What if…?


What if, suddenly, there was some strange phenomena, and, all of the sudden, all kinks were totally accepted. No taboo, no social awkwardness, no peer pressure, one can run around naked, in diapers or in full latex and nobody would give a shit. What would you do?

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7 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. I guess I’d vary it from week to week, or so.

    Except u´during allergy times – full body latex including mask with “nasal tubes” and air filters – being able to sleep without getting woken up by a stuffed nose – bliss!

    And there’s something to be said about rubber in summer – assuming one can avoid heatstroke, no concern about getting to hot – it’ll all stay inside…

    And then there’s rubber during rainy days – great to be able to ignore the wetness – and with mask no concern about getting hair wet and getting a cold afterwards…

    OK… so maybe not vary from week to week, after all… 😉

    1. Yeah, gasmask for seasonal allergies. Should have thought of that one since I’m already on allergy pills. (to think I made a few images on the subject… and forget about it…)

      Latex in summer: I wonder how white (or light color) stands under the sun. Black is a killer but I don’t know about the other ones. Maybe silver would reflect it away?

      Rainy days! That would be a blast!

      In the end, you would vary from week to week, according to the weather 🙂

      Thanks for posting!

  2. I guess I’d get called a ‘dirty old man’ (well into my 70’s) for ‘perving’ on ladies, especially those wearing latex. I’m also guessing that her in a sub-tropical city, heatstroke might be a problem for any female wearing that particular material.

    1. First: you’re not a “dirty old man” but a fetishist, and this has no age. (BTW, I’m 58 myself… and I was fantasizing about being tied up while playing cowboys and Indians when I was 10 y/o – does that made me a “dirty young kid” at the time?)

      Second: Again, I don’t know how one wearing a white suit would cope in those conditions, but hey, if it’s okay for people wearing latex in public, why not adding a few cooling stations/showers here and there? I wouldn’t mind looking at women in latex being hosed down…
      And oh, a latex bikini is good too! Then she just has to switch for a full latex catsuit in the cooler evening.

  3. Hey, a full-body latex suit of reasonable thickness would be effective against insect-borne diseases – malaria, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, zika, dengue, … because the damn bugs could not bite through. Alas, these are all tropical-heat area diseases, and the relentless heat would be difficult to bear without cooling, Say, an iced bottle within the suit, slowly melting? On the other hand, in chillier climates where biting insects can be maddening (mosquitoes, sandflies, no-see-ums, …) one could relax. Wander across soggy tundra and sit to rest without getting wet clothes.

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