicament, wondering what Master’s punishment would be. Body cast? That would be a dream come true. Perhaps sucked into the vacbed for a week. She wished. The cross: nah, boring, already did it.

Then the thought of horror, the worst punishment of all: being discharged. All her latex removed, denied of any toys, forced to wear nothing but wear cotton dresses. No restraints. Even cotton bed sheets!

As Master walked in, she was afraid. Very afraid.

Happy Easter everybody!

© monster 63

April 3rd, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Karen – Bad Easter Girl

  1. Now that potential punishment is something akin to true horror. Reading all of these stories made me wonder, how would a person like Karen, or any of the main cast really react if they due to their heavy latex use developed latex allergy. Even worse if it happened to one of the versions of the characters that had been put in either permanent or long term wear. Now that would be horrifying.

    1. Thank you Jakob.
      First thanks for the comment.
      Second, yes, that would be quite a blow. I see it as if, I dunno, a racecar driver loosing his eyesight, or a a bagpipe player loosing his hearing (come to think of it, that probably wouldn’t change a thing…).

      I’m sure it happened for real, where a bagpipe player… err… I mean a latex fetishist developed an allergy to it. (I do have an allergy to bagpipe music… and accordions) That should have been a very sad day. I know someone who loved seafood, then began to work in a shellfish processing plant, developed an allergy to it and had to find a new job + avoid shellfish.

      Fortunately, my characters are fictious, so it’s not going to happen. Although that could be a nice plot for the last of the last Karen story, an “easy way out”. If that ever happens…

      – Pierre.

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