The Djiahanel Prophecy


My first “try” at writing stories, back in early 1990’s, was fantasy and science-fiction. Amongst other things, I wrote a trilogy. Took me over 10 years (had a 3 years “writer’s block” where I couldn’t figure out how to develop the plot) to write that thing, starting with one story, then wondering “where is that situation comes from? Can I write a prequel?” And then “Can I write a sequel?”

So, what started out as a single 60-pages or so story called (if I remember correctly) “The War of The Kgithans”, ended up being a 150+ pages trilogy, called “The Djahanel Prophecy”.

Of course… it had been written in French. I was hoping that some people around me, you know, friends and family, would like to read it. But… Never mind.

It stayed pretty much there, collecting (digital) dust. I recently decided to translate it and revamp it.

It’s not a fetish story by any means. It’s a pure Science-Fiction story. Of course, revamping it, allows me to, you know, make it a little sexier, and also adding a lot of 3D renders. Many are, again, pure Science Fiction, but some are, well… Have a look.

These are a work in progress, as well as the translation of the story. I still have to revise and revamp the 3rd part, (which is roughly translated). That’s what I’ve been working on for close to a month or so (hence little and silly fetish stories), and review the whole thing again because, I still find discrepancies.

I will post that story here when done (I hope before the end of May). If someone is willing to proof-read that brick (for me, 180 pages is a brick to write), just drop me a line. A little help would be welcome.

In the meantime, enjoy those images. No context explained, and not necessarily in order.


Again, since it’s not a fetish story (Karen isn’t there…), the art reflects the story, not the “fetish”.

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2 thoughts on “The Djiahanel Prophecy

  1. Hi Pierre,

    I can just encourage you to keep up your work, whenever and wherever you want.
    I’m interested in certain aspects of Science Fiction and I’m fascinated by the technical achievements and the spirit to work across borders.

    Kind Regards

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