Karen – The Rent


There was a knock on the door. Grumbling because he had to let go of the game match on TV to answer the door, he got up and walked to it, opened, then sigh.

“Ah… Karen. Do you have the rent money… this time?”

“Listen, Derek, I… I’ve been bumped at work and now only do ten hours per week. Can you… give me a break, please?”

“Karen, Karen, Karen…” he said, looking down, nodding his head. “You’re my friend, that’s why I made you a special price, but you should be able to pay it, even at 10 hours per week. All you have to do is cut on clothes.” he said, flipping the side of her leather jacket, while glancing down at her slim fitting shirt, tight faux-leather jeans and high heel wedge sneakers. “Those don’t look like they’re from the thrift store.” he said. “I don’t have to finance your lifestyle, Karen. Pay the damn rent or you’re out.” he said, sternly.

“Oh please!” she said, sobbing, “I have to pay off my credit card and, you know, these interests are quite high and…”

“Okay, fine. Show me the card statement.” he said, firmly.

“What? Why?” she asked, surprised.

“If it’s genuinely needed stuff, I’m willing to cut the rent. If not, you pay.”

“But… it’s… personal stuff, on that.” she said, suddenly on the defensive.

“Listen. I don’t give a fuck if you bought tampons or a toothbrush. Anyways, a statement shows the name of the store, not what was bought.”

“But… I…”

“Then I consider this a non-valid reason. Your rent is due, you’re two months late. You have one week to pay, or show me the credit card statement, or you’re out.” he said, slamming the door on her sobbing face and going back to the game, pissed off, because by the sound of the crown, he missed a goal.

Less than five minutes later, there was another knock on the door. Again, grumbling, he got out and opened the door.

He was facing Karen, holding at arm length and at face height, her credit card statement, folded so that just the total amount was showing. He made wide eyes.

“Twelve thousand dollars??? On a credit card? Are you fucking insane?” he said.

“N… No.” she softly said. “It’s all stuff I needed.”

“Let me see that.” he said, snatching the statement off her hand, which she tried to grab back but he turned quickly around. “Hummm… okay, groceries…. $150 to Pacific Novelties*… public transit card… $1200 to Pacific Novelties, again…. And another $850 here… And it’s just for THIS month! What the fuck do you buy from this Pacific Novelties thing?” he asked, staring at her.

“Erm… Clothes and… lingerie and… uh … accessories.”

“I want to see that! What are they? Gold weaved panties?” he said as he continued to look at the statement. “And you only pay the minimum each month, but still put stuff on it?

“See? That’s why I need help with my rent.” she said, smiling, trying to have hit the right reason.”I’ve reached the credit card limit and I need to buy another transit card. So… I need the rent money to pay off part of the balance so I can afford, you know, the basics and stuff.” she said, with pleading eyes.

He was nodding his head in disbelief, still looking at the credit card statement.

“Just this month, you added $3000 worth of stuff, mostly from that Pacific Novelties shop. Before I give you a break for the rent, I need to see what that $1200  necessary thing is.”

“No, you won’t.” she said, sternly. “This is private. What I do with my money is my own business.”

“Well, no problem, but you, not paying the rent, is MY business.” he said, extending a hand, taking an envelope that was obviously already prepared, and handed it to her. “You have 10 days to move out.”

He slammed the door on her and went back to the game, barely missing another goal.

“Shit!!” he yelled, jumping on the sofa, grabbing his popcorn bowl.

About half an hour later, another knock on the door.

He sighed, got up and stomped to the door, opening it in a harsh movement.

“Fuck it, Karen! You better have your full rent or I’ll kick you out right n…. What the hell???”

Karen was standing in front of him, wearing a full latex catsuit, tight leather corset, waist circled with a shiny steel metal band with another band going between her legs. She had on a steel collar as well as steel cuffs at the wrists and ankles, her feet standing tall in pointed toe boots.

“Well… you wanted to know what I bought at Pacific Novelties… There it is.” she said, opening her arms, and letting them fall back, her gloved hands slapping her latex covered thighs. The shining lights of the corridor were reflecting on the suit as if it was liquid tar.

Derek was simply standing there, staring at her from top to bottom, to top, to bottom, mouth agape.

“Yes, I’m a latex and bondage fetishist, and I just can’t help myself. I’m an impulse buyer. There, I said it.”

Dered was still standing and staring.

“Well, I should start to pack my stuff.” she said, turning around, expertly walking away on her extreme boots, her shiny suit creaking, showing her perfectly shaped buns tightly squeezed by the smooth material. The corset was slightly complaining about the movements she was making.

“W… Karen, wait.” he said.

She stopped and waited.

“C… Come back here. Come back in.” he said, making way for her to enter his apartment.

She walked in front of him, as he closed the door behind her, not saying a word.

In the living room, the crowd screamed but it didn’t even bother Derek that he missed yet again, another goal.

“Yes?…” inquired Karen, following Derek’s silence.

He slowly walked back to the living room, sitting on the sofa.

“Come, have a seat, I have to think a little.” he said, inviting her into the recliner chair.

She did, her latex creaking against the leather of the chair. She sat straight, helped with the corset and the chastity belt, where she had to wiggle a bit to be comfortable.

She was looking shy, yet somewhat, relieved, as if telling her secret was a heavy weight taken off her shoulders.

He grabbed a pen and a paper then asked her how much she was making and what she needed for strict basic needs.

“Okay, here’s the deal. Option one: you move in with me. You’re a latex and bondage fetishist? So be it. You will wear that suit, corset, the belt all day and all the stuff, all day, every day.. You will spend all your time here and do the chores in bondage. You will do all the chores to maintain this apartment. In the meantime, I will rent your apartment. You already had a deal for the price. I will rent it at full price, the difference between what you were paying and what the new tenants will pay will be used to pay your credit card balance. What you earn at your job will be used to pay for your food and the bare necessities. The balance will go to the credit card. The work you do here will pay for your lodging.” he said, showing her the numbers. “Option two: you leave in 10 days.”

She was in shock!

“What? That’s insane! I can’t be like that all the time.” she said, showing her setup.” I mean, I have to go to work. I can’t wear latex to work.”

“Sure you can, Karen. You’re a waitress at a high-end restaurant. You wear a white dress shirt with a high neck and a bow tie, which will hide the collar of your suit. You wear white cotton gloves, and long black pants. You change before going to work and keep your uniform until you’re back home already. Yeah, right, the footwear will need to be revised, but you can do it, it won’t show. “

“But… but… but…That will add up to two years!…”

“That’s the choices you have.”

She asked for the night to think it over and gave her answer the next day. By the end of the day, all her belongings were in Derek’s apartment, cases and cases of… fetish gear and a few casual jeans and T-shirts. He was stunned.

“Yeah, now I know where this twelve thousand dollars went.” he said, looking at the boxes of hoods, corsets, restraints, toys, latex clothes, shoes and boots. “The good thing is you won’t be wearing the same thing all over again.

Her first day at work was stressful as hell. She was always worried that something would show. Derek had forced her to keep the steel restraints and she had on her highest heels that were not ballet boots. Bending down to delicately put the dishes on the customer’s tables was not easy and she had to excuse her strange bending procedures by saying that she had hurt her back but it would be okay in a few days.

By the second day, she had asked Derek for a slightly looser corset, and he obliged. He was not into a position for her to lose her job. However, back at his place, as soon as she entered and had removed her uniform, it was again into her tightest corset and ballet heels, latex hood and harness ball gag to do the chores, ankles and wrists linked by short chains. And when she would have her chores done and she had nothing to do, he would keep her tied up, on the bed, on a chair, even watching a movie, she was duly restrained. Well, all those cuffs, and harnesses had to be for something.

Then he started to insert toys and enjoyed her struggling to do the chores impaired by the huge intruders. Searching through her numerous toys, he found remote controllable dildos and butt plug. One day she was not cooperating enough to his tastes, he threatened to put them on for her work shift.

She calmed down.

Fifteen days have passed. Karen was now used to her latex life and was quite enjoying it, however, she was forbidden to go out with friends: no funds for that.

She was back home from her working shift, late at night, around 23:00 and she was eager to go to bed. She knew that Derek would be waiting and that she would be tied up for the night. That was the deal. She was exhausted. She would have liked, for once, a normal night, no latex, no corset, no restraints, but she already asked for a break and Derek had said that he would think about it. She hoped it would be that night as she really needed it.

As she entered, Derek was waiting in the kitchen, a cardboard box on the table. He looked pissed off. She braced.

“Karen, Karen, Karen… Why, Karen?” he said, picking the content of the box, some kind of heavy latex hood. “It’s $600 and, judging by the invoice, has been ordered… 8 days ago, so AFTER you signed the deal.”

“I… I can’t help myself.” she said, lowering her head.

“Very well, you ordered it, you’ll wear it as soon as you get home, for one month.”


“Or I send it back.”

“Yes, Derek.”

After she had removed her uniform, he put the heavy hood over her head. It was a tough fit. Tight fit to begin with, thick rubber with pads over the ears, dark lenses and a gag that was so large that getting it in was difficult and she was afraid her lips would tear open as the largest portion of it was fed through.

He closed the opening at the back, tightening the dreadful garment over her head.

Inside it, she felt her world shrink as it became dark, her breathing difficult, allowed only by small tubes running part of her nose, her mouth being completely sealed. Hearing was difficult, which, for her, was a good thing, she was getting tired of hearing Derek constant screaming at the sports game coach.

He fastened the last buckle, which was an embedded posture collar and locked the hasp. He linked her wrists in her back as well as her elbows, and put a hobble chain on her ankles and let her go to bed.

As he went to his bed, in the next room, he heard soft, muffled moans coming from Karen’s room.

“You know, Derek?” he said to himself, looking at the ceiling, “I think you got that punishment thing worked up all wrong…”

© monsterp63

April 14, 2021

*See Story “Payback”.

Author’s note: This story should be subtitled: How NOT to punish a fetishist.

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2 thoughts on “Karen – The Rent

  1. Hi I only recently came accross your website, within the last week atleast, and have been absolutly Enthralled by your stories so much so I have been trawling through them all the way back to your early work. I would just like to say I have become a fan and hope to read many more situations of Karen in the future.

    1. Thank you very, very much!!!

      Are you telling me that, over the course of last week, you read ALL the stories? All 270+ stories, 2500+ pages worth of them!
      You’re some power-reader, my friend!


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