Karen – Extreme


She looked at the display of items she had laid out on the bed. She couldn’t refrain her hand from slowly aiming for her crotch and started gently rubbing around it. She slurped some saliva that was about to run down the side of her half-opened mouth.

“That’s quite extreme, Karen. Sure you should go with it?” she asked herself. “Of course you can, you’ve been planning that for weeks.” she answered, still to herself. After all, she was alone in her room, in her apartment.

Her body already lubed and ready, she took the first item, a set of red latex panties with attached pouches. She slowly pulled her legs in it and carefully pulled it up, feeling the latex, which was cold to the touch at first, quickly warm up against her hot body, until it reached her shaved pussy.

Using her fingers she pushed the sheaths in place, one in her vagina, the other in her rectum while sensually biting her lower lip. She was already quite horny. It was followed by a red latex bra, their cups filled with tiny hard spikes that would tease her nipples with half pain, half pleasure. Well, a little pain and discomfort can be fun, she had thought.

She squished her breasts, closing her eyes, feeling the spikes do their work. Yes, this will be fun.

She browsed again at the numerous items laid out, wondering if she should skip some or go all the way. The more she looked at them, the hornier she was becoming, the eager she was willing to go on with her totally crazy and extreme plan.

The next items were the toys. One huge steel buttplug and one huge and long penis shaped dildo. She began with the buttplug, bending over while slowly pushing it in, leaving time for her rectum to expand and accept it. As soon as it was in, her sphincter closed tight around the narrow portion and securely held it in. It wouldn’t come out easily.

She could feel the large intruder inside her, its weight very well felt, swinging around with her movements.

Then it was the dildo. Long and large. She moaned as she inserted it and couldn’t repress the desire to stroke it in and out a few times, only arousing her, only wanting her to go even more with her extreme setup, to not step back.

Breath shaking, she gave it a strong final push until the large flange firmly rested against the latex panties.

It was followed by a long and thick black latex girdle, covering her butt but mainly going up to her latex bra, giving a little squeeze to her already slim waist. That girdle had two functions: prevent her from reaching her toys, and make an underlayer for the corset that was to come. Well, her catsuit had a built-in crotch zipper, which would allow her to reach her toys. With the girdle, they were secured in, as if with the setup she was in mind, that was necessary. Then again, that was an extreme setup, son one “protection” was not enough, after all.

The next item was, you guessed it, the corset. Long, covering from the hips to her armpits, wrapping her waist and breasts in it, denying any access to her spiked bra once in place.

She put it on, feeling its tight latex membrane get a hold of her waist, the steel stays embedded into the layers of thick latex, holding her waist and torso rigid as she slowly but expertly laced it tighter… and tighter.

When she was unable to tighten it by hand anymore, she knotted the lacing and tooka break. It was time to put her catsuit on, at least, part of it, beginning by her feet, feeding the tight double-thickness collar of her neck entry catsuit over them, and feeding the tight and thick latex suit over her legs until her toes popped into the attached toe socks.

Slowly, breath shaking, she pulled on the latex, getting it over her long legs, smoothing it as it went on, coating her calves, her knees, her thighs and finally adding a third layer of latex around her hips and waist, resting the top portion of the suit there while she smoothed out any wrinkles left on her legs.

Again, she looked at the stuff on the bed. She knew that this was the time to go on with the footwear as, once her corset will be fully closed, getting her boots on will be next to impossible.

She looked at her choice: ballet boots or her extreme heels boots. She was used to the ballet boots and she knew she could easily spend the day in them. However, just next to it, was a pair of brand new knee-high boots with an extreme heel. It was putting her feet almost as in a ballet boots, but being a standard spiky heel, it was sort of at the maximum her feet could cope with. It was at the limit between standard heels and ballet heels. It was challenging and would make her walk challenging.

With a devilish smile, she chose the heeled boots, putting her feet into the extreme stance. She put them on, lacing them tightly before applying steel locking cuffs around her ankles. With that on, she would be totally unable to take them off. She forced the cuffs to their last  possible adjustment, and as they were auto-locking, there was no turning back There. She was set. She wouldn’t have access to the keys for another twelve hours. 

Breath shaking, she did the same with her other foot, sealing her fate. She completed her ankle setup by linking the ankle cuffs with a short hobble chain. That will be fun!

She got  up, barely able to stand on her extreme heel, and hobbled to the wall, getting horny with the challenge, her dildos and butt plug contributing to it, where a sturdy O-ring had been installed. She undid the know of her corset and fed the laces into the special hooks attached to the O-ring, then walked away from it, leaning her body forward, pulling on the laces, feeling her corset tighten and tighten. She let the air out of her lungs and pulled again, feeling the dreadful latex corset crush her waist, squeeze her ribcage, pressed against her sensitive nipples now being poked by the hard rubber spikes of her bra, letting out a small “ouch” as they bit in. She loved it! That would be totally devilish as each breath would press against those spikes. Her eyes widened… Twelve hours of that? Could she?

She felt the corset with her fingers to confirm that both ends had met. It wouldn’t go tighter. Hopefully.

She expertly knotted the laces then placed them into a special pocket of the flap covering them, bringing the fastening straps of said flap over the front of the corset where it locked into a special buckle. There. She couldn’t do anything for the corset now. She was securely locked in.

She was getting more and more locked, more and more secured in her setup. More and more confined.

She took a pair of long, shoulder length black latex gloves and proceeded to put them on, slowly rubbing them up, feeding her fingers into their individual pockets, feeling the tight latex squeeze her hand, her arm. And to think that the catsuit already had attached gloves! Two layers of latex over her fingers, to make them clumpy. Extreme.

She took a rather large hood from the bed. It had been specially made on her request and it had an upper shoulder part with arm holes, meaning that, once the hood on and her latex catsuit over it, there was no way to take the hood off without taking the catsuit off. The hood was thick and tight, and she specifically ordered it without an easy access zipper. She would struggle to put it on, squishing her nose. And it was an extreme hood, with dark lenses, nose tubes and a rubber mouth with a sheath where her tongue would be. Even without a gag, she wouldn’t be able to talk.

That was a struggle to put on, putting the long nose tubes first, then stretching it over her head, having to hold her breath as the tubes were getting squeezed in the process, but as it had a molded face, it sort of fell into place once the it was over her head, squishing her head, dampening her  hearing with the embedded plugs going inside her ear canals. She worked her tongue into the latex tongue, put her teeth inside the false white rubber teeth and was finally able to breath.

She took a few minutes to calm herself from the rush, the sudden loss of her hearing, the nose tubes, the filled mouth, the dark lenses. With her latex gloves on, she was in an almost total sensory deprivation state. She was cut-off from the real world, which would enhance her… out of this world experience. The only place she could feel some real air was her armpits…

She hobbled to the mirror and grabbed the neck of the catsuit, who had now raised to her corseted waist and gently yet firmly, pulled on it, feeding upward, sliding easily over her lubed latex corseted waist, until it reached her chest.

She was panting more and more, forced to breath through her nose only, and realizing that with each passing second, she was getting closer to being completely sealed.

She struggled to feed her right arm inside the narrow neck opening, hard to stretch because of its double-layer tube like construction and easily found the sleeve, pushing her lubed latex gloved hand through it, feeling that second latex layer get tighter around her arm until her hand found the attached latex glove and her fingers found their individual pockets. She did the same with her left arm, the suit finding its way upward, over her ample yet squeezed breasts, the collar finding its place, the last bit of air exiting through the neck opening with a funny sound.

She wiggled her shoulders and rubbed her hand over her sleek black latex body, looking at the results in the long mirror: she looked like a rubber doll! Damn, she was hot. She put her hands at her crotch, but there were already two layers of latex between her fingers and the dildo. She pressed on it a few times, just enough to tease herself.

“You’re nuts.” she said to herself, looking at her reflexion in the mirror, turning sideways, admiring her figure, her shape, her enhanced breasts, her enhanced butt, her thin waist, her slick black body. “It’s a shame nobody can see that.” she thought.

Again, to the bed where she took what looked like a sooth strop of shiny steel with a ring. She fondled at the back of her catsuit collar and found the opening of the tube-like collar and proceeded to feed the three cm steel band in it. It easily slid inside the lubed tube, the small ring stretching the latex as it went on, popping out when it reached the front of the tube, at the same time the tip went out the tube at the back.

Using both hands to press on both sides at the same time, she pressed the two ends of the steel band together until she felt a click. There she was set. She swallowed, feeling how tight the collar was. There was no play room. She couldn’t even fit a finger between the band and her neck. The locking was magnetic, the same as the belt of her corset. No easy way out. One needed the exact magnetic block to remove it.

Her breath was shaking and again, her hands quickly found her crotch.

She hobbled backward until she hit the bed and slowly sat on it, feeling the corset pinch her waist. She threw her head backward, panting heavily, her fingers still playing, then as if they had received a shock, they retracted.

“No, Karen.” she mumbled in her head. “Time to block the access!”

She sprung back up, swiftly turning around and taking a large steel belt, wrapping it tightly around her waist then feeding the crotch strap of the chastity belt under her crotch, pulling it upward, feeling the buttplug and the dildo being forced deeper in as she fastened all the straps together in front of her with a loud click.

She let out a long sigh, as if it was a relief that she was not locked in, in complete denial. Constant teasing but complete denial. She couldn’t access her crotch, her buttplug even her breasts.

And there was more to come! She added auto-locking steel cuffs around her knees, elbows and wrists. She linked her knees with an even shorter chain than her ankles. She had no easy way out… as if it mattered to this point.

She took a head harness muzzle with a hard rubber ball and fed it over her latex covered head, forcing the ball into her already filled latex mouth, forcing wide open, and unable to articulate at all. She fastened all the straps as tight as she could before applying small padlocks.

Panting hard and looking in the mirror for reference, she tied the small chains hanging from the D-rings located on each side of her chastity belt, to her steel wrist cuffs. The chains were just long enough for her hands to reach each other’s padlock and… locked them.

She did her left wrist then hobbled in the middle of the room, under a hanging chain. Using her right hand, she reached for it and had to stretch her body as much as she could to fasten the hanging hasp to the ring on top of her head harness, Then, bringing her wrist back to her chastity belt, she locked it to the small chain. The only cuffs not linked were her elbows ones. She wished she could do something about it but… she needed the mobility. Sort of.

There! She was all set.

From one to three layers of latex, head encased into an extreme hood, impairing her vision, dampening her hearing, making her unable to produce the slightest sound, waist crushed by a corset, breasts constantly teased, legs hobbling, wrists tied to a chastity belt. All done by herself. 

No easy way out.

No easy way out. Suddenly her eyes widened. What the fuck did I do? What if there’s an emergency? What if… Oh shit!”

As if on cue the programed dildo fired into action, making her forget about how extreme and dangerous her setup was. Her legs gave up under her and she ended up suspended by her head harness, increasing the testing. She wanted to reach her crotch but the cuffs prevented it.

As quickly as it had begun, it stopped, leaving he frustrated, wanting for more. Struggling into her bounds, her fingers feeling thick, short of breath, all her desires to go through it were back on. Yes, she wanted it. Yes, she liked it. What could go wrong anyway? The chain holding her head was linked to a small solenoid lock. A small burst of power and she was out of it. It was on a timer and that timer never failed on her. Ever.

She usually setup said timer for twenty minutes or so. Now, with her extreme idea, she went bold and cranked it up to sixty minutes. One full hour! Maybe that was a little over the top because it didn’t take long before her feet began to hurt, and she had no way to really rest them. She could put her weight on one foot so that the other one would rest, but then that foot had all the weight on it, making it strain even more.

How long has it been now? Damn… No clock to look at. She took care of that before the day began, hiding them so, evidently, she would have no time reference. One more item of her extreme setup.

She moaned. Well sort if. She more or less snorted, through the latex tubes running up her nose. The only thing getting her out of her thoughts were the dildo firing. That was devilish. On one of its bursts, she almost climaxed. She was about to jump the fence. She was desperately trying to jog it, to make it move, but her extreme position, stretched standing up, didn’t allow her the flexibility to move her legs, squeeze her butt, which was blocked by the large strap of the chastity belt going up her butt crack. Damn! That was so devilish, so… fun!

Then a smell. Strange smell mixed with the rubber of her nose tubes. She couldn’t pinpoint it, but she knew what it was. She knew that smell was not normal, but…what was it? Smells like something burning. Did she forget something on the stove? No, she hadn’t cook anything before her setup.

Maybe it was just a trick her brain was playing with her. All her senses were overwh… oh, the dildo starting its dance again, and her thoughts were taken elsewhere, her brain seeing images of her being a permanent latex slave, having no choice to follow her Master’s orders to get her rewards: orgasm.

She was working hard for it but, again, on the verge of happening, he vanished. She pulled hard on her head harness, trying to tear it from the ceiling, but the hood was too strong. Damn, that was so frustrating. She wiggled in her bonds, feeling the tight latex on her skin, slightly sliding on the layer of sweat that had built on. She felt the tug of her restraints. Rigid. Unyielding. The constriction of her corset,  her mouth forced open. Damn! Just the thoughts and she was burning. She giggled, which only emphasized her extreme setup, sending her brain all the limitations her body was encountering. Perhaps, she was the one overheating and creating that smell of fire.

Fire. That was it. That was the smell. But… nah. She couldn’t have anything burning around her.

Then, faint through her thick latex hood, she heard noises, sirens. Just a coincidence, she thought. Then noise. Banging noise approaching.

Bang! Bang! Bang! “FIRE!! FIRE!! EVACUATE!!” Was repeating the voice. The banging got closer to her apartment door, she heard it, loud and clear, then it went away.

Panic engulfed her. She was stuck! And even if she could manage to get free from the ceiling hook, she was in no shape to escape the building: she was on the fifth floor! Her ankles were too closely linked to use the stairs and, of course, the elevator would be out of order.

The dildo decided it was the tight time to fire, and mixed with her struggling, and perhaps her mind not wanting to, it triggered an orgasm. Loud, powerful. Oh shit! That was so good, but at the same time, panicking. 

Well, if I have to die today, at least I would die happy, she thought.

Louder bangs approaching, but muffled yelling.

It came to her door. She heard the loud bang, or rather the crashing noise of her door being struck down.

“ANYBODY HERE? FIRE!! EVERYBODY OOOO… Wha… shit.” said a man wearing a classic firefighter outfit, axe in hand, gasmask and air bottle attached. His expression was of surprise at first but his life saving tasks took over. He approached her, looking at her setup.

“That was not a good day for that, lady.” he said, while pulling on the head hanging chain, realizing that it would not let go, then noticing that it was only a classic hasp at the head harness. He quickly unlinked it.

He stepped back and looked at her.

“Any… keys?” he asked, as if he knew all about it.

Karen turned around to face a safe with a timer lock. He rushed to it and tried to pick it up. It was heavy, very heavy. That’s why she chose it in the first place.

“No time for that.” he said, touring the apartment, entering the bedroom and coming out with the comforter, while Karen stood there, stunned. Well, she could only hobble anyway. She saw, through her patio door, the thick smoke raising from some floor below her.

“Kitchen fire on the second floor.” he said. “Just play dead.” he added, throwing the black satin comforter over her then scooping her.

She was carried downstairs. She couldn’t see where she was going, then she was carried on a flat surface. She figured she was outside, but where the hell was he taking her? To the evacuation bus? She didn’t want to be seen like that by everybody. She would have like to tell him this. Then again, the thought of the humiliation, the stressful evacuation process and the dildo firing again made it all more… appealing? She wished she would be humiliated?

She felt being put down, or rather thrown down. Her head hit something hard, her legs were forced to bend and she heard something close, like the lid of a chest or something.

She tried to calm down, her heart beating fast, struggling to breath with her corset, her ears buzzing with the stress.

Then she heard voices, dampened by the container. She listened. It was bystanders, people looking at the fire, commenting about seeing the flames, that the whole ground floor was engulfed in flames, and they were now licking the fourth floor, with the firefighters were containing it, but that nonetheless, the eight storeys building would be badly damaged.

She tried to move, then heard someone talk.

“Hey, in the car, that blanket! I think it moved. Said a child’s voice.”

Karen stood still,  holding her breath.

“It probably just fell into place, one of the firefighters threw it in there a few moments ago.” said a man’s voice.

So, she deducted that she had been put inside a car not far from her building. The firefighter’s car? Who was he? Why did he do it? What will happen to her? However, she suddenly felt safe, taken care of. Secured.

She relaxed. She couldn’t do anything else anyway. She tried to slowly stretch her legs but quickly found out that she was stuck into the backseat or something or a quite narrow car. She would have wished to move but wouldn’t want to attract attention.

Wrapped in the blanket, in complete darkness, hugged by her catsuit, corset and restraints, all the stress of the last moments vanishing, getting warm and cozy, she fell asleep. Actually being cramped in that small space only enhanced her bondage / constrained feeling! She did not sleep out of a deep sleep but enough for her to startled when the door opened and her head almost fell off the seat, partly held by her rigid collar. She saw the bright jacket of a firefighter suit.

“Shut up and play dead.” she heard a man say in a low voice, as if wanted to be heard just by her.

She complied. She didn’t have much choice: she could barely move and as for speaking… Tough luck.

The smell of fire smoke mixed with the latex smell filled her nostrils, as she felt something heavy being put down over her, then the trunk opening, heavy stuff being put in the trunk as it rocked the car, then the trunk closed, a door opened, the car rocking again, then engine noise and feeling of movement. They were going away. Shit! She was getting abducted! By a firefighter!!!

In any other time, she would be damn happy to be abducted by a strong and sexy firefighter! But… not now. Not in this situation.

The ride was not very long and when the car stopped, she heard loud chatting, men chatting, then heard some technical terms relating to fire and fire trucks or something, mentioning air tanks being refilled. The trunk was opened and the car rocked again. She heard the sound of hard metal hitting, but somewhat hollow, like those propane tanks for the BBQ, then the trunk was closed and they drove again, and of course, finally stopped.

The door opened and she was felt picked up, forcing her legs to bend upward, putting her into a fetal position. Not easy with the corset and the chastity belt… and the dildos. The battery had died some time before but the sudden crush of her hips, the sudden forced position… damn.

She moaned. A very faint, dampened.

“Shhushhhh.” he said “play dead.”

She felt carried away, climbing some stairs. The shock of walking, the jumping of the stairs, feeling his strong hands on her back and legs, feeling her latex squeeze, the chastity belt bite her thighs. She was ready to climb the mountain, then she was put on a bed, or so she thought, and all went silent.

She didn’t risk moving, staying on her side in a semi-fetal position, breathing hard, her lungs crushed by the position.

Finally, after hearing more noise, she felt a presence by her, as the mattress was depressed, then the comforter was removed and there he was, wearing a white camisole and jeans, the firefighter, his hair tangled, his face covered by sooth, his large muscular arms glistening with a fine layer of sweat.

“Hi! I’m Derek.” he said smiling. “I’m a volunteer firefighter. Err… Care to get out of this?” He asked, dangling a set of weird looking keys in front of her eyes.

He got the keys? How… As if he heard her silent question, he answered.

“I had a chance to get back to your apartment and retrieve it, stating that I knew who lived there, that you weren’t home but I grabbed the safe. I signed all the forms for it, so if you ever ask, all was done in order… May I?” he said, reaching for the locks of her head harness, unfastening them then puzzled as he tried to pull it off, like it was stuck in her mouth.

“Shit!! I figured it was a latex hood but with a mouthful too? Damn! Now… “ he said, trying to figure out the next step, but Karen was wiggling her hands, making her steel cuffs clink.

Ah, the wrists, I presume.” he said approaching the magnet key and quickly figuring how to use it. “But how removing the wrist cuffs would take the hood off?” 

Of course, she couldn’t answer, but she grabbed the magnetic key off his hand and unlocked the elbow cuffs and the collar, then struggled to get the neck of the catsuit over her shoulders.

“Oh… Really? That’s how you put it on? I thought there was a seam at the waist or something.” he said, grabbing the collar and with his strong hands, pulled it down off her shoulders.

It was then a matter of her struggling to get her latex gloved hands out of the latex sleeves of the suit. That’s how he saw that the hood was actually reaching through her armpits.

She raised her arms over her head as he peeled off the hood.

She was moaning. That was not as fun as she had thought.

The hood was removed and a wrinkled wet face appeared, smiling, yet frowning. What the hell happened, and what the hell is going on, like, now?”

“T… Thanks.” she said, nervous and shy. After all, this was the first time she was seen by anyone else in such a setup. Hell, it was the first time for her too.

“You’re welcome. Good think I found you, I don’t know what another firefighter would have done, but… I knew.”

“You knew? Why?… I  mean, how?” she asked, puzzled.

“Well…” he said, moving away and inviting her to lean to the side so she could see the patio door. She first looked at his sweat covered muscled arms, then followed where he indicated to look, frowned then she startled.

“You see my apartment from here?” she asked.


“And you spied on me? Pervert!”

“Spying is a strong word, miss. Lets just say that your curtains often don’t hide much.”

“But… you were still looking. What I do in my home is private.” she said, a little shocked.

“Yeah, but it was an accident, I swear. I got a pair of binoculars as a gift, so the first thing you do is take them and look around, right? So I did, and there you were, wearing a shiny black latex catsuit. You approached the patio door, opened it and walked out, looked around and walked back inside, closing the curtains. So when my pals tried to see what I saw, they saw nothing and I never told them anything. They just believed I was leading them on a wild goose chase.” he said, smiling.

“However, I have to admit that, each time I saw light coming through your curtains, I had a look. You do look stunning in those latex suits And… that saved you from a very embarrassing moment.” he said, indicating her current setup, where she was still wearing her dreadful corset under her catsuit and the chastity belt.

“I… Thank you.” she said. “I owe you dinner.” she added with a wink.

“I believe you do.” he answered, gently putting his hand on her thighs, but it was more of a comforting gesture than a suggestive one as he quickly removed it.

“Oh, you can leave your hand there…” she said, rubbing  his arm. “And now what? Can I go back? Surely not like that” she said.”

“Not for a few weeks. The first three floors are heavily damaged. Your floor is mostly damaged by water and smoke, but you won’t be able to go back on short notice.” he said.

“Oh.” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed, rubbing her latex encased thighs with her rubber gloved hands, feeling the smooth latex, feeling the tingling, not really wanting to take it off. “I will have to get some new clothes, then.”

“I guess so. But… silly question… What do you do for a living? I work rotating shifts, and I’ve seen you home at all times of day. Are you working rotating shifts too which are, coincidentally, the same as mine?”

“No. I’m working from home. In fact all I need is a computer and a phone.” she said. That’s why I often spend my days in latex, but not that extreme. I do sometimes have to attend video conference calls… which I tend to mute the video more and more, she said with a shy giggle.”

“So… “ he said, like hesitating, then looked at her in the eyes. “You could… stay here for the time needed.” he said.

“What? I… I don’t want to intrude. I’m very glad you saved me and all, but I wouldn’t want to impose myself on you.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t be imposing. I… I always dreamed to have a…. Nah, forget it.” he said, getting up, his dirty muscles shining on the dim light. “That’s silly and none of my business.”

“Spit it up. It’s not like we’re… hiding something.” she said, showing her own setup.

“Well, I’ve always dreamed of having a… latex slave.” he said, trailing off, then quickly adding “GIRLFRIEND! I meant… girlfriend.” he said, looking down at the floor. “I’ll… I’ll see what clothes I can get you.” he said, leaving what was apparently the guest room, suddenly ashamed of what he had just said.

Karen stood up, the arms of her catsuit dangling below her breasts and, high heel clicking, she ran after him, reaching him, and slapping with force his muscular shoulder.

He turned around, stunned.

“I’m sorry if I offen…”  he began to say, but Karen was struggling to put her arms back in her catsuit, sealing herself in it, except for the head, then lowering her head, extending her arms, wrists together, toward him.

“I’m sorry, Master. I’ve been a bad girl. I… I… I should be punished.”

“Riiiight.” he answered, looking around, not knowing what to do.

Karen, head down, raised her eyes to look at him, a devilish smirk on her face.

“You better hurry, Master. I can be a real brat when let loose.” she said.

He suddenly had second thoughts.

© monsterp63

April 8, 2021

Author’s note: I know the ending is lame as fuck. I struggle on how to end this thing (after she’s seen by the firefighter) for four days and this is apparently the best I could come up with… Sorry.

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